April 13th, 2014

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69 Responses to “lethargic”

  1. I’m feeling lethargic and lazy. The sun feels so good on my back, my wings spread to catch the warm and gentle breeze. I close my eyes briefly, letting my body sink into the support of the yellow air. My wings loosen and I drop slightly. I open my eyes and pump my wings, my heart beating just a little harder. Whoops. The weather is so nice. The perfect day. Suddenly a shot screams out, a metal bullet flies from a gun. It embeds itself in my chest. Pain explodes and radiates. There is nothing but the too-hot pulsing of heat and light in the center of my body. My wings give way and I plummet to the ground, unable to keep myself aloft. I catch myself before I hit the ground with a crash. My body is crumpled and unresponsive. Heavy boots run to me. “Holy shit. It’s a girl.” I blackout.

    By Emma URL on 04.13.2014

  2. Zir movements were slow, breathing labored, feet dragging. Ze didn’t think zir head was actually functioning, or at least, it wouldn’t be for much longer. Whatever that syringe contained must have been the cause. It couldn’t be anything else, ze thought, falling to zir knees. Ze didn’t get to say goodbye to zir family, nor zir friends. Was this life worth it at all, really, with an end like this?

    “What do you think ze’s dreaming about?” a nurse murmured, gazing down at the comatose patient with soft, thoughtful eyes.

    By Pilot URL on 04.13.2014

  3. She lifted her head off the pillow (her neck was cold now) and squinted up at the window. She saw a mass of blonde hair through the layers of glass. With a grunt, she reached up and pushed open the window. “Hullo?”

    The words flew in like little birds, lost, banging on the wall. “Hi, I’m Jennifer’s mom. Jennifer Hamilton?”

    By Yona URL on 04.13.2014

  4. It’s not always how it appears. Been called lazy. Without ambition, slow thinking. Difficult not to be lethargic with a thyroid condition.

    By Krystyna Fedosejevs on 04.13.2014

  5. It was a wave that came over me so quickly I couldn’t compose myself. Lethargic in the water, I was. Another wave rolls over me, again and again I can’t find the strength.

    By kathpine98 URL on 04.13.2014

  6. Father,
    my faith
    its lethargic at best
    exhausted and extinguished
    from treading through the mud of this world.
    My shoes are worn tattered,
    my clothes “holy”
    though my skin feels sacrificed.
    My world,
    it breeds venom
    while my heart seeks benevolence.
    I was made a woman,
    a woman with a purpose so I am told
    but what is a woman to do
    when she is belittled to just a little girl?
    Jaded, dismissed,
    imprisoned by strife
    at the many trials breed to my “feeble faith”.
    Yet I desire to transpire
    through these murky waters
    and rise about to your mountain top
    where I grow and bloom
    into a woman
    stronger than ever before,
    wings spread wide and flying
    over these empires so high
    that I skim what could be the very tip
    of your kingdom come.
    Release me from the chains!
    That lock away the passion I have gained
    from your righteous right hand
    and merciful force of love.
    Let me blossom,
    let me fly!
    High on eagles wings
    overcoming my position as an earth dweller,
    to be able to proclaim
    the vast deliverance and love of You, my King.
    Take this heart
    as I lay it on your table
    and cut it open wide for you to be able
    to carve it into your creation
    so bold, beautiful and eternal
    as your Son that settles the sky each day
    Your act of love paternal.

    By Sarah-Grace URL on 04.13.2014

  7. There is nothing left to say, no reason for me to speak, because everyone has already done what I desire. I guess I will just sit around, looking at the sky, wishing there was something left on this planter that gave me passion enough to act. I am left in a state of lethargy by oppressive boredom.

    By James on 04.13.2014

  8. Lethargic. That’s me on a Sunday. Not interested in anything resembling work or any action at all. Just want to lie here on the couch, dozing.

    By Amy URL on 04.13.2014

  9. Never had Rudolph felt so lethargic. After 500 Christmas Eves on the trot, he decided this would be his last.

    By DomH on 04.13.2014

  10. it is lazy
    i am lazy
    i have work for tomorrow and i am fooling around on the internet
    watched a video about women in india
    dont want to go back
    i wonder how france and netherlands and the other countries did it
    it’s a big thing in india
    i want to do something about it
    i also have to write a report on how abercrombie and fitch can make a comeback, some suggestions
    but I dont like their story very much, especially the more recent story

    By roshni URL on 04.13.2014

  11. It was the first day of filming, and I was feeling particularly lethargic. The director knocked on my trailer door and I sluggishly appeared in costume, though my make-up allegedly left a little to be desired. Consequently, I was dragged to a small room where three people attacked my face with pencils, brushes, and markers, all while I squirmed and desperately wished for a hot bath and a cozy bed to sleep in.

    “Big day today, Miss Josiah,” one artist said to me mid-rouge dab.

    “Yeah,” I muttered under my breath. “Kill me now.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.13.2014

  12. The alarm clock rattled him out of his sleep. After some time, he tried to lever his limbs over the edge of the bed so that he could swivel into sitting upright. He found that he was stuck in this position, almost asleep once again, five minutes later. Why was it was proving so difficult to get going?

    By smr URL on 04.13.2014

  13. Her lethargic mind reeled, stuck on the idea of revenge. And for the life of her, she couldn’t convince it to move away.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.13.2014

  14. These hazy days keep getting longer as I wait for time to start. Tv, nap, tv, nap, facebook, nap. Never need to get out of bed when there’s nothing to get up for. I was never a go getter, now I don’t go anywhere to get anything.

    By Lucille URL on 04.13.2014

  15. lethargic i assume it means tired but who really knows. its an interesting word though. not used often but i like it, it sounds… weird that’s why i like it though. anyway i don’t know how else to write about it its just a word although i am a creative person i just cant think about the word lethargic.. hmm oh well its just a simple word with a simple meamning that will someday give it a

    By Anna Wright on 04.13.2014

  16. im a good writer.. just not today haha

    By Slinkers on 04.13.2014

  17. She was lethargic when it came to her daily problems. she was tired of life just eating her soul. she wanted something more. but nobody could giver her that. she was alone.

    By Anna URL on 04.13.2014

  18. To not move was the goal. I want to blend in to the background. To never be noticed by others is bliss. Let mushrooms invade my lungs, and moss invade my heart. I could turn into a lonely hollow tree, but as long as I never move, all is good.

    By Ariel URL on 04.13.2014

  19. It was a word I hadn’t the slightest clue as to what meant, but it made me want to learn.

    By Kyliee Davis on 04.13.2014

  20. Her speech was slow and slurred, lethargic, even, and I wondered if she was okay. When I asked she said she was fine and just needed to get her bearings—but then she collapsed, and I knew this woman was anything but okay as I dialed 911.

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.13.2014

  21. It’s not what they think. They say I should just get up and do something, like it’s not that hard. Thank you, numbnuts, I would have never figured that out without you. They don’t think it’s an actual problem.
    Depression is that thing that happens when you’re really sad right? But it’s just a mood, you can snap out of it.
    Right. Sooo easy.

    By Beth A URL on 04.13.2014

  22. wheat to the wind in the way
    you blow over like Autumn dominos
    under her little finger.

    I tell you you’re trapped,
    but you shrug and you grin
    in a diagonal way that breaks the land
    in my eye’s view.

    … how men are hopeless fools.

    By Pandatry URL on 04.13.2014

  23. Could you speak a little louder please? I cannot hear you over the sound of the sun glaring through my window and the small specks of dust clouding my eyes.

    By aria autumn URL on 04.13.2014

  24. Cailee wished she knew what Mom wanted from her. Lethargy, repeated the little voice in her mind. We want a life without tiredness. Without lethargy. Lethargy just brings us down. Brings our mind to circle around the sleeplessness. Circles and circles around the same old same old: life without magic.

    By Sophia URL on 04.13.2014

  25. Lethargic is such an ugly word.
    You can blame your downfalls
    On lack of skill, or trying too hard,
    Or not enough opportunity
    But when you are lethargic
    You fail by default
    For no reason
    It is a word filled
    With negative space

    By Anna URL on 04.13.2014

  26. lazy and sluggish as he stood up from the bed, wincing as if every movement hurt him gravely. he smiled as he looked at her in the restroom connected to their bedroom in the two room apartment in manhattan

    By abby on 04.13.2014

  27. She slowed and rested on the branch. I must keep climbing, she thought. The willpower had already let her spirit. The pressing urge to give up residing on her back.
    So she fell.
    Back down to cold hard ground where she started, she was too weak still.

    By RachelM URL on 04.13.2014

  28. It was a lazy kind of day. She dragged her feet underneath her, feeling all too lethargic. Maybe it was the heat of the sun pelting through the windows; not a breath of air coming through the shutters.

    By esky1118 URL on 04.13.2014

  29. His chest was heavy. He couldn’t get out of the bed today. Or yesterday. Or this past week. It was like a piece of him was left in this bed and all he can do is lie in this bed and savor what was left.

    By Mackenzie on 04.13.2014

  30. Lethargic, she said. That’s a word
    Of course that’s a fucking word I said
    Well what do you want
    The right one
    The right one
    I don’t understand
    I’m lethargic

    By Generic Author URL on 04.13.2014

  31. pattern in grades based on time in school year
    how does IB affect the end of the year push?……….

    By Joshua Suson-Mrak on 04.13.2014

  32. how does IB affect the end of the year push?……….

    By Joshua Suson-Mrak on 04.13.2014

  33. i dont know what is mean by lethargic but the question earlier asked me to just write what i think about the word . i think the meaning of the word lethargic is to describe something that is full with energy . i mean energetic . it is right ?

    By sakinah on 04.13.2014

  34. A kid that skinny could actually win a fight and then by <> the meds made him grind his teeth in a lethargic manner that made him run into your head and it was all so perceptive, selden dope, so canny, that I still didn’t want to kill him and something was sad and confused around the ballroom dealer’s sister’s boyfriend’s text messages. Get me outta here fucken

    By Julia URL on 04.13.2014

  35. i am very lethargic right now and i gonna pass out by any minutes . so thank you guy . that’s all / haha

    By sakinah on 04.13.2014

  36. now i know what is the meaning of lethargic . haha

    By sakinah on 04.13.2014

  37. The old man had been lethargic as of late. Despite the frequent visits from “concerned” family, he seemed to have given up. I can’t say i blame him. When the only things you have to look forward to every day are conversations consisting primarily of poorly disguised prying questions about your will, you tend to increase how cynical outlook on life is. That being said, I never expected what he did.

    By Analisa URL on 04.13.2014

  38. Some people get lethargic, others don’t. It’s a horrible thing – Sid the Sloth is a king of the thing. It’ll eat you up ten times over leaving you with nothing but a blank canvas for a mind and a lifeless body with no direction – Too much. Everything is too much.

    By Helana Sawires on 04.14.2014

  39. I watched myself laying on the couch smoking a blunt. Then he noticed me.
    “Hey, you look familiar.” He said laying lethargicly.
    “I’m you dumbass. Get up and do something instead of smoking all the time.”
    “Am I having an out of body experience?” He asked confused.
    “Kinda, but not really. You’re just really stoned and projecting me to be here.”
    “I said…” I started feeling super lazy too. “I said pass me the blunt.”

    By Brandon Adams URL on 04.14.2014

  40. I feel quite lethargic today.

    By teddygit URL on 04.14.2014