June 13th, 2013 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “wrath”

  1. i feel the blood in my veins boiling like the water in the tea kettle that was put on the stove last september. i thought i’d never see your face again; i guess i was wrong. we all have to deal with things we don’t want to deal with. but you… you are just intolerable. i must make your wrong right.

    By liz URL on 06.13.2013

  2. There is a place in the north of scotland called
    Cape wrath I wonder why it got that name perhaps they
    Often cried upon arrival on the rocks, perhaps the grief of death.

    By Piperandwren on 06.13.2013

  3. Wrath is something we feel on a regular basis, something we choose to ignore rather than confront. Wrath is natural to us as human beings. It is what keeps the passion brewing within and the compassion spewing outward.

    By Anali Cantu on 06.13.2013

  4. This is power, and it feels great. This is the tower that towers from hate. This is the hour that lasts a day. This is the coward who never stayed. This is the shower that watered the grave.

    By Rob Chen on 06.13.2013

  5. you will feel my wrath if I walk in the door after a hard day at work and simply things are not in order… dog walked… trash disposed…. homework in process… is that too much to ask?

    By mango mama URL on 06.13.2013

  6. The city was destroyed by the Gods. Turmoil covered the streets and the homes and the people. Burning bodies walked across the street. The Demons laughed as the people burned. Hell ensued.

    By Collin Newman on 06.13.2013

  7. We pulled up into Qwalia too late to do anything more than survey the devastation. I’d never seen anything like it. The Madhi Militia had rolled through the town, and brought with them fury, hate, and desolation.

    By Chris Clow URL on 06.13.2013

  8. What i feel when someone stole me something. i want them to burn in hell while i see how they suffer between the fire of the underworld

    By Gablynn on 06.13.2013

  9. He broke in. Machine gun in hand. Ran towards the master. Pulled the trigger into the empty blackness. He held the gun in his mouth and did the same. His skull became pieces as his body went limp.

    By Collin Newman on 06.13.2013

  10. wrath is sometimes good

    By izcrazy on 06.13.2013

  11. THe wrath of God will tear us apart and the Devil isn’t the one who will stick us back together; we have turned our wrath against each other and will soon obliterate ourself as we have other species.

    By Stuart Craig on 06.13.2013

  12. Wrath? You think you are wrathful? Nay, my friend, your anger is no match for true ire. You cannot understand without having been a victim. A victim cannot understand anything else. Continue on in your ignorance, and suffer not from mental disintegration, but know that by not knowing, you do not know the truth.

    By Ravus on 06.13.2013

  13. The man named wrath came knocking on my door. I felt fear, and anger raising from my gut. Never again will I let the past happen again. When I answer there

    By jay on 06.13.2013

  14. Khan. Lady Macbeth. Wrath is reserved for larger than life characters….not for everyday life. Tragedy is required. Wrath doesn’t get us anywhere except dead. Wrath leads to revenge…no one wins.

    By KAO URL on 06.13.2013

  15. surely this misled deed
    will warrant
    the Wrath of God
    nothing can save this soul.

    By Alex URL on 06.13.2013

  16. Wrath is a horrible thing. It’s what happens when people have too much rage, anger, or pent emotions, they take it out on everyone else. Maybe they don’t deserve it, and maybe they do. It all depends.

    By Lex on 06.13.2013

  17. the wrath i feel when someone cuts me off on the highway is an imaginable rage compared to the devil’s anger at one of his prospects being stolen by angels. why don’t people exercise patience and use their signal lights! also, start making rights when that’s the only option or the light is green!

    By aryam pla on 06.13.2013

  18. something we must just let go . not to involve , indulge and dwell on . something we must not entertain nin our thought

    By mon escanillas lll URL on 06.13.2013

  19. wrath, sounds of waves coming on the shore unabaded is that wrong, is that right, the lapping of waves like hungry tongues, devouring all that anger can encompass in small bites in large appetites. making The small large and the large small in precision. What is the feeling of being consumed totally? Of giving over to the elements of anger and rage? Perhaps its a little like dying.

    By Hugo URL on 06.13.2013

  20. He shoved the chair backwards, flipping the table over with force that he never really thought he could manage, the man who sat across from him seemed unmoved by the display. Perhaps that’s what infuriated him the most.

    By Luke URL on 06.13.2013

  21. I walk into my house, setting down my school bags and phone before turning around to see my very angry and upset mother glaring at me.
    “I got a call from the school today!” She flares. I groan, sitting down on a stool as she grabs a kitchen knife and stabs me 37 times in the chest.

    By Emma Summers URL on 06.13.2013

  22. I was in the jungle. Searching for exotic animals and plants. Things to bring back to my research facility in Uruguay. We’re looking for anything from birds, insects, trees, flowers, even giant gorillas with as much wrath as Godzilla!

    By Kim URL on 06.13.2013

  23. wraaatth oh my gosh wait no i’m suppposed to think don’t tell me not to think it makesd think oh no im running out of time and have yet to adress wratth wrraaath oh my goshhh uh hh gra

    By Nia on 06.13.2013

  24. The wrath of man is a powerful thing. We use this wrath to destroy others for ourselves, a selfish action that rids us of our humanity. Rape is wrath. War is wrath. Murder is wrath. All of these crimes against our fellow man are examples of the horror of the mind that is poisoned by hatred.

    By JoAnna on 06.13.2013

  25. I sit in the chair waiting for it to happen any minute. “I was expecting you.” I say casually drinking an old red wine. “Really? Impressive.” The man says. I stand up, not really knowing what I was going to see, only to watch the one I trusted for so many years hold a gun to my head. I allow myself to slip a smile when he thinks he has won. “What are you smiling about?” I laugh at him. “You don’t seem to understand.” “Understand what?” He growls cocking the gun. “I’m always a step ahead.”

    By Kim URL on 06.13.2013

  26. His wrath is like lighting. Only worse. His wrath is like a kite being struck by lightning, as it falls to the ground burning and crumbling under the flames. This is how I feel. I am the kite. He strikes me down with his wrath. Like lightning.

    By the antagonist URL on 06.13.2013

  27. wrath is something we all feel though we may not give it that name for no one likes to think themselves so uncivilized. to this end oner always always seems to find a justification for their wrath more thought out than the world’s great philosophies

    By Jennifer Onyon on 06.13.2013

  28. Wrath is when your anger gets control of you, and you can think of nothing else. Wrath is when you are blinded by anything and anything that is not the rage inside of you. It blocks out all others, and makes you both your strongest, and weakest. It is a great power, and a great weight.

    By Vincent on 06.13.2013

  29. “You don’t get it, Lily!” Ky looks at me. Betrayal and wrath streaked across the canvas of his hurt face. “You just don’t get it!”
    “I’m sorry, Ky. I’m so sorry!” Hot tears stream down my face. I struggle for words, willing the burning lump in my throat to subside.
    Ky turns away from me then comes back, the anger slowly being dissolved by sorrow.
    “That was my father,” he whispers, almost like a plea. My heart lurches.

    By Alibay on 06.13.2013

  30. So angry wrapped in a shredded heart (stringy) clumps of blood flying as you spon around in dizzying circles screaming like a wild animal out of control pain and anger twinged with saddness

    By Brooke on 06.13.2013

  31. Wrath.cmales me think of first Gods wrath. Which I never truly understood when they said god is love how could he also be full of wrath. But you know what, people do take you there honestly. A place of anger like you won’t even believe. I’m glad he’s not still like that though. I would have been messed up a long time ago

    By Mo on 06.13.2013

  32. His wrath is like fire. A small spark which turns into a burning, savage flame and destroys everything in its path. His wrath is like lightning. Which strikes a tree and sends it falling into the void, flaming and crumbling to nothingness.

    By the antagonist URL on 06.13.2013

  33. i felt my wrath wash away as i took the pain the chiefs threw at my face in agony. I watched as the life flew out of my youthful appearance and couldn’t help but think that this is what it all amounts to. I tried my hardest to look apoligetic, i tried. but, I just couldn’t come up to snuff. I can’t look apologetic, no matter how hard i try. maybe it’s just my face but the chiefs wrath threw my life into a tailspin.

    By Spencer Wilson on 06.13.2013

  34. The fear of the wrath of God has kept me an honest woman. If i did not fear Him I would have long since slipped off my moral high horse to join the adulterers of this world. Thank God for His wisdom and grace.

    By Tracey URL on 06.13.2013

  35. The wrath of man. I don’t really even know what that means, but it makes me think of wreath. And then I think of Christmas. And what’s the deal with Holly? I’ve never seen a Holly tree and then, come December, they’re everywhere? Weird.

    By Jodie on 06.13.2013

  36. wrath. insanity, anger. rash. i hate you with a passion that i cannot describe this imaginary strength has crumbled down and opened up to fill your heart and mind, to fill up a space that was once blank and now its painted black

    By Mafer Zelaya URL on 06.13.2013

  37. I can’t go to the day any more. I want to see the end of it and know that I finished. No more of this.

    By J. York on 06.13.2013

  38. No one expects the wrath of the self. The self that chews away at the marrow in your bones, and the doctors tell you that all you can do is appease it. Feed it drugs. Talk about it. Talk to it. Beg for it to stop. Nowhere do they teach you how to defang it – or train it to gnaw on something less vital to your sustenance. They don’t teach you to hold the self and kiss it and tell it it’s beautiful. Because then they wouldn’t make money off of it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.13.2013

  39. when i see you i can’t help but feel angry
    because nobody will ever love me
    as much as you did

    By kaitlyn URL on 06.13.2013

  40. If you are not so very careful the he would show you his wrath. The wrath of the gods, some said; but only some. The king’s wrath to the rebels was like a backstroke to the face: swift and quick, meaning that it would never totally bring them down. If King Charles the Whateverith wanted to send his troops into the Dark Forest where they would undoubtedly get lost, then so be it. Anna knew that Keyston would be waiting with bow in hand to strike the enemy down.

    By Brandi URL on 06.13.2013