February 20th, 2013 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “weathered”

  1. There is a lot in this big old world that you will have to weather. No one will have to weather exactly the same things, but you will all have something. And these things, that seems horrible whenever they come around, are probably the best thing that will ever happen to you. You see, it’s how react to these obstacles that define who you are, and just make you a better person. (words of wisdom: BOSS STATUS ^.^)

    By Kerry URL on 02.20.2013

  2. it was a sunny day and we were out going for picnic when it started raining, but we decided not to go home so we stayed there playing under the fantastic rain!

    By constantina on 02.20.2013

  3. His hands are marked and wrinkled. His face is drooping and hairy. The hair on his head has changed colour completely. His body is weathered and old. My Grandpa lies in his hospital bed, and looks nothing like himself. Until he smiles.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.20.2013

  4. I really like playing out or riding around but its all kinda depends on the weather because i really dont wanna get sick because i have school.

    By Shawna on 02.20.2013

  5. Weathered is, like eroded. The rock got weathered, or a cold, or storm. Example, they got weathered in that city.

    By wilbur on 02.20.2013

  6. The old man’s weathered face cracked as the sand blew into his eyes.

    By Danny Whitman URL on 02.20.2013

  7. The rocks are weathered from the constrast pounding of water flowing. There was the weatjering down of the rocks that made a the rocks looks like.

    By Garrett on 02.20.2013

  8. i think of weathered means getting stuck on a basketball trip, last weekend we got weathered in at the buckland bash. We had to stay another night and we were the only team that got weathered in. Kivalina almostt got weathered in but they took off home. By the time we got home, we went straight to school. After school we had practice. Than we went to gym, after gym the weather got really bad. Than the next morning we had to stay home because the weather was really stormy from last night.

    By Willie Bay URL on 02.20.2013

  9. we are at the read, she said, sobbing. i knew she was talking about the seat, but she meant her dress, the one she loves best. and for some reason, I remembered the night I met her. Good God. She’s perfect.

    By Beatriz Who on 02.20.2013

  10. i like weather cause i think summer is really fun and i like summer time and its warm not cold. its cool and i sure like summer and i think its really cool and in summer i sure like to go swimming and swimming is really fun and i sure like swimming summer time is the best and i sure like it and i have a lot of fun and i like it.

    By Autumn Lily Barr(: URL on 02.20.2013

  11. When I think of the word weathered I think of my roommate. We described ourselves as becoming weathered over these past few years because of our decrease in motivation as young people. Becoming old and beaten. Even though we are young.

    By Danny Whitman URL on 02.20.2013

  12. i an so weathered from the stresses of life that i can literally feel the pressure of the world around me eroding my body and mind.

    By Shawn on 02.20.2013

  13. warn. battered. When you’ve stood in the wind all day and your hair feels a strange texture. Un-kept. Lost. Wind. Rain. Lost.

    By serena on 02.20.2013

  14. like rocks on the beach, sea shells in the oceans, the ground and nature all around us, including our souls and whats inside of us. because without noticing, everything is weathered by the people, influences and everything around us. its a natural process that can hahppen to anyone or anything

    By ray on 02.20.2013

  15. weather, clouds rain gale sun frozzen snow umbrella raincoat wind fog
    today was bad day it was snowing and my shoes was wet
    it was also windy and there was no sun
    i don’t like such weather
    i feel depressed because of that
    i want the end of winter

    By Karolina URL on 02.20.2013

  16. We weathered the long and winding road all through the night, until we couldn’t feel our feet. They felt as if they had turned into bloody stumps, dripping wet red hot blood onto the cold hard ground.

    By Hannah Pittman on 02.20.2013

  17. The birds didnt come often anymore. perhaps it was because the old birdhouse that grandpa built was just too old and weathered..just like grandpa was now that he was 84. Aged by wind , sun and rain,pelted by hail and hardened by ice and snow, the wren house had seen a lot of life. The wood was soft and easily crumbled.

    By althea on 02.20.2013

  18. The back deck of my house. These days I’m scared to go out there – there’s always that part of me that fears things aren’t as strong as they appear. Like the wooden swingset in my backyard. I can feel it swaying beneath me, and I know its time is running thin.

    By Hannah on 02.20.2013

  19. The man turned the book over in his weatherd hands. Faded words shone back at him on the old, cloth paper.

    By Me on 02.20.2013

  20. Whether the weather be hot
    Whether the weather be cold
    You weather the weather
    Whatever the weather
    Mother Earth, You’ll survive
    We might not.

    By Erika URL on 02.20.2013

  21. The door had been smashed in by an intruder some time in the past two hundred years. It was impossible to tell—the cabin was so weathered.

    By Noah on 02.20.2013

  22. The old man, weathered and worn. Sea blue eyes and deep wrinkles holding sand and salt and stories.

    By ShyanneEbbe URL on 02.20.2013

  23. My flesh, once tight and taut now resembles that of an old book. Faded pages, weathered leather. It still feels soft, like rice paper. But it holds the ripples of experience. The waves of time. My smile has a collection of stories within each crease on my face. My eyes have crinkles like the paper fans I made as a child. My body is a ruin. A tribute to my life. Within this worn woman, are fresh visions.

    By Sophie M Alvarado URL on 02.20.2013

  24. Etched lines snake together, cracking. His face doesn’t change expression – hasn’t in years.
    This is where hard skin meets an even harder soul.
    He been broken before. He’s been beaten. How he’s still standing up today? He has no idea.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 02.20.2013

  25. Over time you weather away, your core, your very center is rubbed away at the edges, by pain and loss and fear and even love, you are chipped away until all that’s left is sediment

    By Poppy URL on 02.20.2013

  26. The rocks along the shore were as weathered as her hands. She has spent the last week digging through the sand dunes, searching for the perfect sea shell. Today, she bends over her work diligently, almost like an ostrich burying its head in the sand. With a triumphant shout, she reaches into the grainy depths and produces a shimmering, iridescent shell, perfect and unharmed.

    By musicrazi URL on 02.20.2013

  27. I always look inward before looking out.

    My patience is weathered in storm cycle bouts.

    Like lightening on the horizon, eventually the thunder will sound.

    Measure the distance to find the perspective.

    Retrospective is to foresight as thread is to needle.

    By Intuition URL on 02.20.2013

  28. I feel so beaten down all the time. Like I spend my life under this strong wind that is constantly trying to blow me away. No matter how hard I stand strong, bear my shoulders and fight against it, it still finds ways to win. Slowly, the wind still manages to wear me down, taking small pieces of me with each gust. Leaving me raw and weathered.

    By Shannon McCarthy on 02.20.2013

  29. Soul is weathered. Body is used. Mind is gone. Sitting in the corner, with arms covered in sores. The voices in my head boom, snarl and claw away. It takes a fire hot liquid to sooth it all. I put it in my veins. I almost reach the gate to rest. But I fall again. My soul is worn. It’s wings have molted. I stay broken. I stay consumed.

    By Sophie M Alvarado URL on 02.20.2013

  30. The weathered door swung on the breeze, it’s rusty hinges groaning with each movement. The dust in the foyer danced across the cracked floorboards. A storm was coming to the abandoned farmhouse, and with it, a new family was arriving. The house waited, on the prairie. The paneless windows stared blankly out into the clear night, waiting for the storm. The dust shushed across the foyer, the floorboards eroded by decades of rain and snow and wind and dust. Someone new was coming to the old farmhouse. And something old was waiting.

    By Shaun Adams on 02.20.2013

  31. She was weathered at the end of a long day. Her life was a series of long days that turned into short nights. Little her time, a lot of everyone elses’. She wished she could get out, but she couldn’t fight her path. Her goals. She would be there a while. But it came down to her, her drained nature and her dread for the next day. Her bed always beaconed her, but it also haunted her. It was alone, and so was she.

    By Emma on 02.20.2013

  32. Old, broken down. Like it has been there for a long time. Weather vane. Wet, snowy, icy,cold, hot, burned.

    By Becky URL on 02.20.2013

  33. His weathered cheeks crinkled as he laughed, and his blue eyes were full of life. He held the baby girl high above his head and swung her around. She was beautiful, like his daughter. He was proud to be a grandfather, and prouder still at the life created.

    By Kristina URL on 02.20.2013

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    By Becky URL on 02.20.2013

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    By Becky URL on 02.20.2013

  36. Old, broken down, sad, like you want to help it, but there is no way to help it. Upsetting. Cold, wet, snowy, or hot and burned. Weather vane.

    By Becky URL on 02.20.2013

  37. Though his face was youthful and radiant, his soul was intensely weathered~ you never quite knew how he held it together, like a shard of rock, clinging stubbornly to the home it had known for millennia, poised like a fledgling nervous of it’s first flight.

    One more winter and he might crack, or he might cling on as the generations passed.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 02.20.2013

  38. Old, broken down, sad, like you want to help it, but there is no way to help it. Upsetting. Cold, wet, snowy, or hot and burned. Weather vane. Lots of bad weather has happened on it. Trees, and things like that.

    By Becky URL on 02.20.2013

  39. he works late summers and early autumns out at sea, and she stays home to mind the blonde haired babies, and to twist her hands together like bent branches tangled up in a fence. every year, she wants to escape the narrow halls of the house, to live in an old, vine covered brick one with three stories made from dark, smelling wood. she would go up to the widow’s watch and look out at the sea beyond the houses to spot her husband’s boat, just a spec in the distance. as he came in with the tides, the same waves would wash over her and render her relieved.

    but now in the narrow house that is squeezed beside others identical like it, in the 21st century, the blonde haired babies cry when the thunder eats up the sleeping silence, and she gasps when the lighting strobes. she waits for the call on the last day of his contract. she has no widows watch to peak out of, no clue if he is floating dead somewhere in the atlantic drift as the storm clouds press down. so she twists those hands together tightly until they’re red, but it doesn’t hurt. these hands have always weathered her.

    and her husband weathers storms.

    By kortnee URL on 02.20.2013

  40. torn, lustered, weathered in so many peices one wishesone can just give up. but one doesnt. he/she simple y goes on. thats all you can do. Life weathers you, you move on. You keep going till you don’t either lose the ability to go on or die.

    By Palash Siddamsettiwar on 02.20.2013