March 28th, 2014

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50 Responses to “support”

  1. I thank you Lord.

    I thank you from my heart,
    bigger than the universe in which you created it.
    I release the anger in my heart caused by this job.
    I thank you for a future that was not possible here,
    that I could think of letting go of that anger,
    much less, actually let go.

    I may never forgive you
    for EVER letting me believe
    that nothing exists beyond my self,
    but I will thank you forever for
    releasing me from my punishment here.

    I thank you truly, way out there beyond the stars painted along your
    heavenly walls in midnight blues and purple hues that eyes can’t see.

    I may always be angry, believing that you exist
    but refuse to answer. But let my impassioned thanks
    reach into your heart of hearts.

    Like learning the right way to say Sorry,
    this is my right way of saying Thank you for
    making me worthy of more.

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 03.28.2014

  2. He grabbed her tightly. Supporting her. Wrapping her in his arms. He whispered something softly in her ear. But what; she didn’t quite catch. And they let the world pass by.

    By esky1118 URL on 03.28.2014

  3. I felt her arms wrap around my body, just what I needed in that moment. I couldn’t care less if I was showing that I was weak, she was my rock, she was my support. She was all I needed in that moment, and she was here.

    By Bárbara URL on 03.28.2014

  4. There’s nothing I can do without support. I’ve learned that now. It took a long, long time to get it through my thick, independent, and yet timid head… but it’s so very true. I NEED love. I need encouragement. I NEED someone telling me when I’ve got it wrong. And more than anything I need someone to tell me that when I mess up… they’ll still be there to love me.

    By offendreaming URL on 03.28.2014

  5. There was no support. It was pink and lacey, but it most certainly did not qualify as a bra. I tried it on, and my mother made me come and show her. Ugh, how embarrassing. I didn’t want to come out where everyone could see me! What was she thinking!? I wasn’t going out, I decided on a whim. I would c chain myself to the dressing room door, I wasn’t coming out half naked.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 03.28.2014

  6. “I need to know I have your support in this,”
    He sighed and stroked his beard absently, as if time wasn’t of the essence and the lives of everyone I’d ever known didn’t depend on his decision. I couldn’t help but be simultaneously angered and sickened by his casualness.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.28.2014

  7. Supporting my topic of And the Winner Is…it is about enjoying what you do without being focused on a number one goal but also being excellent. To relax, have a good time and not be focused on the competition and at the same time being able to support each other without being competitive. It is possible. Right?

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 03.28.2014

  8. I leaned on his shoulder for support as I resisted collapsing into the grave with her. The sepulcher seemed to invite, beckon me to it, in all its death and impending decay. I looked at her lifeless body and tried to resist the lure of the tomb that she called me to.

    By Robert on 03.28.2014

  9. The support system is breaking down, and no back-up is in sight. Say goodbye to your social media profiles, your dating sites, your video indulgences and your countless Google documents. There is no safe mode. There is no alternative. No alternative, save for eight.

    They carry keys. Keys to reboot the Internet. This is a true story. They will unlock the safe. They will bring all your small, insignificant fixes back to life.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.28.2014

  10. LIFE

    By Grecia on 03.28.2014

  11. “I’ve always promised to support you no matter what, Casey. I won’t let you down, not now, not ever. You have my word.”
    “When will you understand that your word just isn’t good enough?” She snapped. “I’m tired of your shallow promises, Derek. Enough is enough.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 03.28.2014

  12. I try to support my own belief that things will get better, but with my history it’s hard to believe sometimes. I know I just have to have faith and believe.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 03.28.2014

  13. It was all together. Each limb supported another, which in turn, supported another, and another, and so on. It was infinite, stretching up into the sky and yawning out above our heads.

    By Alyssa URL on 03.28.2014

  14. Sometimes people need support! Maybe we should be a bit more considerate and show it. Just a thought! think of a time when you needed some, and use that for inspiration

    By katy on 03.28.2014

  15. “I need you to support me in this, man.” I spoke barely above a whisper. I needed him on this but he wouldn’t help. He could leave me and never speak to me again if he just supported me on this. No one else will.

    By Courtney on 03.28.2014

  16. I’ve gotten this word three times now. I don’t want it any more. I am being supported by my father’s brother because my father took his own life. I don’t want to be supported I just want to be wanted.

    By Kyle Thompson on 03.28.2014

  17. Many people need support. It is a good thing in life that you have many people around you that support you through many things that you go through each day.

    By sblackwell URL on 03.28.2014

  18. She fell–that easily, like a piece of the sky, like a down feather drifting, like a piece of wallpaper swiped off–down. And–that easily–he caught her. He made it look more effortless than it was, of course. For the cameras. But she was light. He caught her under the legs and held her to his chest.

    By Yona URL on 03.28.2014

  19. You supported me through everything in your own odd way. When I told you I was bisexual, you thought I had said gay.

    By Jessica Tower URL on 03.28.2014

  20. Sex and the City is a movie about support. Not only demonstrates bra support and relational support, but also support on your dreams. The females are all girlfriends and no matter what was happening, they knew they could go to each other for encouragement, love, and even a good laugh.

    By bunnylyn URL on 03.28.2014

  21. Will brick or wood or steel or diamond ever be enough. Would it hold the structure through years of hard weather, of snow or fire or floods or wind ever terrifying. To where shall we look for support that would hold, for decades or millennia to house our futures.
    There is a myth of a stone that forever stands true. That devil nor storm nor death could even move. That when struck water flows, when struck water flows, when struck innocent blood cleanses the broken widows.

    By Jose on 03.28.2014

  22. She bent over the chair lifting her leg to rest her foot on the chairs seat as she pulled her support hose up.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 03.28.2014

  23. The underwire, they agreed, was the best choice. Padding-free, mercifully. The eighty dollar strapless gave her the feel of a torpedo, too much bulk for what she was actually packing.

    By Erica Plouffe Lazure on 03.28.2014

  24. You were there for me, always. I knew that I could ask and you would be there.

    At the same time, you never exactly understood. It was close– painfully close. But we were, and are, such different people.

    The support was there, but there’s nothing to build on it.

    Maybe that’s why it ended.

    By Saracen on 03.28.2014

  25. The shattered planks kept me floating at the surface. The skin on my shoulders was all gone now.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 03.28.2014

  26. these are the skeleton days
    the arcana of our history
    swims in the bowl of my skull
    am I the first child
    to ever hold
    something and nothing
    to fall asleep
    like a flower on a dying tree
    in the birdless still

    By minimalist URL on 03.28.2014

  27. thin wooden beams groan under our weight
    and i think back to physics class
    what was the best way to bear weight?
    you certainly were never very good at supporting us

    By S URL on 03.28.2014

  28. I thank everyone I know for their support. I wouldn’t be who I am nor what I be here if I didn’t have people that supported me. I think everyone needs people that support them.

    By Matty URL on 03.28.2014

  29. I support you. Your willingness to trust your fatal balance in my hands. The clammy drenching of my palms against your back i do not mind supporting you. I am here

    By Jas Jen URL on 03.28.2014

  30. Support is possibly the hardest role to play: be it in video games, or a relationship, or as a part of a bridge. It is much more simple to just look to a final result and press on towards the goal, than to look to another and try to find the best way to help them reach a goal. The problem is that you rarely seek the goal along the same path.

    By Chase URL on 03.28.2014

  31. I will support my boyfriend in whatever he needs b/c I care about him and I will be by his side through thick & thin because I love him.

    By Vixen Black URL on 03.29.2014

  32. The support under the bridge was crumbling, and tilted at an angle that made George very uneasy. They had to get her out of the car before the bridge came down, but it did not look like they would have enough time.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.29.2014

  33. I needed support from my best friend- well my ex-best friend. He wasn’t going to forgive me for what I’d did and I don’t blame him. He had every right to be mad at me.

    By Danny on 03.29.2014

  34. Sometimes i think that the only support that i need is my own. I’ve learnt that in time, when, everyone who has given me the support that i needed, ended up disappointed. Yet, i don’t know what’s worse: seeing others disappointed in me, or being disappointed myself.

    By AnaidSkylight on 03.29.2014

  35. ‘I support your decision, whatever it is’. It’s all I wished you’d say. Instead you turn around and say ‘you better have a damn good reason to continue with this pregnancy, otherwise I’ll be very angry’.

    By Burger Clap URL on 03.29.2014

  36. i am always supported by people.
    family, friends, neighbours.
    i don’t want their support.
    i want to be alone on the water.
    but here’s the catch.
    i need them.

    By Maggy URL on 03.29.2014

  37. A hairbrush run through your hair by a mother on the first day of school. Smoothing away the bumps of fear and tangels

    By not on 03.29.2014

  38. When times are hard it can seem as if it will never change. With the support of family and friends it can make that journey so much easier.

    By Alexandra URL on 03.29.2014

  39. Supporting a tangle of wires on its head, the digital blob looked at me with its crystal blue eyes with pupils so tiny, they cut my eyes. With its shiny metal hand in mine, it told me, “The person dialed can no longer be reached, please try again later.”

    By Zahra Aamer URL on 03.29.2014

  40. He held him up. Blood gushing from the wound in his side. He gasped every couple of seconds, garbled words falling to splatter in the dirt alongside blood and sweat. Iron tainted the air, and smoke clouded the skies. Everything was dark.

    By Brooke on 03.29.2014