October 5th, 2011 | 433 Entries

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433 Entries for “warned”

  1. “You have been forewarned.”
    The mystic woman, seer, hair spinning forward from beneath her kerchief. How many times she said this same sentence, I never knew. Not all of them listened. Stumbled forward blindly into fate, they believed in individualism. It was a lie. Only the spirits could determine what happened to them now.

    By Talia URL on 10.05.2011

  2. she had been warned to stay away from them. she knew that, she really did; her mind and her body and everything that physically beat inside her body knew. but in her soul, she didn’t want to. she wanted to be like them, the cool kids who had left because they knew society had no more left for them, the ones who beat the system (well, not so much beat it as fucked it up and left it with a bomb as a goodbye note), the geniuses who got out.

    warnings were ignored by programmers, anyway. she was only concerned with the errors.

    By Leanne URL on 10.05.2011

  3. She warned me not to continue.

    ‘The quest is pointless,’ she had said. ‘It’s a suicide mission.’

    But I ignored her.

    Now I am at the end of a blade, facing almost certain death.

    Maybe my witty banter will get me out of this for once. At least, he seems humorous.

    But he’s a villain. You can’t ever tell with villains.

    By Lyssie212 URL on 10.05.2011

  4. danger
    don’t do it again

    By saima URL on 10.05.2011

  5. There was something about her that told me i should go. in fact, james had told me i should go. i knew i should go. but as i looked at her, i just couldnt move away. i was drawn. i was compelled

    By patrick on 10.05.2011

  6. her eyes were narrow like a fox’s. green fire and knifing glances, she darted to and fro, but only in her mind. she smiled, and sprang. the fox inside her burned with glee, and her long lithe legs danced in a blur of motion.

    By Jessica Jiang URL on 10.05.2011

  7. I warned him that we were messed up. Beyond repair. Period. But he didn’t get it. He still doesn’t get it. How much plainer can I speak?

    By mere URL on 10.05.2011

  8. I warned you not to touch it. But you didn’t listen. The blackness of the orb began to stir quickly touched it. It slowly circled and spun. With a flicker it changed its color to a dark blue, and then a deep purple, growing bigger and bigger. Then suddenly, with a flash, it surrounded you. A deep, dark, purple cocoon. With no way for you to exit. I warned you, stressed to you the importance, though curiosity kills, and the spirit, larger then life, was released.

    By Chloe K. URL on 10.05.2011

  9. You’ve been warned. Time and time again, you’ve been warned. You never listen though, do you? You never listen to anything or anyone and you wonder why you’re not happy. The warnings go in one ear and out the other. It’s time you better stop. Read that damn warning. And listen to it.

    By Kate URL on 10.05.2011

  10. i was warned
    of that thing those people call their own– of the where the ocean ends, and the sky begins
    but really… the water only can walk so far.
    Warned of what could have happened .
    what would have happened.
    of what it means to live. to smile.
    i was warned but i didn’t take caution. i didn’t pause to think the water would only get me dry.
    i went for the plunge. i dove. and–
    it didn’t end up like in those sappy movies, i didn’t fly. i didn’t even cry.
    i was warned. and i all but didn’t try.
    like the creatures in the sea…
    draining the light and saying good bye.
    but in your defense: you warned me.

    By zainib URL on 10.05.2011

  11. i warned sally to not be a douche. being warned is like being yelled at i think but im not sure im kind of b.s.ing this lol. ummm being warned hmm. its like being told not to do anything i guess. idk.

    By reanna bruce on 10.05.2011

  12. I warned you to stop. I warned you all I wanted to do was love you. Warning, you’ve been warned! I’ve got nothing but heart and love and you’ve got nothing but empty space. I did love you.

    By Tif on 10.05.2011

  13. I warned her not to go in there. I honestly did. So hearing those screams, the blood spattering against the walls and floors? That was hard. Really hard. But I couldn’t go back in there. I couldn’t end up slaughtered, like my father before me. It was sheer stupidity to even have the slightest idea of going in there once you knew what the room held.

    By Sarah URL on 10.05.2011

  14. You were warned. The storm was known to come? Why didn’t you run? The world was supposed to end, you were warned. Why didn’t we flee? We stood our ground and held our heads high, because the storm was nothing compared to the rainbow afterwards. Birds sing after the storm goes away and the sunlight pours in. Why can’t humans be thankful for the few moments of sunlight that our left in our lives?

    By Rachel C. on 10.05.2011

  15. They warned me not to do this. They told me it was wrong, that it wouldn’t end well. They said I should stop as soon as I get the chance. But something inside me allowed me to keep going. Something inside me, allowed me to fall.

    By Neha URL on 10.05.2011

  16. for years I knew that it would be coming. It got closer everytime I breathed, thought, touched. It wasn’t until the wee hours of the candle-lit evening before the actuality, that I cried. and died.

    By Steve on 10.05.2011

  17. “Okay, but you’ve been warned,” the male voice shot back.

    “Yeah, I’ve been warned,” she answered. “Meanwhile, make sure that we don’t leave a trace. You know what it means if we get caught.”

    “Caught? Warned? Morality?” Jensen thought as he lay limply and let the group of hands and voices trundle him across the playground, children’s and crows’ voices peppering the background noise.

    By chole URL on 10.05.2011

  18. It’s my last warning boy. I’ll be out this door and out of your life if you don’t say it. You’ve been warned. The sign on your forehead will turn red. One, two, three…you can leave now.

    By Amy on 10.05.2011

  19. she warned them not to go, but they wouldn’t listen. She tried and tried, but it just didn’t work. and she couldn’t just let them go along, she had to go with them. so she was off with them, into the woods with them, stumbling over brambles and branches and briars with them. it was a mess, and she knew that she shouldn’t have let them, should have warn them, but that was the past, and she couldn’t.

    By m on 10.05.2011

  20. i wish you came with a warning label;
    one that told me how hard i would fall if i got to know you
    one that told me how much it was going to hurt when i hit the ground
    one that told me how love isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it

    even if you did, i would tear the label off.

    By megan breukelman URL on 10.05.2011

  21. you were warned
    about me
    about appetites
    about a certain hunger
    for destruction
    it all depends
    on how the light hits it
    you were warned

    By rob on 10.05.2011

  22. You have been warned.
    Those were the last words I heard spoken before I died.
    I didn’t die immediately. I had weeks to think about those four words, the last four words I heard.

    You have been warned.

    By IndubitableInk on 10.05.2011

  23. I warned you not to do this again. You haven’t learned and you know it won’t work. Nothing ever works out. How many times can logic, friends, family, and complete strangers tell you of the downfalls to come before you listen? It’s a fucking disaster and you knew it was going to happen. You told yourself. Everyone else told you. The music told you. But you just won’t listen to wisdom.

    By Rose on 10.05.2011

  24. Driving in the desert is interesting. Not interesting for you, I’m sure, but interesting for those of us who have been warned. About the bandits. And the heat. And the loneliness. You asked me if I was sure, if I really wanted to go? Yes. No. Yes, of course I do. But then, once I left, I wanted to return. To you. To the cold, the snow.

    By deb on 10.05.2011

  25. You were warned. We both knew that this wouldn’t be easy. We both knew that one of us may get out of this with a broken heart. And that someone was me. But the thing is, I can’t stop thinking about you.

    By Audrey URL on 10.05.2011

  26. The man squinted his beady little eyes at me. Not at all did I feel guilty. I knew I had done what was right and what the man deserved. But, I had been warned.

    By A on 10.05.2011

  27. I warned you about that. This will never happen again. That thing that you do will never work out. Please start changing your ways or else you might get hurt more than you expect. Just be careful. Please.

    By Ali on 10.05.2011

  28. I warned her not to go walking in the street without her red raincoat, but she did not heed my warning and came back with sopping wet. I asked if she regretted not wearing protection, but she laughed and shook water droplets out of her hair, right in my direction.

    By Panda_Incognito on 10.05.2011

  29. Warned

    “You’ve been warned.”

    “Warned? I don’t understand. What are you “warning” me about? I’m doing my job.”

    “Maybe you’re doing it too well.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    She knew of course. But she couldn’t let on. She had to figure out how much he knew, and how far he was willing to go.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 10.05.2011

  30. When I was younger, my mother always warned me to not talk to strangers. I always questioned this… How does someone make friends without talking to strangers? Also, how am I supposed to order things at restaurants? It doesn’t make sense.

    By Saucy URL on 10.05.2011

  31. telling someone not to do something or telling someone to do something like if a teacher says i warned u not to do that and now your gonna pay

    By andrea on 10.05.2011


    By Carla URL on 10.05.2011

  33. You’ve been warned. As in threatened, or perhaps promised… either way, now you know. Now you know just how far you can push him, just how far you can take the problem before he holds that gun to your head, and this time, the barrel might not be empty.. you’ve been warned…

    By Chanel on 10.05.2011

  34. I warned him. I warned him to stay away but he did not listen.

    What didn’t he understand about the fact that I didn’t want to be anywhere near him, or have anything to do with him? Why wouldn’t he stay away?

    I warned him about what would happen if he hurt me again, but he refused to listen.

    By Kat413 URL on 10.05.2011

  35. You have been warned. By reading this message, you realize that nothing is real. Everything as you know it has been a lie. Pretend that something like this is sent to you in a note. What would you do? What would you say. Would you think of it as an accurate warning, or would you simply blow it off? It’s your decision. And it’s up to you to make it.

    By Jordan URL on 10.05.2011

  36. can anyone ever be warned of what is going to happen? i was never given a warning that he was coming my way. had i been warned would things have turned out as they did? i can never know but i can assume no. he came to me so unexpected and yet things happened the way they were meant to. sometimes no warning is the best warning. things happen for a reason…not everyone needs to be warned…. <3

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 10.05.2011

  37. I warned him not to drive himself into the dark abyss of the human heart. I warned him not to touch her, think of her smiling eyes and grin dripping ether. He didn’t listen to me, though. Instead he shrugged his shoulders slightly and ambled off. The news headlines said he was dead four months later.

    By Shay on 10.05.2011

  38. The warning came too late. There wasn’t anything that officials could do to prevent the mass murders from happening through the school. Nearly no one was able to pass through the doors, but the few who did manage to get through successfully were happy to even be alive.

    By Alyssa URL on 10.05.2011

  39. I warned you not to touch the hot water. I warned you that it would singe off your fingerprints. Now you have only bones at the tips of your fingers. Maybe next time I warn you to do something, you’ll heed my warning. My next warning is to not touch your eye.

    By ass on 10.05.2011

  40. and you should let yourself be warned. may save lots of trouble after all is said and done.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 10.05.2011