September 21st, 2010 | 124 Entries

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124 Entries for “without”

  1. Without those eyes i feel like im invincible, cause you were the one who held me down. Without that intoxicating smile, i feel like i am finally able to speak my mind. Without that smirk, I feel like I am finally able to stand up for what is right. I think I’m better off, without you.

    By Gaya URL on 09.21.2010

  2. without you I am lost without god I am helpless without air I am heartless without people I am Alone ……

    By Erika Meitner on 09.21.2010

  3. “With or without youuuuuu, with or without you. I can’t live–” “Dude, Janna, get the !%!@ out of the shower, people have to get to class!” …and that’s when I quieted down, making the mental note not to renew my lease with college kids.

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 09.21.2010

  4. without the darkness
    i cannot find the morning
    to be more than light

    By Ty URL on 09.21.2010

  5. She was without a heart, that bitch. She took what I had and threw it in my face. She screwed my brother and my sister. How’s that for evil?

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 09.21.2010

  6. You can only go so far without hope. She burns after only a few years, falls and screams and tears into little tiny pieces of remorse and hatred and r e g r e t. She pleads for help. He wishes that he could save her, but he’s just as lost.
    Without hope, you crash, but without faith-
    (just waiting for it to end)

    By Kayla on 09.21.2010


    By twest on 09.21.2010

  8. Without hope we have no purpose
    Without imagination we have no fear
    Without loved ones we have no strive
    Without these things we have no soul

    By ColumbiaPhoenix URL on 09.21.2010

  9. I like my life. I live in a valley between two large, old mountains. I have running water, but no electricity. It’s a quiet, peaceful life, without electronic distractions like a tv or stuff like that. I have a sat phone, so if there’s an emergency I can get help. That was a necessity, as I live more than 2 hours away from the nearest road.

    By cleany URL on 09.21.2010

  10. without youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu – I am LOST

    By joner on 09.21.2010

  11. Without the use of your legs you cannot walk or run, but they have ways now to help you do those things if you really wish to.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 09.21.2010

  12. I’d be lost without books. They inspire me, they’re my haven, they work as escapism for me. I starve for books like one would starve for food in a deserted island. I swallow them whole.

    By Anna URL on 09.21.2010

  13. rings.
    without the shine
    without the shimmer
    my fingers seem numb and insecure
    feel the curves
    feel the corners
    without the dazzle,
    they are nothing to you.
    metal stains my skin
    impressions made forever
    a reminder of you.

    By Ellen The Whale on 09.21.2010

  14. with or without youuuu, i hate that u2 song. lest see, without? also reminds me of being ‘without’ my lovely boyfriend. live without chocolate. thats a toughie actually. i don’t think i could choose. these are the things i could do without’ the lesser known track on the sound of music soundtrack. I’ll shut up now.

    By Gabrielgal URL on 09.21.2010

  15. She sobbed uncontrollably, rocking back and fourth as though the world had ended. For her,t had. Small fangs dug into her lips and she refused to open her eyes because she knew she would be without a reflection and without color.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 09.21.2010

  16. without my family, i don’t know what i would do. They have changed my entire life and gave me a reason to be. I love them more than words could ever say. Tia, Donovan, Demitry and Jay.

    By jay on 09.21.2010

  17. without getting into too much detail,let’s just say i wasn’t her first love(he turned out to be gay and died of aids)or her second (he took off years ago,never to be seen or heard from again).I was her make up plan…and i liked it around as much as she did

    By Dan on 09.21.2010

  18. without you, I am broken. There seems to be nothing for me here. Everyday is a struggle to find happiness and love without you. I am broken.

    By omiko on 09.21.2010

  19. with­out you, I am bro­ken. There seems to be noth­ing for me here. Every­day is a strug­gle to find hap­pi­ness and love with­out you. I am broken.

    By omiko URL on 09.21.2010

  20. Without a will, I have no way. Without a voice, I have no say. Without the sun, I have no day. Without a choice, I can’t go away.

    By Tay URL on 09.21.2010

  21. Without the rain our garden will never grow. I need the rain, because I am afraid that without those sweet tomatoes and spicy zucchini, there will just be one more failure to add to our ever growing list. We have love, but I don’t know if that is enough.

    By Sparkle on 09.21.2010

  22. with­out get­ting into too much detail,let’s just say i wasn’t her first love(he turned out to be gay and died of aids)or her sec­ond (he took off years ago,never to be seen or heard from again).I was her back up plan…and i liked it around as much as she did

    By Dan on 09.21.2010

  23. without you i will be nothing you are my heart and without you i have no heart i’m am lost without you.

    By hope on 09.21.2010

  24. Without food, you will die.
    Without water, you will die.
    Without sleep, you will die.
    Without love, you will die alone.
    Without books, you will die ignorant.
    Without me, you will die happy!

    By Jack on 09.21.2010

  25. He was without doubt the correct choice for the voice.
    And without him, we could not start the dance of prance.

    By Marianne URL on 09.21.2010

  26. Without… all the things I think I need.
    I am…
    After you sit with it for awhile. You have all you need. And you are right where you should be.
    Take from each moment… the lessons it has to offer. Not what you think it should offer.

    By Amber Rene on 09.21.2010

  27. alone with nobody … lack of someone or something… no one with you or you have bennforgot something …alone

    By belen URL on 09.21.2010

  28. Nyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawww, girl. How you gonna just up and leave me like this, girl. I ain’t nothin without you girl you know this. Girl. Tried and true but now without you I am like porcelain cement, girl.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 09.21.2010

  29. without you i am nothing. without you everything is wrong. being without you is like being without the sun. i hate being without you.

    By kas123 on 09.21.2010

  30. without anything, something new might start. without a preconception, a purpose, an action might actually take place. without knowledge, understanding of what really is could arise.

    By chris on 09.21.2010

  31. Without you my darling. It’s alright – I’ll prevail. Whatever will happen, I will I WILL prevail, never will I be unrequited then there – you will not be darling.

    By Maria Magdalena URL on 09.21.2010

  32. The thought crosses my mind, but I’ll quickly erase it
    I’ve lOst feeling in my fingers
    Where are yours

    By Neala on 09.21.2010

  33. without
    was my first thought
    most likely because you will soon be leaving
    and it will be months before
    I lay eyes or hands on you again
    I’ve never felt like I needed you
    yet the absence of you aches inside

    By Amiee URL on 09.21.2010

  34. i am still alive

    By Ellory Adaleigh URL on 09.21.2010

  35. Without this world, I would be nothing, perhaps just a wispy piece of something drifting like ash in between the spaces of the sky.

    By * withlove ANITA URL on 09.21.2010

  36. You’re without a ground. Didn’t you realize? I’m not sure how I’ll feel without you, but should we both be groundless? I can’t shepherd you forever, but I’m afraid where you’ll go without me. A good reason to leave, actually. Without me, will you go forward? Can I? What an interesting experiment. Shall we go through this together, but without each other? I’m game if you are.

    By Blakkhawkk on 09.21.2010

  37. ohne dich auf der straße, wie ein reudiger hund, auf der suche nach fleisch und zipfeln lasse ich mich fallen in den dreck an der seite der allee, neben die bäume, an die ich gepisst habe, ohne scheu

    By chRIsTinA URL on 09.21.2010

  38. I am without joy. Without laughter. Without companions. Without happiness. Without Pain.

    By Anne on 09.21.2010

  39. I know what it’ like to be starved of air, I know what its like to not have a heartbeat. I know what life is like without purpose and without joy. But never had I imagined life would be this hard without you. Never would I have imagined that you would mean more to me than life itself. That being without you is worse than being without all else.

    By Criss on 09.21.2010

  40. Without water for days, she stumbled through the moonlike desert, and velvety night approached on the dome of navy blue sky. A cactus silhouette outlined on the sunset, the promise of a drizzling dip of moisture.

    By AmandaO URL on 09.21.2010