May 16th, 2014

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82 Responses to “backtrack”

  1. As he sings the back track to a song
    I think he needs to write his own
    Come from a place of truth and honesty
    A voice were I can hear the emotion
    A voice where he is no longer
    And high pitched crying
    No more backtracks to days a yore
    Where he left his heart before

    By Lauren on 05.17.2014

  2. Backtrack. i can’t go back now. But i need to. i don’t know what to do. I have to go back. My mind blurrs in a flurry of images and i tell myself that i can’t. But i have to! But if i stop now they’re going to catch me. i can’t let them catch me. But i have to. I need to. No! I need to keep running. Running. I have to…

    By Breanne on 05.17.2014

  3. It involved a lot of backtracking, but he did it. Convinced those damn fourth-graders he was in a play involving the Furies. A total lie, but at least they stopped asking about his wings.

    By Baekhesten URL on 05.17.2014

  4. two things.

    I. if i loved you any less
    i would still swallow you whole —

    II. that moment when you leaned in near to me
    to say something just as fragile;
    i was too caught up on slowing my heart to pay attention,
    i always miss the important parts

    By robyn URL on 05.17.2014

  5. Backtrack is to go back in time a little to figure something out.

    By Hikaru on 05.17.2014

  6. When you backtrack, that’s exactly what you are doing. You are going back instead of forward. We all need to be going forward.

    By katie white on 05.17.2014

  7. Perhaps it was the captivating glimpses of the sun reaching through the leaves, warming the path between the leaves, the lingering scent of bluebells, relaxing and drawing in anyone heading that way. Within a few paces, they’d realise, as Joe did now, that they were heading in the wrong direction. He was several minutes further away from home now than when he’d joined the path. He let out a laugh, amused that he’d let himself be so distracted as to lose his way, and turned round in the right direction.
    He realised within only a few paces this time. He stayed fixed on the route home, but now he was walking backwards. He stopped walking, glancing at the trees around him, and briefly put his hand to his head to see if he had a temperature. Then slowly, holding out his arms to make sure his balance didn’t waver, he tried to put one foot in front of the other.

    By Sam URL on 05.17.2014

  8. Backtrack?
    I need a time machine for such
    to erase everything that I ever did wrong
    I can’t simply backtrack

    By Rebekah Wooten URL on 05.17.2014

  9. Jack kicked the soda can into the air and cursed as he watched it drop several feet away and roll awkwardly into the brush. He shouldn’t have stopped to look at the animal tracks. Now the others had moved on, and because of his stubborn insistence to do what he wanted and not what he was told, he had been left behind. He wasn’t sure in which direction the group had gone. Again, not following directions, he hadn’t looked over the map Mr. Gordon had given the boys the night before. He sighed. The only choice left was to backtrack and hope he could find the main path back to the road. If he took one wrong turn he would be spending the night in the forest alone and he was well aware how unprepared he was to stay a night in the unknown forests of the Pacific Coast. Nevermind that he’d bragged to the other boys how much he knew about living in the wild. He’d lied. The only night he’d ever spent in the forest was watching TV movies. The star always made their way safely out. He wasn’t a star. He was a problem, and now he’d given himself a taste of what he always gave everyone else.

    By Cim URL on 05.17.2014

  10. “I’m sorry. Forever didn’t really mean forever, did it? What a fucked up world this is. Well baby, I guess this is it. I’m sorry for everything, but mostly for leaving you here like this. You were the best man a girl could get. Too bad no one else will ever have you now…”

    By Shanks on 05.17.2014

  11. Im not really sure what backtrack means soooo… im not really sure what to write about here. I think ive heard backtrack in songs but… im trying to think of a song and think about what it means… huh.

    By Gabe on 05.17.2014

  12. Im not really sure what backtrack means soooo… im not really sure what to write about here. I think ive heard backtrack in songs but… im trying to think of a song and think about what it means… huh. Maybe it means something that happened back then or something? I seriously have no clue. I don’t even know why im doing this. My girlfriend told me to try this soo

    By Helena URL on 05.17.2014

  13. I don’t what this word means and I honestly don’t care. It’s the 3rd time that i come to this site and is the 3rd time that i get this word. I like backs. They’re cool.
    I like tracks. To run and walk in and stuff.
    I imagine that backtracks are tracks behind something or in something’s back ;) if ya know what I mean.
    So… I think ….ya know…. I probably like backtracks .

    By Duck URL on 05.17.2014

  14. I could feel myself,
    in my brain
    I wanted was to be with him
    that’s what I was backtracking too
    and I knew it now.
    That’s all I wanted
    I wanted to take a walk down memory lane
    and find him.
    I wanted
    and be with

    By Brooke Tuinei on 05.17.2014

  15. I need to stop backtracking. I need to stop thinking about you. Stop trying to remember what it was like to taste your lips. Stop thinking about how safe I felt in your arms. Stop listening to you when you tell me you love me. Stop remembering you. I won’t look back. Not anymore.

    By Chrystal URL on 05.17.2014

  16. When I think about backtrack i think of someone going back through their steps to figure out a problem. I think this always helps when trying to solve things I have no idea what I’m writing and what i’m doing so ill just write I guess this website will help with my writing quality.

    By Caylee on 05.17.2014

  17. You spend months building up the trust between you two, only to have a few weeks of separation backtrack you through everything. You constantly worry about him, what he’s doing, whether he’s discussing your private life with his buddies.

    By Bear on 05.17.2014

  18. Double loop, we’ve lost our shoes. And our hope. The crisp icy tundra the unearthing of the unearthly. We didn’t know about GM then we didn’t know what organic meant because it was also just so easy and we were so dumb. We’d like to undo eating that fruit because the more you bite, the more Aristotle tells you you know how much you shouldn’t have eaten.

    “Sorry” – Eve

    By Garden on 05.17.2014

  19. They couldn’t backtrack now, not being followed by all the 5th battalion. But he was certain they’d missed the turn off as they continued down the dusty road, the girl beside him looking at the map and insisting that they had to keep going.

    By Kery on 05.17.2014

  20. The snow had erased out tracks, so to speak. We knew this, but still it was hard not to look back. This carried a certain sadness–the inevitability of the inability to follow our pasts backward, like a rpe you could catch hand over hand. And yet it was beautiful, all of the untouched whiteness. It made you want to ruin it. But we forged on, with the slushy snow biting our faces.

    By Yona URL on 05.17.2014

  21. back track your steps to find your way back home, you wont be lost forever. you have found your way through life so far just keep going and you will be home.

    By Toni on 05.17.2014

  22. Go over again and
    repeat what has been done
    my thoughts revolve a
    never ending circle
    retrace the steps of my
    time and explore the past
    eternal befores

    By James Foster URL on 05.17.2014

  23. i like things in ink and blood– too heavy for the every day man, i know, but i’ve always been too invested and yet not open enough. closed and hard like a cold iron drillpoint powered by nothing but puffs of air, sort of like the whirling hurricane that pirouettes en pointe with it’s head in the clouds, but without the dignity. the only words i won’t take back are the ones that i write, but in the meantime, please let me take back my self from your heart.

    By paper URL on 05.17.2014

  24. To go back in time is an endless pit of pain, as you must constantly relive both the good and the bad memories of your past. But to backtrack is different- one never truly knows what they will find, even though they may have a generalized idea of it. The fear of the unknown is man’s greatest weakness.

    By Lulu Roro URL on 05.17.2014

  25. Step back in time and retrace your every thought. Include sight sound smell feeling taste and emotion. Visualize your motions.

    By cheryl on 05.18.2014

  26. I see how the autumn shines in red and orange hue, how the leaves fluttered down as the dandelions blew in your fragrance. I slow down my paces and retrace every single memories I had with you, every innocent memories that somehow led to this heart shattering moment.

    By Milk-and-Pie on 05.18.2014

  27. I don’t want this piece to be about pasts, to be about cycles. Can I not write about the way a man hunts, deer tracks fresh in Christmas snow? But no, because that, too, alludes to Him and god was he a hunter. of man. of me.
    I cannot think of rain and snow, because I smell him inside of them, and every look–ever turn–I’m seeing his fingers plucking out a Hallelujah on that damned, beautiful guitar. Those same fingers that moles–
    I don’t want this piece to be about pasts, to be about cycles, to be about hunts. Why can I not write about normal, everyday things, and have them mean more than warnings and the subtle tainting of corruption when spilled from father-hands.
    and religion never did a goddamn thing to save me.

    By Pandatry URL on 05.18.2014

  28. Waylon cursed under his breath as he jiggled the doorknob. Locked. It was fucking locked. The camcorder in his hand was out of batteries, there was a crazed man looking for him to make him his “wife”, and the door was locked. Looks like he has to go back and find the key.

    By Hakusamia URL on 05.18.2014

  29. Backtrack to when I was 19 I would change a few things in my life. For one when you first asked if we wanted to have sex I would say yes. Then I would put you on the same pedastool I do now and go after you with the same hungry passion I do when I see you these days. It’s a shame things have got so fucked up between us, because all I want to do is kiss you and tell you how much you mean to me.

    By Josh on 05.18.2014

  30. You can go back when you has failed in something, you would desire that.

    By SANTI URL on 05.18.2014

  31. returning from another sea, he looked back at everything he’d forgotten, and retraced his steps before the world could dissolve into greys and other shades of candour, duller than the last insensitive truth.

    By h on 05.18.2014

  32. We were lost, and the the thought to backtrack our last position was too much to consider. Apart from being shot at close to your, we had to contend with slippery slopes and and the closing of the day, as night was fast approaching.

    By victor URL on 05.18.2014

  33. Sans se demander quoique ce soit, Persephone fit quelques pas en arrière, les clos. Sentant la brise caresser son visage et le silence de mort qui régnait en cette nuit nocturne, elle continua.

    By C on 05.18.2014

  34. Looking over her shoulder she thought about her opinion and suddenly felt dismayed that it might be wrong. Then she thought about that voice in her head that talks always, questioning…..did I do it right?

    By Lynda on 05.18.2014

  35. “Wait a sec,” I called, backtracking my steps to run to the shrubs we had just passed. The flash of red had caught my eye, and jogged my memory.
    “What is it?” Marcus called. I ignored him, digging furiously through the thick brush that blocked my view. Finally, my hand grazed the soft fabric. It was Jamie’s red sweatshirt. She had been here in these woods. But why?

    By holly m URL on 05.18.2014

  36. aJe marche sans regarder où je pose les pieds, mes yeux son fermé et mes bras sont tendus. Mon esprit est ailleurs mais mes pieds ne s’arrêtent pas pour autant. Aucun son ne m’atteint. Et soudain mon pied rencontre le vide et mon corps bascule

    By Yaëlle on 05.18.2014

  37. “Did you just call me fat?”

    By Tex URL on 05.18.2014

  38. Je fis un pas en arrière avant de m’enfuir en courant sans ne plus jamais regarder derrière moi.

    By Yaëlle URL on 05.18.2014

  39. no, will not write on this. wrote on this yesterday is this just a 6 day website? i will not, i will not, i will not, well, backtrack!

    By Lee URL on 05.18.2014

  40. After releasing the statement and finding it to be incorrect they had to backtrack on their comments.

    By Alexandra URL on 05.18.2014