October 15th, 2014

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94 Responses to “elegance”

  1. The woman was the picture of pristine, well-groomed elegance as her silhouette hung against the ceiling. Noose around her neck, she could breathe no more as the braided fibers cut off hr lungs from receiving that sweet oxygen she had needed to survive.

    By Danielle Rosini on 10.16.2014

  2. A woman who has elegance is the kind of woman I want to be.

    By Amelia on 10.16.2014

  3. I am elegance to the crowd of citizens, Admiring me as i walk by, all the others can’t denied that i’m the catches the eyes.

    By Donovan on 10.16.2014

  4. I am elegance to the crowd of citizens, Admiring me as i walk by, all the others can’t denied that i’m the one who catches the eyes.

    By Donovan on 10.16.2014

  5. The woman entered the room. At the same moment time stood still, the air tensed, and everything fell apart. She carried with her the elegance that only thousands of years of practice could provide. This was no mortal. She had to be something more.

    By dillon on 10.16.2014

  6. she was using elegance while she walked and danced.

    By star URL on 10.16.2014

  7. Elegance, meaning style and grace,

    The man saw the beautiful and elegant princess walk down the stairs to the ballroom.

    By Jennifer England on 10.16.2014

  8. Many people strive for elegance. I for one don’t see the point. Elegance doesn’t make the world turn.

    By alissa fields URL on 10.16.2014

  9. The veil draping over her face masked her unadulterated doubt. Her slender ivory gown

    By Bella on 10.16.2014

  10. The elegance long forgotten swept through her being with every polite word, every nod of the head with a superficial smile.

    It’s all about the formalities.

    An impression is never forgotten, she remembered her father telling her years ago.

    Eye contact shall not be tolerated.

    You must never show any skin other than your face.

    Your hair must be in a perfect bun, wound as tight as your countenance.

    “It may seem uncomfortable, but this is how it shall always be.”

    She had shaken her head, tears running down her face. Her father had caught her chin.

    “This is your life.”

    By A Paper Flower URL on 10.16.2014

  11. My husbands grandmother is elegant. She grew up in a generation that prided itself of a woman of standards. No matter the weather or the season she wears her heels and her pearls. She is a woman of elegance.

    By Lori URL on 10.16.2014

  12. As Deanna watched how the ballerinas danced with great elegance oh how she desperately would like to dance one day if only she wasn’t cursed as she said with cerebral palsy. All her life she wanted to be the most famous ballet dancer of all time and her dream would never come true ……or so she thought!

    By Isabella URL on 10.16.2014

  13. The vast expenditures required for one’s elegance to be maintained are often overlooked; everyone wishes to become a graceful soul, but no one puts forth the effort. It’s a shame, really, as many people have the potential, yet lack the necessary funding.

    By seymour butts on 10.16.2014

  14. Funky trances that involve the very embraces of human nature to in accordance with other’s views. Elegance is little but human perception of one’s acceptable actions within a societal norm!

    This is buuulshit. Elegance is perceived, not shown.

    By Gervebanmg Vatgnra on 10.16.2014