April 10th, 2013 | 187 Entries

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187 Entries for “welfare”

  1. her welfare depended on …..
    a safe place to sleep
    a kind ear to listen
    sustaining simple foods to eat
    nourishing company
    a steady heart to keep hers with

    By skylarkin on 04.10.2013

  2. It was a lie. It was all a lie when they told us about the welfare state. Why am I still here? Why I’m I still poor?

    By vicky URL on 04.10.2013

  3. If people would tend to the welfare of their own families and stop telling others how to live, the world would be a better place.

    By Robin on 04.10.2013

  4. This is the fourth time it’s happened. I sit down on the noisy cot and sigh audibly. Another uncomfortable bed, another new home. Another let down.

    By Kerry URL on 04.10.2013

  5. Looking out for the welfare of my clients today…I have a huge backlog of emails and things to to. Trying to catch up and get current instead of putting out fires. Fire managment is more exciting, but too stressful.

    By Jean URL on 04.10.2013

  6. The lifting of those below us has sever implications on the economy. It not only decreases debts and raise the quality of life of the impoverished, but it puts the public as a whole responsible for their community. This is a horrible for those individuals who want to be selfish and ignore the state of the world.

    By River Ranter URL on 04.10.2013

  7. for the welfare of the children, that’s why we have to stop fighting. how do you think our arguments impact them? have you considered this? you yell at me in front of them as though they are invisible. believe me. they care what you say and how you say it. are you okay with scarring them for life? i’m not.

    By l on 04.10.2013

  8. “Where did you buy that silver spoon,” she asked.
    “It wasn’t bought or incurred, I assure you. It was earned,” he replied.
    “May I?” she asked, this time leaning in, tongue half obscured by her pouty lips.
    “Of course. What is mine is now everybody’s.”

    By MFIII URL on 04.10.2013

  9. The welfare is very important for the family. If we want to have some welfare we should to tried have more things, as a frigde, a bed, etc.

    By lola on 04.10.2013

  10. Today we watched a presentation in the BOSS room about social welfare. I couldn’t pay any attention to the actual content, however—it was all in red Comic Sans. Comic Sans! My coworkers and I organized a boycott for next week. Hopefully people will follow through. This cannot be.

    By Isis on 04.10.2013

  11. people who dont wanna work… the government gives them money. they just want more iphones. obama is paying them to be fat and lazy. thanks, mr. president.

    By Jonathan URL on 04.10.2013

  12. Strange memories of those few months in Ireland, some good, some wicked.

    By Jeanie URL on 04.10.2013

  13. welfare is necessary but isn’t the end. It should be used when needed but not a lifetime crutch. One’s welfare is one’s responsibility with the occasional helping hand. We were once on assistance when I was a child and it was a godsend.

    By Chrisha on 04.10.2013

  14. Welfare

    By Kittenmermaid URL on 04.10.2013

  15. Running through the trees, trying to outrun the explosions and bullets that chased him through the forest, he suddenly wondered if a few well-intentioned choices had gotten him in over his head. Sometimes the best choice was not always what it seemed.

    And this couldn’t be good for his health.

    By Courka URL on 04.10.2013

  16. People are always arguing about this here in DC. Wanting to know what’s fair or right and wrong. So scared. But why not be swindled if it means we can do some good? I’d rather be able to help someone and be taken advantage of than not being helpful at all.

    By Miriam on 04.10.2013

  17. “You- you-” Neku says, can’t get out anything more coherent and can’t move- would fall if he tried, stuck on his knees on the ground- and Joshua just looks down at him with that smile like there isn’t blood on his face and his hands and-

    “How could you?” he finally says weakly, and Joshua sighs.

    “Neku, Neku… Come, now. I’m only looking out for your best interests.”

    Neku’s not sure if the scariest part is that Joshua believes it, or that *he* does.

    By Li URL on 04.10.2013

  18. I sit here
    missing a love of my life
    caring for his welfare
    for the state of his heart
    for the state of his soul
    wondering if mine has even crossed his mind
    I wish I knew
    I wish we could talk
    if only for a moment

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.10.2013

  19. Ah welfare, it’s what I do each day, I care for the welfare of my family, my husband, my home. But do I really? Is welfare more than just food and clothing and shelter, but is it more the care and keeping of hearts? Is it the breathing of life to the growth of heart souls to be free to love others?

    By JessMarie URL on 04.10.2013

  20. Wow, welfare. One point id like to bring up since i have 60 seconds is that all people who are interested in getting welfare should be drug-tested. florida has already made sure that law has gone through, and i thi

    By Ethan Cournoyer on 04.10.2013

  21. Her welfare was always on my mind and I couldn’t help but feel as if her lying in that bed, a metal machine breathing life in and out of her lungs, as if it was all my fault. I wasn’t able to protect her, I wasn’t able to keep her safe from the world. And now here she was, dying. I felt as if my whole world was on its axis, falling, falling, falling into nothing. Her welfare was my responsibility and I failed. I. Failed.

    By tricia URL on 04.10.2013

  22. Animals
    Marching with Tabby
    in Occold, near Eye in Suffolk
    her first march, first protest
    I grew an activist
    in my wee Angel of the Universe
    What do we want
    Animal Liberation
    When do we want it

    By raggedpoet URL on 04.10.2013

  23. Wohlstand. Staatliche finanzielle Hilfe. Dies ist ein sehr ladenes Wort. Ich habe gerade ein Essay darüber getippt. Ich kümmere mich um den Wohlstand anderer Menschen, obwohl nicht viele es als hilflich versteht.
    “Staatliche finanzielle Hilfe hat unser Land ruiniert, verrotten! Wegen der Demokraten gehen wir nieder! Alles geht schlecht. Die Politiker verstehen gar nichts.” Sie bietet mir ein säftiges Stuck Kuchens. “Und du, du willst Pfarrerin werden? Du willst keinen echten Job? Du willst, dass andere Leute dir dein Lohn schenken? Und mit diesen wirtschaftlichen Zuständen!”
    So still wie möglich seufze ich. Ich beiße den Kuchen. Die Hälfte eines Erdbeers darin ist braun, übersüß, verroten. “Mutti,” sage ich leise, sanft. “Gott hat mir das befohlen. Selbst wähle ich nicht. Gott wird mir alles nötiges geben. Ich werde die Welt verändern.”
    Sie schüttelt den Kopf und nuschelt. Sie weiß nicht, dass die einzige verrotten Sache ihr Kuchen ist.

    Welfare. Well-being. Government aid. That is a very loaded word. I just now typed an essay about it. I am very much concerned about the welfare of others, though not many would see it that way.
    “Government aid has ruined our land, made it rotten! We’re going under because of the Democrats! Everything’s going bad. The politicians don’t understand anything.” She offers me a juicy piece of pie. “And you, you want to be a minister? You won’t get a real job? You want your salary to come from other people’s money? And in this economy!”
    Silently as possible, I sigh. I bite into the pie. Half of a strawberry is brown, oversweet, rotten. “Mom,” I say quietly, gently, “God told me to. I’m not choosing this myself. God will provide everything for me. I’m going to change the world.”
    She shakes her head and mutters. She doesn’t know the only thing that’s rotten is her pie.

    By Hildegard URL on 04.10.2013

  24. So much more than “what do I have”, it’s “what can I give?”
    The more able I am, the better off, the more required of me. The more others deserve, expect, and should benefit by me.

    By Ceej on 04.10.2013

  25. My welfare depends on you. You are the supporting ground for it, and I desperately need that emotion to stay. I love you. I adore you, and you are the happiness that I feel. Without you that emotion is gone, and I will be lost at sea. I need you, and I will stand my ground knowing that.

    By Kayla URL on 04.10.2013

  26. how do we measure it? is it a tangible thing? i know we care for other people’s “welfare” while our own is often disregarded. There is much importance in being selfish. who in gods name thinks about their own welfare?! we pay for other peoples welfare our children’s as well as the poor’s. take just five freaking minutes and think about your own welfare. im talking mental health. wake up and address what you need because it matters. it makes us better at being able to tend to others. seek fulfillment. passion is welfare.

    By Elysia on 04.10.2013

  27. Welfare. It is a word I dont know, but have felt. The welfare of others, has always been important to me. I dont care for myself like I care for others, I just never have. The people who were unkind but needed help, only needed to ask me because I was there. That is its true meaning to me. Having someone there for you. I wish that more felt like I do, to put others before themselves, but you cant rely on everyone I guess. Including yourself, because doesnt your own shadow leave you in darkness? I think thats one of the sad things in life, for the people like me. No one has your back, even though you have theirs. An even sadder thing though, IS THAT I KEEP DOING IT, BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH OTHERS DONT, I CARE

    By Lily L. URL on 04.10.2013

  28. This time, something different happened. One of the cops, the one who’d started the beatings in the first place, grabbed Combeferre by the arm and dragged him away from Jehan, whom he’d been guarding.

    “Here, hold this one,” the policeman said, shoving Combeferre at one of his cohorts. “He’s worried about the way we’re treating his friends. He, unlike this one,” he gave Enjolras a swift kick in the stomach, “is concerned for their welfare.” He knelt and thrust his nightstick beneath Combeferre’s chin, forcing him to look up. “Make him watch. Perhaps then he’ll see just how good of a friend these little nights on the town make him.”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.10.2013

  29. And when the welfare decreases so does my breath. I sigh. I sigh.. I sigh… The fan in the corner blows hot air into my face, dust in my eyes. Circulating the same air in the same room. Never escaping.

    By Laura J on 04.10.2013

  30. So many times I’d been there to help out, waking the household up for school, making breakfast and generally ensuring the welfare of the loved was adequately tended~ turned out that my kindness was but a weakness and no matter how hard I tried, it was never enough. Perhaps Thatcher was right after all, the rusty hag.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 04.10.2013

  31. This word stumped me. I literally sat staring at it for the whole 60 seconds trying to come up with something that didn’t make me gag.

    By Schwab on 04.10.2013

  32. “Welfare?” John snorted. “I ain’t taking no welfare from anyone. I can do this myself.”
    “It’s not welfare,” Mary said, with a long suffering sigh. They always had this argument. John hated asking for help — any help. He thought it was a sign of a weakness.

    By Linda Adams URL on 04.10.2013

  33. Child welfare is a huge problem in this country, and many around the world. The minds of our children, the next generation, are being shaped by how they are treated, how they feel. This will determine what the earth and its inhabitants are like in the future; nothing else.

    By Andre Brown on 04.10.2013

  34. This is the third time I have written for this word today. Terrible, isn’t it? I am absolutely disgusted: BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS

    By Megan URL on 04.10.2013


    By Megan URL on 04.10.2013

  36. With America the way it is now, welfare is just messing us up. It’s flawed and it needs to change. We have to have more regulations. Drug tests, things like that- so we know if people are abusing it. I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking they can just live off the state and other people will pay for them. That’s not how things should work. That’s not what we should be built on. Not America. Not now. Not ever.

    By Scream on 04.10.2013

  37. Shai stared at herself in the mirror, her blue eyes filled with sadness. She studied her sweater decorated with a few stains and holes. Sadly it was her best one. Sighing she grabbed her backpack and slugged it over her shoulder. Her tattered jeans dancing high above her knock off tennis shoes as she rushed into the kitchen. Glancing around she hoped to find a paper sack filled with goodies for lunch, but as usual nothing. Shai rolled her eyes, she hated waiting in line for the free lunch while all her friends were able to relax and enjoy their food. As she opened her lips to send a good bye into her mother’s room, she stopped as she heard sounds of snoring. Shai shook her head and rushed out the door. She was so tired of having to do without, simply because as her mother had made it so clear, she refused to work. Thanks to the state welfare program, Shai knew nothing would change anytime soon.

    By Cat URL on 04.10.2013

  38. Welfare is a program from the government that helps families and communtities in need. These people also make sure to help contribute back to the community but not all of them. Some of them make sure to just take the money and take advantage of those who work hard.

    By Tiffany on 04.10.2013

  39. People are on welfare everyday. Sometimes, their whole lives depend on welfare. Not quite fair, really. Then again, most things aren’t fair in life. This is just another brick in the wall. But everything is another brick in the wall.

    By Victoria URL on 04.10.2013

  40. Welfare is for the poor?
    For the drunks?
    For those who did not get to receive an education.
    For those who did not have your opportunities.
    For those who need a little help recuperating.
    For the tragic background stories.
    Welfare is money.
    Welfare is assistance.
    Welfare is exaggerated.
    Welfare is judged.
    Welfare is a second chance.

    By Melissa URL on 04.10.2013