September 18th, 2014

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58 Responses to “aunt”

  1. Family.

    By Intuition URL on 09.18.2014

  2. my aunt it is the person hows I wanna live forever.She just remaind me to my father and the days of glory that I spend with him.

    By yeya on 09.18.2014

  3. I have an aunt. She’s lovely. Though she’s 65, she goes to the gym every day. She says it keeps her fit and it’s fun to have a hobby at her age.

    By Julia Mäkinen on 09.18.2014

  4. I have an aunt. She’s a lovely woman. She goes to the gym twice a week, though she’s 70. She says it keeps her fir and it’s fun to have a hobby at her age.

    By Julia URL on 09.18.2014

  5. A person whose a family member
    maybe not an actual family member
    maybe she’s evil — maybe she’s not really an aunt
    a fake aunt
    an aunt who pretends to be your aunt
    how bad is that
    she likes to eat peanut butter
    and she keeps chickens
    :O poor chickens
    they get poor treatment from her :/

    By Lia on 09.18.2014

  6. My aunt used to take me to this liquor store.
    I don’t remember the name of it, but I always got this candy.
    I don’t remember the candy name either.
    I remember how sweet it was.
    It tasted like watermelon.

    By Jeffrey Tamayo on 09.18.2014

  7. grandma
    Best Friend
    ChickenNoodle Soup
    I love my auntie

    By Donovan on 09.18.2014

  8. your aunt is the distance relative who seeks your attention but is imposed on by your mother; a mother allows a child to be held by a closer family member, only when she is distantly nearby. As a mother endears her child, the aunt admires the child’s well being.

    By Milad URL on 09.18.2014

  9. that bark, the one that is not indigenous, the one unheard commonly,
    you obey to it with a kind nod of the smile,
    she is there when the television outlet is out,
    black lights swarm a lit room,

    By Milad URL on 09.18.2014

  10. She wears a muumuu and practices voodoo. I don’t like her hoodoo. It smells like dog doodoo. In actuality, she a minister. I don’t see much of a difference.

    By Molly Ashline URL on 09.18.2014

  11. She wasn’t prepared to be an aunt – she still felt like a young girl, not like someone who would have a young relative any time soon. Sure, it wasn’t her who was taking care of a child, but there was just something about the word. Aunt. It made you think of that one quirky relative who lived in their own apartment and somehow had a ton of money and were the coolest people you knew.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 09.18.2014

  12. I was not prepared to be an aunt; I was not even prepared for kindergarten.

    How could my brother do this to me?

    I’m the cute one, not this weird, crying, tiny human.

    By Reese URL on 09.18.2014

  13. I’ve never been an aunt. Technically, I have a step-niece. But our age difference makes it difficult for me to think of her as a niece. She’s at an awkward age, and I remember being at that point at her age.

    By Shelbie on 09.18.2014

  14. “You’re going to be an aunt,” I told my sister, my face flush with excitement, one hand pressed against the belly of my wife who stood beside me.

    My sister blinked, sat down, and picked up a mug to sip from. When realizing the mug was empty, she exhaled – slowly. Very, very slowly. Then, when there had been silence among us for a good ten or so seconds, she finally spoke.

    “Forgive me,” she said with a small smile. “I’m just a little disoriented.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.18.2014

  15. When I was little my aunt used to give me and my sisters money to buy candy. She had no teeth due to all the candy she used to eat. She simply loved it! All we had to do was tell ask her if she wanted candy and she’d give us candy money. I miss her so much! She was awesome!

    By Nallely on 09.18.2014

  16. I’m not supposed to be seeing my aunt. I’m not sure why not. I’m not unhealthily tied to her – there’s nothing wrong with hanging on to something dead, is there? How is somebody who’s not even alive supposed to ‘indoctrinate’ me? I still know what she did was wrong. But I can forgive her, can’t I?

    I lean against her grave and narrate these thoughts to the ground.

    But somebody hears me. And it’s not my aunt.

    By a terrible poet URL on 09.18.2014

  17. My aunt left along time ago.She packed her bags and headed to Arizona because of health problems.I miss her and feel very far away from her .

    By William Goldrick on 09.18.2014

  18. There was a large ant siting on Aunt Jenny’s shoulder who wanted attention from Aunt Jenny. Having no attention would kill the any, so Aunt Jenny gave it attention. Aunt Jenny would always love the ant.

    By Ryn URL on 09.18.2014

  19. Aunt Petunia glared down at me with a hatred only conceivable by Satan. She was a wolf, and I was a chipmunk, prey. Wolf stalks prey. Chipmunk backs up. Chipmunk cornered between a rock and a hard place. Wolf pounces. Chipmunk succumbs.
    “WHY DO YOU HAVE AN F IN CHEMISTRY?” Aunt Petunia howls.

    By Kumquat URL on 09.18.2014

  20. family

    By Briana on 09.18.2014

  21. My dear aunt sally and i went for a walk in the park one day last week. it was a beautiful day the sun was shining, the birds were sining, everything was perfect. the park we went to was in a wooded area and we were wanting to see some wildlife, birds squirrels,deer and turkey. we were even hoping to see some foxes, but alas it was not meant to be…

    By Emma URL on 09.18.2014

  22. She was my tía, my aunt. When I was little and we used to go down and sit in the shop with her and she would tell us stories of her youth. Only some days… some days we would go in and ask her to tell us a story and she would smile her sad smile and say, Not today Muñequitas. Not today.

    By Maddie on 09.18.2014

  23. aunt

    By Catlin on 09.18.2014

  24. My aunt was only 20 years old when she died. It was a drunk driving accident involving a college party and some irresponsible co-eds. She wasn’t the most responsible person, or so mom said, but she was the older sister, so mom had no choice but to not question things. Because of this misfortune, I never met Aunt Casey. But I wished she lived longer so I could have. She sounded wild and irresponsible, but also carefree and fiery. I’ve only heard two stories about her, the car crash and another about her taking mom to prank the teachers on her final day in school, but I think I would have liked her.

    By Morgana on 09.18.2014

  25. Everyone has that one family member that’s not ACTUALLY family, but you call them aunt or uncle. Like Aunt Sophie. She wasn’t young, but not elderly, and made the best hot chocolate that would warm you up on any winter day, no matter how chilly.

    By what on 09.18.2014

  26. there was a distinct jaunt in their walk
    kind of half-kicked-myself, kind of half raw confidence.
    vitality is so hard to pull from the packaging these days,
    i wash my hands for days after.
    and the sink just gets stained.
    i really dislike the color white.
    colourless color. drained out on the floor.

    By Kairn URL on 09.18.2014

  27. my aunt liz was a great person; she worked for the phone company, was promoted to supervisor and had that job for 20 years; women didn’t get promoted very often. Finally, she did get promoted. She brought up her son after the divorce from his dad. She always had an apartment; I found that very exotic because I was used to living in a house.

    By sabrina on 09.18.2014

  28. An Aunt is someone who loves you almost as much as a mother would.

    In some cases, they might love you more than a mother would.

    Which is very unfortunate, I think.

    By MurkyMe URL on 09.18.2014

  29. Dear sweet lady
    here you’ve been
    sitting quietly by the light
    quiding all that seek
    going from a point
    where I’ve never been
    pursuing all there will ever be

    By Protean URL on 09.18.2014

  30. I have never had one. Or the kinds I read in books, anyway. All mine care about are gossiping about family members and making sure I’m keeping up on my studies. Maybe someday I’ll be a real aunt to my brothers’ kids

    By Andrea URL on 09.18.2014

  31. My aunt Holly is unhappy. Her daughter is in a halfway house at age 23 and her only grandson has learning disabilities due to having been born addicted to drugs. The cycle will most likely repeat. The sad part is that the women in my family tend to live long enough to watch it.

    By Alex M on 09.18.2014

  32. She’s not really her aunt.
    That’s the only thing she can think, the only real thought it doesn’t hurt to focus on, so she does. With everything she’s worth, she focuses on the fact that the woman she’s been all but gift-wrapped and handed to, has no real connection to the family she’s just lost.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 09.18.2014

  33. There was a flash, and George found himself in a different place, a different world. Trees, grass, flowers surrounded him, but all made of ice. In the distance, the field stretched out to climb a hill topped by a shimmering tower of gold and silver. He noticed a familiar smell, but took a few seconds to place it; it was one he always noticed when visiting his aunt’s house, flowery but sweet. If laughter had an aroma, this would be it. There was nothing around him to cause any sound, but he could hear music, as if the wind was singing. He had no idea how he had gotten here, but he was not scared. No he felt happy, content.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.18.2014

  34. Aunt Cathy has never been rude. Always the same response to presents. Oh, thank you!! So sweet but no insides. Hollow like a pumpkin. And I never saw her carve one.

    I’m older now and I can see she never did.

    By ulimonster URL on 09.18.2014

  35. The day her brother died she sat a long time in the living room; Even the sofa was getting old. Her son was somewhere in Korea -she couldn’t even remember easily whether it was north or west-, her daughter was leaving for Australia, and she was pretty sure her love for her husband had departed a few years ago.
    She took her head between her hands.

    By Guillaume URL on 09.19.2014

  36. My is the best in the world, for she has lived a good and Godly life and always ready to offer advice when needed. Her best qualities is seen in her cooking and baking, two things that she love to do. We are proud to have her in our family and we appreciated her for her goodness.

    By victor URL on 09.19.2014

  37. My aunt is an idiot bitch. I hate her so much that it hurts physically. I hope she dies in a car crash. She’s such a bitch to everyone. I want to wring her neck every time I see her.
    She’s such an emotionless bitch to everyone.
    I hope she dies soon.

    By Noelle on 09.19.2014

  38. She had always been big and beautiful. Her smile could light up a room. Her eyes always crinkled into the sweetest beads of happiness. She was rough, too, in her own ways. Ruddy red cheeks, swollen feet from standing too long, thinning grey hair. But still, she was always good to me, and I could not see her imperfections through the glow of her kindness.

    By Patch URL on 09.19.2014

  39. She’s my rock.
    Nanny not just a title.
    Beautiful soul spilling over,
    Always making sure to keep my heart open.
    Catching drops that fall from hers.

    By Jesse Ruiz URL on 09.19.2014

  40. My haunt is very pretty. she take a lot of time to do her hair and make up. she doesnt need it though… she is very pretty with out all that paint on her face. I wish she would realize this.
    My aunt is kind. she take care of me. she feeds me and makes sure that i am happy. I don’t know what i would do with out my aunt. she helps me cheer up when i am sad she never fails to make me laugh. I love her so much!! I hope she knows that.

    By Amelia on 09.19.2014