February 19th, 2013 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “grasped”

  1. Her fingers grasped a his, pulling him closer to her. “Please, Dominique…” Tears built in her eyes, but she couldn’t keep him there. Even so, she grasped tightly at the last threads of their love.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.20.2013

  2. I’ve never grasped the whole dating thing. The hanging out thing? Yes. But never has someone asked me on a date, picked me up, took me to dinner and after we walked and talked and held hands. Then drove me home to awkwardly attempt to kiss me with eventual success at my front step. That’s dating right?

    By laurenlauren28 on 02.20.2013

  3. He grasped at her hand, gasping for air. Panic welled up inside his chest. He could feel it slipping, feel the slight warmness of her palm leaving his fingertips, the cool water surrounding his skin. His body drifted downwards, carried by the swirling currents and the weight of his body. His arms sink to his side. Closing his eyes, he waits for the cold to swallow him.

    By Wraif URL on 02.20.2013

  4. my hand was in his hand in a moment’s time. our fingers were tightly entwined, holding all of our secrets between our palms. This was the moment I felt my true love for him. In this time of panic and worry, he was there for me.

    By Emmy Kolbe on 02.20.2013

  5. I grasped at the handle, but missed. Wow. this is going to be a great day. I can’t even open my front door.

    By Chase on 02.20.2013

  6. I grasped onto the thought tightly, sure to never let it go. As ive finally been able to open my eyes to the truth. Ive been starring in the face of a person ive known my whole life, yet somewhere along the lines i lost touch with their true identity.

    By shawn URL on 02.20.2013

  7. I grasped at the chance to tell him one last thing, the thing that might change everything between us for better or worse.

    By Brittany on 02.20.2013

  8. My fingers burned with a passion as I grasped the rough rope. My helmet swayed to one side of my head as I repelled over the side of the 100-foot cliff. Excitement and extreme fear set in as my eyes bulged at the gorgeous, deep valley beneath me. “This is AMAZING!” I scream down to my friends several dozen feet below me.

    By Emma on 02.20.2013

  9. I grasped her hand as we stood on the edge of the cliff, the beautiful Mexican sunset illuminating our soft, forlorn faces. This was it – if we couldn’t have each other, we wouldn’t have anything at all. A small tear came out of my eye and swam down my cheek, I knew we were ready.

    By Evans Prater on 02.20.2013

  10. talking about is is not in my mind. I feel a little sad, busy and tired, like grasped. the word doesn’t bring anything in my mind, is just what I feel now, but I am writing

    By natalia on 02.20.2013

  11. I wish I’d grasped the concept the first time you said it. Then, I wouldn’t feel like such an idiot. As a scientist, your expectations of your listener to grasp otherworldly concepts feels unreasonable.

    By l on 02.20.2013

  12. Hanging off the edge of the sheer black cliff, I grasped the lava rock with all my might. My screams echoed off the rocks as I dangled above my watery grave. At any moment I would plunge into the watery abyss. Wave after wave collides with the cliff below my precarious position. The red blood trickles down my arm, as the sharp rocks cut into the flesh on my hand. I won’t let go, I refuse. Fatigue causes tremors in my muscles, but I can’t give up. I must live. So I held on and grasped the cliff with all my might.

    By untamedimagination on 02.20.2013

  13. I had grasped the concept long ago, when my whiskers were thick and opaque. Yet now what I once understood so easily is beginning to slip ever so slowly away. Should my fingers desperately cling or should I accept the end to that knowledge.

    Grasping, futilely, desperately for that which I want to hold and possess.

    By Eric Harrell on 02.20.2013

  14. ten seconds took him to realize that just a little grasp would be all he needed to find happiness. he opened his hand, took a deep breath and just….grasped.

    By ana on 02.20.2013

  15. your fist is a perfect fit
    between my ribs

    holding my heart and doubling its size

    your wrist slid easily
    among bones

    wonder how it feels pulsing in your palm

    your fingers squeezing

    bloody. it isn’t lost on me that it would be

    a quicker death than bullets,
    or sharp objects.

    By isa on 02.20.2013

  16. I’m stuck in your grasp
    Wainting for you to release me
    It feels dangerous in your arms
    And so good

    By Simone on 02.20.2013

  17. She shook him, grasped his hand and squeezed. Only wanting a response. He had forgotten her, he had left her to go and life his life and now even her touch does not exist. A hello is merely a whisper in the air and his mind is consumed by things more important to him.

    By Sophia Swart on 02.20.2013

  18. The monkey put his hand inside the coconut, grasped the treat, and only then discovered that he could not remove his fist. His choice, to hold the material goods, or to maintain his freedom.

    By Pat Grauer on 02.20.2013

  19. He grasped my neck. I felt alive again. It must be real. It must be honest. I feel it. God, why is everything so confusing? I mean, i have friends. I don’t have him. Thats the

    By Saphira URL on 02.20.2013

  20. As i grasped the hand of Jake, i thought he would not hold it back. but he did, he held my hand just as tightly. Now i know am i not the only one who is afraid. But whether that makes me feel better or worse, i don’t know.

    By Elise URL on 02.20.2013

  21. Fingers tightened around cold metal, but she couldn’t hold on for long. Within a few seconds, her hands slipped and she fell from the paint-peeling monkey bars and onto the mulch below. She was able to do this as a kid…why not now? What had changed?

    By codfish URL on 02.20.2013

  22. he grabbed you with his heavy hands as you
    grasped at the fringes of the thought
    that destroyed the two of you

    By finchlings on 02.20.2013

  23. I like to grasp sweet tarts in my hand because that means I know they are about to enter my mouth. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a handful of sweet tarts? I know I do.

    By Eric on 02.20.2013

  24. I grasped my dad before I went to jail. It was a mistake I didn’t grasped that’s women purse also the men wallet. I swear I didn’t grasped no one stuff. It was that red coat lady she grasped every person stuff even me she grasped my $50 dollar for the mall. I didn’t grasped but now I may have to go to jail but I’m inestint.

    By Michelle on 02.20.2013

  25. Like u surprise like u know what I mean like maybe u got what u wanted:) and u got grasped.

    By Diana on 02.20.2013

  26. He grasped my hand and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach

    By devery on 02.20.2013

  27. I was falling. Down down down. It wasn’t like in dreams where your heart skips but you wake up on the other side of the world. In your bed. Alive. I was going down. The frigid air stung my cheeks, and my tears flew upward as I went down. I screamed and wondered if anyone could hear.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 02.20.2013

  28. Have I lost you? Constantly grasping the fading memory I no longer hold true. This facade is meant to collapse, this dream is meant to end. Have not drawn the next breath, still waiting for a release. Peach blossoms all over the ground, but the rain will come.

    By shuji on 02.20.2013

  29. I gasped as he grasped for the poison all too willingly.
    A shock to see in this day, at this age.
    Have we not outgrown these displays, these pointless scenes?

    By Ivy on 02.20.2013

  30. to have hands and thumbs and joints that move and are capable of holding onto things to keep them near to you, to take something in, to attach it to you, to encompass it, to bring it in, to be able to realize that it’s not about what you’re able to take in but what you’re able to let go; the deep abyss. the sweet darkness. the unending void. the collaboration of light and matter. vibrational frequency. the fractal patterns. the vast expanse of nothing and everything

    By annaise on 02.20.2013

  31. i was grasped. he took my soul away. he took everything. i wasn’t good enough. i will never be good enough.

    By Fifi on 02.20.2013

  32. day phantom grasped clothes fresh flow

    By Diego URL on 02.20.2013