March 2nd, 2012 | 326 Entries

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326 Entries for “weave”

  1. my fingers rapidly spun the wool around the wimble. bobble bobble tingle tickle the words mix in patterns in my head. they don’t make sense. all i know is that when i am sixty four and everyone is dead i will want one of my own weaved coats. and a thick one at that, because its cold here in the arctic.

    By sarah on 03.02.2012

  2. The dog weaves in and out of the cones. His owner stared with a strong gaze attempting to lead the dog with her mind. The dog subconsciously thought in, out, in out. Abruptly he screeched to a stop after spotting a kitten. The owner dropped any sense of hope of victory, she had lost, she had to walk home dragging the weight of loss, and her oblivious dog behind her.

    By Caroline on 03.02.2012

  3. as she was weaving the golden thread into sweater to break the curse her brothers were under her fingers bled giving the sweater the color of golden love. How I wish to be loved that way someday.

    By GloriDays on 03.02.2012

  4. She wove a beutiful web. It could snare the most wary person. Her tastes crossed al sexual and soicial boundaries. She would talk and you would swear that honey was dripping from those lips

    By Victoria on 03.02.2012

  5. I think of people weaving at the dance center, with different fabrics of their lives.
    I wonder what I would choose.
    Because I’d want to weave through something that shows me
    But not something that I’d be willing to part with
    like my old baby blanket
    or favorite dress
    it’s interesting and I wonder why some of those people chose what they did…

    By Laura on 03.02.2012

  6. i would like to take basket weaving in school. my dads joke. thats what he wants me to take. lets see if he can weave a basket. maybe a scarf. do you weave that?

    By Kelly on 03.02.2012

  7. Baskets have long since been a joke with me. Any time I want to think about something being easy, or kind of a joke in itself, I always resort to “underwater basket-weaving”. It’s always put my mind at ease when I think about someone being under water and weaving a basket.

    By Will Reinier on 03.02.2012

  8. This word is just weird. I’m from other country, i don’t know how to use it in a text. But i think is very relaxing. i feel great, and sad at the same time.

    By Andy on 03.02.2012

  9. Weaving through the crowed, it is easy to lose myself. What is this paradox of existence, where we are to be unique down to the genotype of our genetic core, yet expected to conform to the status quo?

    By Alyssa URL on 03.02.2012

  10. She said it wasn’t a weave, but he wasn’t so sure. The only way he’d ever find out is by asking her hairdresser directly.

    By Marian writes URL on 03.02.2012

  11. We weave together so many memories, fluid and real, some fantastical and some I wish I could forget. But these are the dreams we’ve had, the thoughts we’ve shared. My other half may not be a part of me in the future, but today, and in this world we’ve made, we’re never going to be apart.

    By shannon on 03.02.2012

  12. Weaves are nasty and vile because black girls don’t clean them and they dye them with Kool-Aid. Ew. And have you seen what they (black girls) wear too? Racist i know.

    By NUNYABUSINESS scott URL on 03.02.2012

  13. she took her loom from her closet and threaded it, beginning to weave an intricate picture. she stayed there for days, never resting until her beautiful masterpiece was done. what resulted was the single most incredible piece of artwork that is known to man – she wove the human soul.

    By Shona on 03.02.2012

  14. GODDAMN why do i keep getting the word “weave”? they are nasty as hell!

    By NUNYABUSINESS scott URL on 03.02.2012

  15. oooh girl pat the weave man just pat it when it itches i dont know why i wrote that i heard a kid in my class singing that and i was not paying attention that kid is a weierd kid i spelt that word wrong ohp well i just want milk and thin mints is that to omuch to ask i mean really come on now. I like to think I have friends.

    By jazzmiiin on 03.02.2012

  16. if i get weave One More Time… there will be Hell to pay. JESUS.

    By NUNYABUSINESS scott URL on 03.02.2012

  17. Weaving a piece of paper together. I don’t get what am I supposed to be doing here. What could I possibly write about weave? I do like this idea though, I just don’t get the point. Sixty seconds is longer than I thought. Looks like I’m done. Goodbye.

    By Carol on 03.02.2012

  18. I like to weave. Baskets are fun to make. Weaving is an important crafting skill. You can make just about anything with some neat weaving techniques. Everyone should try weaving. Take classes at your local craft store.

    By Amanda on 03.02.2012

  19. Warping weft of memories entertwined with skillful fingers. Carefully spun threads of experiences and unarticulated hopes and desires. Tapestries combining a personal past and feasible future.
    Weaving dreams.

    By WearyWater URL on 03.02.2012

  20. Weave through the crowd looking, searching for him. You know he’s not there, but you can’t stop looking just in case he somehow turned up. You can’t stop pushing through the crowd, standing on your tippy-toes to see above the shoulders of those in front of you. Weave, weave, weave.

    By Jessica on 03.02.2012

  21. these entanglements are the result of love of connection intensity stars cross-stitching across the sky. not always patient, not always constant, not even fixed in one place– but there, certainly, somewhere shining in the sky

    By L.V.Newc URL on 03.02.2012

  22. The woman worked feverishly at the loom, weaving a kilt for her husband. The festival was the next day, and everything had to be ready because he was in charge of the proceedings.

    By Karl on 03.02.2012

  23. we weaved the sweater back together , theres a weave in the shirt , think weaver or not we can go , weaver me together , weaver weaver weaver oh wever me crazy good !

    By Brittany on 03.02.2012

  24. Weaving, designs,patterns. Hair in braids. Baskets weaved by hand. Weaving together.

    By AutumnRock URL on 03.02.2012

  25. They began weaving the baskets as quickly as they could
    they’d be sold to the tourists soon
    villagers with violet flowers woven in to dark hair
    falling over sunburnt shoulders

    By Christina V on 03.02.2012

  26. The weaving of a spider web like weaving of the life. Little by little we advance without a sound, self-confident or haphazard but ultimately, we get a piece of art.

    By french people on 03.02.2012

  27. I weave in and out of the threads of your love. I’m pulling and running but I can’t get out. So I do a dance, as I weave in and out… Going through the entanglement.. making it out alive.

    By Dusti on 03.02.2012

  28. she wove the words together
    every day
    weaving the words in one particular order
    only one problem
    the words she had carefully woven
    taken the time to perfect
    were never said

    By Tim Braden on 03.02.2012

  29. Weave and Wo, What Ho! Oh what a whagled web we weave… Quoted: Porky Pig.

    By marylee on 03.02.2012

  30. one time while watching saturday night live, the women did a skit about the real housewives show. kristen wiig was mad at maya rudolph and she pulled her weave. however, maya said weave like h-weave haha. it was really funny and then kristen got mad then tina fey sang poorly.

    By Alakazam-Jackass on 03.02.2012

  31. black girls have weaves. i wish i had a weave. bob and weave. weaver. weaverton. WEAAAAAVE? meow.

    By eeeegggddd on 03.02.2012

  32. Weaves. Long waves from the ocean, I’m going thru them just to see your smile. I keep you in my dreams, I feel you hair touching my face and I go crazy about you even more every single day.

    By Andrea Ramirez on 03.02.2012

  33. I meant whangled.

    By marylee on 03.02.2012

  34. weaving me the sunshine. the falling rain dancing on my arms and lips once touching my skin molding into rays of golden sun. weave me the sunshine out of the falling rain.

    By mimi on 03.02.2012

  35. I just had this word but basically it’s something that black people put in their hair. I think it’s because their hair can be kinky and hard to deal with so they put it in for it to be more manageable. It;s also something that you can do with fabric. This word has two meanings which can be cool but also very confusing!

    By Chelsea Grigg on 03.02.2012

  36. I instantly thought of a hair weave, but that’s not necessarily my fault is it? I thought of it as a noun before a verb which is somewhat of a human condition to have some sort of preference over nouns that verbs. Thanks to consumer culture of course. We can’t go to a store & purchase a verb now can we?

    By mariana URL on 03.02.2012

  37. Weaving in and out of the tunnels surrounding the tired little lake by the trees and the hills. Weaving up and down, around, and around, looping through the holes that are hidden amongst the shadows of material in hand. I weave, we all weave. We weave to fit in, we weave to succeed, we weave to seek and find.

    By KitaPuse on 03.02.2012

  38. i was taking a rest in the deep forest when suddenly i heard shouting. i knew exactly what and who it was. i lept onto my feet, weaving in and out of trees and finally reaching home before they coould have caught me.

    By olivia on 03.02.2012

  39. me a basket out of love and generosity. fill it with joy and happiness. carry it only when you are thinking of me.

    By Ely Corbin on 03.02.2012

  40. weaving beautiful dreams together, we became one.

    By lucringcring URL on 03.02.2012