June 17th, 2011 | 551 Entries

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551 Entries for “wonder”

  1. i wonder…
    how my future will be,
    will i succeed my goal,
    will i be a full filling person,
    how will i spend my life,
    i wonder….

    By aylin URL on 06.17.2011

  2. I wonder, how I wonder. Maybe the places in my mind aren’t as weird as I thought. The places are like jungles, or maybe a book. The depths of places in which I would kill to be. In real life, it would be better, but the truth of the matter is, it’s all in my head. Or so I think. I wonder, I wonder. How nice it would be, to meet someone someday who wonders like me.

    By Isa URL on 06.17.2011

  3. Nature is full of wonder. Small children are what wonder is made out of. Wonder is innocence. Wonder is not need or want it is the innocent version of curiosity. Everyone has wonder in them.

    By Elise URL on 06.17.2011

  4. I wonder what it’s like to not feel any pain. To not know that the person you love the most… will never love you in return. To not know what it feels like to be forgotten, or hated. This, I wonder.

    By Isabel URL on 06.17.2011

  5. The word, “wonder”. It’s a little fascinating. It can mean various things depending on who you are. I mean, sure, it does have a definition to it, in the dictionary but it can mean something completely different of what it means to you. When I think of the word, “wonder”, I think of creativity of the imagination which was determined by curiosity. I wonder about my husband’s thoughts about his current, own personal thoughts right then and there. I wonder about the Seven World Wonders and how its beauty captivates the people this big sphere we all share.

    By Samantha on 06.17.2011

  6. I wonder what it’s like to be thin, rich, smarter, more pretty, loved. I wonder this each day. And then I begin to wonder what it would be like not to wonder those things, and to simply live – to take each moment and seize it for what it’s worth, not “wondering” if it would be better if something else were reality. Because this is reality. And it contains enough wonder as it is.

    By Andie on 06.17.2011

  7. a young child has a lot of wonder.Wide eyes, thoughts of surprise. I, too wonder about many things. wonder bread tastes pretty good! I wonder if people think I’m weird just spurting out my wonderful thoughts here hmmm i WONDER!

    By madeleine on 06.17.2011

  8. I wonder what others are wondering, if they wonder about the same crazy things, or if they wonder about me. I wander and wonder through random thoughts, but never anything too serious. I wonder…….

    By Charlotte URL on 06.17.2011

  9. David always had to wonder how a man with such a small stature could exude such malice and power… Of course John was a brilliant actor, but it seemed so contrary to how David had become accustomed to seeing him.

    By floppybelly URL on 06.17.2011

  10. I wonder what goes through everyone’s mind when they see me, talk to me, or just hear about me. I wonder how i look through their eyes, how i feel through their skin, how i sound through their ears.

    By MD URL on 06.17.2011

  11. She wondered why his hair was the golden streaks of her own. She wondered why it had to be him lying on a bush, a plastered smile and a tiny wave of a hand. She wondered why it was him.

    The leaves on his face, the craze in his eyes. It was sickening and unattractive. And she wondered, why, why, she loved him so.

    By erk URL on 06.17.2011

  12. blunder. wonder. slumber. dunder. flumber. fodder. darker.

    By suriti on 06.17.2011

  13. I wondered what it would be like, how it would feel tho fall. I looked down over the railing and watched as cars drove by below me. I felt the vertigo as the wind pushed clouds away and made me feel like I was falling.

    And this is just the beginning…

    By Emma URL on 06.17.2011

  14. He looked out the window and just stared, pondering the thought….”I wonder what it’s like to fly. To become one with the sky….to be completely free.” He chuckled and then sighed.

    By lala on 06.17.2011

  15. looking out the window
    5 years old
    trying to go back in my mind to before I was born

    I could make it to being
    a baby in the crib
    but then my mind in spinning and torn

    I wanted to know
    what mystery was there
    before I was HERE
    was I aware

    I wondered this much
    as I stared out the door
    I wondered who I was
    next and before

    and where was that God
    I was longing to meet
    where did I live
    before I landed on that street….

    and all the while
    I was meant
    to be there
    though often I felt
    I had been there before

    By Pam Heighway URL on 06.17.2011

  16. Mel had no need to wonder what was going to happen, she knew every minute of her life… of the lives of everyone around her… and because of this, she knew Inali’s life would be happier than hers… and for this she hated him.

    By Tanya URL on 06.17.2011

  17. sometimes i wonder how you can feel about someone. you just love, hate, like or whatever… him or her.
    wonders atre the little moments everyone is waiting for in their whole life.

    By Saskia :) on 06.17.2011

  18. I wonder sometimes whether I’m doing the right thing falling in love, but love is never something you should wonder about its just something you feel and you can’t help but falling… I wish I knew the answers to more things sometimes and stop wondering so much.
    wonder can only lead to doubt and doubt can only lead to unhappiness.

    By Karen Bracamontes on 06.17.2011

  19. I sat back in awe as the forest lit aflame. Fireflies, a crystalline vision, their bodies flashed through mid-air.

    By Ryana URL on 06.17.2011

  20. I don’t wonder anymore about anything too much. I’ve learned that all things are purposed. What a relief. Wondering is like being unsure, perplexed, and just wandering through your mind with thoughts of uncertainty. To b

    By Barbara Brazile URL on 06.17.2011

  21. sometimes i wonder about how things could have been.
    if i hadn’t been so nervous.
    if i had just gone for it.
    if i was someone else. someone who could do those gutsy things. someone who would take life by the hand and kiss it on the lips.

    By Haley on 06.17.2011

  22. Wonder. Wonderlust. I wonder what will happen now. I wonder what happens between you and me. I wonder why you are carrying my heart on a string. Will anything ever be? I want to travel, I want to see the world. I want you to be there. I don’t know I don’t know. Wonderlust. I’ll say it again. I want to be nowhere and anywhere. I think I chose wander instead. Sigh.

    By Sara on 06.17.2011

  23. Lissa had long wondered how Mel could hate her own child…. it just didn’t make sense…. Why would she feel the need to abuse him… to leave those bruises and scars? And maybe she’d never know…

    By Tanya URL on 06.17.2011

  24. Under his gentle touch, she felt for the first time a sense of true awe in all that has was and is and could be. It was why she begged him to marry her, to let her see the endless cacophony of stars gleaming in his eyes. She gazed at him in wonder, and he turned his back to more scintillating sights.

    By Mintolate Tea URL on 06.17.2011

  25. wonder is
    (the feeling i get)
    when i eat chocolate frozen yogurt/
    when i -miraculously- weigh two pounds less (the morning after eating said frozen yogurt)/
    when i see my name on a cast list/
    when i read about a man jumping on an alligator to save his dog/
    when i hear fingers dancing across piano keys/
    when i hold a newborn/
    when i collapse onto my bed breathless after dancing alone in my room/
    when i purposefully get lost in a new city/
    when i lose my place counting the stars/
    when i see an elderly couple legitimately in love/
    when i think about how the only person who never deserved to die
    willingly did so for a world that rejected him.

    By sarah URL on 06.17.2011

  26. wonder. I am awestruck by the many beauties of this world. eyes wide to the divinity around. wonder is so pure in nature, so innocent through time. wonder is exciting, new, and unknown.
    wonder fuels curiosity, imagination, innovation. The state of wonder makes us human.

    By Tiffany on 06.17.2011

  27. “Wonder” is a ballin’ song by Earthsuit. They’re a now defunct Christian funk rock/rap band. They made the coolest Christian music ever. This is not very right-brained at all.

    By Evan Smith URL on 06.17.2011

  28. I wonder about a lot of things.

    I wonder if I could write a really cool short story for this thing.

    I’ll keep wondering until my time is up.

    By Adam Yan URL on 06.17.2011

  29. “It’s no wonder he packed up and left. Wouldn’t you if you were crammed in a tiny apartment with burgeoning psychosis?” “Be nice, Phyllis! She wasn’t psychotic, she was just… eccentric.” “Oh, eccentric, is it? Is that what we call paranoid schizophrenia these days?”

    By Erin on 06.17.2011

  30. I just got this same word a minute ago. Maybe it’ll be better this time. I WONDER if it’ll be better this time. Ohhhhhh snap. I am so horrible at this, but I thought it was worth another shot. Oh well.

    By Evan Smith URL on 06.17.2011

  31. I walk by her flower garden every day, and I see the daises get taller, unfold their whiteness. Every time I’m tempted to take one, but then I think of myself, living on a second story, feeling all the feelings of my baby flowers. I haven’t plucked one yet.

    By Irina URL on 06.17.2011

  32. I wonder why I’m doing this? This is a really cool thing to do. Wonder is an interesting subject. I wish I could write done everything I ever wonder. What kind of story could you write about wonder? Peter Pan is about wonder, in a way. Childhood itself is about wonder. I think that would be an interesting subject to write on. Childhood. And growing up into adulthood.

    By Jenna on 06.17.2011

  33. I wonder what it feels like to wake up one day and realize that everything that you ever cared about has all of a sudden turned into a giant mass of corn that’s slowly attempting to overtake you with its giant corncob arms. And then to sit in your bed and think OH GOD THIS IS THE END THE CORN WILL EAT ME THIS TIME. ITS ALL OVER OH GOD.

    By Ben on 06.17.2011

  34. i wonder if you’re “the one”. i know we’ve only been dating 7 months, but i ask myself that all the time. after all, love is love, right?
    i wonder if you’re the one i’m going to spend eternity with, who is going to make me the happiest woman in the world. i feel like it could certainly happen. you are my best friend, and i love you so much. i can’t imagine letting you go. i wonder what the future holds for us.

    By Amanda Lynn URL on 06.17.2011

  35. I wonder, oh, I wonder…as I ponder. Such a blunder from down-under. If only I knew the answers to such powerful questions. I wonder the implications of a unified global thought!

    By BRADLEY A on 06.17.2011

  36. When you are amazed my someone or something. Or when something is so magnificent you just stop and stare in wonder. Also connected to wonderful.

    By katie on 06.17.2011

  37. Sometimes I sit, looking out my window, and just wonder. I wonder why I’m here. I wonder if all of this is real.
    And, when someone asks me, “What are you thinking about?” all I can answer is, “Life.”
    Because that IS what I’m thinking about.
    Just not the way they think.
    Sometimes I wonder if I’m a real person.

    By Emma URL on 06.17.2011

  38. I wonder what will become of me. When I was young, I thought our own stupidity would end it all with a mushroom cloud.But I’m still here, and now I wonder what I should do.

    By Rachel URL on 06.17.2011

  39. Wonder is phenomenal. Awesome in the true sense of the world. An overwhelming sense of love, amazement, and the realization that the world is a truly beautiful place, where indescribable things occur. That is wonder.

    By Justice on 06.17.2011

  40. I satin wonder as I stared up at the sky. Here, lying in the middle of the driveway hoping for stars, but instead i found something better. Looking up I would occasionally see a firefly, and I couldn’t help but think that there were there just for me. It was as though they were replacing the stars I could not see.

    By Haley URL on 06.17.2011