June 13th, 2013 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “wrath”

  1. wrath is from hatred. Hatred grows to wrath. why do people hate other like this and love other? and I guess they are actually same thing. I hate a girl because I love her and she doesn’t love me

    By sowhat2013 on 06.13.2013

  2. Can you feel it rising
    like the lava in an erupting volcano
    It will open its gullet and swallow you whole
    and that’s when you lose your chance, woah.
    The world’s gonna end, you just don’t know it.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 06.13.2013

  3. Wrath sometimes envelopped her when she thought of her marriage.

    Now, she shrugged it off and laughed, “My husband?” she asked, grinning at her comrade, “He’s somewhere, off in the west, drinking, carousing… making in general, a fool of himself. his father said that.”

    “What do you say?”

    “he’s off in the west, drinking, carousing… making a fool of himself.”

    He friend rubbed her shoulder.

    Ægata smiled softly. “But such a fool!”

    By Maria URL on 06.13.2013

  4. She turned, suddenly, to see her father standing in the doorway. His wrath was instant. “I told you NEVER to come in here!” He had that look in his eyes that he always had whenever she asked about her mother.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.13.2013

  5. The wrath of Poseidon was matched only by one thing: the wrath of his brother Zeus. The surface of Poseidon’s sea mirrored the blue of Zeus’ sky, the space between them a limbo between which only gods could move.

    By Sophia on 06.13.2013

  6. the wrath of god is the wrath of love not to sound so religious but with all the shit we do something has to get fed up with us not everyones a bad person but no one is as good as we should be

    By nick URL on 06.13.2013

  7. god i think i just seen this stupid asshole fight the pigeons in my backyard, i am not sad, i am fine, this is okay. i just want to be fed like the puppies in my neighbours garden. i never say hi to you anymore because you ripped me up inside and it’s embarrassing

    By stupid baby on 06.13.2013

  8. His wrath was inevitable. I was sorta scared to approach him. I knew that look in his eyes. He knew what I did. There was no doubt about that. The question was, how was I going to tell him? I had to tell him. I couldn’t just avoid it. God. This is so hard. I don’t even know…

    By Nick URL on 06.13.2013

  9. Wrath, wrath, well, I don’t really know what wrath is, wrath looks like it means something about rage or someone being angry. Wrath is wrath, that is it.

    By Shayla on 06.13.2013

  10. Wrath. He was filled with wrath because of everyone. Everyone had not believed that he could do anything. He was angry, mad even. He had wrath. He didn’t want to live.

    By Shayla on 06.13.2013

  11. The enemy’s wrath was strong.
    But the love of man was stronger.
    The hate was overcome, and
    the two became brothers.

    By Andrew Grafton on 06.13.2013

  12. Anger of Poseidon. Gone for years. Don’t anger others with pride.

    By Marita9955 URL on 06.13.2013

  13. Feel my wrath. I don’t like getting pissed off, but I do, I’m a b****. So yeah.

    By Jason URL on 06.13.2013

  14. Wrath
    dark fiery fire burning
    Hiding in the shadows
    of your face
    your raven hair


    By YeSomebody URL on 06.13.2013

  15. a result of an act – sometimes good, but mostly bad.

    By Rose Bryant on 06.13.2013

  16. I would have done anything for you–anything at all, darling. But you didn’t want any of it. Even when I pushed and prodded, even when I knew I downright annoyed you. Eventually, I had to practice what I preached and get off my damn knees and stop worshiping you like I owed you something. All I owed anyone was my dignity, and you had buried that long ago.

    Feel my wrath, you pratt. I’m coming back for everything you hid underneath your guilty feet.

    By Marissa URL on 06.13.2013

  17. Water splashes onboard, sending the fishermen’s heart on a race. The ocean swells up and overflows the ship with it’s mighty power.

    By Sarah on 06.13.2013

  18. the grapes of wrath? im not sure what wrath means…thats all.

    By Androniki on 06.13.2013

  19. I don’t let myself talk about it. I try to keep it wrapped up inside, but sometimes it leaks out of my pores like sweat. Sometimes i can’t let it go, because it feels like the oxygen i need to breath, or the food i need to eat, or the drug i need in inject in my veins.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 06.13.2013

  20. wrath conquer sideways glance. picket fences leaped ahead, crashing the party, drinking the steering fluid, eighteen marmalade jello shots flying, flipping, frog head tripping the fantastic junkie, trigger finger hallelujah.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.13.2013

  21. wrath turned in the sands of the beach down the street
    she tilted her head towards the setting sun
    a taste of pears and the linger of sea salt

    By T URL on 06.13.2013

  22. With the button in her hand, she had complete control. One press, and all of the stress in her life, the one man that had made her life the living horrible hell, disappear. She would have nothing more to worry about–her life would be happier and she would be free.
    But, if she pressed it, she knew she would bring immeasurable sadness to her mother. Though she hated him with the greatest passion she had ever been able to conjure in her short years, could she sentence her mother to years of grieving over it? What kind of a person would she be if she did this?
    So, what did she do?

    By redpinkandwhite URL on 06.13.2013

  23. youll feel it. and youll regret every single thing youve done to me.. itll hurt.. itll make you think about what you did. itll make you hurt as bad as i did. you will feel my wrath.

    By cheyenne URL on 06.13.2013

  24. he looked upon her, full of wrath for her disobedience. her eyes were dull, resigned to what would happen next. a moment

    By Katerina E URL on 06.13.2013

  25. The wrath of God. Some people are scared of it. I know better, because I know that even though my God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He made a new coveneant with me when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus suffered the wrath, once and for, and freed me from sin. I am one with Jesus, a joint heir and a Queen in the eyes of the one true God who has unconditional love and forgiveness for every creature. He proves to me everyday.

    By Majesta Edwards on 06.13.2013

  26. im so angry all the time, mostly at myself. i cant get out of my own way and i wish someone would just yell at me for the mistakes ive been making and the ones i will continure to make until i reap some sort of reprocussions. i need to feel the wrath of my mistakes or i will just keep making them. continuously hurting everyone i care about for my own benefit. i dont understand why i do this

    By holly on 06.13.2013

  27. His face is twisted, and ugly, blotchy red. Normally he’s all pride, preening tirelessly in front of the mirror, simply standing and staring and admiring himself. If I had to choose a sin to represent him now, it would have to be wrath. It’s not healthy when the veins in a person’s neck and forehead stick out that far.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.13.2013

  28. I am Bertha. I am the lunatic in the attic. You’ve no idea. Are you ready for me?the real me? Are you ready to face my wrath as the insanity beneath is unearthed?

    By Madi URL on 06.13.2013

  29. The wrath of an apparent “nice girl”,
    May there be an abundance of mercy on you,
    sweet as pie with poison laced berries,
    You soured her sweetness with your unwavering and indignant bitterness,
    She did not warn you because she did not know that deep within herself there was such a recipe for destruction,

    The only notion you’re left with is deciphering the index card she left behind with all the ingredients and measurements of faltered grace

    By Susuforgets URL on 06.13.2013

  30. I have never been so frustrated in my whole life. I love you, but I hate what you are trying to turn me into. I am nothing around you. I am what you hope, but can never meet your expectations. I am not sorry.

    By Bonnie on 06.13.2013

  31. As I felt the wrath of the evil sorceress Ezra, I could see it in her eyes that I was about to die a very painful death.d

    By Brooke URL on 06.13.2013

  32. As I felt the wrath of Ezra, an evil sorceress, I knew by the look in her eyes I was about to die. And is wasn’t going to be a peaceful one.

    By XLPCCB URL on 06.13.2013

  33. wrath
    Everything he did was wrapped in wrath like angry wrapping paper. He shut the door with wrath. He bought groceries with wrath. He flossed with wrath. He named his dog after his mother, whom he hated. Barbara. The dog was male.

    By Christiana URL on 06.13.2013

  34. I feel Kristi’s wrath, she dislikes my profound admiration of her!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 06.13.2013

  35. The screen was blank. He could feel the invisible hands of inevitability sink into his skin and tug at his heart. It couldn’t be true, he told himself, desperately trying to believe his delusion. He reached into his pocket with fervent anger and withdrew his phone. Scanning the screen with blurred vision, he re-read the message in his head until it echoed ceaselessly in his mind and the words held no meaning. His mind was numb and burning with rage.

    “I swear to you,” he snarled between gritted teeth, “I will have my revenge before this is over.”

    By Amanda URL on 06.13.2013

  36. “Behold my wrath!” Alfred proclaimed. “I, Alfred Ashford, will -”

    “As if you have any power,” Wesker muttered. “Now, if you don’t mind, I have an appointment with your sister.”

    “What?! She doesn’t date!”

    “My goal is to capture her, you idiot. Now, out of my way, before I shoot you.”

    By Beast of the Sea URL on 06.13.2013

  37. “That insane little bastard?” Sirius scoffed. “Fitzblack’s nearly a Squib. He couldn’t do anything.”

    “He’s not what he claimed to be, you idiot!” Aberforth shouted, pushing past him. “You’re been fooled for years! If nobody stops him, he’s going to set fire to the entire school, most likely!”

    “But -”

    “He’s not a normal wizard!” Aberforth snarled. “It isn’t his fault, and he’s been shaped into what he is today, but he’s mad! Completely mad! And got the power in ten wizards in one!”

    By Beast of the Sea URL on 06.13.2013

  38. The wrath of the dragons, unleashed upon the world again, was immense. Nergal smirked as he watched the world burn.

    After all, what good had it ever done him? The quintessence released by this reversed Scouring would make him a god. His only issue was a little, pressing memory of the man he had been –

    And that vanished in a headache soon enough.

    By Beast of the Sea URL on 06.13.2013

  39. She almost felt sorry for him, sleeping silently as he was, beside her. Little knowing the wrath that still bubbled away inside her. Even after all these years. She had come upon his journals and

    By Amimee URL on 06.13.2013

  40. “It can’t be!” Ghetsis shouted as the great Pokemon crashed to the ground. “You cannot have defeated Kyurem! How dare you? I -”

    “Father,” N said quietly. “It’s over. Surrender, and -”

    “NO! I won’t accept this!” he screamed, wrenching open his cloak to reveal his belt of Pokeballs. “You may have defeated that beast, but you won’t defeat me! Fight!”

    The Trainer released her own Pokemon…

    By Beast of the Sea URL on 06.13.2013