March 21st, 2014

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77 Responses to “avoided”

  1. His feelings on the matter, he kept to himself. Well kept secrets were a second nature, best left buried, circumvented, as if they had never existed.

    By smr URL on 03.21.2014

  2. i have never avoided anything i just wanted to live a happy life and enjoy it with my friends and family and the ones i’ve always loved.

    By sherine on 03.21.2014

  3. Avoided. Is that what I am? People ignore me. Sometimes I even wonder why I exist? Do I make someone happy,sad to I have an impact on someone’s life?
    Or do I just live, live for myself?

    By Camilla URL on 03.21.2014

  4. Interesting y’all

    By Camilla URL on 03.21.2014

  5. dodge, fled, ditched, delayed, skipped, passed, stay cleared

    By sarah on 03.21.2014

  6. Mental Knife Sharpened:

    Sharp and clever
    so avante-garde
    she made me want to
    lick then spit
    into her clit, dip dip
    the tip tip tip
    so she drip drip drips
    She scars my back
    A markEd man,
    machine and monster.
    That mark will cost her,
    accost her face
    sexual assault?
    Not my fault.
    Be a gyp, fight back
    and regret the threat
    of your first smack.
    “That hurts” she says,
    tears fill my handprints.
    I slap those tears
    off of her ear’s lip

    Did she hear it?
    Nah, she’s deaf and blind,
    didn’t know she’d been cryin,
    But you know she felt hit,

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 03.21.2014

  7. “Men like those are to be avoided,” she had advised, eyes accusatory. She had had a strange, sour look on her face, puckered with distaste, that has taken me years to finally properly place: jealousy.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.21.2014

  8. I almost avoided today’s word. What is this feeling that if I do this something good will come? Why should I want to avoid a mere sixty seconds of writing? Well I can’t say I know.

    By Jim URL on 03.21.2014

  9. I avoided the loud tables at the restaurant, looking only at the customers at the corner tables. I knew that’s where he would be; that’s who he was. Sitting at a quiet table alone with a glass of wine, maybe. I didn’t expect him to come up and tap me on the shoulder.

    By Kristina URL on 03.21.2014

  10. The boy climbed up the attic ladder. He turned on his flashlight and glanced around the room. He saw a huge oak door, but avoided opening it because he was scared of what would be behind it. Instead he grabbed a rusty wooden box beside him and climbed back down the ladder

    By sarah112 URL on 03.21.2014

  11. I avoided doing this one word crap when i first read the instructions, but decided I’m not a coward.

    By Corey on 03.21.2014

  12. inquiet

    By Andrés URL on 03.21.2014

  13. I think that avoided means to prevent an incident for happening. i think it is used in two or more different ways.

    By Javier on 03.21.2014

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    By Javier URL on 03.21.2014

  15. “We never settled anything, Jenna! You just…you just avoided me until the problem went away,”
    “I NEVER-”
    “Yeah, you did. At first, you just slipped out of the room. Went for another beer or to grab something to eat. Then you were out with your ‘new’ friends, all the time. Friends who didn’t know me, who didn’t even know about US. Friends who wouldn’t ask you why we weren’t talking, why we couldn’t even LOOK at each another,” she shook her head. “Just because you didn’t leave, Jen, doesn’t mean you didn’t run away,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.21.2014

  16. “I’ve avoided that man like the plague,” griped Sarah as she sat down on the couch with her tall mug of chamomile tea. “He was the embodiment of everything bad for me. I gained too much weight around him. Then I lost too much weight. Then I started smoking, then switched to hard liquor. Another year with him, and maybe I would have been on the street with cocaine dust in my left nostril.”

    “Was he really that influential?”

    “No,” said Sarah, shaking her head for emphasis. “He just bullied me into a lot of things. Influential isn’t the right word – abusive is.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.21.2014

  17. All the eyes in the room tried to catch my gaze, but carefully I avoided them, until I looked up and realised I was the one gazing, at you, and your beautiful, hazel eyes. And in that moment, nothing else seemed to matter, other than the fact I was in the room with you, maybe the room isn’t actually a room but more of a dream, more of a different state of reality, but I don’t care, it was just so remarkable to be spending time with you.

    By Molly Dove on 03.21.2014

  18. not wanted, a word decribing runing away from something for your own well being and good. a feeling of being alone and tossed away from socienty

    By alex on 03.21.2014

  19. “Spill it, Parker!” Nate gave me a push and I grunted as my back hit the lockers, the sound of the noisy metal echoing off the walls and making a few people turn and stare at the commotion.
    That was Nate, always gentle. “What’s wrong with you, anyways? You’ve avoided me for the past week, ever since that stupid dance.”

    I scowled and pushed him away. “And don’t you think that could be the problem? You’re a quarterback, use your head for once.”

    He opened his mouth to respond but the oh-so familiar sound of heels clacking against the linoleum floors made us both turn to see Hope strutting past us, flashing a syrupy sweet smile for Nate and a “I’ll kill you” glare for me. God, I hate her.

    I stuffed my supplies in my bag and slammed my locker shut. “Need anymore clues, Einstein?” With that I swallowed the thick lump in my throat and walked away, ignoring him as he begged me to come back.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 03.21.2014

  20. You and I were always so good at getting what we wanted so when she noticed that she was being avoided by the two people who always loved her most it’s no surprise she broke down in tears and automatically wondered what she had done wrong. How she could have failed so beautifully without even trying, and I can only think to tell her that you and I had to go our seprate ways and she was the link between us. The link that could no longer exist. So we both left without warning thinking the other would stay.

    She was never meant to be avoided.

    I love her way too much for that.

    You were too beautiful next to her.

    Who is going back?

    By Madison on 03.21.2014

  21. There was no time to run, he must only be avoided. She sidled along a wall in shadow, praying that the darkness provide cover for her enough. She did not want to be caught again, she could not be caught again. She was not going back to that.

    By Emily URL on 03.21.2014

  22. running away from the shadows of bad weather in a rain forest filled with gummy bears and old warrior women with uzis who are hell bent on throwing shit stained diapers at the austerity measures in 1st world countries, who breath flames into the doors of a puppet show democracy and fuel them with piss and gasoline

    By Highsenberg on 03.21.2014

  23. He avoided me like the plague. And what did I ever do to him you may ask? Loved him. I loved him more than he had ever been loved before and that scared the crap out of him. I don’t blame him but I think he just missed me and I missed him and it was too much.

    By Julia on 03.21.2014

  24. The boy’s eyes darted about anxiously, taking in the dusty rows of encyclopedias lining the wall, the imposing mahogany desk stretching in front of him, and the emerald green rug beneath his feet. He was painfully thorough. He looked at everything. An impatient cough came from the other side of the desk, interrupting his observations. The boy responded with a slight tremble and began looking around more ferociously: dusty encyclopedias, mahogany desk, emerald green rug. Encyclopedias, mahogany, emerald green. He turned the room into a blur of colors and textures, hoping his efforts would also blur out the stern, expectant face in front of him.

    By Zoe on 03.21.2014

  25. I couldn’t stand to look at her anymore. She kept trying to meet my eyes but i kept looking away. Her silence was unbearable and eventually I decided it had to get out.

    By Dini Arnold on 03.21.2014

  26. Yes it was like that. He asked her again. Yes, she said, it was like that. She would avoid him. Dodge him on the street if he followed. Her number was already changed. This was, she made it clear, the last time he would ever see her again. She was a master of disappearance, she said. He could try but he would not succeed. So he should just give up now.

    By DMM URL on 03.21.2014

  27. I avoided time, space, life, and death I avoided her, him, they and them I avoided hate, passion, lust, rage and sadness but the one thing I will never be able to avoid is love with Jennifer.

    By Eunicea Custis on 03.21.2014

  28. She ran. didn’t look back. She just kept running. away. As far as she could possibly get. Her white Converse hightops hitting the gray pavement. The wind flowing through her red hair, the cold hail pelting her face. She couldn’t face him again.

    By Arielle Greenspan URL on 03.21.2014

  29. I can’t face them again. Their mocking voices ring in my ears. Their hateful stares are all I see in the darkness when I close my eyes. They avoid me at all costs. I am alone.

    By Arielle Greenspan on 03.21.2014

  30. She avoided his gaze, but kept talking. Playing with the coaster under her drink, she accidentally tipped it over, spilling cranberry juice all over his pants. Breaking up, it seemed, really was hard to do.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.21.2014

  31. Hello.

    I am ubiquitous.

    I am there when you first awake.

    I will be there until the end.

    I must not be avoided.

    I cannot be avoided.

    By Amy Pond on 03.21.2014

  32. I have seen this word so many times.

    And each time more and more memories come back.

    They come back at full speed and slam into me.

    And each memory is more painful than the last.

    By A. J. Pond URL on 03.21.2014

  33. I am alone.

    We are all alone.

    And in the grand scheme of life,

    We will never be completely content.

    Because we cannot avoid the truth.

    The painful truth.

    (Age 14)

    By A. J. Pond URL on 03.21.2014

  34. She wasn’t ready to look at him. She wasn’t ready to breathe with him near her. She wasn’t ready for her skin to brush up against his and feel the rush she loves to feel and know that it’s wrong.

    By Sasha on 03.21.2014

  35. It cannot be avoided.
    It is coming for all of us. And sometimes it can grab us unexpectedly. Just when we thought we were happiest. It is a savage, it cannot be controlled. And it will drag everyone down with it. Everyone that ever was and everyone that ever will be. It is the last thing that will happen, before everything goes black. It is the last thing that will happen until we cease to exist.
    It cannot be avoided.

    By A. J. Pond URL on 03.21.2014

  36. I avoided her, not cause I disliked her, rather, I was truly infatuated by her. Even if a mere casual conversation would arise, I’d become flustered and lose my way, not understanding what to say cause I assume all things rambled on would be better kept unsaid…

    By blahblahchoi URL on 03.21.2014

  37. I was avoided by other people once… fine. multiple times in my life. I didn’t know why at that time, but now that i look back on it. i think i was a bit too hyper or a bit too quiet. however, now, I can proudly say that I am sought after in some standards.

    By thedarkestsheep on 03.21.2014

  38. I get avoided sometimes. People avoid me. I avoid people. I avoid responsibilities. And trouble. And consequences. But that’s the thing: you can’t avoid anything. It all comes back. You have h=to face things now or later, so what’s the point of avoiding? Unless it’s a stranger of course. A stranger won’t come back to say you avoided them on the street.

    By Sarah URL on 03.21.2014

  39. He avoided her like the plague. He had lead her on for so many months, silently assuring her and encouraging her to throw herself at him but never really intending to be with her. Then the guilt set in, the confusion and angst. Now that he had set the trap, how could he free himself of the girl? He just wanted her to go away… Whatever it took.

    By just a girl URL on 03.21.2014

  40. I saw her sitting there from behind my laptop screen. I could not let her see me, i just couldn’t. After what she did to me, it would not be fair to myself to let her back into my life. It would ruin me.

    By Julia on 03.21.2014