February 21st, 2013 | 221 Entries

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221 Entries for “leathery”

  1. Being dehydrated is a slight discomfort usual. When you have been waking fo hours in the hot desert of the wastes of Nevada, the only description for that pink slimy organ in your mouth is leathery.

    By River Ranter URL on 02.22.2013

  2. dats one word tht describes me the best….. though i wld like to change tht…. and become an achiever instead of a dreamer

    By anks on 02.22.2013

  3. So magnificent was the canopy. It was made in the middle-ages, and was almost anachronistic. What would motivate some early renaissance craftman to create such a piece? What purpose did it have in decoration, so out of style it was for the time period.

    By Victoria on 02.22.2013

  4. The couch was impossibly uncomfortable. She could never understand why someone would buy something that looked like it was meant to be in a German dance club. It was something that Zeeter would own from that SNL sketch with Mike Myers. How was anyone supposed to lie down on this thing? Isn’t that what you were supposed to do in psychiatrists’ offices?

    By Sierra on 02.22.2013

  5. His skin was tough and tanned from countless years of being in the sun and other elements. Brown and leathery his hand have aged, but they have not lost their strength. The farmer’s hands reflect his character and tell his proud story.

    By wgirl on 02.22.2013

  6. Like when someone stays in the sun too long? Or when you’re parched and the back of your throat gets moved to the front? Leathery as in rough, or smooth? Shoes or a belt? Leathery.

    By Emily on 02.22.2013

  7. The purse I bought was very leathery, it reminded me of my grandmothers skin.

    By karen URL on 02.22.2013

  8. The T-Rex’s brown leathery skin was weathered and littered with scars. She had seen many fights and eaten many a fallen foe. But none would taste as sweet as the little girl who had just stepped onto the island. Delicious, delicious girl…

    By Si1verRain on 02.22.2013

  9. Leathery has been the word for two days now.
    I don’t know that much about leather.
    Jackets can be made of leather.
    So can couches.
    I like it when people where leather jackets.
    It’s kind of hot.

    By MBat on 02.22.2013

  10. she has snakeskin
    boots and yellow eyes

    she keeps them on
    as i slither up her thighs

    (recreating eden,
    pleasure was the first sin

    because eve dared
    to cater to her own whims)

    she asks for a fall,
    every word a blaspheme;

    i take her to the sky
    and i burn off her wings.

    By isa on 02.22.2013

  11. I heard what the lilting voice said from between the dusty pages.
    A year of youth in exchange for a year of wisdom.
    A coin of two sides, a bet is not exactly a bribe.
    But my mind proved resistant when I recognized the creature who’s large brown eyes had paid the price, forced to forfeit her hide so that lesser mortals could bind deceit to hope and profit in peddling it throughout the ages.

    By Intuition on 02.22.2013

  12. The smell of a night out. A gathering of sad people, with the same wet smile, and shape of heart.

    By Lisa on 02.22.2013

  13. cow big giant elephant rio djniro is a place the movie rio birds making love sex errr minging me and greg are love what is the point in this i dont get it what am i ment to do ? just write

    By cloe on 02.22.2013

  14. I imagine this is necesary to drive me through different paths. the word, it only guides my consince and then I work inside my mind. Cowboys and Guanacaste, Costa Rica pass through my device. I am not realistic and my mind pressures me to go inside as I would like.
    Now the time is opresive and the stuation, fortunately not overwhelming I think. This is leading me, targeting me, forgeting me or should I forget myself with all my will for being in the middle of a chaos I do not actually believe in. Dylan, they say, is always right but the sounds translate me as much as his words, his imperfection is perfect to me.
    Everything tends to be amusing but the earth is never going anywhere so, let´s walk a little more and see the stars with the suffereing heart I have been given.
    I still miss the sculpture of my joy and I attack as I defend to feel I am. Sometimes it hurts.

    By Jose Pablo on 02.22.2013

  15. He had a leathery coat he had leathery gloves he had a leathery TEDDY BEAR!!

    By Marvin on 02.22.2013

  16. He had a leathery he had a leathery TEDDY BEAR!!

    By Marvin on 02.22.2013

  17. The leathery texture of the sofa confused her as it seemed to her to be made of something different. It squeaked as she moved around on it. Everything about this world made her uncomfortable. Nothing felt, tasted or sounded like it looked.

    By Beth on 02.22.2013

  18. this word bring to mind an image of an old person who has lived a long and tough life. their skin has been exposed to the elements so often that it now resembles hard leather. they may have been happy but they did have it difficult

    By susan on 02.22.2013

  19. This black couch is very leathery, is it made of cowhide, I bet it is. His skin is very leathery.

    By Donovan on 02.22.2013

  20. The band of leathery meat was tough to chew, but the flavor was excellent. Beef jerky feeds the body as much as the mind, for when you chew you think.

    By Kurt Olson on 02.22.2013

  21. old rough brown chairs recliners dated skins wrinkles texture wallpaper coats clothing people ancient smelly distinct distinguished

    By Andrea on 02.22.2013