October 15th, 2014

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94 Responses to “elegance”

  1. Her face was made of different dimensions
    they all reached out to me
    and in her mind were upturned daisies
    addressed to the inward sea

    By Lily on 10.15.2014

  2. She swept through the crowd with a sort of unearthly grace, capturing the eyes of the populace without a second thought. Unconsciously they followed her in her blue gown, feeding off the magic she trailed through her fingertips. And just like that, they were caught.

    By Lapulta on 10.15.2014

  3. A clever, not necessarily harmful girl.

    By Lapulta on 10.15.2014

  4. I’m kind of stuck on elegance
    as silly the word may be
    but something so beautiful
    surely should be recognized

    even if only from you
    to me

    By Lily on 10.15.2014

  5. She graced the dance floor with the fluid movements of a tree in the light autumn wind.

    By Hannah on 10.15.2014

  6. Im a very fancy man frank. You will enjoy my schvonn swanzierre while riding horse through our english countryside. how lovely dont you think? How the autumn leaves fall all over our brick mansion.

    By Caden on 10.15.2014

  7. Elegance

    Twelve year-old Pamela Winters gasped at the elegance of the young woman walking down circular staircase. The long pale green formal hugged the tall woman in all the right places. The dress shimered in the last afternoon sun. The light brought out red tones of her hair while turning her non-described green eyes into bright emeralds.

    When did her sister Melisa, the family ugly duckling, turned into a beauty?

    By Shauna Jones on 10.15.2014

  8. The young boy circled the room as if walking on water. His eyes were close, and he was humming a soft tune. The boy’s hands were like the waves of an ocean, calm, gentle, and full of grace.

    By Hannah on 10.15.2014

  9. Sometimes, I wish you were here. Being surrounded by my own hard edges leaves me longing for your soft elegance. I cannot escape myself, but I can find purpose in serving you.

    By McKynzie on 10.15.2014

  10. The other day. Oh, the other day. Let me tell you about the other day. It was a Tuesday. Was it the 12th? Damn, if I can remember. Anyways, the way the sun was hitting the cold, dark ice and the way the wind rippled through the trees reminded me of one word. Elegance. Just like her. Let me tell you about her.

    By Jeremy on 10.15.2014

  11. Swift, like a racing wind through an everglade of unhappiness. Calling her like a mistress in dire times of gluttony, knowing pure well the unholiness in the intentions. What is it about us? Why do we war against ourselves? We skipped ahead and read the last page before even finishing the first chapter. After that it’s hard to see the point.

    By Jesse B on 10.15.2014

  12. She wore elegance like a courtesan would perfume, like it was an enviably innate part of herself. She’d always been that way, really; even when we were children, it had been abundantly clear who would one day be Queen of the Blackmores. I didn’t begrudge her that, not then at least, not my wonderful sister. She deserved anything she wanted; she deserved the world.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.15.2014

  13. long flowing dresses on night skies. it didnt take long fo rthe night to go south, all it was suppose to be was a beer or two and that would be the end. no more, no more. but what’s one more. might as well. is it over?

    By benno on 10.15.2014

  14. Like a car that lives in the show room, and never knows an open road, may I die a thousand deaths before someone considers me a classic example of elegance.

    By Intuition on 10.15.2014

  15. She walked with elegance across the Ballroom. Never before had she danced in her life, but tonight she sought to change herself, and blossom as the other girls did around her.

    He was only a young man himself, but with grace and dignity, he sincerely offered his hand to her, it was no question he was taken aback by her beauty, and wished to show his affection through his offer.

    She accepted, and placed her hand in his. A gentle pull from his arm led her onto the floor with him, and all others moved aside to make room for both of them to join in with their dance.

    By DS7 on 10.15.2014

  16. what i love most about quality kitchen tools or appliances, in full acceptance of their exorbitant price, is intelligent design. and by that i mean an object which has been sculptured in such a way that its shape fulfills its purpose to the furthest extent, while pleasing aesthetically.

    By berenique on 10.15.2014

  17. She moves slowly toward me, with her hand on the banister. Mahogany. Strong wood. Even stronger attraction connected to it. I wouldn’t mind waiting in a forest for fifty years and being brutally chopped down if it meant feeling her caress. Alas, I was never meant to hold her.

    By The Butler on 10.15.2014

  18. “I had been going through that diary you gave me, trying searches for phrases and themes that were repeated a lot, and I eventually found this.” Ohara pointed at the screen. “The twitter name, “TorturedElegance”, is a phrase she used in the diary quite a lot, and the photo, while it doesn’t show her face, does look like her old bedroom. See, there’s that old ragged teddy bear!”
    Dave nearly cried. That ragged old toy his wife had almost thrown out a dozen times had helped him find his children again!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.15.2014

  19. Make me feel so elegant, so elegant I am Kesha except I live in Oakland and have no money and have real black friends, not fake ones. Because I’m cool. Help me get away from the rest of the world it is so dumb I would just rather ignore it than be a part of it.

    By Laurel on 10.15.2014

  20. Elegance is the bourgeois cousin of eloquence.

    By bob jones on 10.15.2014

  21. George said that my so-called “slap-down” of Danielle was subtle but elegant. I like his interpretation of the word “elegant”, like it’s a way of being bitchy without actually doing anything wrong.

    By Tegan on 10.16.2014

  22. A sylph streamed by, flirting with the essence of you as she passed along. Immune to all human charms she screamed elegance with every fiber of her being.

    By lalamercy on 10.16.2014

  23. It was in her interest to be noticed, to be photographed to, be seen. The headline called her elegant, and she was. Elegance had always been her secret weapon against the moose people of Feeno 1. They had succumbed to her beauty like all other races.

    By Ed on 10.16.2014

  24. she was elegant, she was the definition of slim and graceful. she was movement. Movement so quick the word itself escaped you when trying to place it upon her. Her hair grazed space and time, and teased us.

    By Christian on 10.16.2014

  25. Her long flowing black dress stole the attention of everyone in the room, she smiled a devilish smile. He couldn’t escape her gaze, he was entranced by her elegance.

    By Chris Thorne on 10.16.2014

  26. By Chris Thorne on 10.16.2014

  27. Her elegance shown through in the dreariest of backdrops. At the train station, littered with debris, awestruck men gazed in wonder. There was nothing that could make her appear ordinary.

    By dan URL on 10.16.2014

  28. I don’t know what elegance means but I am going to guess that is means like preaty so I will use it in a sentence. My dress is very elegance then everybodyelses. My dog is very elegance with her shiny fur.

    By Hailie URL on 10.16.2014

  29. a straight flexible neck
    curious dark eyes
    languid and alive
    lips that are cupid’s bow
    a diamond resting on clavicle
    that seem ready to take flight.

    By Anu on 10.16.2014

  30. Late evening; the ambiance was exquisite, huge chandeliers, classic architecture, the glittering of expensive jewels and tittering laughter could be heard in the surroundings. the classic Victorian setting to say the least. everywhere she looked, the grandeur of it all invited her in, as if beckoning her to catch a glimpse and be a part of it all.
    Alas! as she glanced at her apparel a hint of disappointment hit her, she could of course only dream of such prospects coming her way. A person of her stature couldn’t possibly dream of a taste of this lavish life, the only thing she could truly rely on was her sticking talent and her wit.

    By nilofer on 10.16.2014

  31. She had a false elegance, the kind that betrayed itself with knockoff pearls and ill-fitting shoes.

    By Chadd Nolen on 10.16.2014

  32. She walk with much elegance in her step she doesn’t walk like a cowgirl should even though she says she is one i for one know she is not because I’m a true cowgirl with a bunch of horses and know how a true cowgirl should walk

    By Emily Morris URL on 10.16.2014

  33. ____

    By Emily Morris URL on 10.16.2014

  34. Your eyes shifted from left to right. focusing on the menu so hard that I could see the gears turning in your head.

    You licked your lips several times, as if trying to stop yourself from drooling before the sight of the food.

    You cut the steak greedily, stuffing them into your mouth and looking apologetic for starting first.

    “I’m sorry. I’m still trying to be classy and elegant.”

    In my eyes, your elegance is already unparalleled.

    By lestersayspika on 10.16.2014

  35. eleganz – was ist eleganz? ist es, sich schön an zuziehen, um ein besonderes bild abzugeben? ist es, andere zu erniedrigen bzw deren “wert” zu senken, um ein besseres bild abzugeben im kontext von verschlechterten menschen? Welche Auswirkungen hat das auf unsere Gesellschaft?

    By panzi on 10.16.2014

  36. Elegance. I was writing that story about that elephant who took the hit and no of course he didn’t die I told you that already, but he was brutally raped and of course there was a lot of blood for no reason I can now think of at all. All I was saying was that we can’t all think of that one elephant that died for whatever reason I can’t think of.

    By George on 10.16.2014

  37. Bobbie tripped over the cord that lay along the floor leading from her desk to the door, which left her grasping for the corner of her desk in an attempt to prevent her inevitable tumble to the carpet. In her mind her arms were two feet longer, and she caught herself just in time, and laughed off the embarrassment. She found herself infuriated at the cord-leaving idiot who was so inconsiderate (aka Bobbie herself) but of course admitting that just wouldn’t serve- so she cursed instead at the cat, who simply ignored her, as cats do.

    By Lucky URL on 10.16.2014

  38. Dainty movements. I usually hate that word, but it’s never been more appropriate to use. She moves with such rigid grace, an elegance that renders me, along with the hundreds of others, speechless.

    By asavas on 10.16.2014

  39. Oh, another repeat day. Ok, a haiku then…

    Real elegance is
    Calling someone an asshole
    Without saying it

    By Soft URL on 10.16.2014

  40. umm i dont know what to wight about this…

    By Shane Novak URL on 10.16.2014