June 17th, 2011 | 551 Entries

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551 Entries for “wonder”

  1. all i do is wonder. i’m tired of wondering.

    By Riley URL on 06.17.2011

  2. I wonder how you are feeling right now.
    I wonder where you are.
    I wonder why I am wondering about you.
    I wonder, if you know that you are the only constant thing running through my cluttered mind.
    I wonder if you wonder about someone.

    By IvyL. URL on 06.17.2011

  3. Wonder filled the night sky. It was an awesome sight, full of stars and color and feelings of joy and completeness. Wonder made her whole. It kept her going, pushing the limits of space and time itself.

    By carolyn URL on 06.17.2011

  4. It’s a wonder how one day, can change everything. One tiny choice. One yes or one no. It’s a wonder how one little word can change your whole future. It’s a wonder how I had no idea about any of these wonders a week ago. And now I don’t have to wonder anymore.

    By A on 06.17.2011

  5. i wonder. this is what i say a lot. and usually it doesn’t fit. i think of children. and emerson. and wilbur. and stars and grass and dandilions. and fireflies. and openness. things that are wide open.

    By Emily on 06.17.2011

  6. I wonder where I would be right now, if I said that one thing that was on my mind, at that certain moment. Where would I be if I geld the door open for her? Would I be typing this now, if that person in my life hadn’t moved? I wonder…

    By IvyL. URL on 06.17.2011

  7. Oh how I wonder what you wonder, the way we wonder may not be the same but does that make us different? The way we wonder tells stories that one may not ever winder unless someone brings it upon their attention. To wonder is to be curious and think if the unknown that we may never discover. I think wondering is something very special to the world it let’s us pretend and fantasize about things that wr hope and dream our life to be.

    By Jillian on 06.17.2011

  8. Day on day I wonder why she is so abstract. Why she constantly fixes me with a look as if I’m a rare specimen she’s analyzing. I wonder why she is so damn perfect in her abundant flaws. She’s an artist– an artist with the talent of a million Picasos and then some. She studies me with smug fondness and a little bit of muffled mirth; not until I peak over her shoulder do I realize with a flattering start that she is drawing me. It’s really a wonder that I don’t smother her till both are breaths leave us for good at the very moment.

    By Hunter URL on 06.17.2011

  9. If I stop somtimes to wonder about all the the would ‘a , coulda, shoulda beens, I may go insane……instead, I think I’ll just go insane over all the other WONERful full stuff in my life.

    By frances g on 06.17.2011

  10. I wonder how I’m ever going to finish this religion project when stumbleupon keeps sending me to such awesome sites.

    I wonder when I’ll graduate, and finally get a home of my own. A place that is strictly me.

    I wonder about wondering sometimes.

    By Allyson on 06.17.2011

  11. I’m really upset that wonder balls aren’t allowed to be sold in the US. Screw those dumb kids who will choke on the toys. Those kids deserve to choke if they don’t know that you eat the outside and not the awesome plastic toy inside. They’re ruining it for the smart kids who should be rewarded with wonder balls.

    By Lester Larkin URL on 06.17.2011

  12. I wonder
    If I really tried
    Could I reach and touch the sky?
    I wonder
    If I searched
    Could I find?
    I wonder if I wondered…
    What would I discover?

    By Little Shark URL on 06.17.2011

  13. I wonder why I am the way I am. I wonder when I’ll be different. I wonder if I’m just psyching myself out. I wonder about a thousand things in a day. I wonder who I’ll marry. I wonder where I’ll raise my girls. I wonder when I’ll be happy.

    By Anna on 06.17.2011

  14. childlike, imagination, grand canyon, feeling lost in a good way.
    I wonder
    if I’ll ever have a family
    to share my dreams of childhood
    to love
    to nurture
    to dream up plays and celebrations, to cook for, and to wonder together.

    By Lauran Bell on 06.17.2011

  15. The paint was chipped and the metal looked rusted beyond repair, the old ride was rickety but I had never been on one….I gazed at it in wonder, how had I never experienced the joy of a roller coaster.

    By Lauren URL on 06.17.2011

  16. I wonder what life is like in other countries. It’s curious that we always wonder about these other cultures, but it is the rare few that actually get to experience them. The world and these other mysteries are full of wonder that so many people will never get to experience, whether it be due to a lack of interest or a lack of means to travel. It is truly a pity that we can’t all find these wonders for our own eyes.

    By Katie on 06.17.2011

  17. Wonder about the most wonderful things in life.
    Try to look towards the skies.
    But never forget your dreams.
    The dreams that brought you these new wonders.
    When people say “When life gives you a bowl of lemons…”
    Reply in your own way,
    You can say “All you have is a bowl of lemons.”,
    Or you could say “You make lemonade”.
    But remember… you could wonder
    Whether you want it to be sweet or sour.

    By Kemdra URL on 06.17.2011

  18. My eyes are bright with wonder because you put it there. Every day I feel confusion but I’m thankful for it. Thank you. You are a wonder. You are wonderful. It’s a wonder I’m still here.

    By vintagesummers URL on 06.17.2011

  19. I wonder what it is that makes people laugh? Is it the unexpected? Is it the desire to release a withheld impulse? Or do my jokes just make their tapeworms writhe in agony, causing tickling?

    By richpee URL on 06.17.2011

  20. wondering why wonder has appeard
    wondering if maybe i should grow a beard
    wondering things some might call wierd
    wondering why i cant find a word to ryme with appeard, beard, and wierd that would tie up this fantastic work of literary wonder.

    By Peter on 06.17.2011

  21. It is the purpose of adventure. We seek what we do not know but hope to find. Nothing cannot be created without this and it is the source of all aspirations. This is the driving purpose behind what we do and why we hope to create something new in our world. We wonder.

    By Hunter Robertson on 06.17.2011

  22. i wonder about certain things,
    such as alcohol, and the joy it brings
    followed by a morning of pain
    feeling tired and drained
    every week, its the same tune we sing.

    By Javier Shopek URL on 06.17.2011

  23. Username? Seriously why would that be the word to get my creative juices flowing. Im extremely disappointed in whoever thought username would inspire me to do great things. I was trying to find something to take my mind of coke so I wouldnt have another relapse, but instead I find the urge to bump lines of a cheap escorts nipple while Im up to my balls inside her. Thank you to whoever created this website…you just destroyed a marriage.

    By Peter on 06.17.2011

  24. The view from a child’s eyes.
    The sparkle in the smile of an old woman.
    The thoughts tucked deep inside your mind.
    We all still have a young child inside us, marveling at the world.

    By Laura Hegstetter on 06.17.2011

  25. I wonder many things. why life is like it is. Why I am here why i’m diabetic. things like this. I just wish I didn’t have to wonder so much. I’ve been told wondering is a good things. it honestly annoys me. oh well I guess I’ll just have to live with wondering

    By Kaylee mulligan on 06.17.2011

  26. when you’re uncertain or unsure about a path, what do you do? you wonder about.
    And it’s what your mind does too, its the path your unconscious takes when it’s uncertain.
    Just like how a child is in wonder of the world.

    By Laura on 06.17.2011

  27. its a little bit cliche but i also admire the word wonder and all the meaning it can have.
    i wonder if they have veggie burgers at this place
    i wonder if its a girl
    i wonder if it hurt
    i wonder who my father is

    By quinnie URL on 06.17.2011

  28. ful. is what you are. that’s right, you, reading this. Unsure about probably many things.. let your mind wonder. Let your inner child wonder at the world and soak up lost innocence.

    By Lila on 06.17.2011

  29. To wonder is a gift of the human brain. A brain explores every path and possibility, the good the bad, the love, the hate, the pretty, the ugly. To wonder is to explore endless tunnels of human thoughts.

    By Kate on 06.17.2011

  30. i wonder what my life is going to be when im 35
    will i have a job, a happy family?
    and who will i be with?
    sometimes i just wonder too much and cant focus on the present…
    but then im also scared of not being able to wonder.

    By Ingrid URL on 06.17.2011

  31. One of the most beautiful things that being human has given us.

    By torin URL on 06.17.2011

  32. Alyssa wonders, every second of everyday, what would have happened had she told Kyle how she felt. Her time drags on as the thoughts of never seeing him again weigh her down. The opportunities were there, moments were perfect, but she was too shy. She had always been too shy when it came to him.

    By Ally URL on 06.17.2011

  33. wonder about everything. wonder about the world. wonder about people. wonder about the way people are. wonder about the way people think. wonder about how this world was created. wonder how people have come up with such incredible ideas. wonder about beauty. wonder about life. wonder about so many things. my life is filled with wonder

    By sunn on 06.17.2011

  34. There was such glory that morning as you ran outside, the sun pressing against your collarbone and the bridge of your nose. I was amazed at your grace when you jumped up and over the sprinkler head, considering the disease that weighed your body down.

    By Emily Claire URL on 06.17.2011

  35. The small child’s eyes grew in wonder as she watched me work. I’d been entrusted with the small girl only a few days ago, and this was the first night she’d been able to stay up long enough to see me do my job.

    “What is that one called, Grandmother?”

    I smiled. She called me Grandmother despite the fact that I was probably ten times the age of her real grandmother.

    “That is Ursa Major,” I said, as one by one I put the stars in the sky.

    By pseudomnomnom URL on 06.17.2011

  36. I always wonder what it would be like “if…”

    But just this once, I want to throw out the if… and ACTUALLY DO IT! I want to date you, hold you, be with you. I’m too nervous, so I go about wondering what it would be like.

    Save me.

    By Megan URL on 06.17.2011

  37. this is something i do when i see a problem with no easy solution. i usually try to let my brain think of things that my help with the task at hand. This word also makes me think about bread!

    By carlos on 06.17.2011

  38. i wonder what i should do tomorrow……….i wonder what the weather will be……….i wonder how late i will sleep. will my dreams be good? will the cat pee on the bathroom mat again? i wonder why im following these directions instead of clicking my stumble button again………

    By Shannon on 06.17.2011

  39. I wonder what would happen if I could see the Earth spinning in its place, in outer space. Would we seem as insignificant as we are told? Or would our life on that tiny ball be suddenly imbued with a new import, a sort of wonder, because of its paradoxical ability to sustain something we cannot perceive anywhere else?

    By Rukmini on 06.17.2011

  40. I wonder.
    Will I be able to live this life to the fullest?
    Will I be able to be what I think I might become.

    I wonder.
    Will I meet a lover whom I love?
    Or Will I meet a lover whom I use just to better myself.

    Always wondering. Pondering.

    By Alex Quinones URL on 06.17.2011