April 5th, 2014

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64 Responses to “stairway”

  1. stairs lead to the above. what lies above is always the question. and somehow we always know what we are expecting to find. a place. or nothing. and the path is illuminated with these thoughts. stairs. leading somewhere.

    By Amna on 04.05.2014

  2. ummm

    By Amna on 04.05.2014

  3. Through the door, around the cigarette holder, over the cat, through the door, down the hallway, turning the corner, past the treadmills, past the weights, past the dancers and the boxers, under the ceiling, across the floor, through the door, down the stairway, into your arms.

    By Julia URL on 04.05.2014

  4. The stairway loomed before me like a for longed passage to heaven. I did not know where it would lead but, oh, how it intrigued me.

    By Grace on 04.05.2014

  5. The skirt barely covered her as she stumbled down the stairway in those five-inch heels. The sound is strangely calming. She will never leave me; she doesn’t think she is is good enough to get any one else.

    By Gracie URL on 04.05.2014

  6. Mason spoke frantically into his walkie-talkie, legs pumping as he darted down the back stairway of the filthy apartment building. “Pam, he’s headed your way! You and Terry cut him off at the service elevator!”

    “Got it, Sam.” Pam looked behind her to made sure Terry had heard the instructions, and then they both took off, bolting at top speed.

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.05.2014

  7. always moving upwards, seemingly out of reach as it looms before you. i can’t help it, when i look at you i remember things we did in the dark, but i can’t lose focus of what really matters. these little flames that sweep you up and bring you safely back down. land on your feet

    By Yasmine on 04.05.2014

  8. Hazel:I hate the stairwell.
    Gus: me too.
    Hazel: I hate that my lungs suck. (breathing deeply)
    Gus: I hate that my leg sucks. (swings leg as he awkwardly walks down step by step)
    Both: we have a lot in common.
    Gus: maybe we should just how much in common..
    Hazel: maybe we should just focusing on making it down this stupid stairwell.

    By Amanda Sandoval on 04.05.2014

  9. Running up the stairs, I tripped and fell back down. Ouch. So, I got up and ran back up, just like I thought I could make it all the way to the top. But I fell and rolled all the way back down. Ouch. Ouch. Still, I got up and tried again. Success!

    By Ann Kimbrough URL on 04.05.2014

  10. Un escalier en colimaçon menait à un petit grenier poussiéreux où les anciens propriétaires avaient entassé des cartons déformés par l’humidité. J’aimais y aller, enfant. Ouvrir les malles, déplier les costumes anciens, passer en revue les jouets d”une autre époque.

    By Aurorinha on 04.05.2014

  11. As I tentatively pressed by bare feet on the rickety steps on my descent a thought occurred to me “what formidable entity might be awaiting me at the bottom. I stopped

    By mina URL on 04.05.2014

  12. that was fun

    By mina URL on 04.05.2014

  13. I just started walking. I don’t know why, but I did. I went up the stairway and just kept going. The pain was so strong and hard to deal with, I couldn’t do it anymore. It was as if I had hit rock bottom and there was no were to go but up. So I did.

    I went up the stairway.

    By Eric on 04.05.2014

  14. there was a stairway around the corner, complete with wrought iron railings. Janene ran her hand along it as she made her way down, biting her lip in nervousness as the anticipation simply built. She had no way of knowing how the evening would progress, but even she wasn’t about to test fate.

    By Shelby on 04.05.2014

  15. The stairway seemed to go on for hours, but I couldn’t help continuing to trek up the arduous steps. The air around me grew dryer and colder, and I tightened the collar of my jacket against my throat, feeling the fabric chafe against my stiff, reddening skin. Outside, I knew the sun was setting, and upstairs, the conference was convening. If I could only get to the sixteenth floor in time.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.05.2014

  16. the way is dark
    and i’m uncertain whether the next step is solid marble
    or just black black void.
    the world doesn’t have to be a
    cold dark place.
    they whisper gaily in your ear.
    but it is.
    but it is.
    i believe my next step.

    By Kairn URL on 04.05.2014

  17. The stairway was dark and musty and there were old footprints on the steps. I glanced around me, to make sure I was alone, and then made my way downward. As the dust was disturbed, it got harder to see and I slipped, falling down the stairway, hitting my head. I woke up hours later in an unfamiliar place.

    By Bristol URL on 04.05.2014

  18. you imagine falling down



    and down

    your body jolting with each step as it rolls down

    (but you also imagine that it would hurt, so you don’t)

    By laze URL on 04.05.2014

  19. As they waited for his mom to be ready to go and his dad to finish putting on his tie, he held her in his arms, pulled her close and put his lips to hers. Gently at first, then adding more and more pressure and space disappeared. His dad cleared his throat as he approached the stairway they happened to be sitting on, “Well, then, should we be leaving you two alone or should we take her home?” Just then his mom arrived at the scene and smiled brightly, “Jake, you did good this time.”

    By Madison on 04.05.2014

  20. Stairway to Heaven is playing as I enter the mall. This is a really shitty mall; in fact it’s just a basement with half a dozen shops. Decayed and abandoned. I walk to the back, and the dealer is there. He sells me some weed and then asks, hey man, have you tried falling off some stairs on your head? It’s the best high of your life. I make a mental note to find a new dealer.

    By Acid URL on 04.05.2014

  21. stairway to heaven.. today i buried a friend, he wasnt a best friend but a close friend. i hate funerals but you never know whats going to happen. one day your here and the next day your on the stairs headed to your new home

    By nicole scheuerer on 04.05.2014

  22. going up or going down! its still leads to a new place with new adventures

    By nikki URL on 04.05.2014

  23. The stairway is where he got dressed. Like always he had to leave in the night, because he wasn’t fully welcome. The stars looked at him with pity, but also a love that meant they would always walk with him home down an unlit path.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 04.05.2014

  24. Down an empty stairway to the riverbed was a place where he thought, brought his lovers, his friend, but its where he grew an idea. He wanted revolution.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 04.05.2014

  25. was a creaky stairway with two missing steps and a rail that was no use to some one

    By Rebekah Wooten URL on 04.05.2014

  26. She climbed and climbed and climbed.
    She didn’t know where it was going
    She didn’t ever stop.
    She she didn’t ever slow down.
    She climbed and climbed and climbed.
    And she never reached the end.

    By Amy Pond on 04.05.2014

  27. Even the stairs hurt.
    Not just physically, but emotionally as well.
    Because she remembered.
    She remembered how he hated the stairs, just like she did.
    His leg would get stuck, and she would have to lug her oxygen tank.
    She remembers his lopsided smile.
    His positivity.
    How he kissed her.
    How she thought everything would go away
    And they would be happy together
    Everything she did,
    Everywhere she went,
    Reminded her of Augustus Waters.

    By Amy Pond on 04.05.2014

  28. Can one find peace in their own mind? I have sought to answer this, but the journey has been a never-ending spiral stairway into despair. Thoughts rage and tremble, and I am but helpless.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 04.05.2014

  29. The stairway lead to faeri a place of desire and trickery a place where winged creatures laugh with no souls and no cares (((we are the fools))) it is a world of bubbly sweet drinks to fill you rich chocolate delicacies to eat until you burst ‘Here there be charm here there be harm’ dance dance dance until morning you’ll awake to realize all your friends are dead there goes your head there goes your chance now Annie will never know where you stand you laugh you’re hysteric you prostrate a fey’s majestic sword and slice your own core blood pours you’re relieved of heavy grieving your vision achromatizes rapidly you languidly smile extravagated isn’t all that devastating oh but to consume voracious and assume it free is to be doomed under the staircase of faeri a slave to immortality

    By Rebekah Wooten URL on 04.05.2014

  30. He crouched in the dark at the top of the stairway, straining to hear his parents’ conversation downstairs. They were talking about moving out, but not all of them, just his dad.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.05.2014

  31. it is never ending. broken bones or stairs? i am cascading down the bump and grinds into an ethereal world of pointless abuse as my alcohol dazed mind wishes there were more drugs involved

    By jess on 04.05.2014

  32. It sprinted up the stairway only to find that it didn’t lead anywhere.

    By Patrick URL on 04.05.2014

  33. I meet my friend at the stairway that is one of my memorable place I have…
    I would have a best friend there with an incident happen.
    An incident where I will always remember, an incident where is in our mind, an incident where is keep us going on.

    By Koh Swee Hong URL on 04.05.2014

  34. stairway. what a weird thing that is. you can go up and down it but not at the same time. it can be curved or straight. it can cause little kids to trip or have teenagers get caught sneaking out because of the creaky stairs. it can be where the prom pictures are taken or where you say goodbye to your parents before you leave to college.

    By hayleeeeee on 04.05.2014

  35. The man’s hand tightened on his chest, the pain was great and he had no idea what was going on. A sense of doom filled him, he knew what was ahead; his own death.
    Yet he was not visited with a tunnel of light, but rather a stairway, a walking flight of stairs to the kingdom of heaven.

    By Hunter Hodge on 04.05.2014

  36. ledges used to mean hope,
    but now are death and the
    opportunities for oblivion.

    hell-bound, and I almost wish
    you’d push me.

    By Pandatry URL on 04.05.2014

  37. the stairway is the epitome of everything relating to fear. it all happened there. it was real. i was a victim. he smiled. i layed there. my life was changed forever.

    By galen treger URL on 04.06.2014

  38. She ran up the stairs, as fast as she could. He was coming, she could hear him clunking up the steps behind her. She didn’t have long to get away. She tried the door at the top but it was locked.

    By tara on 04.06.2014

  39. “‘Stairway’?” She held the paper above her head, peering at me questioningly.

    “Apparently. Stop using adverbs in sentences; they feel awkward.” I snatched the paper back and readied to write.

    “Still the uptight little bitch, eh? When will you learn that writing is freeform–there are no rules.”

    “Like that got you any further.”

    She snorted. “Please. You think adhering to the rules will get you to the top?”

    “Further than you, probably.”

    She gave a little smile–tight, maybe forced, but a smile. “Just do your goddamn work, kid.”

    By teddygit URL on 04.06.2014

  40. Cara stole along the stairway with the quiet assurance only a lifetime could provide, mindful to skip every creaking step and groaning board as she made her way to the bottom.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.06.2014