July 31st, 2011 | 286 Entries

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286 Entries for “wings”

  1. i wish i had wings. wings could take me any place i wanted to go. they could take me away from here for a few minutes of solitude. maybe i would see you walking along, and i would land. there’s something about you that makes me… miss you. i’m not sure. hearing about you all the time, it’s sort of odd, knowing you found someone else, and I’m just… nobody.
    maybe i wouldn’t see you. i’d just fly, fly straight out of here.

    By EJ URL on 08.01.2011

  2. a

    By Carmeta on 08.01.2011

  3. wings life me off and take me to a place that I had never seen before. Wings set me down in a land that I am familiar with and have longed to see again. Wings are the mechanism to bring me to home.

    By JSClark25 URL on 08.01.2011

  4. When he got on that broomstick, it was like he had wings. He could soar and fly and dive with the precision and majesty of an eagle. She just couldn’t take her eyes off him, and every time she saw him fly like that, she wondered if she really was denying her love for him.

    By Emily Beth on 08.01.2011

  5. I have flown in my dreams. I’m certain. I saw the front of my flat as I sped down the street. It was spooky. I was weightless, free, so effortless like I was this feather that belonged in a limitless meadow. I would love to have wings. Imagine being able to fly at will. An amazing wow experience!

    By Jeanette on 08.01.2011

  6. Wings. How I wish I had them. It would absolutely be awesome to be able to soar through the sky and forget about everything. Let the wind wipe all my worries away as I soar through the sky and feel the freedom that every bird feels.

    *sigh. Oh how I wish I could fly.

    By Demetria Malfoy URL on 08.01.2011

  7. The white, feathery monstrosities unfurled from his back, spreading wide and blotting out the sun. She stared up at him in awe, unsure if she should be frightened or gleeful.
    “What -?”
    “I’m not an angel, if that’s what you’re thinking,” he quickly said. Gaze downcast, he murmured, “Not even close.”

    By Rachael A. on 08.01.2011

  8. fairytales. peter pan. just fairies, all day, zipping through the tree, sprinkling magic dust all over the land, not caring who it lands on. wings, i wish i had them. so i could fly to seattle and be with him, so i could avoid a plane ticket, those long lines, so i could see him whenever i wanted. infinite possibilities.

    By susie on 08.01.2011

  9. though left in midst of the crowd beaten down by the circumstances and inaction a ray of hope shone cutting through the dark spaces. The lost belief, a stray hope, held him up gradually as he starting belonging to himself, transforming into wings uplifting him from the shackles to the pilgrimage of his salvation.

    By rndm URL on 08.01.2011

  10. the wings of the bird were very long and many coloured. They were not unusual for such a large bird but Paul had never seen such a vast array

    By bedal on 08.01.2011

  11. The bird was flying in the middle of the house. No one knew how it got in there. All the family knew was that they needed to kill it. The dad grabbed a few water balloons from his closet and began to randomly throw them around the house in an attempt to kill the bird.

    By Joey Honeycutt on 08.01.2011

  12. I wish i had wings. Wings help you fly. Fly away from what I don’t know. Maybe from troubles of the everyday life. Maybe you fly towards something instead of away from something. Maybe you could fly to a paradise. Wings are the tools that get you there.

    By varsh URL on 08.01.2011

  13. If I had wings, even just for a day, I know exactly what I would do. I’d fly off, as far as I can go and leave all my worries behind. I’d be happy, as high as I can be in the sky, completely fearless and happy. If I had wings, I would fly away anytime I got angry. I’d lift my wings and just go.

    By Maddie on 08.01.2011

  14. The last thing I remembered as we were up and over that city was you standing in the doorway and waving when the taxi took me away. Heat ripples coming up making you wavy yourself. It was all goodbye for me. You thought it was quick and easy and temporary. I knew Thailand would be destination and home, for a long time.

    By Bryan URL on 08.01.2011

  15. Unfurling from her back, covered in feathers. The strange wonderfullness of it all. The soaring and the gliding across the sky. She felt it all. The wind and the clouds and every piece of nature she could she. She was truly one with it and that made her joyful.

    By McKinzey URL on 08.01.2011

  16. The little girl stood straight, tip-toeing from the ground laughing when the wind started messing up her hair. She jumped from the little grassy hill, pretending that she was some kind of pure white angel or a pretty little fairy. She waved her little arms around like they were wings and she abruptly landed on the grass. She ran back to the hill again and did the same thing over and over.

    By Kryssel. URL on 08.01.2011

  17. Wings, how typical to say but I want my own pair. Now, I get why it’s become such a trend, I think no matter who you are, you wish to grow a pair of wings and just fly away. I’d fly around but I can’t help but think, I kind of want my boyfriend to be sharing the experience with me. Still, if it were possible where would I fly first?

    By Katie Choivo URL on 08.01.2011

  18. There was a pair on the kitchen table last night. Someone must have taken them off before going upstairs. I think they were Sandra’s. She’s always leaving her things behind. I keep mine locked up in a small chest in my closet. I’m always afraid of someone stealing my things.

    By Meg on 08.01.2011

  19. His love gave me wings. Wings to soar into an intergalactic place that I believed did not exist. We loved with a love that was greater than love. He loved me like no other. But it were those wings that he retracted and used to fly off into the heavens…far away from me.

    By lovestoned URL on 08.01.2011

  20. His wings slapped me in the face and I got upset.
    I guess angels get upset.
    I got so upset I spit gold and started sweating love.
    Why am I mad I thought.
    What is mad?
    I’m an angel, I don’t know what that is.
    That’s crazy.
    I need help.
    An angel psychiatrist.
    And angel antidepressants.

    By C.Boan URL on 08.01.2011

  21. Something with lightweight feathers glides through the night with graceful wings. Its eyes scan the forests, searching for unlucky prey. The feathers seem to whistle under the wind, yet no one hears a sound because owls are quiet, with their magestic wings.

    By Grace on 08.01.2011

  22. She opened her arms wide, her fingers stretched and poised as if they’d been the feathered tips of a bird’s wing. She balanced on her tiptoes, defying gravity as she stood on the edge of the cliff.
    “Anne, get back from there.” William called.
    “If I were a bird…” she said, ignoring him. “would that I could sing my woes.”
    “Anne, please.”
    “If I were a bird… would that I could soar the skies.”
    “If I were a bird… would that I could spread my wings and fly…”
    A hundred or more birds that had been roosting in a grove suddenly flew up in fright as the echo of a scream bounced across the cliffs.

    By B.AM URL on 08.01.2011

  23. God gives me wings; fly,
    letting me come closer; now,
    open your house doors; safe.

    By victoria URL on 08.01.2011

  24. Coming down on your gossamer wings
    and dance with me, dance with me slow.
    Never again will we speak of such things…
    Toast to the moon, all ’round the room
    the spirit comes through, in the soul and the cup
    And tonight I will drink to the comp’ny I keep.

    By breezy on 08.01.2011

  25. I’m going to make myself a pair of wings; enough of this life of stagnation and lack, damn it.

    By Jeanie URL on 08.01.2011

  26. it was no easy thing, deciding to leave my home
    wow that’s a lie, it was the easiest thing in the world, jumping off into the unknown and becoming anything anyone I could
    and would and had imagined

    By judigoldberg URL on 08.01.2011

  27. softly the feathers
    ruffle in the summer wind
    black bird flies away

    By Marron Marvel URL on 08.01.2011

  28. They can sometimes be imaginary but the emotions you spark in me are like wings that lift me high that inspire me to dream big.

    By Mayra URL on 08.01.2011

  29. I wish I had some so I can fly. Far away from here. I hope they are big enough to get me back though. I don’t want to leave forever. I just want a break. Maybe I don’t need wings. Just a vacation. I could fly there. I wouldn’t loose my luggage like Northwest.

    By Jason on 08.01.2011

  30. I stood there.

    I looked down. I was much too high to back down now. I looked over my shoulder; I felt hurt that I saw no one there, and yet I was content that there was no one to stop me. I closed my eyes and steeled my resolve.

    I jumped off in a leap.

    By extremexunyi on 08.01.2011

  31. I wish I had wings to fly. My sister did. She despised them, while I admired them. I told her her wings were beautiful. She said it made her look like a freak.

    By strawberri URL on 08.01.2011

  32. she flew, and she flew far. She didn’t really know how she had wings–in fact she was fairly positive she actually didn’t. She was halfway certain this was all a dream anyway, but for right now she could hear them, beating against the wind right behind her, the air rushing past her face making her eyes close up against it. It was amazing, if it was a dream she didn’t want to wake up.

    By michelle URL on 08.01.2011

  33. Icarus wasn’t born with wings. He made them. They were, in the end, his downfall, but that doesn’t make his accomplishment any less incredible. I mean, shit, he was the Wright Bros. of antiquity. Pretty awesome.

    By dan URL on 08.01.2011

  34. I’m sure after I’ve submitted this, there will be a hundred earlier posts that begin like, “Oh, give me wings so I can fly,” or, “I got a tattoo of wings on my back,” or, “Angel wings are so pretty….”
    Some days, I envy birds, and especially dragons; but then I remember that one group is futile and the other is nonexistent.

    By Scream URL on 08.01.2011

  35. Green flowed like water over her shoulders, leaves sprouting from her skin and flowers decorating the vines that wrapped themselves around her body. Branches stretched out into wings of the forest, arcing up as her body grew into an extension of the woods. Gaia in her favored form.

    By heather URL on 08.01.2011

  36. It’s a bit of a cliché but who hasn’t dreamt that they could fly? It would be nice to have wings- not very convenient for clothes, tho’. Rather bulky. Unless they folded in neatly.

    By Locsalot URL on 08.01.2011

  37. I never wanted wings. I always wanted to fly, but I never wanted the wings that went along with it. I wanted to be like superman, except without the chiseled chin. I just wanted to soar. I was never one to jump off rooftops.

    By Kelli on 08.01.2011

  38. Flying, floating, gliding effortlessly through the sky; weightless without pain and heartache.

    By Faith monae on 08.01.2011

  39. Learn to fly. Spread them. They provide you with all you need to learn anything, go any place, you just have to believe.

    By Andrew Duback on 08.01.2011

  40. I fly on the wing of night, with my thoughts spinning and spilling over me like turbulent air over the inflight craft. As I soar I sink like a stone but still aloft, held aloft by the existence of the wings that flap above my head.

    By Sam URL on 08.01.2011