October 15th, 2017 | 42 Entries

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42 Entries for “welfare”

  1. Those who get it need more help than just the financial that they get, because more than poor families in America is broken ones, and that is the real problem.

    By Anynomous URL on 10.15.2017

  2. welfare. The health and fortune of one individual. Or more perhaps. Many seek this “welfare”. Is it special? To some it may be. And to others.. not much so. Welfare depends on where you live. What environment. What economy.

    By Esther Yen on 10.15.2017

  3. They told her that she didn’t deserve to stay on welfare, and they told me that I ought to take her in and make an honest woman out of her. After all, I had both the money and the connections – may as well as put her through some sort of “rehabilitation,” right? But the truth was, she didn’t need me, and I didn’t need her. She could manage just fine with the scraps of government aid she received, and in the meantime, she was too proud – too headstrong, justifiably so – to ask for any sort of alms from a more financially successful person.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.15.2017

  4. I think of a long line, one I have never stood in and never hope to.

    By Hannah URL on 10.15.2017

  5. They checked on the welfare of my child because they thought there was a threat to it. And they thought I was that threat. What could I have done to be considered a threat to my child? It wasn’t what I have done – it was merely my existence. My existence as a mentally ill woman.

    By Amanda URL on 10.15.2017

  6. “I can look after myself. I don’t need you breathing down my neck every five seconds.”

    “I’m just doing what any salt-of-the-earth father would do.”

    “Oh, puhleeze! You only started showing up because you probably found out I inherited mom’s house.”

    By LifesGrey on 10.15.2017

  7. Petunia Greer was the impoverished single mother of four children under the age of eight, surviving off monthly welfare checks and her job at the local supermarket. She woke at five every morning to the blare of her alarm and rolled out of bed, tugging on the bright red polo shirt, black slacks, and black apron that made up her uniform for work.

    By Annie URL on 10.15.2017

  8. a couch.
    I sleep on a couch.
    flies swarm the week old bananas I should have thrown out
    but mom might have yelled at me.
    or are they flies?
    It’s hard to tell the difference.

    By Cat on 10.15.2017

  9. She saw him walking back long before he saw her. His head was down and though she already knew, she asked anyway.
    ‘Well, how did it fare?’. She waited. He just shook his head. And that was answer enough. There would be no welfare for them this cold, cruel winter.

    By nytrist URL on 10.15.2017

  10. I remember the first time I went in. I didn’t want to – that’s for sure. I was permanently giving up whatever remained of my pride, I thought to myself. But then there was that other Obi-Wan Kenobi-esque voice, the one telling me ‘true strength is knowing one’s limits/when one needs help/some other variation of that.’ And the welfare certainly helped.

    By Jerden on 10.15.2017

  11. Government, red tape, big cities, gritty south side, squalor, food stamps to feed the brood, donuts, cheese puffs, potatoes and macaroni, gang land, guns and drugs, expect to die before you’re twenty… Put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others and assume the crash position… Red tape to yellow tape and chalk lines…

    By Hope on 10.16.2017

  12. I see stars at night and the sun shining as I awaken, this is not welfare. Welfare is thinking about the stars at night and the sun shining.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.16.2017

  13. WHaT THE FUCK! I stare at the word written in bold in front of me. Welfare? How can I be a welfare child? I thought my parents had brought me into this world themselves. I did not know that I WAS AN ADOPTED child from A WELFARE HOME!

    By Aurelia on 10.16.2017

  14. My group was welfare off that day, they all had fun and they were all happy. And all was good with them. They went and ate some pizza. And had lots of fun.

    By Samsad on 10.16.2017

  15. The welfare of the people was at stake. War broke out in the streets; women and children lay dead at the feet of monsters. Something had to be done.

    By Dresden St James URL on 10.16.2017

  16. She looked into her wallet and tried to mentally calculate how long the cash she found in there would last her. Not long enough, that’s for sure. She gulped and carefully placed her wallet back in her bag. There was no denying it anymore. She needed to take drastic measures.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.16.2017

  17. Her welfare was all that mattered now. There was no way that I would survive the night, but she had to live. So I did the only thing I could think of, I threw myself onto of her and prayed for the first and last time in my life.

    By Trista URL on 10.16.2017

  18. I think American People have a good welfare as my country. My country if you not graduate in high school you will not have a good job. You gonna work hard for job you don’t like

    By javier on 10.16.2017

  19. When i think of the word welfare i think of war, killing people the usual……

    By solara URL on 10.16.2017

  20. I am stuck in the sludge of the way society has set me up to fail. I am lost in the system. I have no means to care for myself because my family has ditched me on the side of the road. I don’t have an address so nowhere will hire me. I don’t have hope other than the government. The big machine that sent me down this path in the first place. They are a large part of the ill of my situation, and yet they are the only thing that gives me any hope.

    By Amanda URL on 10.16.2017

  21. What some people take advantage of. What some people need in order to survive these days with the cost of living being so high and expensive.

    By tlove URL on 10.16.2017

  22. the Society for Promotion of Elfish Welfare is also known as S.P.E.W.

    By Secretcommander URL on 10.16.2017

  23. i’m on welfare. not a sentence i ever expected to write unless i expected to write fiction. this is not that. this is real life and in my real life i show up at a building every day from 9-5 so that i may be assisted by the system. welfare wins a fight i didnt even realize i was having.

    By Safon URL on 10.16.2017

  24. When i think of welfare i think of human needs and wants, let’s face it..we all want things you know? that is what i think the word means.

    By solara URL on 10.16.2017

  25. Jeremaih 29:7
    ” But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”

    By Mikkala on 10.16.2017

  26. as he packed her into the back of a cab and threw loose change at her, he screamed, it’s your welfare I care about, Shannon.
    But she knew he was lying, even as the car drove away, he was relieved to be rid of her. because any minute now, his wife was coming home with his two beautiful children. She knew, she’d been watching them for weeks.

    By athekolt on 10.16.2017

  27. I am getting my welfare check tommorow. It has two thousand dollars written on it. I think I will purchase a potato gun with it.

    By Jonah on 10.16.2017

  28. Any form of Govt which does not have some sort of Welfare system to take care of under privileged people is no good.

    By yas URL on 10.16.2017

  29. Isn’t welfare the right
    to die peacefully after working
    selling fruits in the corners of the streets
    after having like 13 kids
    or is it just a state of being?

    By riggamoris on 10.16.2017

  30. The welfare system ignores so many of the people who most desperately need it. It makes you jump through hoops forty-thousand feet up just to prove you need the help. When you fail, – and you will fail – it makes sure to remind you that your failure is your fault. Yours. Because if you really needed the help, you’d already have it.

    By darseyrsm URL on 10.16.2017

  31. people should get drug tested if they wanna be on welfare. they should have jobs and be monitored on what they spend.

    By taylor on 10.16.2017

  32. That’s what we were. Welfare kids. So poor that the government felt bad for us. So poor we needed food stamps. Sometimes, it felt like I was too poor to afford an identity.

    By jade URL on 10.16.2017

  33. hmm.. It’s something that can bring great benefit to the community and help those who truly need our support however, just like everything else in the world, it can be abused and used for the wrong reasons. Does that mean we shouldn’t have it in our societies? I don’t think so.

    By Meriem Cherid on 10.16.2017

  34. He took the oath today.
    For the welfare of his countrymen.
    For protecting them.
    And he became their pride on his last day as he laid his life.

    By Archana K B on 10.17.2017

  35. Worry does not mean nothing, it does imply something and welfare is a neccessity. It is money, it is bills.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.17.2017

  36. they promised help.
    but it is not very helpful.
    They promised –
    well, who can be trusted anymore?

    By Cat on 10.17.2017

  37. The chickens were bunched together as though they did not know any other way to be. The cold air on their poor plucked and pimpled flesh seemed to frighten them.

    By Sarah Kiddle on 10.17.2017

  38. i think this is something that is very ingrained into the British sensibility. The NHS is a massive cornerstone of our society. I’m pro-welfare state i think, as it gives people who may not have as much as others the chance to get somewhere better than where they might have been headed. It’s important to many people although the rich don’t like it.

    By Charlotte on 10.17.2017

  39. hobos, black people, poor people, money, government.

    By Ian Moore on 10.17.2017

  40. For I know he Plans I have for you! He will help you in your welfare he has A PLAN for YOU! don’t forget it!

    By Mikkala on 10.17.2017