April 14th, 2014

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93 Responses to “level”

  1. I went up to the next level, to back a better look at what was below me. I could now see him among the crowd, and he was with another woman, holding her very tightly

    By kirsty on 04.15.2014

  2. Sometimes one just feels like they should level up in life
    We’re always searching for the next bit of meaning that our lives can hold
    You go through high school
    Then college
    Then a career, or maybe you start a family
    Myself, I’d like to hope that life is an open world
    Instead of a side-scroller.

    By Anna on 04.15.2014

  3. It wasnt where the bubble should have been, You know the bubble in the middle stuck in the middle becoming a sinner because the bubble is grinning that the whole thing isn’t level

    By Colton on 04.15.2014

  4. A bead of sweat started at the top of her brow and began to slide towards her left eye. She froze in a panic that the tiny bead might throw her off balance. Katie stood totally still but buzzing with adrenaline on the tiny wooden plank, perfectly balanced. The only thing that stood between her and sudden death.

    By Bex on 04.15.2014

  5. I used to love to stay up late just to hear your mind wander
    for a chance to listen in on the mysteries you ponder
    ideas I only thought existed in the memoirs of dead writers
    resurrected from their graves in the midst of our all-nighters.

    like having coffee with Kurt Vonnegut, meeting Dickinson for tea
    my favorite words had come to life, with you lying next to me.
    you brought me closer to my stories; now I take my books to bed
    I cling to every word, pretend I hear your voice instead.

    By Carly URL on 04.15.2014

  6. So many meanings for level. Level paying field, on the level, level as in floor or storey, or even the level you reach playing a computer game. So many I probably haven’t thought of too.

    By Alexandra on 04.15.2014

  7. water means level land, but where we live that isn’t possible. Just like level people mean stability, here there is no stability. Just a slick slope to despair.

    By Deborah Bundy URL on 04.15.2014

  8. Level with me she said. What other options do you have? The gig is on hold until I know what’s going on. The cows are out and I don’t have anyone to go find them.

    By J on 04.15.2014

  9. The fox jumps and jumps but never reach
    The rabbit jumps and jumps and always reach
    But both of them don’t think like that
    Only the writer can think that way

    By Eligia V. A. on 04.15.2014

  10. She didn’t have the proper tools she needed to do her project, so she had to eye ball her work to level the plank into place along the wall of her garden.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.15.2014

  11. Level is about equality. We are on the same level as human beings. No matter what our education, our race, our family history, or the country we live in, we are all really the

    By Mr Prull on 04.15.2014

  12. Dan was on the level but couldn’t convince Annie. She said she did the right thing by turning Dan in and divorcing him while he was doing one to three. With her heist money, Annie lived the good life in Ecuador .

    By Paul Beckman URL on 04.15.2014

  13. The line between your eyes and mine.

    By Marcene Gandolfo on 04.15.2014