April 13th, 2014

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69 Responses to “lethargic”

  1. That’s me! Quite a lot of the time actually. I need some ‘get up and go’, being lethargic isn’t good.

    By Alexandra on 04.14.2014

  2. Tiredness hits you like a syrupy fog. Just moving is painful. Your brain feels heavy, and the floor feels magnetic.

    By Rosie on 04.14.2014

  3. no comment

    By Rosie on 04.14.2014

  4. Lethargic. Ok. Lethargic. Seriously, can someone fix the bugs on this program. I don’t want to keep going to the same page.

    By copykings on 04.14.2014

  5. I was overwhelm when I finally got well from my ailment caused by the flu that racked my body for the last four weeks. Now, however I am a bit lethargic and unable to get anything done around the home.

    By victor URL on 04.14.2014

  6. I do feel a bit of that. Uhmm, a part of me I guess. I mean I have to attend to some of life’s pressing needs like working to send in some cash albeit not enough most of the time to pay for all the debts in my life.

    By Mary Ann on 04.14.2014

  7. This is so cool!

    By Mary Ann on 04.14.2014

  8. He sat there in the usual way: Not paying attention, the lack of interest clearly showing. And the longer I watched him, the angrier I got. I wanted to shake him until he would stand up.

    By Amaychan on 04.14.2014

  9. I have no idea what the word means. It appears at first glance to mean something related to a sickness, but somehow I don’t think it is. It could be something to do with how you act or talk. Or maybe something related to the brain. I guess I’ll only know after I submit this, and google it.

    By SS on 04.14.2014

  10. The infection of lethargy is the most dangerous thing I can think of, as its very nature means that the more serious the problem, the more difficult it is for you to even try and resolve it. And I do not use the word ‘infection’ out of hand; a community built on the rocks of tiredness and procrastination will bring forth nothing but exactly that.

    By John Doe on 04.14.2014

  11. For the past few weeks, I was studying, studying and studying. The feeling of being lethargic came to my mind, the feeling of being unable to concentrate and the feeling of being frustrated for not being able to focus.

    By RandomPerson on 04.14.2014

  12. fdsafdsfda
    Today, I’m not feeling lethargic in the least bit. I’m feeling like I should accomplish some goals; like I should get some work out of the way before it starts to pile too high. I think I’ll do just that.

    By Jon Lee on 04.14.2014

  13. This is the most lethargic person i had ever met. A person who does his work slowly. A person who did his work without thinking. A person who doesn’t want to change. His habitss, his attitude, his life is the worst i had met.

    By Koh Swee Hong on 04.14.2014

  14. it took me forever to lift my thigh. m y legs splayed across the ground, my torso halfway on the flat mattress. i was dozing in the sun like a cat on a saturday afternoon on 4 o’ clock. the knocking on my door didn’t cease. when i fianlly managed to open my eyes, the intruder had long been gone.

    By berenique on 04.14.2014

  15. She lay on the beach, feeling the sun warming her skin, occasionally leaning up on her elbows to look out at the ocean, trying to spot the face of her husband, wearing his ridiculous goggles and his t-shirt to prevent getting sunburned while he swam. She leaned down again, enjoying the shade of the tree she lay beneath, and decided to take a nap.

    By Kimberly on 04.14.2014

  16. The car was lethargic, much like himself on this cold January morning. He had wasted too much time and energy that morning shouting at the kids to get ready for school, and he just could not find it in himself to shout at the car as well. As he sat staring out the front windscreen, wondering if he should run for the bus or just call in sick, snowflakes started gathering on the glass, making his decision for him.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.14.2014

  17. well that sums up monday – especially this wet, mid-30s, grey, gray, and every tone between black and grey with puddles and mud and a myriad of tiny red tree seeds covering the neighbor’s sidewalk.

    By Lee on 04.14.2014

  18. Dragons lie across the valley, lethargic in the heat, bellies swollen and glistening green-yellow with the eggs they protected. Above, on the valley rim, two thousand soldiers circled, watching for something else, something worse than dragons.

    At dusk, a comet blazed across the purple sky, trailing gold fire and turning from the stars to the dragon-filled valley. The soldiers raised their spears and lifted their cannons. A rumble started below, dozens of dragons with slitted eyes watching as the comet tore through the air, a ripple of black heat swelling into that something else.

    By RS Bohn URL on 04.14.2014

  19. There was only one way to describe her, he thought; lethargic. She didn’t seem to care about jack all, and there was a sort of sluggish feeling to her every movement; every word that came out of those perfect fucking lips.

    By Ellie URL on 04.14.2014

  20. Guys really I had to google what lethargic meant I’m dumb this is dumb and it’s the best I can do at the moment so please bare with me damn it.

    By Ellie URL on 04.14.2014

  21. He had been in a coma for twenry years so it was no suprise his legs were lethargic

    By Jerri on 04.14.2014

  22. Today. This morning. It’s Monday. Haven’t put myself in a position to get out of this lethargy. Grand plans in place today, we’ll see what comes of them. It is what it is. Each choice, leading to another. That’s this morning. I’ll just have to see where it goes. Beyond that, it’s a good word. Lethargy

    By pat on 04.14.2014

  23. “It’s so fucking /hot/,” he groaned, fanning himself with a manilla folder. “Are you sure the fan is broken?”
    A sigh was heaved from across the room. “Positive. The more times you ask won’t magically fix it.”

    By Princess Erikat on 04.14.2014

  24. He did not think twice about reaching over to answer the phone. He had been feeling rather lethargic since she left him crying on the floor, begging her to stay.

    By Tina on 04.14.2014

  25. Every day; so tired. Facing facts and racing your heart, crying for relief. So many wasted words and procrastination. What bitter poison the next and the next, to continue, abated by self.

    By restinsatinsilence URL on 04.14.2014

  26. It was the middle of the day and I felt that the essence of most of it had drifted through me, had found itself already a kind of distant “yesterday”, I felt that the yesterday would bring something back for me, would remember me as I’m remembering it.

    By Kyle URL on 04.14.2014

  27. Today I feel lethargic. How many days has it been since I slept? Days, months, years? I can’t remember anymore. I don’t know when I became like this. Or how. All I remember is the voice I started hearing. Over and over again.

    By Ashley on 04.14.2014

  28. tired, and just absolutely slow and uninspiring more than anything dead. the anthesisi to what you’d like to be associated with. it’s not a happy place. it’s hot, sweaty, sticky, and all around uninspiring.

    By h on 04.14.2014

  29. Her eyes move back and forth slowly, her hands resting on the chair arms. She’s tired, I can see it in the tilt of her chin, the curve of her back.

    By Ellie on 04.14.2014