March 27th, 2014

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59 Responses to “motivated”

  1. Feelings of motivation are with me now! Coming out of a depressive as positive things come into my life. Although I do not know how long it will last, I will relish in these moments…

    By TheSenrac on 03.27.2014

  2. Make me move get me going. Resolve to be more than I am today, get a notion to put myself in motion for no reason other than to sit still is to rust – and to rust is to die.

    By Protean on 03.27.2014

  3. What motivates you? I feel most motivated when I look at the world around me and see my place in it. What have I done? What do I want to do? What am I going to do? Sartre says that we are what we do and that our motivation should simply be to act. It is our freedom that commands such. Motivated by this I carry on my life. You should too.

    By Jason on 03.27.2014

  4. I do not feel motivated to write this paper, even though I actually really like the topic. I want to write it; I just don’t want to go through the process of starting. Over and over convincing myself to move.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.27.2014

  5. I have come to terms with the fact that I lack motivation. It’s only in some aspects of my life though. I lack the motivation to tell you how I feel. I lack the motivation to push you towards yes. I lack the motivation to try to get you to see. I am motivated to keep you around though. I guess that’s something, isn’t it?

    By Charlotte Rose on 03.27.2014

  6. When I yawn I hear a fierce wind in my ears. It’s like listening to a conch roar with the ocean, but still soft like the thick cleft of a ripe fuzzy peach. There’s a groove to it all. But then I giggled and the illusion crumbled to the ground. As will happen within these hungry repercussive bounds. Like a hawk, like a death angel, the ebb and flow of this mortal coil is all around.

    By Intuition on 03.28.2014

  7. Plain as day disaster loomed. Had she not lived through financial catastrophe several times before, she may have been motivated to move quickly and formulate a plan, but the inevitability of her spectacular failure had her paralysed. Alice sat motionless watching the screen as her world collapsed. It happened silently and took only a few hours. Somewhere outside the world was still turning and Fisher was making his way back to the apartment, but neither occurred to her.

    By bb333 on 03.28.2014

  8. All it takes for someone to be motivated is to be determine to do the best with what he has. To be focus and be resolved to see whatever you do to the end.

    By victor URL on 03.28.2014

  9. I wish I could be more motivated. There is so much I would like to do, and need to do, but I just can’t get started on anything.

    By Alexandra on 03.28.2014

  10. On and on and on he trudged. Feet heavy laden with a burden unfashionable. Pushing and pushing, though progress seemed never to be made. He kept going, he kept pushing, motivated by the simple truth that: if he didn’t push this old ancient elephant up the muddy steppes of this treacherous mountain, he would indeed be squished.

    By Jose on 03.28.2014

  11. “Your job is to take chicken shit and turn it into chicken fucking salad!”

    The three veterans, one pudgy, one creepy, one seemingly under the influence of some sort of amphetamine, were doing their damndest to motivate us to sell, sell, sell. Needless to say, we weren’t given much to work with.

    By asavas on 03.28.2014

  12. Just go ahead and do something. It doesn’t matter what it is, anything. Stand up. Go find the nearest door and open it. If it doesn’t lead outside find another that does. Don’t crawl around mazes but pick up your legs and navigate your way out. Leap over the fences and get free of the confines of the home. Get out there and explore, be and see whatever it is you have been waiting for.

    By DMM URL on 03.28.2014

  13. Motivation is key. To be motivated is to decide to take charge, to change something. Motivation is responsible for every great thing a human has produced. Knowing that motivation is necessary, one should know that ideas are necessary as well. Although motivation is great, it is nothing without an idea standing behind it. A person must have something to be motivated for. So even though motivation is just a sidekick, it is a sidekick that the hero could do nothing without. The world needs motivation.

    By shelby hazleton on 03.28.2014

  14. “You are… certain this will work?”

    The sea-witch nodded. “I have seen this before, many a time in ages past. But you must be willing — it will not work otherwise, I am afraid, and everything here will be lost forever.”

    Celia bit her lower lip as she once again looked pensively at the site before her. Her decision had already been made, but she stalled for time nonetheless, and when she finally tasted the metallic tang of her own blood on her tongue, Celia released it, ignoring the sting as the wound made contact with the briny water. She sighed. “Then I am ready.”

    By LordSriya on 03.28.2014

  15. I thought I was lying when I said I couldn’t sleep.
    I thought I was lying to get sympathy,
    so maybe someone could understand
    why I have a chip on each shoulder.
    I thought was lying to everyone else,
    but lying restless, the truth weaves into
    my waking dreams: I lie to myself.
    I have severe sleep problems. I don’t think
    I was meant for a life of peace and rest. I
    am energy,
    a firestorm caught
    in an electric fence.
    In my wake are burn victims
    with charred, smoking flesh.
    It tasted burnt.

    There are never enough hours in a day,
    my downfall is also my source of strength.
    I might not be able to sleep, but
    do I even have to? I walk with intensity
    that leaves most unnerved, the silent
    “Fuck off” written on my right sole.
    Motivation for more, yearning for better
    is what I can do for others.

    By La Bête becomes Man on 03.28.2014

  16. you lay there feeling breathless and hopeless. you have no reason and no air. where has all your motivation gone? was it ever even real? or was it just an illusion of your confused and tired mind?

    By AnaidSkylight on 03.28.2014

  17. melody is motivated to compete because she is Whats to make an impact in the world. She Feels like she has to show everyone that she is smart and that she can make a difference.

    By Ben O URL on 03.28.2014

  18. melody is motivated compete because she wants to let the other people know that she also smart. She competed against the opposite team and wanted to show the others that she is not what they think she is.

    By keerthi on 03.28.2014

  19. I thought of the scarriest sky,
    in the deep of last night.

    I was space’s pirate sailing heavenly seas
    to see more than can be seen, wanting lost dreams more than anything

    I looked back at the genetic comets whose
    trails entwined in a purple hued double helix that can’t even be imagined

    and on the starboard side hidden in the strawberrymilky way
    I reached out just so and picked out a Stargirl among all the other cherries in that galaxy

    But my voyage didn’t stop there, for where my thoughts wanted to take me
    only my dreams could lead. I leapt off the bowsprit, through a black hole

    In it, me and my biblical mirage became one. No more did the dark of space
    separate me from myself. No more did reality separate me into imaginary parts.

    I commanded an unreal journey to find my shattered soul, a symphony of dreams scattered
    among the scarred heavens.

    When I finally put all of me back together, written across the “Scarlett Salvation”
    upon my heart was the definition “Love is the Real beyond yourself”

    Now I am broken, but that brokenness is my gift and motivation.
    With every blink in my day, I create a new scarred-starry world

    that leaves me hungering for a feast,
    that leaves me thirsting for a new water.

    For every thing I thought, I found a scar in the sky above. And with
    my mental knife, I will carve my likeness into this universe.

    By La Bête becomes Man on 03.28.2014