March 18th, 2014

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89 Responses to “grateful”

  1. I am grateful to pizza for bing there for me and bing able to eat you and i am grateful to my parents for always bing there for me in the good times and bad time.

    By Rambo on 03.18.2014

  2. She came in my room. “Are you completely crazy?” “You shout be grateful that i didn´t beat the shit out of him!” She tried to hit me but I was faster. Holding her hand a gave her a kiss. Then i let her standing there and went out of my room with a big smile on my face.

    By Andrejka URL on 03.18.2014

  3. I would really like to be a more grateful person, someone who doesn’t take anything for granted. I know how it feels to do something for somone and have them act unappreciateive and I don’t like it at all.

    By Josh URL on 03.18.2014

  4. i am grateful for you
    for your energy
    for you willingness to please
    for your strength of mind and
    for your strength of body
    i am so glad to work with you
    and with others like you
    you make me feel valuable

    By lily URL on 03.18.2014

  5. You should be grateful because you are happy every day have a good family, eat good pizza, watch cool movies, have good pasta, watch all the anime in the world, and have all the shoes that any person with two feet could ever want.

    By Josh URL on 03.18.2014

  6. Hazel Grace is a grateful person despite her disease. She thinks about others she is not self-centered like many teenagers are. She is grateful for her life and those who are around her like her mom and Agustus.

    By Miguel De La Luz on 03.18.2014

  7. I was more than grateful for the company as I sat in the waiting room, impatiently awaiting the end of the operation. Wesley had brought a bag of cheese puffs for me to snack on, while Tara tried getting me interested in the ridiculous celebrity magazines that littered the adjacent coffee tables.

    “She’ll be fine,” she assured me just as the doctor walked toward me. “People get these surgeries all the time.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.18.2014

  8. i was grateful for the lollipop, cheap as it was. i was grateful for those strange little bubble games–a hand-sized tank of water with things inside that you could use a water pump to push around; like little rubber hoops you pumped water and moved the tank to get over a rod or something.

    By Alex Light URL on 03.18.2014

  9. the dead. when i see that word, they immediately come to mind. best sound of any band ever. the sound enveloped you. loud but never overbearing or harsh. saw them in the same venue as the stones and compared to the dead, the stones sounded like a little band on a stage far, far away

    By Lee URL on 03.18.2014

  10. Graffiti scrawled, indescript-
    A dead mans call
    Unwanted, unread.

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 03.18.2014

  11. I’m so grateful that the time I’ve been given here on Earth has been wasted. Wasted in the sense that I have fulfilled some dreams I have had. My time wasted really hasn’t been because it’s been spent in good fun and great company. I’m grateful for the time I’ve wasted.

    By Raylee Durham on 03.18.2014

  12. mhm.

    By Raylee Durham on 03.18.2014

  13. I am so grateful for the people that are in my life today. My son and daughter of course, bring me joy every single day. I am grateful for being healthy and fit, and for having a roof over my head. I have everything I really need. I am not really missing anything in particular.

    By S0fasurf3r URL on 03.18.2014

  14. Grateful is such a loaded word. If only I were more grateful, maybe I wouldn’t be depressed all the time. If only I were more grateful, I wouldn’t always be chasing happiness. Gratitude is great, don’t get me wrong. But I have a hard time believing that it’s lack is the root of so many problems. But then maybe I’m just not grateful enough.

    By Sericite URL on 03.18.2014

  15. I noticed my family gasp as the man rushed over and starting giving commands to the people surrounding us. The car was burning still, and I could hear nothing but a sharp ringing in my ears. My hands were covered in blood. My blood. The shock of the event was masking the pain I should be feeling.

    By Billy Bob on 03.18.2014

  16. I am an ungrateful little shit that people in authority dislike heavily. I am never thankful for anything and I wreck every single relationship that I am ever in. This is gonna be the death of me. I can’t make it.

    By James Russell on 03.18.2014

  17. Maybe it was too soon. I couldn’t stand there any longer, just waiting for the fruit to ripen. I decided to leave. It was the last time that I saw them both together.

    By jar on 03.18.2014

  18. I have never been a grateful person. I usually take for granted everything that I have. People say that one must be grateful but I have always disagreed. If I have something and you don’t, then fuck you.

    By Evan Lee on 03.18.2014

  19. I’m grateful I’m alive and breathing. I’m grateful for all that’s been bestowed on me. For yesterday I had nothing and today it’s as if the worlds at my fingertips. Im most grateful for my family and friends and the unconditional love they consistently shower upon me. I’m grateful for this second chance at life and not a second will be wasted..don’t count the time but make the time count. Vance Bryant

    By Vance Bryant on 03.18.2014

  20. The man couldn’t help but feel a great sense of gratitude. What the family had done for his leg was so generous. Forever would he be grateful for their kindness in helping him pay for the prosthetic leg.

    By Alexander Sterling URL on 03.18.2014

  21. I knew him, and for that, I am

    By Grace URL on 03.18.2014

  22. Grateful means to really take in your blessings and be thankful for them. The things that are all around you, items, people, time, food, clothing, etc. are all things to be greatful for.

    By amy on 03.18.2014

  23. The feeling was mutual. Their experiences had brought them closer, each giving to the other in equal measure.

    By smr URL on 03.18.2014

  24. “I’m so grateful,” she said as she gripped my back between her arms, crushing my ribs and constricting my lungs, but she didn’t care. All she was thinking about was that I was safe, I was not harmed, I was not harming myself.

    By Emily URL on 03.18.2014

  25. She let out a slow sigh, but did not yet collapse into Mama Bear’s saggy arms. Just knowing that she could was enough, and almost enough to make her cry.

    Some women of Mama Bear’s size–and indeed with that type of moniker–wouldn’t let you wait until you were ready to be hugged. They’d just scoop you up. But Mama Bear had always been the type to be a bit awkward and uncertain with her own size and crushing strength. She’d wait, arms hanging at her sides.

    By Yona URL on 03.18.2014

  26. When she breaks down and falls apart over the deaths of beloved fictional characters,
    she expects him to snicker and smirk.
    But he doesn’t.

    When she timidly traces her fingertips over the freckles on his cheeks to identify constellations,
    she expects him to cock an eyebrow and stare.
    But he doesn’t.

    When she stumbles in public or sings at the store or has avid conversations with flowers,
    she expects him to blush with humiliation and usher her away from the bemused onlookers.
    But he doesn’t.

    And for that, she is perpetually grateful.

    By Luna-Ellen on 03.18.2014

  27. I am grateful for my children, for my home, for a job for my family, I am grateful that I have good health and that I am able to work and clean my home. I am grateful that I am living in America and that I have the freedom to choose what I want and how I want to live. I am grateful for that trials and tribulations that I have been through for they have made me who I am today. I am grateful that I am able to attend school and learn. I am grateful for the Summer time when I can go to the beach. I am grateful for water and a shower every night and morning. I am grateful for doctors that I can see and medicine that makes me feel better. I am grateful for the earth that I can enjoy and for the sun that makes me happy. I am grateful for my parents who have always been there for me. I am grateful for my kids even though they may upset me a lot. I am grateful for food that keeps me healthy. I am grateful for my home and for my clothing . I am grateful for the stores that I can buy what I need. I am grateful for my friends even the ones that I feel judge me. I am grateful for the moon that I see at night.

    By sblackwell URL on 03.18.2014

  28. She was grateful for the warm food and blankets. She hadn’t eaten or slept well in days.

    By Angie on 03.18.2014

  29. I am grateful for my children and for my family I am grateful for my job and for my home I am grateful that I have water and food and for being able to work and attend school. I am grateful for the summer and the beach and for time with my family.

    By sblackwell URL on 03.18.2014

  30. I was grateful to be on the beautiful island with him. I never knew how it could work though; he owned his own island for crying out loud and I was just a server at some local diner. Why me? why would someone like him fall for me? But even so, I couldn’t help but think I had lucked out. I was special to him.

    By Miranda on 03.18.2014

  31. We should be grateful for all the bounty of nature and that includes penguins, be they royal penguins, emperor penguins, crazy villainous penguins or really any kind of penguins we can get our hands on and eat, except for the last ones, because I’ll bet Danny DeVito tastes sweaty and blubbery and gross.

    By Acid URL on 03.18.2014

  32. I went into the rom and notice that my ipod was there and it wasnt gone the whole time. I was soooooo grateful.

    By edinabrownie URL on 03.18.2014

  33. For once, he was grateful that Rouge was as stubborn and pigheaded as him. Instead of giving in to the commander’s rough treatment, she’d fought back. He couldn’t help but smile. He’d always admired that stubborn streak deep down.

    By 709writer URL on 03.18.2014

  34. He was grateful for everything his mother had done for him in the past. He was grateful that she hadn’t walked out on him like his father had, he was grateful that she had never given up on him, he was grateful that she took care of him and stood by him when he was angry and hard to deal with.

    But he wasn’t grateful enough to return the favor.

    By Bristol URL on 03.18.2014

  35. I wish I had been more grateful to you. I’m so sorry. But I’d still hate you. I wish you had stayed.

    By Michelle on 03.18.2014

  36. Grateful. Today I am grateful for the sky, I am grateful for the earth,
    I am grateful for all my friends, my family, and those who are yet to be so,
    I am grateful for the air I breathe, the food I eat, and the water I drink.
    As a human, I consume so much. Normally I take it all for granted. I don’t realize how blessed I actually am. So today I will be grateful.

    But how can I even express it to those I am grateful for? I can pray to God and tell him Thank You. For once I can thank the One who made everything possible for me. But I can also tell my friends and my family that I love them–that I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I can actually show them that I care. I can communicate it, because honestly, I think I hold back from them sometimes. I don’t want to be gushy, but once and a while, I want them to know how much they actually mean to me. I want them to see it, I want them to be confident in what we have.

    Today I will tell them how much I truly love and care for them. That is how I will show I am grateful.

    Truly grateful.

    By TheseAreMyWords on 03.18.2014

  37. Grateful.


    Our society lacks gratitude on a large level.

    Children are spoiled brats, teenagers expect the world handed to them, adults are lazy.

    We live in a very UNgrateful nation.

    By WordWeaver URL on 03.18.2014

  38. “He killed my father, Janus!”
    “He also raised you, Amelia,”
    She gaped at him, incredulous. “And for that I’m supposed to be…what? Grateful? He KILLED my FATHER,” she repeated, her voice breaking. “The only parent I had left and he MURDERED him. His own brother. And for what? For a country? For a CROWN?”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.18.2014

  39. Everyday on his knees. Thankful for them. Maybe his patients still had them but they couldn’t use them right. They had trouble standing, walking. They simply felt pain in different places and he couldn’t really relate. He knew pain but not like that yet. It would happen one day if he was lucky enough to get there but for now he was simply grateful to be alive, have legs, hit his knees and pray.

    By DMM URL on 03.18.2014

  40. He never felt such kindness. He did not understand the situation to the fullest, because he had never experienced such emotions. As a child, he lived in dark spaced, although there was plenty of light coming in through the windows. He did not like to think of his childhood because his parents were absent and so were his foster parents. He grew up alone, never went to school, never got married or had kids. He never had a white picket fence and the people who walked by the bus depot never dropped money into his cup for a small meal, which he would probably throw up later.

    It was understood that the kindness he now received as a middle aged man, saved him from taking his own life that day. He was on his way to White Water bridge, a hundred foot fall into five feet of water. He no longer envied his own death, The girl sitting on the bus next to him, looked at him, and smiled.

    By Cory Gaudette URL on 03.18.2014