March 2nd, 2012 | 326 Entries

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326 Entries for “weave”

  1. i want to place my hand next to yours. Weave our fingers together and never let go. you feel so warm when you’re next to me, and you make me feel so safe and comfortable. can’t i just lay like this with you forever?

    By Abra URL on 03.02.2012

  2. A new basket had been weaved with no less than with the hair of his fallen enemies. Their severed heads once tangled to their headstones. An impish smile dazzled the emptied sockets of his foes and with another generous scoop of salt into their hollowed skulls, this was sure to keep the witches away.

    By Skylar T. Sinclaire URL on 03.02.2012

  3. The last lap. I could hardly believe that my entire career was coming down to this 300 foot accumulation of asphalt into a checkered flag. All of the sleepless nights, restless days, and potent smell of engine fumes is coming down to my ability to weave through the last lap.

    By Brock Buchanan URL on 03.02.2012

  4. Weave. The first thing that pops into my head (unfortunately) is how many girls at work have weaves. I hate my job. I hate the people I work with. I want to do great things. I will do great things.

    By Faith on 03.02.2012

  5. she encircled throughout each
    every follicle of fake hair
    enflamed and enraged
    like a battle engaged
    like an engaged couple
    dueling duets of deadly wit and debt

    she uprooted
    to leave
    unlike the aged tree-trunks
    so stuck in the mud
    so cut and so stumped

    the rings revealed
    every year wisdom was missed

    By Phil on 03.02.2012

  6. Brown woven threads on a crooked stick, decorated with bright feathers and shells the color of a pink sky, being carried downtown and onto a bus.

    By D. Barndt on 03.02.2012

  7. love, confusion, beauty, pain, glory, hope, inequality, my kids, death, heaven, animals, love, humility, assholes, flowers, sunshine.

    By TSS on 03.02.2012

  8. Das ‘Tree of Life’ Poster sieht von weitem wie ein Querschnitt eines Baumstammes aus. Bei genauerem Hinsehen erkennt man jedoch, dass es sich bei den schwarzen Kreisen nicht um Holzringe, sondern um hunderte verschiedene Silhouetten von Tieren handelt. Das Projekt soll auf die Abholzung des Regenwaldes und die damit verbundene Zerstörung des Lebensraumes der Tiere aufmerksam machen. Den Print könnt ihr hier für 45 Dollar kaufen.
    Hei I donna actully speek Germs but watevas.

    By Jeordie URL on 03.02.2012

  9. ‘Did you see her weave girllll?’ The sounds of the gaggling women on the bus while the sun shined through the dirty glass onto my face is what you call the sounds of the morning. Women, men, school boys and girls, all getting on the bus, waiting, watching, sitting down, listening .

    By Z bethel on 03.02.2012

  10. Texture, basket, culture, african, beautiful, straw, wheat, yellow, golden, circular, handle, colorful, corn, brisk, crispy, fragile, mother, warmth, love, protection, memories,

    By Mary URL on 03.02.2012

  11. Luna weaved her way through all the trees surrounding her, they seemed to get closer to her as she kept walking. The trees seemed to be whispering threatening words to her. This didn’t fear her though.

    By Selah URL on 03.02.2012

  12. Horns blared and shouts rang out as eh wove in and out of traffic, the engine of his Valkyrie screaming. Behind him, sirens wailed. He couldn’t get caught. He couldn’t be late. The consequences would be unimaginable.

    A semi changed lanes up ahead, and he gritted his teeth. “Dammit.”

    Quickly veering to the right, he downshifted, revved the engine, and popped the front tire up off the ground just in time to bounce onto the sidewalk. A portly middle-aged man in a business suit with an expensive briefcase blanched and jumped back, tripping and landing on his rear.

    By SpSquirrel URL on 03.02.2012

  13. Weave me into oblivion, I’m as light as a feather,
    As light as a feather,
    As light as a feather…

    By UnderWater URL on 03.02.2012

  14. The basket weaver was hard at work, making what would eventually be known as the most important creation of his career. Not then, of course, would it be recognized, but eventually, unbeknownst to everyone, that simple, innocent basket – and it’s creator – would save their world.

    By Neon URL on 03.02.2012

  15. blankets and string and yarn and hair..through traffic basket tied in knots of spinning intertwining. spun.

    By denyse baggott on 03.02.2012

  16. “Bob and weave, just bob and weave.” Gramps called out from the porch recliner. “You’ve got to keep your head down, kid.” He advised.

    “I am, already.” James grumbled. “This is too hard!”

    “Everything’s hard when you start.” The older man chuckled. “It just takes practice, a lot of practice.”

    “Too much practice!” James threw himself down on the grass and rolled over to lie on his back, staring up at the sky. “Ugh. I hate practicing!”

    “The results are always worth it.”



    By Sara H. URL on 03.02.2012

  17. spinning around a spinning wheel. weaves the basket intertwined with thread and pieces of simple twine. time. dime. pie crust

    By denyse baggott on 03.02.2012

  18. “Baskets. I weave baskets.” he said with a shy smirk.
    “Baskets? Hah, dweeb. You’ll make no friends at this school.” I laughed. That’s how we became enemies. Bullying.

    By Dana Nathanson on 03.02.2012

  19. they wear weaves on their heads. and then when they are tarnished she has to weave her fingers. because weaving makes her happy and the weaves have become her life. infact, she has forgotten about life since she last lived without the need of a weave. she really feels as if she is a weave. she is now a part of her own inter-weaves.

    By eny on 03.02.2012

  20. weave is something that back people use to have more hair. It looks really cool on them and I think that only they can pull it off. To have a weave they cut all your hair and you can’t wash your hair. That is why you change it so often.

    By pinetree95 on 03.02.2012

  21. Weaving the silken basket.. wait, that’s not quite right. One doesn’t weave silk. Do they? I don’t think so, at least. To weave.. what, then? I can weave thought, but that seems awfully metaphorical. I can weave.. something, anyway. Perhaps the material doesn’t matter. I can weave on a loom, at least, and weave something for you.

    By Isaac on 03.02.2012

  22. The way things weave together in this world is something that never fails to astound. A second can make all the difference. A car crash could have been prevented if the man crossing the street with a pizza for his family had ran a little slower. If his parents hadn’t decided to force him to run track in high school, maybe the pregnant lady driving to see her husband would have survived.

    By Sean on 03.02.2012

  23. flow

    By Mimi on 03.02.2012

  24. She weaved dreams together, a needle stitch, each thread in place. Meticulous business. Even worse when she dropped one (she never bothered looking to see what happened to those people –maybe it was the guilt that motivated her apathy).

    By Mikey on 03.02.2012

  25. The worm weaves through the dirt

    By Mimi on 03.02.2012

  26. I thought I would together a poem
    of thoughts, feelings, and general observations
    I sat and searched for inspiration
    but only stumbled upon one word:

    Weave a poem
    a rug
    a story…

    Just don’t leave.

    By Tina on 03.02.2012

  27. Weaving, in the dark, the young woman poked herself with the needle. She had never learned how to weave as her mother and grandmother, both master weavers had died before ever teaching her how to weave. She hoped that some days she could teach her own daughter how to weave.

    By Whitney on 03.02.2012

  28. yourself into tiny little knots until your so tight you can’t breath and no one can get you undone.
    like the colored girls get at the local salon.
    like the Indians did as a way of life.

    By Jillian Dean on 03.02.2012

  29. A weave is what black people use! My black cousin has a stinky weave!!!!:)

    By Ivy URL on 03.02.2012

  30. Ehmeing girls wear in their hair. Sometimes it looks stupid. Sometimes its really pretty. But you know.

    By Savanna on 03.02.2012

  31. The intricate designs of our lives,
    Shaping itself into a beautiful pattern,
    Weaving each strand little by little,
    Making our lives whole.

    By Amanda on 03.02.2012

  32. i weave a blanket. weave in a black girls hair is torn out and she is like “awww hell no!” haha, weaving seems to be fun but i dont know. the weave in the hair doesnt seem so fun, but i dont know that either. weave weave weave string string string.

    By mackenzie on 03.02.2012

  33. Weave in and out of traffic – not dafe.W
    Weave a rug or a basket – very beautiful.
    Weave in and out of a life – not pretty.
    Weave the dreams together into a life – curious.

    By J O'Neill on 03.02.2012

  34. She weaved stories into her blankets she made for us kids. We would sit and watch her, her hands moving in a smooth motion I could never master. And she talked. We listened, ears attentive, hearts on our sleeves. Always quiet as she talked about lovers and friends she once had.

    By Lauren URL on 03.02.2012

  35. I had a cat once.It slept with me all the time. One day it pulled my hair. I called my hair my weave. When I did so at school people made fun of me for it telling me I couldn’t say that because I’m white. I didn’t care. Badass much?

    By Grace on 03.02.2012

  36. I weave through the corn field,banjo in tow playing, rolling the melodious tunes from it.They flew through the air like crows flying off into the distant glowing sunset in the summertime

    By Katethegreat URL on 03.02.2012

  37. lol. a weave. i’ve secretly always wanted one. that and dreads. the both amuse me :p

    By laughalot on 03.02.2012

  38. Sometimes I wish I could get a hair weave because then my hair could be any way I want it to be. Yet at the same time I couldn’t imagine having fake hair and pretending to be something I’m not. I’ll stick with my real hair and just be me, happily.

    By Veronica on 03.02.2012

  39. hair did by a black girl. or a basket. im not entirely sure what to be doing right now. so back to weave, beave….r!! haha ummm this is stressful!!!! weaving a basket or a black girls hair! im not racist i just think its funny!

    By Isabel on 03.02.2012

  40. Athena was the goddess who first invented weaving. She was challenged by a mortal who thought she could do a better job of i than her, and in exchange for her ignorance Athena turned her in to a spider so she could always weave…. That’s why spiders are call arachnids

    By Chloe Hart on 03.02.2012