June 13th, 2013 | 184 Entries

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184 Entries for “wrath”

  1. sunlight becomes a symbol of what I ignore, burning above me, but I look away because staring this in the face, the doctors warn, will make me blind.

    By Katia URL on 06.13.2013

  2. these grapes i ate, these grapes i loathed, i got the skitters, you better believe it, and the landowners were nowhere to be seen, and we were hungry we were alright, i ain’t had no biskuits with gravy and pork in a motnhs or two, but i’ll get her, i’m tellin’ ya, i’ll get to the mashines and giv’em a shove and then there won’t be no goggled men ‘nymore.

    By berenique URL on 06.13.2013

  3. The wrath of the weather has been coming down all across the nation.
    Tornadoes, wild fires, floods–all of a biblical proportion, someone
    up there is really mad at us.

    By Robin on 06.13.2013

  4. “Fear my wrath,” he had said when we were six, when we probably didn’t know what “wrath” meant or at least had heard of the Grapes of Wrath from our older sisters in high school who always complained about English class, and maybe that was weird that our families were so spread out like that, but it made joint dinners fun, even when you spit nonsense and made messes at the table.

    By EJ URL on 06.13.2013

  5. I don’t know what ‘wrath’ means. And my english is not really good. So this is just shit. And I’m hungry. And I’m thinking at ‘rats’ now, but I know that ‘wrath’ isn’t rats. So this is just confusing. Plain confusing.

    By Asta on 06.13.2013

  6. His fingers tightened around her neck, his nails digging into her skin. His eyes bored into hers with a burning anger. He yelled, a wild unrestrained sound and made her heart stop. He’s waited so long for this, to finally end the life of the woman who left him. Left him alone. He loved her, loved her so much, he couldn’t stand her not loving him back. A vengeful tear ran down his face as he ended her life.

    By Michelle URL on 06.13.2013

  7. And even the angels were demons.

    By Grace URL on 06.13.2013

  8. I hadn’t incurred the plight of his will just yet. But I knew I was pushing it. Still I knew he wanted me. And worse, I knew he was really in control. Despite my rebellion and my hard exterior, he was after all, still king of me.

    By Ruben URL on 06.13.2013

  9. His wrath poured out of him like a river. Black smoke pooled around his feet, and his eyes turned dark and furious. I cowered in front of the throne; I hadn’t know my decision would cause such anger. He took a step toward me and I whimpered.

    By Kristina URL on 06.13.2013

  10. He say their wrath. He stared at them defenseless without his weapons. He dropped to his knees and closed. God and hope would now be his savior now. He opened his eyes and saw nothing. No light no darkness. Nothing. Was he dead. He awk

    By Eetta on 06.13.2013

  11. Wrath felt good. It was a release of sorts, he could tear down the whole house, scream at the top of his lungs, then finally feel better. He never stopped to consider the people around him did not feel better at all after the storm, and would eventually leave.

    By CH☆M URL on 06.13.2013

  12. Her wrath was not much to behold. She was so practiced in the art of self-control that she could burn with rage without so much as a terse word.

    By Simran URL on 06.13.2013

  13. The wrath of the man consumed him. He was so angry at everyone. All of his life he worked and worked and worked and what did he have to show for it? Nothing. He is so angry. So angry that he is currently standing in his living room, umbrella in hand, completely unsure of his next move. He cannot think. Only firery hate fills his mind. His wife cheated on him, his children hate him. What does he have to live for? Nothing.

    By Kylee Taylor on 06.13.2013

  14. I swear that one day Jimmy Henry will feel my wrath. Its like boiling lead in my veins, A massacre in my brain. Jimmy Henry you have no idea the kind of humiliation you are in store for. The things you hold dearest. The people you love the most. Everything you want in life. Finished.

    By Brooke Fowler URL on 06.13.2013

  15. Evil, evil, evil
    Sins claimed into being
    I can name as well as commandments-
    lust, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, pride, and envy-
    It’s taken years to feel them all
    Years more to shrug; no reason they can’t be
    Good, good, good

    By Saudade URL on 06.13.2013

  16. A deadly companion whom I spend much of my time with
    I spend the other half with despair, not much excitement there

    Wrath however is venomous,
    It needs no camouflage , it needs for no invitation

    Never asks for an introduction
    You know exactly “who” when he walks through your door

    [I am paying the price, I cowered behind a mask
    I have settled inside a body in which I do not belong

    I may or may not be running out of time
    But soon I will know]

    Until then Wrath will keep me company
    and when there is no Wrath, despair will fill the air

    By Lola URL on 06.13.2013

  17. Wrath is something I do very well. I have a very acute psycho switch that will prompt me to smile one second and smash a bottle on the side of your head with out provocation in the other.

    By Paige URL on 06.13.2013

  18. Human beings are such fragile creatures. Their bodies are just shells. It’s possible to shatter them into million pieces anytime. Soul defines the person, yet, even if it doesn’t want to, it depends on it’s body so much. And the frightening part of it is, how easy it can fall apart. Just like that you can broke someone’s neck. And its over. Done.

    By Cydoniac URL on 06.13.2013

  19. The man stared at her, a look of wrath bright in his eyes. She bowed to the ground, unable to see him, and prayed for his forgiveness. Tears poured from his face as love lit his eyes. His daughter had finally returned. He whispered three wonderful words and embraced her in his arms.

    By ShadowPrayers on 06.13.2013

  20. wrath? whats that? she might as well not have known what is was for all she was capable of feeling was nothing . she was numb through and through an ice queen.

    By BelleShii URL on 06.13.2013

  21. The anger boils in my veins. It turns my stomach, (you make me sick), and transfigures food to ash on my tongue. And still you smile at me.

    You sit there across the table like nothing’s wrong. You flip your hair. You touch my arm. (Oh, God! I want to rip off those cheep-ass nails as they grate against my skin.) And still you smile at me.

    If the police ever ask when it started, I’ll say: suddenly then gradually. There was a moment, there’s always a moment, and I had one, a moment when I could have made things right. There was a moment I could have said something, could have left you, could have made things right, but it’s gone now. Now all that’s left is the fruits of this poison tree and a semiautomatic and your desperate plees.

    By Katya URL on 06.13.2013

  22. I am dying. Dying, dying, dying dying dying. They have done it to me: everything that I had, forced from my grasp. I am weak. Nothing more than a spine. I cannot help myself, no one can help me.

    By Robert Stinner on 06.13.2013

  23. What is this word? I have never heard it. Wrath. Wrath. Wrath. Wha does it mean? Does it have somthing to do with wrack? The skills in my english are amazing, can’t you see? Or does it have something to do with anger? I’m not sure….

    By hanna on 06.13.2013

  24. Wrath goes along with anger. Most people see it as power, but what sort of world is that, where wrath is powerful.

    By Jakers on 06.13.2013

  25. The wrath of someone can be so terrible. They will lash out and give you their absolute worse. The wrath of a human has got to be the worst kind of wrath that there can be. Humans are horrible, terrible creatures. When you make someone angry, their wrath can be so angry that you have no idea how to move forward. You have no idea how to live. You can’t keep going on. It hurts too much to go on. And even worse than wrath, is love.

    By Sarah URL on 06.13.2013

  26. the full fury and wrath of my actions hit me like a thousand poisoned bullets to my bruised and barely beating heart

    The pills caught in my throat making it harder to breathe and harder to swallow with one final gulp they slid down ..
    into the nothingness as it clouded my mind settling like feathers of pure gold the weight unbearable and just before i thought my neck would snap, i saw my parents ..they looked at me with a sadness that ached my silent heart.

    By BelleShii URL on 06.13.2013

  27. it’s okay. i’m feeling it right now. so angry, can’t help being angry. that’s me, all the time. something that i do and than i’m angry on myself. rediculous, but true. it’s wrath.

    By nowave9 on 06.13.2013

  28. Wrath is such a crude word. I mean, what exactly does wrath perfectly describe. I kind of think of the wrath of God. It repeats that a few times in the Bible which means I need to focus on that. He loves us so much but sometimes we need tough love.

    By Sierricide URL on 06.13.2013

  29. He held me, and dug his fingernails into my neck as we kissed. He shoved me back and held me tight. I wondered if it was lust or wrath.

    By Brigid URL on 06.13.2013

  30. THe wrath of God is a very brutal thing. It is not something you can escape from. Hoestly, wrath is sucha strong word that you don’t want it from anyone. It is the worst type of revenge someone can have against you, because they won’t be able to control themselves. They will feel pure an utter hatred against you.

    By Sarah on 06.13.2013

  31. Wrath is extreme anger. It is especially associated with anger over something another has done. For instance, if someone injures a member of someone else’s family, he or she may fact the wrath of the wronged family member.

    By Mona on 06.13.2013

  32. I suffer the wrath of the gods. I know this because today was terrible. It was raining and I got completely drenched, I burned my mouth on my coffee which was terrible, my boss shouted at me and I felt terribly guilty.

    By Benetta on 06.13.2013

  33. I felt the blood boiling in my veins. This was it. I was done. I not only wanted the full payment that was due me, but I wanted them to hurt. To suffer. They had made me reach my breaking point, and they needed to pay the price. I wouldn’t necessarily call it anger. Nor would I call it revenge. I would call it: wrath.

    By Sarah_N_Dipity on 06.13.2013

  34. I looked up. Fire. I looked down. Fire. I guess testing God’s patience really did get me into hell.

    By riley on 06.13.2013

  35. Wrath is something that everyone shares yet no one likes to admit they take part in it. It’s a communal cup that we all drink from and all get our fill eventually. No one is exempt from the share. Wrath takes hold and doesn’t let go. We all have our own wrath.

    By Sarah_N_Dipity on 06.13.2013

  36. The wrath of the death god was felt across the seven spheres. But as angry as he was he could never be anything but kind to his favorite daughter Delia. The other daughters of course cried favoritism.

    By MauriceWilliams URL on 06.13.2013

  37. what the hell does wrath means, i’m not an english native speaker and i don’t know what it means so i’m writing anything for self satisfaction, dear reader i know you want to kill me but u can’t. HM

    By Hichem MAALMI on 06.13.2013

  38. Rage filled my body as I looked down at this mangled girl. Her hair tangled in her own blood, her eyes frozen open in glassy fear. She said nothing. She breathed no air. I trembled as I plotted. A thousand different scenes of revenge played across my twisted brain.

    By Melanie Kroll on 06.13.2013

  39. Wrath is a word that wraps around your neck like a vice. It grips you tight and refuses to release you from its grasp. Wrath is ice and fire and steam. Wrath is a volcano erupting, slowly, letting molten rock and lava take out the village.

    By Try 2 on 06.13.2013

  40. the power of the gods in the hands of one boy, Wrath, the newest son of Hades, the prince of the underworld and heir to the gates of hell.

    By bodis on 06.13.2013