August 26th, 2014

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68 Responses to “terrain”

  1. Walking on rocky terrain early in the morning- not my start to a good morning. Every rock slices into the muscles in the curves of your feet. You begin to slide. You fall.

    By Kimberly on 08.26.2014

  2. terrain reminds me of reading a novel because I feel like terrains are mentioned a lot in those types of books, like action adventure type books. Im reading Divrgent right now or like maybe in Hunger Games where they explain the vast terrain that lies head. something like that. ps I’m high and I feel really dumb

    By Sophie Alvarez on 08.26.2014

  3. The terrain broke apart, as our hearts desended apart, we couldn’t stay together but at the same time, we couldn’t remain apart, why is this world so complicated?

    By rulers URL on 08.26.2014

  4. Rocks. Rocks and sand. I didn’t care how hard it would be, I just need to go, to climb, to move. Anywhere is better than there, it has to be. I can hear them behind me, I don”t have a lot of time. They don’t think I can climb it, they expect me to turn around. They won’t be able to follow in their gear. My path is clear.

    By CJ Garcia on 08.26.2014


    By albertorojasg on 08.26.2014

  6. If one were to look up from their backyard and into the mountain, one would see a spec. This spec is more or less as big as your pinkie, but you couldn’t really tell because the spec is moving down the mountain pretty quickly, “As fast as gravity can pull,” one would think.
    If one were to care just enough to watch a little longer, this blot would hit the base of the mountain, slowly come to a stop, get up and dust itself, look around to see if anyone had seen his embarassing fall, and continue up the terrain as though it never happened.
    Plot twist: This spec was me.

    By StatiKink URL on 08.26.2014

  7. This is my land, my place. My trace, my fate. I can’t let go, I can’t let go – ich hatte schon seltsame Songtexte gehört, aber der hier übertraf alles. Ich kicherte ein wenig, dann legte ich die CD wieder zurück ins Regal.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 08.26.2014

  8. The dry terrain of my concrete jungle was contradictory. A land of opportunity that is so arid seems strange – abundance of skyscrapers and hot sidewalks doesn’t comfort me in my quest to rest my soul.

    By Holly on 08.26.2014

  9. Terraria. a 2-d terrain that gives you ores, trees, and houses. I love to play it and it is awesome. TERRAIN-TERRARIA :O :D

    By Trace on 08.26.2014

  10. HI

    By Trace on 08.26.2014

  11. The dry terrain was unwelcoming to the soles of my boots, parched earth scraping against the once pristine leather. It had not rained in this area for over ten years. All of the water that the handful of residents used, by this point, was recycled. However, it did mean that the land’s once beautiful grassy landscapes were, for now, perpetually brown and lifeless.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.26.2014

  12. The whistle of the train blew loudly, echoing over the flat terrain. A tear trickled down Sheron’s cheek as she remembered the flames that tore through the small village in the valley she left behind. The image of her mother bursting into flames occupied her too much to see the beauty of the desert that lay beyond her train window.

    By Rosheen URL on 08.26.2014

  13. I looked out the window. The grass was green. The trees were alive. So different from what I expected. Six hours ago I had been laying in my bed, thinking about how it would feel like. I got off the plane. I sold my life to new ground, but I still did not know it. Now I’m waiting on tomorrow. I’m waiting for the moment in which I’ll have to embrace new soil as if it were my home. But I’ll never love it like home. There is no place like home.

    By Marcos Plaud URL on 08.26.2014

  14. it’s a desert,
    on fire,
    and walking is –
    sand dunes,
    a disappointing
    lack of oases,
    no cacti,
    and dry, dry fingers
    sticking out of the gold

    By ari URL on 08.26.2014

  15. The terrain in the Slovenian Julian Alps is rather mountainous with large stretches of rocky surfaces reaching a largest hight of 2800m above sea level which is at the summit of Mount Triglav. The ground is rubbly with areas of ice around making it rather difficult to traverse unless with the correct hiking gear. Many glaciers still exist even in the summer period.

    By James Smith URL on 08.26.2014

  16. The terrain was rocky, but not impassable. They lost 19 beasts to broken ankles, but they had accounted for at least a dozen more – a sign of good fortune, the men were certain.

    By Ralyn Longs URL on 08.26.2014

  17. The terrain was rocky and sparse, similar to many deserts on earth. Dust and rock stretched out in all directions. The only thing that made the planet remarkable was the substantial imagination that permeated what lay before them. Even in reaching Mars, the thing that made it truly great was what it had taken to get there.

    By SaltwaterHeart URL on 08.26.2014

  18. The terrain was plane, all I could see was the green on the ground and the sun. It was peaceful, but also overwhelming, being jus twith myself there was awful, all of the thoughts hit me at the same time and I start to cry. Damn I miss him and he won’t be back.

    By Gabriela on 08.26.2014

  19. The rocks slip under my feet as I scramble over the rough terrain. I have to look at the ground constantly to keep from tumbling over my own feet and my hands are screaming and torn.

    By Audrey Lowe URL on 08.26.2014

  20. The terrain was rough beneath her feet. She stumbled catching her foot on a bit that stuck up oddly. She thought she had recovered her balance, but she hadn’t and went down hard, she managed t catch herself with her hands, but she cut them on a rock. She hissed in pain, standing up and turning over her palms to inspect the damage.

    By Kelli URL on 08.26.2014

  21. This is my second time on this site. It really reigniting my love for writing.

    By Kelli URL on 08.26.2014

  22. The woman toyed with the hologram, light blue landscape shaping itself to her hands as she ran them over the surface of the imaginary ground. One day, it would be a real continent, and she would be the one to blame for it.

    By a terrible poet URL on 08.26.2014

  23. The desert was soft as a pillow,
    As Daniel fell to the ground,
    Exhausted by the way the world worked now.

    He crawled through the dust,
    Losing himself one molecule at a time,
    Until he crumbled,
    And went back to the earth,
    Dispersed through the wind,
    And finally free.

    By Siege URL on 08.26.2014

  24. the terain was merciless, buit it was not going to stop him from accomplishing his goal of being the first kid to climb backwards up that hill to his sweetheart

    By trkstr67 URL on 08.26.2014

  25. Blocks with only socks on can make feet look like confetti shreds. Navigating a terrain on razor wire is no way to stay comfortable.

    By Molly Ashline URL on 08.26.2014

  26. The land was rocky, and I was having trouble keeping up with Bucky. His legs were longer than mine and had years more experience at climbing and running and hiding. “Keep up”, he grunted out, not even out of breath.

    By Lara URL on 08.26.2014

  27. They scaled down the icy walls to the cavern below, neither one had climb on such dangerous terrain before, they had to step gingerly to avoid slipping the bottom was over two hundred feet down.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 08.26.2014

  28. The forest was NOT an easy place to navigate at night. Especially with only civillian training, and trying to follow behind a highly skilled, trained assasin leading you somewhere, when you couldn’t see him or the ground in front of you.

    By Lara Not Croft URL on 08.26.2014

  29. The variety of terrain in the word is unlimited. Grass, rocks, dirt, the amount of textures and smells is enough to overwhelm anyone. To sleep on cool wet grass or feel coarse grass under your nails.

    By Jillian URL on 08.26.2014

  30. He jumped over the crack in the ground. He had been chasing it for miles. Across every terrain imaginable and still he haven’t caught up to the monster.

    By Ithilum URL on 08.26.2014

  31. Well that was stressful.

    By Jillian URL on 08.26.2014

  32. It’s rough and dry. The rocky mountains the distance are faint through thick, red atmosphere. Sand gathers in the troughs between hills.

    It reminds her of home.

    By Sublight on 08.26.2014

  33. There is nothing for miles. As the dust scrapes across the surface of the Earth, I gaaze out and wonder if there is anything left in this wasteland to remind me of who I was and what like could have been like. All that is gone now. My only oasis is in my mind.

    By Jordyn Bush on 08.26.2014

  34. So I don’t even care about the prompt. I needed to Greer this out where you can never see it. I feel the connection like cups on strings stretching the miles between where we are and over words we haven’t said. I read what you wrote and I feel like it’s mine but my brain knows it’s not. I don’t know who she is. I don’t know what she did. But I can feel your loss. I can feel your heart. These words were meant for you. This is your sign. I’m here for you and you will never know it but I do. I know that as long as you write and as long as I read the words that aren’t mine and steal them for my heart these are yours to steal for yours.

    By whitney URL on 08.26.2014

  35. All-terrain vehicles.
    All-encompassing bodies.
    All-inclusive feelings.
    All- for you.

    By kayyybeee URL on 08.26.2014

  36. Rough are to take a vechicle on. A Jeep is something

    By Bernita Schlichting on 08.26.2014

  37. The terrain: rolling hills covered in sweet green grass, dotted with rocks. It was the rocks that were the problem. You had to know exactly where to drive the pick up truck so you didn’t end up crashing into a rock hiding in the tall grass. The path was never straight, and you couldn’t see which direction to drive most of the time.

    By rachelzana URL on 08.26.2014

  38. The trek up the mountain was difficult. There were trees all around but yet the sky was so expansive. Such polar opposites lying right against each other. The yin and yang of the mountainous nature. A bird flies along the treetops, the perfect spot to see the sky and not ruin the order, everything growing to a certain point and giving way to the sky.

    By ASM URL on 08.26.2014

  39. Es esa epoca de abril en que todo parece más hermoso, te encuentras entre la desesperación de andar perdiendo el tiempo y la poca motivación para comenzar algo.

    By EmeJota on 08.26.2014

  40. The rocks crunched under the tires. The children looked out of the windows of the car, gawking at the landscape, the rolling hills, the rolling mountains in the distance. They had lived their entire lives in the city, they had never seen the open terrain of the south.

    By Ivie Mandley URL on 08.26.2014