November 16th, 2016 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “wealth”

  1. Wealth. What people want. What some people have. What some people strive for. Does it make you happy? The rich will say no, but the poor will say yes. Does wealth really make someone happy? Money cannot buy happiness, but maybe it can buy you the things that can make you happy. Temporarily happy or permanently happy. Nobody knows the answer… but what do you think?

    By Ariel Dougherty on 11.16.2016

  2. You know you were the secret to this nation’s increase of wealth.

    You were the secret weapon for every harsh moment that came our way.

    Yes, I have begun to write about you in past tense. You shouldn’t think about that too much.

    Just let it kick you in the gut so you remember every time you look back that you messed up.

    You fucked up, Babe.

    By M. Rene' URL on 11.16.2016

  3. “If I had all the wealth in the world…” She paused, then stuck her pipe back in her mouth and exposed crooked, browning teeth. “Well, then I wouldn’t really be wealthy, would I? Because it’d hold no real value.”

    “Depends on what your definition of wealth is, isn’t it?”

    “Perhaps,” she murmured through a plume of smoke. “Perhaps. I’d take a sunrise over a gold coin any day. Both are fleeting, but the sunrise always comes back the next day.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.16.2016

  4. Wealth. He strove for this for so long, forgetting that the trip was what was important, And that we all die we all have zero.

    By jim on 11.16.2016

  5. There are a lot of wealthy people in this world. They sit upon their golden thrones and drink their expensive wine. They look down on the people below them.

    By Rose on 11.16.2016

  6. Wealth can mean different things to different people. For financially poor people it could have the traditional meaning of financial success. For someone that is poor in loved ones it could mean a loving family. For someone who is starving it could mean a plate heaped with nutritious food. For someone who is sad it could mean a bright, happy day.

    By Lee on 11.16.2016

  7. The unfair nature of the world is that wealth rises above all else. We see this every single day on this little planetoid of ours when we grovel on the streets as the Lords pass by on their hoverchairs and exotic pets. The power that they enjoy and flaunt will one day be taken from this. They will no longer enjoy the pleasure of excess. We, as the common people of Triton-7112, will bring them down to the streets alongside us. The day that they no longer trample on us approaches fast. A smile spread across Junres face as he heard the gunshot resounding through the air and the panic of the people on the streets.

    That day was today.

    By Awesumbanana on 11.17.2016

  8. I am very WEALTH

    My husband has WEALTH

    WEALTH is good for economic society

    Donald Trump is an idiot

    Hillary id worse

    THer have WElaTH

    By Jaedon Howells URL on 11.17.2016

  9. Wealth… how can wealth be measured? By hundreds, thousands, million of dollars? Perhaps a vault of jewels, a large inheritance? Can wealth be measured in contentment, happiness, joy, peace with oneself? Is wealth a physical thing, to be hoarded and kept, priced and paraded? Or is it something bigger, something within ourselves that gives our lives a sense of enrichment? Has anyone ever known true wealth, in either enough riches to satisfy or true contentment with themselves? We will never know unless we become wealthy ourselves, which we cannot strive for as it can only happen without warning. Would we know if we were wealthy, or would we continue to deceive ourselves?
    How can wealth be measured?

    By EmmaChristobel URL on 11.17.2016

  10. On line in Walmart, half-naked in hot pink bustier and shorts barely reaching the top of her thighs, she dreams of a millionaire coming over to her. He will gaze into her eyes, should he be able to see them behind the thick goopy mascara on lower and upper lids, and breathe at her, “You are beautiful. Will you be mine?” She will slide into his arms and massage his Superman t-shirt and admire his cape. “Oh, yes,” she will say, tossing her food stamps and coupons into the air.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.17.2016

  11. They always told her “wealth isn’t money; it’s family and friends and love.” But it’s always felt like money to her. She felt the most “wealth” when she received paychecks that paid for more than her bills. Paychecks that paid for freedom to do whatever you want.

    By Paige B on 11.17.2016

  12. Shipments and pavements.
    No time to lunch. he thought that by saving his own time in a container nothing outside that realm would go forward, what a waste of time

    By lyrics URL on 11.17.2016

  13. I have a lot of wealth of money.

    By Simon Woodard on 11.17.2016

  14. I agree, Ghandi
    that great WEALTH, granted, unearned
    keeps mankind troubled

    The totaled seven
    hindrances to man’s virtue
    still afflict our world

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.17.2016

  15. He said you’re a rich prominent church woman now, you can’t say things like that anymore. Wealthy? Me? I try to think of it as freedom. Not working.

    By Grace Ann URL on 11.17.2016

  16. wealth of nations
    what do i have
    what do i want
    what is enough
    time is
    is there really any such thing

    By jim on 11.17.2016

  17. Her wealth meant nothing to him. He didnt want her money he wanted her love. Thats it. Nothing else. He feels like she was too blind to see it. She has her own trust issues.

    By -twilb URL on 11.17.2016

  18. Wealth looks like…whatever you want it to mean.

    By Melissa URL on 11.17.2016

  19. The wealth of the rich people put them in nicer houses than the typical person. Like me I think it’s greatly unfair that they don’t have to pay much on taxes than the lower class person does.

    By Charlie Brown URL on 11.17.2016

  20. wealth was not in my vocabulary, for me wealth meant nice things which I did not have. The only time I knew wealth was when a stranger gave me twenty dollars for some food.

    By Makenzie Cooper URL on 11.17.2016

  21. an abundance of valuable possessions or money.

    By Rose4444 URL on 11.17.2016

  22. I am not wealthy. Not financially. But is wealth money? Couldn’t wealth be family? Happiness? Memories? Wealth is not money. Wealth is memories, welath is life. i am not financially wealthy, but I am

    By Shasta URL on 11.17.2016

  23. wealth is like is a description about money u will hear people talk about a wealthy person or someones wealth

    By julie URL on 11.17.2016

  24. Wealth to pry us out of our poverty into another stupor. I didn’t ask for the dissonance as interest. Loan me your life for your time and your health and your sanity. Consume away your fear.

    By LPH on 11.17.2016

  25. Wealth to pry us out of our poverty into another stupor. I didn’t ask for the dissonance as interest. Loan me your life for your time and your health and your sanity. Consume away your fear.

    By LPH URL on 11.17.2016

  26. keep your wealth
    drain their health
    who needs to breathe
    let the people seethe
    dance to the sound of coins dropping
    no need to go shopping
    save it all for yourself
    cash on every shelf

    By vanikey URL on 11.17.2016

  27. I’m wealthy, because I cheated and stole from the people around me and the people I don’t even know, I like it I don’t care about everyone else I just want the money.

    By Cody on 11.17.2016

  28. He was the wealthiest man in New York.

    It was factually incorrect, but he was wealthy enough that he could say things like that and have a half-dozen “yes” men agree with him.

    He wasn’t that wealthy New York man. He was a lot more nuanced than that. A lot more ethical.

    But his feet were still in the mud. He wasn’t good.

    By anna URL on 11.17.2016

  29. Why is that so many want wealth
    when everything we need to live
    is already right in front of us?
    We have the earth, the wind,
    the trees, the rivers.
    We have our families, our
    friends. We have
    ourselves. Love
    is all around us and all
    we need.

    By Shineapple URL on 11.17.2016

  30. I wish i was wealthy. Wealth is all i need right now since i am so poor it’s disgusting. Wealthy people don’t understand how it’s like to wake up and struggle each day. My phone doesn’t even work.

    By Jo on 11.17.2016

  31. Forever the thing we are seeking, never a thing that can be achieved in full. we are constantly envious of the perception that wealth provides, we show it in the jealousy we feel for those that seemingly have it all.

    By Franke on 11.17.2016

  32. i felt a wealth of emotions for this individual, but i forgot the world operates with various currency. trust issues…

    By Gurchit Chatha URL on 11.17.2016

  33. oh in chrirst Jesus lyes all wealth,,it is mine as I abide in Him and ask in his name o what a glorious thought my wealth eternal wealth ins in the Son of God.

    By LINDA swatkowski URL on 11.17.2016

  34. “Oh I am swimming in my wealth!” Mr. Many-Bucks said to us. “But sir, we are raising money for the charity, Stop child poverty! What does the amount of your money have to do with this?” we asked him. “I don’t want to give my precious moneys to you little brats!” he yeled in our faces before closing the door.

    _ (;-;) _
    \_ | _/

    By Samantha on 11.17.2016

  35. Wealth is a construct created by people. It does not just have to do with money, but with time, love, people, and who you are.

    By Shelbie URL on 11.17.2016

  36. Why is it that so many want wealth
    when everything we need to live
    is already right in front of us?
    We have the earth, the wind,
    the trees, the rivers.
    We have our families, our
    friends. We have
    ourselves. Love
    is all around us and all
    we need.

    By Shineapple URL on 11.17.2016

  37. Another shot at wealth. Received a great phone call today. All the way from Nigeria. Would I like to send $100, just for fees and paperwork, to this great guy in Nigeria so that he can come to the U.S. and meet me with a possible eye to romance. I’m more thrilled than you can imagine. At long last, love!

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.17.2016

  38. wealth is not what is in your bank account
    its the memories and the moments that you collect on your journey that determines what your wealth is.
    Wealth is having people you love and who love you.
    Wealth is having good food and beautiful scenery to sustain you.
    If you have these things, not millions then you are wealthy.

    By Julie Renaud on 11.17.2016

  39. She had mounds of wealth. Jewels covered her fingers, adorned her dress, and her hair. She had a mansion that she now was admiring, walking through room after room, looking at herself in mirror after mirror, examining painting after painting, looked out window after window at her amazing estate in a priceless area. But for some reason she did this all with an air of sadness. For some reason she just didn’t feel happy with her never ending riches. With having every wish and desire get carried out with just one word. This has never happened before. It was a new feeling that did not agree with her. She looked down at her lovely gown-made only a few days ago- and sighed. “What’s wrong? What am I missing?” She asked herself again and again. She looked up and saw her husband come in with her children. She smiled. It gave her a shock. She hadn’t smiled for so long. It felt good. She thought happily. Her answer had come. After touring her mansion with all of its treasures and beauty. But it hadn’t made her smile, “Or made me feel good in any way.” She realized. She looked up again at her family. What a tussle! They were play wrestling. Her two daughters were having just a much fun as her sons. And starting to laugh she caught a glimpse of her husband among the crazy family pile. She shrieked when he reached out and pulled her in. “Stop! Stop it!” She cried out as he tickled her. “This is most unladylike!” She remarked, though she didn’t try to pull away. This was happiness, It wasn’t jewels, or gold, or even the most beautiful gowns. It was family, it was friends, it was her children that she loved so dearly. She grabbed her children and her husband in a big bear hug. She smiled as she said happily, “ThankYou!”

    By WolfHeart URL on 11.17.2016

  40. people always tell me that spiritual wealth is more important than physical wealth.
    yeah, well, i’d like to be able to get an apartment. i’d like to be stable. i’d like to be independent. damn “spiritual wealth” can’t get me that. give me the greens bby

    By stranger on 11.17.2016