July 2nd, 2013 | 144 Entries

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144 Entries for “willful”

  1. Willful is the word that I have to write about EVERY TIME. How do I manage this website?

    By Wicke URL on 07.02.2013

  2. “Sehuna, come here for a second,” Jongin asked, straining his neck over the top of the chair to glance at the boy.

    Sehun groaned, and his body, tired from the nonstop dance practice SM forced upon them , less than willfully made it’s way over to the table where Jongin and Chanyeol were sitting. They were huddled around a laptop, one of the many fans had given Jongin for his birthday, laughing over a weibo page dedicated to unfortunate photos of EXO-M.

    Sehun jumped when Chanyeol suddenly burst into raucous laughter, eye twitching and smile wide as he pounded his fists on the table. Sehun leaned over to get a closer look at the picture on the screen.

    By jongin URL on 07.02.2013

  3. The Child God was quite willful. Disciplining him was the only way to preserve the realm in its current form. But disciplining a supernatural being had to be done with the utmost care. Only one wizard was up to the task.

    By MauriceWilliams URL on 07.02.2013

  4. Willful… Fullfill
    I can’t wilfully fullfill my dream of becoming a writer. Why? I don’t write. Too lazy to write. Sittiing on the beanbag like a couch potato, reading silly books all day like book worm. That drives my ambitious, willing mind crazy until my mind can’t take it any longer. The mind creaks and then rusts, with no oil for it to be satisfied with. Right now, a huge crack has formed in my mind. Don’t mistake my mind for my brain, or any other physical part of me. My mind is the thinking part of me. Too sad that my body couldn’t cope with my mind. My mind was racing like a freedom found colt running aimlessly. The strength lied in where I wanted to go. I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I ran and ran. And tired from aimless running, I slumped and slacked or so I say. Ain’t I writing now?

    By Abinaya on 07.02.2013

  5. It is my choice. My choice. My CHOICE. I can decide to do this, I can. I canIcanIcanIcan. I … tell myself this anyways. Every day is a fresh start, early bird worm yaddayadda. But … if it’s all about positive attitude, shouldn’t I have made some sort of progress by this point in time …?

    By terradi URL on 07.02.2013

  6. she’s a willful little one
    they would say about me
    when i was a child
    the unfortunate truth
    is that i’ve never grown out
    of this childish
    little habit
    of being ever stubborn
    always willful
    let’s admit it, i’m a brat

    By Kimberly on 07.02.2013

  7. that is exactly what i’m not right now no sir this in the way i’m sitting at the cafe with my eyes closed writing poetry to you dear internet webs why do you care to know my will or lack thereof does it interest you entailing which vigilance i use when i sleep ?

    By reluctant URL on 07.02.2013

  8. I do not know exactly what this means. Maybe that someone is strong. I’m sure full of will, but what exactly is will? I don’t know. Tell me.

    By kenya on 07.02.2013

  9. What can I say? I know the rules and I know they’re for the best but all the same I can’t ignore the ache between my ribs, in the pit of my stomach, around my lungs. I want you now and forever and you can’t tell me I can’t have you.

    By Charlotte on 07.02.2013

  10. People frequently tell me that I am a willful child, and that being so strong-headed will one day do more harm than good to me if I’m not careful. Whenever people tell me this, my natural response is to cross my arms over my chest, look them straight in the eye, and tell them in a particularly matter-of-fact manner that my willfulness is simply a part of my own natural charm.

    In hindsight, saying things like that probably doesn’t help matters much.

    By LordSriya URL on 07.02.2013

  11. You know what willful makes me think of? Wishing things to happen so much that you’re almost willing it to happen, leaving it up to the thought to happen or not. And most often than not, the thing you wish to happen does not. It is very tragic, actually.

    By Acela URL on 07.02.2013

  12. *cRASH!*
    His young frail body is knocked roughly to the floor.
    *Kick* *wack* smash*
    A leg kicks out
    the voice shrieks out in agony
    “Have you learned your lesson yet foolish rat bag?”
    The boy painfully pulls his arms up to his chest and kneels in front of the man maliciously looking down upon him
    “no” the words fall out of the boy in his scraggly voice

    By Evan URL on 07.02.2013

  13. my lust is willful
    and now what it wants is you
    everybody wins

    By Aley URL on 07.02.2013

  14. Willfully wishing, fully wishing, the brightest of days for you. Willfully wishing means plucking petals and looking for stars and shaking magic eight balls until my hands between to tremble. Willfully wishing only the brightest skies, lover. Because that’s what you need, and that what I need.

    By Jessica URL on 07.02.2013

  15. being willful is ok…..everybody deserve their own little happiness no matter how selfish it is…what ever you do make sure you are happy.

    By yj on 07.02.2013

  16. Willful without the will. What is the will without the faith behind it to guide it forward, to push it past the limits. Willful is mischievous and nasty and moody. Will is the key. Will is what’s needed.

    By Jonathan URL on 07.02.2013

  17. willfull. something i wish i could use to describe my own fortitude more often. but i think it carries positive connotation. have i know anyone that was particularly willful?

    generally, they are business type people. well, maybe not; maybe i just say that because i’ve been surrounded by so many of those types lately.

    willful — someone who has an idea and isn’t WILLING to give up on it until they see it through to fruition.

    By jeff ong URL on 07.02.2013

  18. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I had to fight my instincts and willfully stick it out. It was a disaster, but hey, It could only get better from here!

    By Hightimes URL on 07.02.2013

  19. Willing to do something. Free Willy. Anything and everything. Willing to do anything and everything.

    By holly on 07.02.2013

  20. You tore her heart from her chest in that forced, vicious way of yours. Everything you did, you did with this fire that cannot be replicated — this implacable urge to inhabit every moment and live within the pages of every life. She was a story, and you took her in your hands and crushed her into crinkled parchment dust. Your will was for destruction, and your vengeance was wreaked.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 07.02.2013

  21. compliant, ready to help, helpful happy smiling great cheerful supportive motivated joyful successful trusting friendly on point super good

    By Ania on 07.02.2013

  22. “Damn it, stop being so willful!”

    “I’m never willful. Leave me alone.” he said, and shrugged the other man away.

    “Listen to me, and listen good.” said the first, grabbing his shoulder to whirl him around, “You look in my eyes.”

    The boy looked, glaring, his eyes narrowed. “What?”

    “You be careful with that thing you’re carrying. Got it? It’s dangerous, and I won’t have you screwing anything up.”


    “Yeah. Now fuck off.”

    By Maria URL on 07.02.2013

  23. ready to go, happy, compliant, helpful, great, listener, helper, kind, hard working, smiling, joyful, caring, positive attitude

    By Ania on 07.02.2013

  24. It was unbearable to watch him, trying to conquer her, while she refused to consent. His willful ambitions were left unmatched, and he was left to cry and beg. No avail.

    By Brita Moore URL on 07.02.2013

  25. one of the three year olds in my class has the most willful personality that i have come across in fifteen years of teaching. she is also big for her age, and this is a challenging combo. smaller children, when they tantrum, i can pick up and move out of the way to a safe place with ease. this one, she is going to hurt me or herself.

    By amy URL on 07.02.2013

  26. willingly. Doing something with consent. agreeing will smith sex task accept ok.

    By callie on 07.02.2013

  27. when I look into his eyes I feel willful I don’t mean to and I don’t want to he makes me do things im not proud of but when I look in his eyes that’s what I do, they memorize me his eyes are like willful powers looking straight into my soul

    By Kennedi on 07.02.2013

  28. You wouldn’t exactly say that I was willful. But I went along with it anyways. I don’t know, I guess maybe it was just the idea of helping that appealed to me. I was still reluctant, though. It was just a weird situation. I didn’t really have any good choices.

    By Leasha P. URL on 07.02.2013

  29. That boy is willing to do anything for her. Anything to keep her in line. He’ll sleep next to her in the living room just to be sure she’s not fuckin’ around.

    By Tangles on 07.02.2013

  30. It is willful to be human. It is willful to think that by combining letters i can rearrange all of time and space. It is more willful still to attempt; yet here we are. And I love it. I can only hope violet skies prophecy more about words than their own will to survive. That they thrive amongst undulating tongues and quivering pens controlled by quivering beautiful people. That they breathe and sway and attract worth beyond mere human will.

    By Zaya Crane on 07.02.2013

  31. And now, armed with the knowledge of who she truly was, it was time to go back and confront him, to ask why he had taken her, kept in willful deceit, denied her the right to be herself.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.02.2013

  32. The child was always wanting to try new things, thinking that saying “I want to do this,” would lead to it getting done. He would start many new projects, always willing them to work, but not putting in the effort required and abandoning them at an early stage.

    By Ashley on 07.02.2013

  33. I watch as friends turn to enemies. Strangers turn into even less than that. I stand by idly, not idly, but uncertain as to what can remedy this situation. What can repair what has been done.? I don’t remember the beginning, I see no end, and yet god’s cruelest gift of all is refusing to let us quit. The battle will continue.

    By Criss on 07.02.2013

  34. she was a willful child with curly hair and attitude. Her mother didn’t know what to do with her; her father didn’t really care. His son was more of a handful, buying drugs not to use, but to sell to the rest of the neighborhood kids, risking jailtime every thursday night; thursday was the night before the weekend, before all the parties flared up in town. It was a college town, and the sale of illegal substances, while not as well known as alcohol buyers, was prevalent, and the mother worried about her willful little girl with attitude and brunette curls when she went out to visit her friends on the weekends. Her mother didn’t need to worry; the internet and black and white movies had consumed her life and made her into a product of nerds and hipsters. She gleaned names of unknown bands and feminism with the tendency to wax poetic at the drop of a Buddy Holly tune.

    By Debbie on 07.02.2013

  35. A willful person, no more than a being I myself cannot handle. I try my hardest to be openminded, I wonder why other cannot try to do the same.

    By Liane on 07.02.2013

  36. I try to find the will to overcome. Injury. Stress. Sadness. Ennui. I try to find it between my sheets. I try to find it in the orgasms of strangers. I try to find it in the bottom of wine bottles. But the will does not appear. Only Sloth and weight gain. Only lust and lubricant. Only highs with hangovers.

    By Ruben URL on 07.02.2013

  37. it was as if she was on a mission, her mind was set on finding it. but she didn’t know what “it” was. time according to humans was not passing, but she had been searching for a month at least.

    By ashli on 07.02.2013

  38. Willful, a word that at times defines who I am. I’m not sure how to change this quality.

    By Liane URL on 07.02.2013

  39. I remember walking past his casket, not wanting to be anywhere near his family, his friends, his acquaintances, his body. I glanced over and held in a sob. Win looked like someone ripped him open and filled him back up with sand before sewing the holes shut. I willfully kept back the tears and walked on, letting the next person say goodbye. Because he wouldn’t matter soon enough, with only the creepy crawlies to keep him company below us.

    By Marissa URL on 07.02.2013

  40. this word defines your drive. your determination. how willful you are to accept things you cant change and the things you can will define your character for years to come.

    By Michael H on 07.02.2013