March 22nd, 2014

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60 Responses to “heightened”

  1. Her psychic senses were heightened to his presence. Strange, since she’d only known him for a short time. Somehow she felt safer with him, practically a stranger, than with her foster parents. She smiled. Maybe she could introduce them.

    By 709 on 03.22.2014

  2. he was so heightened in the clouds he didn’t know whether to fall or float. he was scared he’d turn bad again. no one wanted for that to happen again. so many people cared for him, he was just too blinded by sorrow to notice

    By irma on 03.22.2014

  3. wow wow wow write a freaking book like now

    By idk on 03.22.2014

  4. Mother’s death caused grief for the lot of us, but realistically speaking, her untimely passing only heightened the value of her beloved paintings that she’d created over the decades. Now that the artist was dead, greedy so-called “business” men would do everything but hesitate to knock on our door, begging us to sell mother’s artwork when they knew we had no such intention of doing so.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 03.22.2014

  5. Palindrome :] 12:21

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 03.22.2014

  6. I grew up quicker than I thought I would. I have always been small, ever since I was young I had been small. But now, it has all changed. I’m tall now, this growth spurt has changed everything. I’m going to have to get used to this, whole ‘being tall’ business.

    By Amy on 03.22.2014

  7. Lately, I’ve felt the need to express certain sides of my emotions towards certain individuals. I feel the competition has heightened which has made me more aware of my surroundings.

    By Ford URL on 03.22.2014

  8. Her sight had been lost long ago – so long that only a distant memory of color and light remained – and her other senses clamored to take it’s place, leaving each heightened beyond the standards of her kin,

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.22.2014

  9. I was like cat. My heart was getting the better of me, betraying my brain. I needed to find out what he was thinking. If only I had the courage to ask.This feeling was difficult to explain, my curiosity had been heightened by his gaze.

    By GeordiePenguin URL on 03.22.2014

  10. carousels full of sand boxes
    and smiling children
    and all i can think of
    is how my mother
    would look like
    if i
    took seashells
    from the ocean
    placed them on her
    dead body

    By Arianna Reiley URL on 03.22.2014

  11. He couldn’t fix the zipper of his backpack when he was drunk, but he had a heightened sense of his own stupidity. He apologized twice as much as usual (clumsily, oafishly, of course) in part because he ran into more things and in part because he felt worse about it. Sober Johnny didn’t care much who he knocked over.

    By Yona URL on 03.22.2014

  12. the emotions were heightened only after the intensity lowered. it’s like she was holding it off—-waiting on that unsuspecting moment to unleash what had been pent up for a week. she let it out one silent, slow tear at a time. the dripped, she caught then and summonsed a few more. keeping them coming til they cleansed her aching soul

    By Safon URL on 03.22.2014

  13. I had a heightened sense of adventure after a reconnected with him after 15 years. Everything that had been exciting was now more exciting and every thing that had been less than perfect simply faded into the background. This time around life was going to be grand.

    By Tracey URL on 03.22.2014

  14. Animal instinct at night,
    I should have always known
    I remember in middle school
    during our outdoor field trip
    thinking “Wow, I actually prefer
    the dark…
    it’s easier to see without
    light, so blinding.”
    And the sting, ugh, the sting of
    light, shattering my retina’s focus
    in a matter of irrelevant seconds.
    Ugh, light, always there, always
    pushing, traveling, seeking, distancing
    spacing, distracting, determining,
    being calculated. Ha, some constant.

    So my focus has been heightened.
    It is Spring again, and since that
    first spring break, where mushrooms
    altered my mental infrastructure,
    each spring after I quite physically
    feel that transition to a season of color
    and smells.

    It brutalizes my senses, like a lover’s
    ecstatic choking. Did you know there
    are 125 trillion synapses solely in the
    cerebral cortex? That means 125,
    zero zero zero, zero zero zero,
    zero zero zero, zero zero zero.
    That’s 125 multiplied by ten raised
    to the twelfth power. If we were talking
    about seconds instead of synapses,
    125 multiplied by ten raised to the twelfth
    power of seconds at a rate of 31,557,600
    seconds per year, we would be talking about
    3,961,010.97675 years.

    In other words, if synapses were seconds, our brain
    would have 4 million years.

    So back to light. Those irrelevant seconds are
    my synapses being wasted in the light,
    when I am predator and nocturnal hunter.
    My senses are heightened. Hormones
    and instinct. The killer you can’t even see.

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 03.22.2014

  15. After the shooting, the principal insisted that the school be subjected to heightened security. We were becoming used to security guards, metal detectors, and constant stops-and-frisks as we went to class. It was unnerving, and it was also embarrassing. I had never felt so vulnerable after one guard asked me to take off my jacket for him.

    “I’m not a killer,” I protested, but he insisted. In the eyes of a defensive officer, no one is ever innocent.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.22.2014

  16. And in the stillness in the silence between dew painted grass and a slightly star covered sky tangled within you all of our senses heightened as we worried what else might be in the woods with us. But it was such a beautiful night there wasn’t much room for fear, just love and hope. The whispers of forever and the cute little ways we found to promise the world to each other every chance we got.

    By Madison on 03.22.2014

  17. My appreciation of life and the importance of serving others has been heightened since I spent a year as the 24/7 caregiver for my husband, who was dying of cancer. It was a horrible ending to our 22 years together, and heightened and expanded my appreciation for his love.

    By earlharrisphotography URL on 03.22.2014

  18. a wan gang of appendages grasps
    devotedly as preying wasps
    to a heightened drive
    for love

    By creepestbloom URL on 03.22.2014

  19. Her views were more open, like flowers blooming in the Spring.
    Her vision was more defined, like she finally understood.
    The ropes of her thoughts were finally tying together to form the knot.

    By Gabbi URL on 03.22.2014

  20. My excitement heightened as the hour approached. I was practically bouncing in my seat by the end of it, waiting with bated breath until the door opened to reveal what I had been waiting for my entire life. My breath caught in my throat and the deep ringing started from the church’s bell tower.

    By Laurita Peppita on 03.22.2014

  21. Leda’s head snapped up, turning in the complete opposite direction of the Cheif’s scouts. She cocked her head to the side, heightened senses clearly picking up something that no one else could.

    A feral smile played across her innocent features and red fire burned at her fingertips.

    “Leda?” The Cheif ventured, cautiously.

    “Found them.” She cracked her knuckles, the red flames growing larger and warmer, licking up her arms. “Orders, sir?”

    The Cheif’s eyes narrowed. “Burn.” He said, coldly. “Burn them all.”

    “Yes sir!” Leda said, sweetly. “In the name of the Crown, I’ll burn them to the ground.” She vaulted off her twitchy mount and her entire lower body transformed into a whirlwind of flame. She hovered before them for a second, then blurred off into the distance.

    “You heard the Cheif!” The second-in-command officer barked. “About face and follow that girl!”

    By Sara H. URL on 03.22.2014

  22. Defintely heightened. That was certainly part of the feeling. They wanted to know more. He described it as being elevated as if he were sitting in meditation and rising off the floor, only he wasn’t he said, but part of him felt heightened. There was a total awareness of what was going on everywhere. They wrote that down. He said he wasn’t sure what he would feel next but did seem to think the heightening could increase with another pill.

    By DMM URL on 03.22.2014

  23. Perhaps it was the drugs, or perhaps it was just because she seemed to feel that she was often in a world all her own that none could touch, but her senses seemed unusually heightened this starry night. Smells were very distinct, some undeniably pleasant, some unfamiliar. Sounds were smooth and melodious, and the sweet music surrounding her rang easily in her ears. Her tastebuds danced, champagne leaving sparks on her tongue. Everything she saw was sharp and clear as if seen through the eyes of a child, for the first time. Her skin prickled, sensitive to the heat of the bonfire and the dewy chill of the dawn. It seemed that on that not-so-special night, everything she touched might turn to gold.

    By Emily URL on 03.22.2014

  24. With heightened excitement she looked out at the green valley below her. In just a few hours this would all be hers. A few sweet, sweet hours. She was lucky, she thought, that she was ruthless and felt no remorse, that the sight and smell of blood excited her. For she would have to spill a lot of blood today in order to take back what was hers.

    By Meredith George on 03.22.2014

  25. Amid heightened tensions in the region, George’s attempt at diplomacy was risky, to say the least. Even if there was an understanding of cosplay in the upper echelons of the Party, his choice of costume was rather risque, but George was confident the Chairman would understand his sense of satire.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.22.2014

  26. I had a heightened sense of awareness. Every detail is my surrounding aware was processed in my mind. I responded to every slight shift in the environment. I was intuned to the universe.

    By Amanda URL on 03.22.2014

  27. Tensions have heightened around the world between the unemployed and poor and the ruling elite, resulting in marches in the streets around the world for years, some of which have turned into revolutions.

    By Chuck Baggett URL on 03.22.2014

  28. I don’t understand what the purpose of this is but getting a word to write about is a different experience from Write Or Die.

    By Chuck Baggett URL on 03.22.2014

  29. he said, “let’s go to a rollercoaster and ride it about ten times.” she said, “are you crazy? you know i’m afraid of heights.” he said, “well, that’s what i’m trying to cure you of.”
    on top of the highest peak in the ride, she turns to him and says, “you’re really stupid for thinking that the word ‘heightened’ has anything to do with ‘height’ and ‘rollercoasters.'”

    By ato on 03.22.2014

  30. My medicine has heightened the fuzziness of my brain.
    All my sad, anxieties are still drowning in the fuzziness peaking their little bastard hands through the water.
    In the morning they will sink in the ocean and the ocean will dry up.
    But at night the rain will come again.

    By E on 03.22.2014

  31. bigger
    come on!
    just a bit more
    just a bit bigger
    just a bit faster
    just a bit stronger
    just a bit smarter
    well hold your horses, not every one is perfect,
    you have to learn to let go in certain aspect or you’re going to hurt that poor little fellow!

    By thedarkestsheep on 03.22.2014

  32. i have no idea what to write. what does this word mean? heightened? does it mean being elevated? comes from the word height? wow my vocab is such a fail.

    By Gacia on 03.22.2014

  33. Her wit had been heightened through hardship. It was sardonic now, intelligent, yet still belying and undercurrent of self-loathing.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.22.2014

  34. I feel it. When I’m with her I’m above it, every emotion is not only enhanced and purified.. But heightened. The emotions feel above anything ever felt before, and this is why I know I must be, and simply cannot be, the only one.

    By Vladimir on 03.23.2014

  35. Above it. That’s how I feel when she’s around. My emotions are on hyperdrive, and every feeling is heightened. This feeling, this place I find around her is something beyond me..
    Because of this I know that I must be, and simply cannot be, the only one.

    By VladMakic URL on 03.23.2014

  36. My senses were heightened when I saw my son’s report card. I felt like I failed as a mom for not seeing some of his weaknesses earlier. I felt very sad, frustrated and stupid for not working on those skills earlier.

    By Willy on 03.23.2014

  37. Here from the back of the room I can see the hair on the back of his neck. I know what he smells like. Since the first time we came here together, yet apart, I learned to pick up traces of him. He wanted my senses heightened. He needed to know I could feel him before the moment he would choose to touch me.

    By Ralueke Ikejiani on 03.23.2014

  38. I am hungry and this is heightened by the coffee shops along the streets. But if you don’t have money to buy something you won’t get anything. Why did i run away ? I was the craziest idea come to a big city without a penny in my pocketts. But if I see all the people here I just want to leave the civilisation no more strong feelings and no more seeing her face in every thought.

    By Andrejka URL on 03.23.2014

  39. Tall. Strong. Powerful. Crazy. Aware. Anything but miniscule. Giant.

    By Alanah on 03.23.2014

  40. On a particularly unproductive Sunday afternoon, Juhn Sarkhe closed his eyes for approximately 3 minutes. After the first minute, during which his mind was assailed by gales of thoughts of what had been, his mind quietened down as his breath began a slow rhythmic waltz.

    As the last thought fluttered out of his consciousness, a new deeper gripping sensation flooded his mind. The hairs on this arms stood up, skin pimpled by goose flesh and Juhn felt an inescapable feeling of his brain being pulled from behind.

    This was the first time Juhn saw the void of enlightenment.

    By Siddhartha Basu on 03.23.2014