July 28th, 2014

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60 Responses to “sitcom”

  1. So I was watching Seinfeld, the sitcom. I feel like this is the epitome of the sitcom. There are situations. And comedy. It is mostly silly and pointless though. I shouldn’t be wasting my time, but sometimes I need wasted time so my brain doesn’t implode.

    By RPB on 07.28.2014

  2. there is nothing to say, nothing to write.

    By babington on 07.28.2014

  3. this is it
    an addiction
    there is an end
    a level of satisfaction
    I feel speechless
    time to stare.

    By Savraj URL on 07.28.2014

  4. Life in an episodic capsule is canned laughter, like fruits and vegetables and meats and milk, it’s meant to preserve something for a later date – I just can’t figure out what it means to me, this prepackaged formula for joy. Really all that I want is to feel fresh and wild and spontaneous and attune to the changing of seasons.

    By Intuition URL on 07.28.2014

  5. Tv

    By Bailey on 07.28.2014

  6. families are perpetually portrayed as big happy families. always. it’s never how it truly is. lies betrayl are things that exist. although they don’t make for the most wholesome intriguing ratings it’s the truth. the world covers up the truth for ratings. fuck the world and the commodities.

    By Bart on 07.28.2014

  7. Sitcoms are not funny. They are way too simple for a mind of a girly boy.

    Girly boys don’t like simplicity.
    Girly boys are complicated.

    By Amelia on 07.28.2014

  8. I watched the sitcom and was envious of their lifestyle. I wanted to have their clothing, their friendship, their apartment. Even though I knew it was fake. I still wanted it. It made me feel poor and unfortunate.

    By vsim URL on 07.28.2014

  9. It wasn’t actually funny or anything, but it was a job. She watched herself on screen and rolled her eyes. What would her friends think if they saw her? It occurred to her that they could actually be watching her at that very moment and her gaze went to cellphone that rested on the coffee table. No they would have called.

    By Selena URL on 07.28.2014

  10. comedy

    By Firdaus on 07.28.2014

  11. She sat there laughing at herself, that’s all she could do really. Was this literally her life? It seemed like more of a sitcom made for bored teenagers who weren’t planning on doing much with their lives.

    By Fiona URL on 07.28.2014

  12. Sitgcom, haha, funny thing really. I had never expected to be hired for such an idle show, however, it changed my life. It was like a revolution. An idle tv show to satisfy the amusement of lazy chunks of meat sitting at home. Never expected that it would mean so much to me, become a such a dense layer of mold in my life, shape my entire sole purpose and personality. I can’t say it was a bad thing.

    By CHLOMAKI on 07.28.2014

  13. Sitcoms are great. they make me laugh and forget about the things going on in my life. Its like I can focus on someone else’s life other than my own. I can sit and focus on the issues someone else is having. It feels great to forget about my life and circumstances.

    By Nadia on 07.28.2014

  14. “This sitcom’s still going?” my mother snapped as I turned on the TV. “It hasn’t been funny for years!”

    “I still think it’s charming,” replied my sister. She was sitting on the couch already, munching on a bowl of partially melted mint chip ice cream. “And the guy they have playing the new boyfriend is definitely worth it.”

    “Super dreamy, huh?” I murmured, rolling my eyes.

    My sister snorted. “Just because you don’t see good beefcake when you see it, Alex, doesn’t mean I can’t.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.28.2014

  15. I sat there staring blanky at the television, wondering when he was going to be coming home. I drowned my mind in the ridiculous sitcom comedy. I knew he would be home any minute, and that was indeed a dreaded time. He’d probably be drunk when he got home. He’d probably hurt me like he seemed to enjoy doing every night. It was a ritual that I was never prepared for.

    By Michayla on 07.28.2014

  16. “we’re dressing up like we’re from a sitcom this week,” she announced. “and we’re the big bang theory.”
    sierra’s eyes immediately widened to twice their normal size, making her look somewhat like a frightened animal. “i…i’ve never seen it.”
    “well, then we know who’s going to be howard,” her friend snickered in response.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 07.28.2014

  17. Laugh tracks feathered hair bell bottoms hijinx standing up to change the channel prime time water cooler three channels.

    By vmontes URL on 07.28.2014

  18. There is always mischief going on in sitcoms, but it’s okay because at the end you know there will be a happy ending with all characters laughing and smiling. Ann smiles while watching her favorite one and wishes to be apart of the silly mischief too.

    By Kelly T URL on 07.28.2014

  19. I am writing a sitcom…with something for every one to enjoy. You will laugh and cry and think about the world in a different light when it’s over…Stay tuned…

    By Paulie on 07.28.2014

  20. The sitcom was mildly amusing, in a crude and obnoxious way. I leaned against Michael, closing my eyes as I did so.
    “What’s for dinner?” I asked.
    “Pizza?” he suggested hopefully.
    I laughed and sat up.
    “You always want pizza.”

    By Selena on 07.28.2014

  21. ilove sitcoms. sitcoms to be are generally funny. such as the seinfield show. i thibk that was a sitcom. Pineapples are awesome.

    By Selena on 07.28.2014

  22. Nervous cackle turned laugh track at the site of my situational silence. You know there’s a reason for it darling, the blankness I’m brimming with, so you can be, so I can learn, thick ignorance black holed hilarity in the we are the not-wanting-to-be-human beings, such as myself. Ambivalent Gods turn on the tube, that is, we are well watched, the butt of every cosmic joke.

    By Anonymous Moth on 07.28.2014

  23. Watching sitcoms always calms me down. Whether it be due to their humor or their every day life experiences I can always seem to relate to the Rachel’s and even the Phoebe’s of the world.

    By danamcg URL on 07.28.2014

  24. the canned laughter is ripping through the insides of my ears
    and there is blood dripping down my neck
    which you kiss, ruby red
    it’s falling on to this hard laminate tile
    where we pad into the kitchen
    the only light
    is the clock of the microwave oven
    and we dance
    our callouses form
    you and me
    in the dark of the kitchen

    By Ella on 07.28.2014

  25. This is worse than a sitcom. This is reality, where no one ever has hilarious run-ins with the one and only Thor they’re looking for, where a city of a billion people is all strangers. Nothing is neat. Everything’s rats and almond dust.

    By Ella Emma Em on 07.28.2014

  26. I sat on the couch, my feet propped up on the coffee table, a bowl of chips in my lap, and a beer on the end table. I was finally at peace and could watch some TV.

    That was till my teenage daughter came downstairs in the most awful outfit I have ever seen, screaming and hollering about how mom wouldn’t let her wear it to the dance.

    I sat up and looked at the outfit and solved the situation in a sentence, “Julie that outfit is hideous. I mean who puts black with dark brown?

    By Molly URL on 07.28.2014

  27. It makes me angry how she treats her life as a sitcom. She has so much going for her, yet she’d rather play the part of the stupid and “sexy” character. She is smart and incredibly talented, but she would rather be thought of as a jokester. I used to admire her zest for life, but now I shake my head as she walks away, lips pursed, chest out, hands on hips, waiting for the approval of others. She has become a walking joke, and it’s a damn shame. She’s better than that.

    By Junco URL on 07.28.2014

  28. I watch Seinfeld almost everyday. The witty banter really speaks to my sense of humor. The comedy is funny because of the situations. I relate to Elaine. Its funny because it is true. I love the catchy opening music.

    By Jessica URL on 07.28.2014

  29. i had a favorite sitcom, until it wasn’t anymore. you know how things remind you of people, and then when you don’t want to remember them, you have to forget the majority of what you enjoyed?

    By ANM URL on 07.28.2014

  30. “My life has turned into a sitcom. I am the Charlie Brown of my own cartoon. When I was young I had such high hopes for my life. I was going to be a leader, someone to look up to, but now lately I just seem to be the butt of the joke,” Clare said to the crowded audience. Many listening began to laugh thinking this was part of her presentation, but it was not. She had such a bad day she could not take it anymore, she needed to make sense of what was happening to her.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 07.28.2014

  31. Sitting and watching and winding
    It comes
    It goes
    We stay
    We sit
    We watch
    It comes
    It goes
    We move, we shift positions
    We sink back in our warmed up cushions
    Over on the other side of the road
    The world can die alone

    By Saudade URL on 07.28.2014

  32. its funny, in a quirky brilliant way. it is a moment, or rather several moments of divine and rare empty happiness

    By Paige Olausen on 07.28.2014

  33. sitcom

    By Paige O on 07.28.2014

  34. She sat in the waiting room of the ferry port, wanting to cry. The TV hanging from the roof showed some sitcom with the volume down.But she felt like she could hear laughter; from Kenji and his friends, laughing at her, mocking her for being a thousand yen short of the price of a ferry ticket that would take her to Korea and safety. “You’ll never get away from us!” she could hear them; We’ll find you anywhere you go!” Kenji, when drunk, would often hint at having powerful friends; “connections” as he called them. On that night, when she overheard that conversation,she realised how terrifyingly serious he had been. And now they were chasing her! She checked her purse again. Not enough for a ticket, maybe enough to live on for a week. She had no choice; she would have to call her sister for help.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.28.2014

  35. We laugh, play jokes, live our lives according to every plot twist but go to bed content. We know our stories have already been written. We know that the writer has planned our happily ever afters. Why not follow along? Unless along the way, we decide we want to make our own play.

    By Ashi URL on 07.28.2014

  36. The TV was on in the other room, the sounds of some unidentifiable sitcom, complete with a 90’s-esque laugh track, the only thing to hear. Other than that though, it was quiet. Too quiet.
    “Margaret?” she called, stepping the rest of the way inside and casting a long look around.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.28.2014

  37. all that we ever know about sitcoms is pure observation on the television screen. the dynamics of a blank screen tend to genrate a string of images which by a sense of perception lead into the involvement into a story, laughter, emotions, it’s really strange how everything rlates to everything, a screen to a life.

    By Harsha Kumar on 07.28.2014

  38. Seinfeld gave me a really skewed idea about life in New York. I mean all of the characters have these really nice, multi-bedroom apartments. Kramer pays rent without any real job. So when I ended up in a single bedroom dump of a place in an iffy neighborhood for more money than I could really afford, can you blame me for being disappointed?

    By spookisapuppy URL on 07.28.2014

  39. I’m laughing
    more like pushing extra air out, I guess
    nothing much to hold on to but I still remember that Seinfeld episode from like 6 years ago, so there’s something

    By Michael on 07.28.2014

  40. Some folks say my life could be a sticom. “Your stories have nice ends to them” Truth is I make up the endings to them to save you from the ends that don’t kill the party mood. I don’t tell you the about the nights I’m hiking by moonlight, yelling out loud, pissed off, smashing rocks against bigger rocks trying to dig out whatever I’m hiding inside that’s blocking whatever’s being blocked. I don’t think about her enough, and I love her. In that order.

    Here’s what I told you: I dropped her off at her house was so nervous to kiss her I giggled in a weird way, stuffed a pringle in my mouth and told her “I’d kiss you right now but I don’t think you’d like chewed Pringles in your mouth.” (Audience “aww”s) role credits.

    By StatiKink URL on 07.28.2014