June 17th, 2011 | 551 Entries

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551 Entries for “wonder”

  1. I just got this word? i wonder why it’s not letting me have a different word. i mean, if i cant come with anything the first time, do you think i will be able the second?? o well, the world is full of wonders.

    By katie on 06.17.2011

  2. i wonder about a lot of things. But I’ve discovered if you wonder and never take action then you end up with no progress in your life. That fact is that if you just sit around then you can’t accomplish your goals. You have to be moving forward!! You can’t sit around – you have to get out there and gitter dun!

    By Bill Jakeway URL on 06.17.2011

  3. Today I wonder if you ever wonder about me. I wonder what it would be like to hold your hand and and to laugh with you. I wonder about the way your hoodie would smell and the softness of your hair. I wonder if what my friend told me just minutes ago: that you like me. I’d never thought of you like that before, as anything more than a crush, just a fantasy, never reality. But as I’m waiting for the bell to ring and it mercifully does, you tap on my shoulder with a sheepish grin and say “Hey, would you go to a movie with me? Just wondering . . .” And my heart is heavy and weightless at the same time as I respond to loudly “Yes!”

    By Colleen URL on 06.17.2011

  4. To wonder, to is to ponder ideas. ” I wonder what will happen today?” Wonder. To be in amazement and total aww. 6 letters. 2 syllables.

    By Alannah Lyngstad on 06.17.2011

  5. Wondering wonderfully worldwide things. What will the future bring? It is the wonder of every plant, animal, object and place that makes us do the adventurous things that we do. And what an excitement, keep wondering. What word is next, I wonder.

    By Katey on 06.17.2011

  6. Today, I wondered about the people I heard speak. I wondered about the lives of the people who spoke of war and loss and dogs and loss and athletic competitions and loss. What were the things they were wondering about when they stood up to speak in front of us. What is a feeling associated with wonder that has to do with eyes opening.

    By Carolyn on 06.17.2011

  7. I wonder about the time it takes for someone to jump as high as they can given that the Earth has no gravity. How long it takes them to reach the atmosphere and how long before their is no breathable oxygen. Then they must be prepared to have a spacesuit given that they have no air, but if they are on Earth they won’t make it off the surface with the weight of the suit holding them down.

    By Beth on 06.17.2011

  8. Wonder befuddles me. That seems obvious, or maybe counter-intuitive—I don’t know which. I wonder which. I want to read Sagan and Dawkins and have things make sense, but anything that makes sense just makes me wonder more. Every answer presents new paths, and I don’t have the time or energy or brainspace to follow them all.

    By A T URL on 06.17.2011

  9. She stared in wonder at the large building that seemed to be made entirely of glass. “How do they do that, brother,” she asked, her blonde curls bouncing about her face. He smiled and pet her hair lovingly, “It’s magic, Camille.”

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 06.17.2011

  10. I wonder why I’m writing on this again, but it doesn’t matter. Wonder. Wonder. One duration, one time during which I didn’t ask questions, when I let everything go and lay on the damp concrete walkway under the stars and trees and basked. Then I went back into the hospital.

    By A T URL on 06.17.2011

  11. I wonder if you think about me. My paranoid mind says no but I hope its yes. I wonder if its as hard for you as it is for me. And although I want all the best for you…I’m selfish at heart.

    By Rose URL on 06.17.2011

  12. I wondered slowly, above the twinkle of the sands, and the prickle of the heat, how much I could say. I wondered silently, the feel of grains slipping through my nails, the breeze knocking my hair disarray.

    I wondered.

    About you.

    By elysia URL on 06.17.2011

  13. I wonder why it’s past midnight and I’m writing about “wonder” for the fourth time. I can’t help but wonder how many different connotations of this words I wish to discuss. I think I shall see the seven wonders of the world, one day.

    By Mercedes Gagliardi URL on 06.17.2011

  14. Eyes shining in wonder,
    He looks upon the world with his first breath;
    But how treacherous is fate
    That he should die
    As a newborn,
    Born to never know life,
    Born to never know love,
    Born to never know anything.
    Born to a mother never to know her child,
    A mother soon to suffer
    Suffer from the emotional trauma of loss,
    Of the loss of a person close enough to touch,
    But too far to save,
    Too far to love,
    Too far for comfort.

    By Amanda URL on 06.17.2011

  15. I wonder all the time. My mind is simply shrouded in constant wondering and pondering as is any mind of creativity. I wonder all the time of the world and of people, of stories told and stories not yet told and how to tell them and who to tell them to. Forever am I stuck wondering…. About anything and everything.

    By Haley URL on 06.17.2011

  16. Here he wonders, day and night, as he plunders striking fear and fright.
    He ponders his life and all the strife it may have caused from all knives tossed. Forever he roam, anger and fury fueling his wrath, wondering why, why he can’t die….

    By Haley URL on 06.17.2011

  17. She breathed deep the scents of water and mint leaves, where they hung heavy in the blue summer sky. She watched the flowers as they swayed in the breeze with a sense of nothing but wonder. The winter maiden breathed a sigh at things she was never meant to see as her robe puddled into steady water in the summer heat.

    By Lunarflight URL on 06.17.2011

  18. There is a light in the corner of the room. It is enough to illuminate the darkest of shadows into exile. I shift my gaze towards it, reminiscing of the last time I saw you. Remembering the last time your gorgeous copper eyes locked with mine, glistening under the burning sun. You were my best friend, forever my confidant. I would have given my life for you, jumped in front of a speeding car for you. As the light extinguishes, I wonder what exactly it is I mean to you. I wonder if you think of me when you awaken from your deepest dreams and right before you drift off into the realm of dreams. I wonder, I wonder if you even know who I am.

    By Karla URL on 06.17.2011

  19. i wonder if i will be able to type anyting since i’m laying on the freaking couch?? i wonder why i’m haviang trouble thinkig of soemting to wonder aobuat/// cuz i can’t spell?? i wonder why this

    By Stephanie on 06.17.2011

  20. i wonder how i’ve gotten here
    this moment
    right here,
    right now.
    so fleeting,
    the mind slips
    the mind slips

    By Kristina on 06.17.2011

  21. I wonder about the way things work and people. Mostly, I wonder about you. I wonder about how I can spend my mornings, days, and evenings thinking about you. I wonder how you always find your way into my dreams. I wonder how you are always the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing on my mind at night. I wonder how you make my stomach churn. Mostly I wonder if I do the same things to you.

    By Liz on 06.17.2011

  22. wonder where
    wonder why
    wonder when i’ll do, not try
    wonder how
    wonder who
    wonder what i’m s’posed to do
    wonder wonder wonder here
    wondering is never clear.

    By Valkyrie URL on 06.17.2011

  23. There is a light in the corner of the room. It is enough to illuminate the darkest of shadows into exile. I shift my gaze towards it, reminiscing of the last time I saw you. Remembering the last time your gorgeous copper eyes locked with mine, glistening under the burning sun. You were my best friend, forever my confidant. I would have given my life for you, jumped in front of a speeding car for you. As the light extinguishes, I wonder what exactly it is I mean to you. I wonder if you think of me when you awaken from your deepest dreams and right before you drift off into nothingness. I wonder, I wonder if you even know who I am.

    By Karla URL on 06.17.2011

  24. I wonder how things will turn out. I am starting to live in constant inconsistency, never knowing whether my next moment will be inexplicably happy or unnecessarily heart-breaking. What is going to happen to me?

    By Vanatron URL on 06.17.2011

  25. i wonder why this was the first word to appear on the site. i mean, just think about it. why would the site give me such a common word? but it sure is an interesting word. wonder has many meanings. it may mean the feeling of wonder i have at seeing this site. or it may mean the wonder that is the taj mahal. or it may even have a sarcastic connotation.

    By Parth Gawarikar on 06.17.2011

  26. i try not to anymore. i think it’s best that way. i’m taking risks i never have before so i won’t have to wonder in the future. and i’m happy. i’m happy that you’re my friend, i’m happy we’re sleeping together. i never have to wonder whether or not you loved me, becuase we made this leap, and i don’t wonder about the end

    By Emily on 06.17.2011

  27. wondering haha i like wondering i just wrote about this but it didnt work so i have no motivation to keep going

    By Camila on 06.17.2011

  28. the world is full of wonder, the co-existence of us all in such diverse ways on this beautiful planet. How was it, thought Lucy, head held in hands, that my part of it is in such a godawful mess

    By debbie k on 06.17.2011

  29. I wonder what life holds for us. I want to be together for always and I hope that to stay true. I wonder how my life would be different without you. Wonderful, wonderful you.

    By Summer on 06.17.2011

  30. Wondering about
    Everything I know
    How much of it is real
    And how much is made up

    Wondering if you
    Are thinking of me
    Thinking about us
    And who you want to be

    By Tanya URL on 06.17.2011

  31. i tilt my head up at the sky, the birds, the clouds, the small bugs flying silently around. they live within their own universe. the vast expansiveness of the world around me. the distance between myself and the future. it’s brilliant. it’s astounding. it fills me with hope. it fills me with wonder. always. forever. infinitely.

    By Ferris Wheels URL on 06.17.2011

  32. I wonder where I will go in life. I wonder if I will ever get into a good college or meet the perfect guy for me. I wonder how many kids I will have and where I will end up living. I wonder how I am going to die and whether my life will have been worth it and lived to the fullest. Then again, I also wonder what would happen to me if I knew any of those things now, rather than finding out as my life goes on. So, I suppose it would be best if I just didn’t know anything until it happened.

    I wonder what I will have for breakfast tomorrow morning…

    By Shelby on 06.17.2011

  33. life is full of wonder. which is often said. but i’d say how much wonder life has in store for you depends on how you see the world around you. life has no wonder if you assume so. after all, it’s how you see, not what you are offered, that matters.

    By kaorita on 06.17.2011

  34. I wonder what will happen as I get older. I used to be filled with wonder at the world around me and I am enraptured with the moments where I can still be amazed at my surroundings. I miss those days where I didn’t feel like I had an explanation for almost everything. Or had to have an explanation for everything.

    By R. Davis on 06.17.2011

  35. i wonder what he’ll think when i end up in the middle of the room by myself. my hands are sweating, my heart is beating, and my eyes are darting back and forth. oh, i hope my heart is beating. if i’m dead, then that really, really sucks. i didn’t get hit by a car on my way here did i? i mean, that could have happened couldn’t it have. i mean, i was in such a hurry my vw could have been hit by a

    By Diana on 06.17.2011

  36. I wonder about her. Will I ever see her again? Her warm, inviting face, her beautiful shining smile… Ever since she got on that train, I’ve wondered… when will she be back? When will we once again be able to hold hands in the sweet embrace of true love?

    By Christopher URL on 06.17.2011

  37. i wonder if there is anything really wonderful to wonder about
    some i doubt
    that anything out there
    has wonder
    and awe

    By christ on 06.17.2011

  38. There’s a peice of gum at the bottom of the table. Touching my knee. I’m constantly disgusted with people. Who thinks that’s socially acceptable, to stick your gum in random places, moist with saliva and disgustingly sickly. I wonder what goes through their heads. Repulsive.

    I turn back to my book’s character, a charming girl who wouuld never put gum

    By Brie on 06.17.2011

  39. I wonder what would happen if I spent my days wondering about the wonders of the world? Or what would happen if I discovered that someone right at this second was wondering about me? How wonderful, isn’t it wonderful? Everything is wonderful now…..or is it?

    By Sanii on 06.17.2011

  40. wonder!! it makes a person unique… the ability to wonder starts the thinking process. If we didn’t have the ability to wonder, a lot many interesting discoveries would never have been made.
    I wonder about a lot of things myself.. For instance- what if we could invent a new colour? One that doesn’t have its roots in any of the seven colours of the rainbow.

    By saikrupa on 06.17.2011