October 16th, 2014

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69 Responses to “falter”

  1. The sight of the manor before him caused him to falter. He’d never seen anything like it.

    The outside was adorned with statues and gardens full of tulips and roses. Pools of water dotted the landscape, as well.

    By Kaitlin on 10.16.2014

  2. i learned the beginning of clair de lune,
    i said, “i can turn my life around.”
    “i don’t want to crush your feelings,”
    i’m crying once a week; makes one weak, or because one is weak.
    move on and let go
    i don’t have patience or strength or common sense.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 10.16.2014

  3. As she walked along the beam, smiled wide, holding his hand, he asked her a question. His voice cracked as she faltered. For a moment lost in another world, now greedily yanked back to the decision neither of them wanted to face.

    By Katie S URL on 10.16.2014

  4. his steps faltered. he wasn’t sure anymore. what would he tell her? you are my birth mother? was he ready to face her reaction? would she be happy? would she be angry? after all she gave him up.

    By Anu on 10.17.2014

  5. I will not falter. When I stride into battle tomorrow, when I do mortal combat with my inner demons, I shall triumphantly cast away my doubt and emerge confidently.

    I will hold my head up high, no matter the outcome.

    By Iceman on 10.17.2014

  6. The dress swished around her feet, and Thom’s clammy hands gripped her sides. Their feet did not falter once, but her heart thumped loud in her ears and her lungs struggled to suck in breaths. A sheen of sweat glistened on his forehead, and Lita focused on executing each step just the way they’d practised.

    The stage lights were too bright, dizzying, hiding the audience and burning on her skin.

    By joycronje on 10.17.2014

  7. Ohara didn’t want him to get his hopes up to soon, as this would be the most difficult part of the search. “Now, we’ll have to be careful about how we approach her. I would assume her mother is monitoring her twitter account, and Facebook if she has it. We need some recognisable message that will tell her it’s you without your wife figuring it out. Can you think of anything?”
    His voice faltered as he spoke. “There was a song we used to sing, a silly thing we made up for bedtime. Her mother didn’t know it, just us.”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.17.2014

  8. Every time I think about wanting to do something risky, I falter. Why? Because I’m too “smart”. So smart that I’m stupidly ruining my life.

    By Tegan on 10.17.2014

  9. He knew if he took one more step he wouldn’t be able to keep his grip on the tree. He couldn’t falter, she was almost within his grasp. She whimpered and it was all he needed to reach out, “Hold Daddy’s hand” and she stretched her small one into his big hand. He grabbed her and slowly and steadily pulled her up to him. Thank God he thought as he held her close. She continued to cry and he stroked her hair to calm her, “I got you baby.

    By Sam on 10.17.2014

  10. I am faltering winth myself. I have responbatilities that i falter.

    By Ríghel on 10.17.2014

  11. Falter. People falter each days. Falter for reasons like scared of something and more.

    By Koh Swee Hong on 10.17.2014

  12. Just a small falter would send him over the top. She kept bombarding him with slick words when finally, he had had enough. Hurling his body at her, they both went tumbling headfirst over the railing. This was the high school couple’s last moment together and it had to end like this?

    By Scmidaldhaven Guptra III on 10.17.2014

  13. Your smile falters, and you freeze for half a second, thinking that people would notice. But then you realise, why would they?

    You close your eyes, and your tears well up. You breathe deep, and your mask is back on.

    It has never fallen.

    By I_have_no_words on 10.17.2014

  14. i was driving, then my engine started to falter. Oh no! How would i get home? who would i call?

    By Bekah Pearce on 10.17.2014

  15. fvfklsk

    By brittany on 10.17.2014

  16. I do not know what falter means. i do know however it starts with an F.

    By alissa fields URL on 10.17.2014

  17. I c-c-can’t he faltered he tried to be brave really he did but why couldn’t he do it if only he could muster up enough courage he didn’t want to look like someone who was always afraid in front of his friends what would they think of him?

    By Isabella URL on 10.17.2014

  18. An epiphany, of sorts…. As the number on the scale climbs, again, and I’m burdened with the thought that I need to work hard to change my lifestyle and my habits.

    And, the dread, the overwhelming feeling that because I have to change

    I am somehow not good enough now.

    By sunide on 10.17.2014

  19. He could feel the breath behind him, hot and heavy in the freezing air, mincing through needle-teeth. It seemed an eternity he was running, and he hated his legs as they began to scream in pain (like the teeth were already tearing through him) and he began to stumble. The wolf’s pace was leisurely. He trotted closer.

    By Lapulta on 10.17.2014

  20. I falter when I’m weak, when i’m challenged, when i’m needy and unbelieving. I falter because I choose. I falter when I am bruised. I falter and I falter and I falter at the sight of my old self. Old dominions. Old weight. Old grief. Old. I’m trying

    By Drake Calloway on 10.17.2014

  21. As I stumble in the dark, nobody is there to watch me. I want people to notice, but they never will. I am my own critic.

    By Arley on 10.17.2014

  22. He knew the time would come, even though his son looked up to him now, that he would falter and that the boy might think much less of him.

    By Shane Clements URL on 10.17.2014

  23. Suddenly, the rushing waves faltered and all was silent. As I opened my eyes, a shock of bronze gold fell into my view. My heart rose higher in my chest. The night air was to be light from the absence of limitations. The impatient beat of my toes swung my chair to the beat of my heart. And finally, the rocky surface shuddered, and I gripped my wheels to keep from sliding back into the chapped ocean.

    I stopped. Her eyes. Her piercing, her beautiful eyes. My God, I had forgotten.

    I reached to grab her outstretched hand

    But then she was in my arms.

    Deprived of her image, I gripped her tighter to feel, rather than see, the shapes of her. I could only hold her closer as a drop of metal landed on my shoulder. I could smell it.

    Eventually, she divided our figures, withholding her grip on my arm, just above my elbows. And while she grazed her thumbs across my forearms, there was an instant. A moment of silence, so much deeper than the natural. And I fell. Drowned in the depth. Falling. Thrashing.

    Her fingers fell away. Her features dropped. People don’t pay enough attention. Or maybe, they just don’t care. But they don’t understand the sensation of physical connection. And they don’t care enough to try. If I let our molecules intermingle and collide, it is because I trust that you care enough to give them back. And I know that lips and kneecaps are one and the same. But people will brush through crowds and strangers will touch my wrist to make a point. But I guess, maybe I am mindful, maybe I am watchful enough for us all.

    I notice. I feel her touch. And I notice its absence when her fingers steal away to her chest to sign my name. And then she leaves. She wades into the unforgiving sea, but I know that someone will come. She told me with her eyes and her hands, someone will save me.

    By Lynnika on 10.17.2014

  24. Falter, meaning to lose strength.
    As the detective ran after the perpetrator he started to falter, unable to continue perusing the thief.

    By Jennifer on 10.17.2014

  25. “N-no, she’s just–“. He faltered. What was he about to say?

    It was then he realized he was entangled in a web, with no way in, and no way out.

    By VickyWingz316 on 10.17.2014

  26. His voice falters when we lock eyes. “I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant,” he lies. “You know damn well that that’s what you meant,” He pauses, surprised at my outburst.

    By Ella-Belle on 10.17.2014

  27. I wish that in life we wouldn’t fall and falter. It seems that life is to cause us to falter. Faltering is the test of man. Can you overcome it… can you adjust to it, can you?

    By Kortney Johnson on 10.17.2014

  28. She kept her eyes on her shoes. They were untied, sas always, and her ankle socks didn’t quite hug her ankle right. One foot in front of the other, she murmured to herself, trying not to look to the side, where the rock staircase fell into oblivion

    By Soft URL on 10.17.2014

  29. When i play basketball and i am handed the ball, If i go to fast i might just fall, without strength and momentum, I will lose control of the ball.

    By Donovan on 10.17.2014