October 27th, 2014

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76 Responses to “curtains”

  1. curtains. curtains can be of various colours. Black, blue, green, yellow, etcetera. They say curtains define a house. Do you live a simple life? Blue. Active? Red. Dark life? Black. A nonetheless life? White/Neutral.

    By sherihan on 10.27.2014

  2. They’re very long, extremly long and idk
    they’re pretty
    hanged in front of windows
    and windows are pretty
    Curtains start with a C
    they’re cool, and come with various patterns, colors, and designs
    Curtains are lovely stuff.

    By Me on 10.27.2014

  3. “Doctor, doctor, I feel like a pair of curtains!”

    “Pull yourself together!”

    The man immediately took his two severed sides, the viscera and bone cartilage still leaking from its open pores, and tried to staple himself together with the remaining inner workings, as a disgusting melding of two things into a grotesque whole.

    (Happy Halloween!)

    By Skye URL on 10.27.2014

  4. I looked across the room. Curtains. Curtains are what I got. Never am I going to be able to sleep again. Their faces, their horrible faces. Never again will I kill for awesome curtains.

    By Ian on 10.27.2014

  5. she pulled the curtain open and looked out the window. there wasn’t much to see in the backyard, but it reminded her of the dog she used to have growing up. he died when she was sixteen. cancer they said. apparently it’s more common than we think.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.27.2014

  6. She glanced over at the curtains, still swaying from the wind. On the other side of her wall, she could hear a fight brewing between her parents.

    “Are you saying it’s my fault she’s failing two classes?”

    “I’m not saying anything.”

    “Well, you obviously are, Lisa. Jesus. If you hate me, just say it.”

    The curtains swayed harder. If she thought hard enough, she could almost believe that there was something out there waiting for her. Something better than this.

    By tentwelvefourteen URL on 10.27.2014

  7. “It’s curtains for you!” snarled the dastardly villain of the play, swinging his cane wildly onstage. It was at that point that the curtain operator must have dozed off or spazzed, because at that point, the curtains went down with a loud whump.

    The audience sat there awkwardly for some time. Then, through the silence, “No, not literally, you oaf!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.27.2014

  8. ahh the curtains on the wall, they drape the window as they revel in their length. the dark blues they portray are as simple as the words on the paper i am writing. nothing complex. just letters behind letters. waiting to be turned in paragraphs.

    By azmi qubty-kandalaft on 10.27.2014

  9. The curtains fell.

    By tyler on 10.27.2014

  10. The curtains lifted like Marilyn’s skirt, hinting at something playful, something exciting, something better just beyond the window. But she knew better. There was nothing but prairie and grasshoppers and oil rigs beyond that window. The promises always broken.

    By Danielle La Paglia URL on 10.27.2014

  11. curtains are fluffy things that have diffrent colors.

    By reece on 10.27.2014

  12. She peered at the street below, the night lights shining up through the windows. The curtains were pulled back, tied together in their black ribbons. She watched the cars drive by, their headlights dimly showing through the foggy glass of the cold autumn evening.

    By CH on 10.27.2014

  13. Sheer pure white gentle but semi transparent fabric clung to her body from the perspiration of our skin crashing together. Clung to her frame as if she was wrapped in curtains shielding the sunlight from coming in. I could have laid there forever rebelling against the thought of the sun breaking between such intimacy.

    By parker on 10.27.2014

  14. There were curtains on the window. They were brown and red. They did not match – maybe the Sheraton couldn’t afford to buy matching curtains.

    By kaley on 10.27.2014

  15. Curtains on windows
    Making it so dark inside
    Let some more light in

    By davontae on 10.27.2014

  16. Curtains on windows
    Making it so dark inside
    Please let some light in

    By davontae on 10.27.2014

  17. I like to hang curtains in the livingroom, bedrooms, bathrooms, just everywhere in my house. They add color and sometimes demention to a room.

    By Amber Daughdrill on 10.27.2014

  18. i don’t have any. i haven’t used curtains in a long time, not even in my old childhood window. i didn’t have people staring in back then and i’m not sure whether they are staring now but i know they are present and so i try to protect myself by building a barricade. it’s a dark black thing in my white ikea bedroom and it’s good at keeping lots of things out, not just people staring

    By whoever on 10.27.2014

  19. the curtains were open and light poured through like a lantern in a dark space

    By peter hedge on 10.27.2014

  20. Curtains, oh how I loved to look at all the different types of curtains. There were sheer ones, those dark and thicker ones, and ones that were in the middle. Curtains came in different designs, patterns and many more.

    By VanniTheWriter URL on 10.27.2014

  21. The breeze was heavy and hot. The curtains shifted barely in the dusky light and then ceased their movement. What could they do? The fires raged across the city and all communication had been knocked out. Jim envied his neighbors who seemed to know something and had left a week ago.

    By Súil Na Soilsiú URL on 10.27.2014

  22. She paused. It was quiet and dark in her safe little room.
    She stepped forward, knowing how beautiful l it is when light pierces through the darkness.
    Ah, but it is also so revealing.
    She liked the solitude, the lack of exposure.
    Why would she open the curtains and let the light in?

    But aren’t you lonely?

    By Rachel Kirven URL on 10.27.2014

  23. “But we have to be careful. We can’t just go up to the house and peek through the curtains. You are risking an attempted kidnapping charge if you make any attempt to contact her, so we have to move very carefully now. Firstly, now that we know where they are, we should go through the courts. It won’t do any good, but at least we will have it on the legal record.” Dave opened his mouth to protest, then stopped to think for a moment. “My god, this is going to take forever, isn’t it?”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.27.2014

  24. It was 30 seconds to curtain call. Jim had no clue how tonight was going to go; he had never actually been on stage before and tonight he was fighting his massive stage fright all for one girl. Jim really hoped that Sheila would notice him by the end of the night.

    By Dan on 10.27.2014

  25. I drew back the curtains, my heart thumping against my chest.
    I was scared of what I would see. But I knew I had to face it.
    The sunlight blinded me, and I closed my eyes for a moment, telling myself that it was not an excuse to ignore the sight in front of me.

    By maria on 10.27.2014

  26. They were wine-red, and gloriously fancy. Also the only decoration in the bare-walled, furnitureless room. Gabby said that outside appearances were more important that what was on the inside, and from the outside it was the fanciest house on the whole block. On the inside though, Thea wished they’d spent their money on more practical things, like groceries.

    By terradi URL on 10.27.2014

  27. He jumped. Flew.
    Grasping with his claws, he ripped into the cloth hanging from the windows, sliding down and extending the rips to the floor.
    “Mooooom! Kitty ruined the curtains AGAIN!” he heard a shrill voice wail. He licked his front paw in satisfaction.

    By Imaginings URL on 10.27.2014

  28. she was forbidden at a young age from leaving her house. it was a pretty bad idea in hindsight but at the time it seemed like the only way to provide “support.” yes it was believed that containing a child indoors without any social interaction (or any interaction at all for that matter) was beneficial. so she sat in her room, her view of the world distorted by the purple polka dot curtains her father suggested in hopes of making her room cheerier. the purple polka dot curtains did nothing for the room or her.

    By newt URL on 10.27.2014

  29. sun beams break through the curtains, i writhe in sweat stained sheets, another day, to wake all for nothing, but to go back to sleep. safe and numb in dreams, where i can see your face, and youre soft, perfect, beautiful and you love me. washed out hues of your pale blues and dingy white tee, chestnut hair and bobcat grin, crooked five fingers and a light in your eyes that reminds me of the daybreak creeping through my window, blinding, setting ablaze the curtains, and im on fire, the house is on fire, my clothes, on fire, my books, on fire, everything on fire the way you look at me, if you ever do, but i cant tell because i always look away when you catch me staring at you. so i close the curtains as the wind howls a pitiful loneliness, begging to be let in and trees cast shadows like hands that want to be held, rain pitter patters against the window ive never felt better, i hope it lasts for weeks on end so i can stay inside stay in bed and dont have to pretend, alone in my room, i feel closer to you, than when your right beside me, this whole city could drown and i wouldnt even flinch, leave me alone i just want to go back to bed, unwind and lose my mind and dream of you were you are so true, so real, so you and i hope i die in my sleep so i dont have to wake up from this, come when morning breaks and the curtains cant contain the light, it will serve to remind me of why youre not here why youre not mine and why you never could be.

    By lgrey on 10.27.2014

  30. It was curtains for Michael. He knew it – there was no denying it. He felt all the colour fall away from his face, petals of white flesh drifting to the floor. As he watched Alice get out of the limo, ensconced in layers of white, he knew she was floating out of his life forever.

    By Ayesha_A URL on 10.27.2014

  31. And I pulled the curtains back and leaned my forehead on the glass and I just watched the people talking and laughing and crying and fighting. And then I think I started crying but I wasn’t sad, I felt sort of happy. I liked the feeling of the cold glass on my face, and the snow fell on everyone’s head and since I was so far up I felt like I had a bit of a part in making it fall.

    By Lynnika URL on 10.27.2014

  32. She eyed the yellow paisley drapes which were far too long for the tiny room. Everything he did drove her insane. She wanted to rip the horrible, floral wallpaper right off the walls.

    By Anonymous on 10.27.2014

  33. they go over windows and stuff like windows and like uh showers and I don’t know uh there is a c in curtains and there is also a u and r and t and a and I and n and s and yeah I win

    By toaster URL on 10.27.2014

  34. Curtains for you. You lie, steal…innocence, yet you are allowed to walk amongst the rest of us. Yes. It is you I’m talking about. Your hair sucks.

    By Natalie URL on 10.27.2014

  35. They collected dust, thick and purplish, at the bottom Jayce noticed. The curtains on the school stage were velvet, a midnight wine color, and might have been beautiful once, but now they were motheaten and covered in dark spots that looked suspiciously like cigarette burns. The theater kids had been smoking cigarettes after rehersal, secretly, lounging backstage but with catlike readiness to bolt out of seat, probably for years and years and years. Since always.

    By Yona URL on 10.27.2014

  36. Like a cape, the material draped about my shoulders. My chin rose high, and I turned my nose up, observing my kingdom. A honk sounded outside the window, I gave a startled meow, and I made my hasty escape, the curtains trailing in the wake of my distress.

    By Kumquat URL on 10.27.2014

  37. The curtains hung over the window with a sliver of blue sky showing through the middle. Suddenly, I closed them, wanting to shut out any of the outside world.

    By Katie on 10.27.2014

  38. The curtains hung over the long windows, hiding the blue sky from my eyes, exactly the way I wanted them to. I wanted no part of the bright sunlight that lie outside of them, for the darkness was a part of me.

    By Katie URL on 10.27.2014

  39. Curtains foil the outside, beautiful scenery. Though sometimes the curtains themselves are quite pretty. Bah, what am I rambling on about? Nature is always better than artificial things, right?

    By SoloSlinger URL on 10.27.2014

  40. I crouched in the warm window seat, the glass on my left, the curtains on my right, nestled in my secret alcove, hidden from the world.

    By torin URL on 10.27.2014