July 22nd, 2014

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52 Responses to “prank”

  1. “Dont do unto others what you dont want done to yourself” she observed good-naturedly, shaking off the shells from her hair.
    But just who did he think he was, pranking her like that? She had pranked him earlier this week because… because.. well, there’s a sentence ending in because, she laughed.

    By Aurelia on 07.23.2014

  2. Du denkst,
    du willst lachen,
    du willst alle lachen sehen.

    Du arbeitest,
    um alle aufzuheitern,
    ein Lachen zu zaubern.

    By Anuri URL on 07.23.2014

  3. We got together after college, the three of us, but it was clear that four years had created an ocean of distance between us. Lolly, always desperate for a laugh, resorted to the same pranks he had played in 9th grade which just weren’t funny to a guy in three thousand dollar suit and an aspiring philosopher. Jess had become a first class tosser. He made more money trading in an hour than Lolly did in a week but he had taken on a trio of girlfriends and a cocaine habit that left him as skint as I was. And me? Well I was a universal disappointment, to my parents, to my teachers and especially to my girlfriend. Despite it all we made a couple of genuine attempts to rekindle the friendship. We went to the Imperial and drowned ourselves in tequila. By ten we had all made excuses to leave.

    By bb333 on 07.23.2014

  4. Ohara met her at a cafe. He had to report that he had learned nothing. “Are you certain she hasn’t just gone off on a trip somewhere?”
    “My sister is not like that, she wouldn’t do this on a whim, as a prank! She planned her trip to Japan for months, down to the last detail. See wouldn’t just disappear like this! I’m telling you, something has happened to her!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.23.2014

  5. I dialed your number….
    my hands repeating something they’ve known all too well in the past
    and I grasped the phone in great anticipation listening to your tone
    but when you said hello you were greeted by my silence
    What could I really say?
    …it wouldn’t change a thing
    I just let the static eat away

    By bill URL on 07.23.2014

  6. “This is going to be the best prank ever” said Matt. Matt was a tall sandy hair kid that i had spent most of my child hood with.

    By Daniel on 07.23.2014

  7. She was always unsure about their relationship, could he be the type to pull an elaborate prank.

    By stumbler on 07.23.2014

  8. losing definition of myself and wondering if it’s okay, screeching top down hair whipping high school legend on the highway is what i never was

    By paper on 07.23.2014

  9. This is a prank. How do you do?

    By K on 07.23.2014

  10. How could you prank Helen like that just after her parents passing? You know Kevin your more insensitive than your father! His smile drop as she storm out the room leaving him alone with this taught. Was he just like his drunk insensitive father?

    By Valentino on 07.23.2014

  11. “Very funny. By which I mean ‘not funny’,” I found myself saying to the cat. Naturally he would perch himself on the one shelf I couldn’t reach.

    By jupiter on 07.23.2014

  12. They never wanted it to end this way. There was no way to foresee the consequences of their actions. And now, someone was awaiting death, blood bubbling at the corners of his mouth. All that because of a silly prank.

    By Anonymous on 07.23.2014