December 29th, 2010 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “wishing”

  1. Wishing is what happens when you don’t have enough determination to achieve something yourself. Wishing is what you do when you want something, but you don’t want it bad enough. If you want something bad enough, do something about there. Don’t just sit there and “wish” for it, like it’s magically going to happen, because it’s not. Go out there and achieve your wishes…make your dreams a reality! As a girl who’s sat around and wished for something and not put the time and effort into something, I’ve learned that wishing gets you nowhere. Get off your butt and put your wishes and dreams into action. Show the world what you’ve got. Prove to them you’re something more!.

    By Moriah Lynn URL on 12.29.2010

  2. With a message from my heart floating in the river water, she turned her back and wiped the tears from her face, and the dew from the early morning grass from her legs.

    By Steffany URL on 12.29.2010

  3. With a message from my heart floating in the wishing well, she turned her back and wiped the tears from her face, and the dew from the early morning grass off her legs.

    By Steffany URL on 12.29.2010

  4. a wish is faith
    a wish is your beliefs
    a wish is your hopes
    wishes could cause wars
    i would never give them up
    a desire is behind each one.
    i always wish for a kiss

    By tyler hughes on 12.29.2010

  5. never comes true. its a stupid thing u just wasy=te ur time makin ur own vitual world cuz its just bullshit but yeah it does make u feel good temporarily and ya might make u go pyscho at times but anyways its a good time pass, might come true 1/100th times.

    By samavia on 12.29.2010

  6. Reality crashed when it’s plane hit the ground, leaving me with no reasons to keep sticking around. I was too busy wishing the best would work out- I should have been packing my bags and leaving this town.

    By thealyssaexxperience URL on 12.29.2010

  7. I dream upon stars that make their wishes come true. I cannot help but wonder why the world never understands what I really, truly want. IS it vain hope that I call upon the gods or a superstitious wonder that my thoughts will come true?

    I hope that my prayers will come answered. Or that my wishes come true. But whatever comes of wishes? Must we truly limit ourselves if what we want isn’t earthly attainable? If I wish to fly how then might you grant me wings? Or shall I fly on metallica?

    By Kit Kat on 12.29.2010

  8. i wish i was famouse. i want to work hard. i wish i was in love. i wish i could sing like idena menzall, even though i cant spell her name
    i wish i knew all the answers’
    i wish i didnt sin so often
    i wish i could say no
    i wish i didnt need food
    i wish i was thin’
    i wish i was hott
    i wish i wish wish

    By Deanna on 12.29.2010

  9. Wishing on a wish bone. Does it really help. Wishing you a happy and safe new year.
    Wishing you lots of success. Wishing you love and peace.

    By Chris G on 12.29.2010

  10. the list of angels
    a list of wishing in multiple colors
    for joy.
    the all-thing we want
    and most likely should not always have.
    this thing of wishing.

    By Wrick19 URL on 12.29.2010

  11. wanting something. hoping. longing, waiting, striving, pining, imagining, visualizing.

    By Karen Bailey on 12.29.2010

  12. Wishing, isn’t it such an amazingly stupid thing? If you wish for something, you should try to do it instead of wanting someone to do it for you. Seriously.

    Sam rolled his eyes at the girl beside him, with her odd fixation on watching smoke. He was positive that both of them were going to end up with lung cancer without either of them actually lifting a cigarette to their lips.

    By Ashley on 12.29.2010

  13. i wish i could do so many things i wish i want stars cannot be mimmicked by airplanes nice try industrialized music has gone away wish it’d stay can we bring it back i dont know who are we to say that things are going good or bad

    By TheOversizedPixie on 12.29.2010

  14. For something far away, that was unfinished and short lived. Beautiful, tall, and genuine. Out of my reach but still hopeful. With jet black hair, and a beautiful dialect.

    By Brittany on 12.29.2010

  15. well. you were here. looked different. marriage. children. our own place. house. career. care. you. love. spell. together. cuddling. in your arms. holding me tight. kissing.

    By Samantha on 12.29.2010

  16. wishing, I spend oh so much time wishing…am I wasting my time? accomplishing anything? that I may never know…but all this wishing gives me hope.

    By Caralayah URL on 12.29.2010

  17. I’m so fucking sad and tired of wishing. And luck
    I wish I had friends.
    I wish someone thought I was beautiful
    I wish I had money
    I wish I wasn’t wasting my time writing about wishing because it is not helping out my situation
    I want to be beautiful&get kisses evereyday
    I’m done wishing.

    By Lyss on 12.29.2010

  18. I’m wishing upon a star for my prince charming to come along and sweep me of my feet. I’m hoping that with him he brings a huge stallion and a pretty tiara, so we can ride away together.

    By Mayra URL on 12.29.2010

  19. I’m wishing for everything to chang. nothing ever good happens for me and my life sucks. i’m tired of life. i wish and wish, but guess what.. wishes don’t come true. movies need to stop feeding the young minds of innocient childrens and tell them the way the world really works. how the world is actually a cruel, annoying, bothersom, hurtful place and tny

    By Audrey URL on 12.29.2010

  20. How come I just got this word
    I just wrote about wishing.
    I don’t really know how this website works.. I just know that i just got wishing.
    I’m wishing right now that I knew how to work this website and that I had a new word..
    we are all always wishing for a better life, more attention, more everthing.. When will it all stop? WHen we realizze wishses don’t come true?

    By Audrey URL on 12.29.2010

  21. I wish for a thousand things, a thousand times a day. I always find myself wishing. I’ve wished on things like eyelashes, stars, or candles, but I never find myself wishing with honest hope. Someday somewhere a million wishes will come true.

    By Caitlyn on 12.29.2010

  22. I kept wishing for the same thing over and over every night on the biggest, brightest wishing star, hoping one day it might finally come true.
    It didn’t.

    By Jodi URL on 12.29.2010

  23. I stood by the wishing fountain, penny in hand, wondering if these things actually work. I feel like I wish for the same thing every time but it never happens. I just wish because that’s what you’re supposed to do. You throw in a penny and make a wish. I don’t even know where the penny goes when it is eventually cleaned out of the fountain.

    By athena URL on 12.29.2010

  24. I’ve gotten “wishing” again. For the third time. Is it one word a day? Feh.

    I wish there was an easy solution. That’s what I’m wishing for.

    Wishing is useless.

    By Caitlyn on 12.29.2010

  25. i was just wishing that this flu would go away. I’m tired of spending all my time today in a bathroom and I’m hungry. I would die for a medium steak right now. What is a boy to do? what can I possibly do to get over this.

    By ArTee on 12.29.2010

  26. wishing is useless
    because the wish-monster doesn’t exist

    he’s really just
    an illusion

    if you want something done
    better to do it yourself.

    By ty URL on 12.29.2010

  27. some sit
    things could be different.

    but i sit
    things could be the same.

    By Amber Rain URL on 12.29.2010

  28. wishing
    everyday i wish for everything. for happpiness for freedom for a life
    a real life sperate from what i have now
    what i i have now is not real life is a dream and all i wish is for my dream to end
    i wish for everyone to wake up. if only the skys were free so i can fly away
    fly away
    how i wish i could fly
    and ive been wishing all my life
    it is how i pray
    i pray for the sun to come out one day
    more than that i wish for the sun to burn away our fears
    any stipulation i am wishing for the sun to open us
    to each other in beautiful poetry and so for one we can be “full”
    because i am empty. full of only darkness
    shadows and fog
    i wish for the light of truth and the living

    By Claire on 12.29.2010

  29. Every day I think about you. Wishing and hoping that you’re just playing a cruel joke. That you’re gonna call me up and say “Gotcha!” But I know that’s unrealistic. You’ve moved on. I love you more than anything and I don’t think I ever will stop loving you… It’s hard, because I know I mean nothing to you.

    By Vivien URL on 12.29.2010

  30. stars and sparkles and darkness. warm colors and warmth and longing and a lump in the back of my throat. wishfulness… no, that uses the word. no thinking. only wishing. cosmic love by florence and the machine. all the stereotypes in the world that i resent about shooting stars.

    By Glory on 12.29.2010

  31. Wishing to be filled with your spirit. Wishing for the ultimate outcome. Wishing for a fate everlasting. Wishing for contentment.

    By Ashley URL on 12.29.2010

  32. I don’t know what to say about wishing. I like to throw pennies in fountains and make wishes. I think if I throw a dime, I get 10 wishes. I threw a dime in the Arkansas River, but I only made one wish. I don’t remember what I wished for. Lalalalala. Wish upon a star and all that jazz. LA! Jessica is looking over my shoulder.

    By Erica URL on 12.29.2010

  33. Wishing to be filled with your spirit. Wishing for the ultimate outcome. Wishing for a fate everlasting. Wishing for contentment. Wishing for a moment of clarity. Wishing for world peace. Wishing for no goodbyes. Wishing to live forever. Wishing, wishing, wishing, but never doing enough.

    By Ashley URL on 12.29.2010

  34. Wishing. Something I do twice a day. It’s like I’ve trained my body to lok at the clock every day at 11:11. I always wish. I wish for him. Wish that this summer my parents will allow me to go see him. Because they keep me trapped. I wish that we could be together. I wish to close the 3,000 mile gap between us. I wish that we could talk faco face again, instead of just text on a screen. Pictures on a screen. I miss his smell, his hair, his hands. I wish he and I could get married. I wish we could move away and live together. I wish for him every day.

    By Katy URL on 12.29.2010

  35. I am always wishing that everything was different that people could think the way that I do. That things could be better.

    By Raymond Prentice on 12.29.2010

  36. She’s spent years waiting for it – wishing that it’ll show up.

    She’s imagined every possible scenario, thought up every ridiculous plot that could get her to the point in her life that she’s most desperate for, but nothing comes of it. Her dreams always end in the saddening weight of her reality.

    Until the day he shows up and turns everything upside down.

    He’s everything she’s never wished for – drinks too much, swears too loud, and prefers country to classic rock.

    But he’s head over heels in love with her and adores her the way she’s always wished for.

    It’s more than enough.

    By Allie on 12.29.2010

  37. Wishing well
    Wishing well
    I wish I wish
    I wish you well
    I hope you go
    I hope you know
    That I remember
    That rainy November
    That you never granted my wish
    For my very own koi fish.

    By Alice on 12.29.2010

  38. The few times she knew she was wishing, and not dreaming, was when she reached out, pinched herself… and didn’t wake up. She was stuck, wingless, in this eternal dream they call life. If only it would end…

    By Peggy Mativo on 12.29.2010

  39. I’m wishing that I was with a certain someone right now, but unfortunately I’m not. Luckily I will be in 5 days and then I will be wishing no more.

    By Lila on 12.29.2010

  40. i wish that you would love me. i wish she would be my friend again. i wish they wouls understand me. but what is wishing, when you dont believe it will ever come true.

    By layla on 12.29.2010