January 14th, 2011 | 323 Entries

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323 Entries for “whim”

  1. Whims, delights, desires — I want to lie with you, sleep and fall into love and lust and the mirrors of souls that cannot be seen. Whims — flighty things, wisps of smoke, silver linings on the walls, shadows of the heart that speak louder than words. They reflect the soul, those little things, sparks of light that show, more clearly than words or actions, where the heart truly lies.

    I want to lie with you, love — I want to sleep, safe in your arms, forever.

    By Skylark on 01.14.2011

  2. She licked the edge of her thumb and, using her other hand, started cutting the base of her thumb. The padding was thick there – she used to play piano when she was younger, and she typed profusely now – so she had to insert her knife and saw with sharp up-and-down motions.

    By Lu on 01.14.2011

  3. On a whim, I had jumped of the bridge into the endless cerulean sea. Thoughts drifting through my mind on the seemingly endless way down. Had I done the right thing? Was I wrong? What had I done? But I barely had

    By Harper Rosencrantz on 01.14.2011

  4. I want to eat chocolates. That’s my whim today. I know it is late and I can’t buy anywhere but Chocolates are in my mind and I really WANT THEM!

    By Fiorella URL on 01.14.2011

  5. She licked the edge of her thumb and, using her other hand, started cut­ting the base of her thumb. The padding was thick there — she used to play piano when she was younger, and she typed pro­fusely now — so she had to insert her knife and saw with sharp up-and-down motions.

    By hersa URL on 01.14.2011

  6. I did something on a whim. A whim? How quickly is a whim? Maybe I took a long time to think about whatever I was doing, but that’s not doing something on a whim, is it? When someone says, “I did something on a whim”, usually they’re doing something impulsive, because people like to make other people think they’re cool or hardcore adrenaline junkies or outlandishly impulsive. But people aren’t. They’re just pretending.

    By Emily on 01.14.2011


    By Fiorella URL on 01.14.2011

  8. It was on a whim when I jumped into the widely enticing cerulean sea. As I drifted down, thoughts were escaping and running through my mind with the seemingly endless way down.

    By Harper Rosencrantz URL on 01.14.2011

  9. The impulse to pull away is powerful; on a single whim I could shatter the exterior I’ve spent months building. When I am a million miles from Earth, his voice brings me speeding back. I have never been one to heed any calls, but suddenly I am betraying my life motto and rushing back to the sound- his sound. One single desire could break me, but I keep pushing myself towards the breaking point; and if it does burst, this wall I’ve built around myself, what will I find on the other side?

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 01.14.2011

  10. I was approaching the man with no face as he soon turned his head towards me. I asked him, “Sir, why is this all a way of ordar and incapable of dreaming a new sight for layland?” He answered with no grin but a mere smirk” I have no reason it’s my own free will”

    By Nick on 01.14.2011

  11. A simple want. A emotional desire. Can strike at any time. The problem is that it is not based on logic. It calls on pathos rather than on logos. If everyone followed theirs, the world would be more irrational than it already is.

    By Madison on 01.14.2011

  12. She started talking to him again on some insane whim. She clicked his name in her online instant messenger and she struck up a conversation. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting. She wasn’t even sure that he’d answer. She also had no idea what she wanted to happen. Did she want him to answer? Did she still secretly crave his friendship? After all that he had put her through, how was such a thing possible?

    By Julia A. URL on 01.14.2011

  13. I can do anything. I don’t have to think about it. It can be anything I want. It will make me happy. I might regret it, but I don’t have to. I don’t have to regret because it was exactly what I wanted. I had an impulse and I followed it. I followed it and it made me happy. For once I didn’t think. I was just happy.

    By Erin URL on 01.14.2011

  14. Oh what a word to have. There are many things right now in my life that are quite whimsical. Whimsy is pertinent to happiness, never give it up.

    By Ralph Black on 01.14.2011

  15. On a
    whim I took a
    walk. I did not know where
    it would lead
    but that’s the meaning of a whim,
    isn’t it?

    By RJ Clarken on 01.14.2011

  16. That is sounfds like whine and kim. Therefore I believe that if there was a whiny child that i gave birth to I would name it Kim. The name seems to fit. Actually, thats quite cruel, i think that will be my pets name. I mena, I can totally picture that. especially if its a yellow lab. Yepp, Kim the whiny lab.

    By Savannah on 01.14.2011

  17. On a whim, it seemed, he drove up to her place. It was the middle of the night and everything was fine (except it wasn’t).
    He didn’t know what possessed him to do this, but he had to listen. He didn’t know how she’d react, but he went anyway. He rang the doorbell, waited. The next thing he knew she was standing in the doorway, staring at him. She was framed in golden light, and he was falling apart, falling into her arms (and he hadn’t planned it this way, really he hadn’t, it just spilled out of him), and she pulled him inside without a word.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 01.14.2011

  18. what the heck does whim mean? i have no clue. ive never in life heard this word before. it might mean a gust or a feeling of some sort but once again, i remain clueless. hmm, its a cool word.

    By Marianne Paramio on 01.14.2011

  19. On a whim i opened my cell phone and dialed the number i had been dying to dial for so long. My heart was racing, i was terrified inside… then it rang and on the other end i hear a ,”hello?”

    By rebecca on 01.14.2011

  20. I have the knack of doing things on a whim. And I know it sounds crazy, but I really feel like some of those whims were destiny in the way they turned out.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.14.2011

  21. a leap of faith
    taking chances
    no regrets
    never looking back

    By Alex URL on 01.14.2011

  22. the things I could do on a whim. run away or tell a girl I think she’s beutiful. Or even kill myself. but whims are fleeting and still im sitting here.

    By SJP on 01.14.2011

  23. On a whim I had the left my home for another country, finding myself with a backpack and rudimentary language skills in the countryside of Thailand. I knew how to say hello, goodbye and where’s the nearest temple, please. They’d answer back. I made good friends there.

    By Antonio URL on 01.14.2011

  24. on a whim. I don’t even know. I think I’ll decide to join the circus on a whim. haha

    By PollyAnna on 01.14.2011

  25. on a whim i am writing on this page, and what is a whim? it sounds like wind, something that may come or go, something that is stronger at sometimes and weaker at others, and yet something dependable enough that you might build boats that would sail with it, or windmills for energy. and windmills were like whims for don quixote, terrifying but real, needing to be confronted, evidence of what might be evil in another world that is analogous but not quite equal to this one.

    By G on 01.14.2011

  26. On a whim
    I pick you up
    off the floor of my heart again

    riding on a whim
    we do the things
    we know aren’t right
    we know aren’t wrong

    By Erin Aubrey on 01.14.2011

  27. karma – it’s a bitch when it comes back to you if you’ve done something bad. but if you’re patient enough and pass the challenge/test, you’ll get the good karma back and change your life

    By Tha on 01.14.2011

  28. a whim, simple thought, or idea, nothing objective, completely subjective, you never know what it can lead to where it can go. i’m writing on a whim because that’s what i was told to do. a whim also rhymes with swim. and its just a whim. i have another minute, which might be cheating but writing on a whim is kind of fun. some ideas can be good, so can be jibberish. but since a whim has no direction its like the wind, everchanging.

    By Megan on 01.14.2011

  29. just a moment. please give me sometime to think through this one. i just have a whim of a moment to write this out. so let’s go. just do it, now. right now…. hmm, now. GO
    Really? just whim? i can’t even describe. well yes i can. it’ means fast; going at a speed quickly. enough said.

    By Alexa on 01.14.2011

  30. I don’t know what a whim is. But if i did, then i would make a beautiful story about it. I would write about my whole life with this one thing that i had desired, a whim. You see, this whim had been with me my whole life. And now i can never let it go.

    By Hannah on 01.14.2011

  31. Today, on a whim, I decided to buy panda. An actual, live panda. I think it was quite the investment. Not only does it make a great decoration, it’s fun to play with too! I named it spongebob. We are now the best of friends.

    By Rachel on 01.14.2011

  32. see
    fuck me
    a donkey on my back
    pulling my hair like a silly heart attack
    his kiss like candy
    her a lie like a shit on the toilet
    your don’t understand
    so why should i even
    bother with it.

    By Tank girl on 01.14.2011

  33. I went out on a whim, I didn’t know what I was doing, nor did I care. I was taking a chance. A chance that I found highly necissary after the events of the past few months. I needed change and I wanted it now.

    By courtney on 01.14.2011

  34. I dont know what this word means. But it makes me think of wind. Which makes me think about the fact that it is way windier here. I miss home but I love it here. And I like my friends here, and a guy. so thats always good. I cant wait to see him lol

    By Christine on 01.14.2011

  35. It was high school. And he was there with curly hair and a lovely jaw-line. I thought we would fall in love.

    By Emma URL on 01.14.2011

  36. I’m so freaking whimsical……it’s fun! :)

    By Kỳlynn Evergreene URL on 01.14.2011

  37. Living life on a whim. I should do more of that. I’m very structured, detailed and organized and rarely live on a whim. Just to drop everything and go do something…anything…whatever I want. I could live on a whim. But I get consumed with stuff. Mostly meaningless stuff. Maybe I should try living on a whim more often. Screw the schedule and tasks…let’s live on a whim today.

    By Grant URL on 01.14.2011

  38. going out. doing your thing, loving life. you only have one of them. Leave Carl you know it is the right thing to do. You just have to gain the courage and the balls to do it. He deserves better and you so do you. You guys are not right for each other, is that wrong?

    By Jerome on 01.14.2011

  39. I go out on a whim when I do something random or crazy. I went out on a whim when I went outside one day and saw someone I barely knew. They seemed to be looking sad.
    “You alright?” I asked hesitantly. Clara, as I would soon learn to be her name, glanced up.
    “Mhmm..” she responded. Little did I know that our conversation would change my life.

    By Paige on 01.14.2011

  40. I like whim i don’t know why but it is very windy out i’m cold and my hands are frozen i see your face and i’m warm again whim, I don’t know what to write now i’m just writing to write I don’t care what other people think about me I only care what the people that I care about think about me and I don’t care about a lot of people. And I want to write and write, but I don’t know what to write about, should I write about him? or would that not be okay since my best friend is with him I cant, I wont, I have to… he is my love and he is all I ever think about all the time. I will always love him and no matter what we will always be together, like he said..

    By Katie URL on 01.14.2011