July 21st, 2011 | 433 Entries

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433 Entries for “violet”

  1. beautiful flowers. beautiful smell; like old ladies. violet is so like purple…my favourite hippy colour.springtime and deep violet blooms peeking out from under shady glades.

    By wendyoline URL on 07.21.2011

  2. Violet is umm… Zach and Cody, a rip off of titanic’s rose.. It is also a color as far as I know, purple?

    By Hind URL on 07.21.2011

  3. A violet was blooming just outside my window. Strange to behold so early after such a long bitter cold season. I had the thought that it might just be a sign from my dear loving sister that things were going to be better. She had just succombed to the lingering and monstrous illness that laid her to waste. My only sister. My best friend. I had languished at the thought of life without her in it. I couldn’t think. Her favorite time was Spring when the little fields would come alive with blooms of yellows, greens, and the purple and blue of the violets she loved so well. Painting a scene as colorful and alive as she’d always been. And today, upon the barren soils that seemed to have just been uncovered from their winter’s slumber, and still far too early to see the tiny purple dot beneath my window…there it was. My sister’s indication that life will bloom in my heart again.

    By linda carlson URL on 07.21.2011

  4. ich mag das wort nicht. außerdem ist es auf englisch, deutsch heißt es violett, oder lila, es gibt angeblich einen Unterschied, ich kenne ihn nicht. gleich fragt mich die seite nach meiner email adresse.. lila /violett ist doof

    By lenalena on 07.21.2011

  5. violet. vivid, vivacious and vicarious.
    i’m not so sure what vicarious means but
    i like alliteration.
    i also like synonyms
    and the way the word ‘violet’ on the page
    is violet in colour.
    i like it when the world finds simple symmetry
    and i also like the colour violet. and the name

    By Abby on 07.21.2011

  6. Violets remind me of my grandmother. That was her name and her amazing personality, kindness, her gentle southern drawl ,out shone any such flower

    By Big Jim URL on 07.21.2011

  7. I go violet when dogs bark,when wife barks,when computers shut down on me, when buses splash rainwater on me, when olleges remain open in rains

    By Swathi on 07.21.2011

  8. Roses are red violets are blue. You face is to small for your head and you are boring to talk to.

    By Robot Mystic URL on 07.21.2011

  9. Her eyes, one violet, the other a sparkling green, searched the room for a sign of life. “Empty.” She said to her comrade behind her. “Wait…” she heard a whisper. “Please, just wait…”

    By Emily Woods on 07.21.2011

  10. No one knows what’s at the end of the road. All we know is how to get there. Past the flowers of all different shapes and sizes, we come across differeing people, mountains, buildings, words. All of a sudden there are walls and our view is blocked. Where is the end of the road? What happened to the violet tips and the rosy cheeks of flowers swaying in the wind echoing to follow me?

    By Nobody on 07.21.2011

  11. fallegur litur og minnir á flauel. Ástríðufullur og djúpur. Vil ekki eiga föt, of þung. Mundi gjarnan eiga fallegan púða. Það er við hæfi að liggja höfuðið á púða og hugsa til þín.

    By Þórdís on 07.21.2011

  12. Blue violets along the sidewalk greet me as I make my way home from a long day. I try to keep my sour mood, but how can someone frown when a happy blue flower is staring you in the eye reminding you that life is short and the world can be beautiful.

    By Donna URL on 07.21.2011

  13. There she was, Violet. I could see she was having a real hard time. I couldn’t blame her. I would feel just the same, be the same and do the same. I would cry, just like her.

    By mirjm URL on 07.21.2011

  14. the violets are so colorful and cheery
    many types and colors to explore and grow
    wild ones have a unique look

    By she53lly URL on 07.21.2011

  15. its a colour and i dont see it very often its kindof like purple but not quite . purple is my favourite colour purple is a royal colour and that is pretty cool. violets are a kind of flower which grow rapantly in my garden and my mother likes them which is strange because they are a type of weed.

    By jay on 07.21.2011

  16. I put on the violet gown ready for my debut into the world I will come to know all my life. The chiffon and the lace felt elegant against my bare skin. I looked into the mirror once more and saw not a girl, but a woman. I took a deep breath and walked out of y room and down the grand stair case.

    By JennK URL on 07.21.2011

  17. the colour of hesitating anger, flaring, twitching, opening, into a belaboured morning

    By mavriksam on 07.21.2011

  18. Roses are red, violets are blue. Why aren’t violets violet? I think that would be more appropriate. Violet is a color but it’s also a flower? That reminds me of orange, how it’s a color but also a fruit. I don’t like oranges, though. I’m more of a strawberry type of person. Or raspberries. I hate bananas. thanks gwen stefani.

    By Katie on 07.21.2011

  19. color purple, pretty color. i like. nevermind its ugly. i like marroonn. it is purple. a light purple. like a violet flower right? but i like blues better. violet is purple. no doubt. it gets dark right??? its dark. shitttttttt.

    By lindsey on 07.21.2011

  20. Violet was the name of a little British girl from the North, right outside of Manchester. Violet grew up with only her father, who was rarely home. One day when Violet turned 13 years old, she made a journey to the South, London. She had always wanted to go to London, posh boys, amazing fashion.

    By God on 07.21.2011

  21. Gorgeous, mysterios

    By Momiza URL on 07.21.2011

  22. Violet. The perfect shade of Spring. With clean green. So sweet and fresh. Trapped now in this blaring and glaring yellow. Crazy Hazy. Searing and bold. Where is the softness of Spring. The happy violet and glistening dew. Cool and clear mornings. Breezy nights. Aww..Violet, yeah, the perfect shade of Spring. See you soon I hope!

    By SnowflakeMSU URL on 07.21.2011

  23. i have never really been a fan of purple. or it’s many numbered cohorts; up to and including violet. however, purple is the color of my birthstone: amethyst. it’s a very popular birthstone because it is said to harbor energy. energy that you can feel and transcend. that makes it a little more special than just a color. as well, as i have grown into adulthood, womanhood and motherhood…i have come to appreciate the many colors for their many soothing and cooling affects and qualities.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 07.21.2011

  24. the color purple so intimate yet so simple. its beauty reminds me of a flower witha weaving green stem coming out of it. weaving thru my thoughts and clusters of purple flowers. its wind up in my brain and leaves me in aw as the

    By awesome on 07.21.2011

  25. The field full of flowers was empty and calm. As she walked through, she scooped up a handful and smelled them. She then laid down in the middle and closed her eyes, imagining that she could stay there forever.

    By rachel URL on 07.21.2011

  26. Violet is a weird colour. It’s not purple or lilac, but violet, like a girl’s dress, or a flower, or a bruise. Like that bruise on that girl’s skin, wearing a dress, holding a flower.

    Violet, I thought, was the colour of ugly and beauty simultaneously.

    Summer was almost over. So was I.

    By Anna Green on 07.21.2011

  27. It’s like the color of your eyes.
    When you’re looking out at the sunset and the reflection glistens against your eyes. You can see as everything flashes through your mind just by one gentle stare. The violet color still refecting against your soft eyes. It makes me think about what colors really mean. Do they show expression? Do they show emotion? Or is it by chance that the violet color glistened against your eyes?

    By Angie on 07.21.2011

  28. He was so angry, the scruffy old man, his face was nearly violet. The sight reminded the grandson of Vernon, the man in the Harry Potter books who had helped to “raise” the young wizard. He shook his head inwardly, reminding himself that he was supposed to be intimidated by this rather hysterical show of menace.

    By Scream URL on 07.21.2011

  29. The vase was full of violets. The ones he left for me when he went. He shall never know what they have meant to me. They have begin to wilt as time passes, and I feel are love may some day suffer the same fate. When will he call again?

    By Craig on 07.21.2011

  30. For all the times I saw the old people it was the day the cottage burned that stayed with me – Reg and Dortis came out of it fine – rehoused by the council of course – but it was the drapes as they burned upset me the most – the colour as it turned in the flames -something valued and private to themselves -mocked at its ending

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 07.21.2011

  31. And her name was Violet. She was beautiful, not in the supersexymeganfoxy hot way, but iridescently beautiful, like something inside of her radiated.

    By me URL on 07.21.2011

  32. It reminds me of flowers in spring. Tulips to be exact. I think of the shade of purple. I see a lovely field on a spring day. Violet gives me a warm feeling.

    By Eden on 07.21.2011

  33. violet means purple and purple was in this tetris play room i was gonna make, but you know it wanted me to buy that and its and INTERNET GAME. some people would buy it but not me, i rather spend my money on food. Ahhh the love i have for food. <3 i miss writing a lot. i do. i'll be here frequently now. Violet.

    By Jacquie URL on 07.21.2011

  34. sweet child
    quiet bloom
    handfuls of beauty
    handfuls of hope

    By Valkyrie URL on 07.21.2011

  35. Her eyes are all flashes and sparks, and he knows what she is thinking. Yes, he knows, he has to know, because he has always known before and so he must know now. She is bleeding out through those eyes, those violet eyes, and he hates what he knows is coming.

    By Sally URL on 07.21.2011

  36. The vase was full of violets. The ones he left for her when he went. He shall never know what they have meant to her. They began to wilt as time passed, and she felt that their love may some day suffer the same fate. When will he call again?

    By Craig URL on 07.21.2011

  37. Spring flowers – tulips. Butterflies flutter their wings. A peaceful day with the breeze blowing through the lavender scented laundry on the clothes-line. I can’t imagine a more peaceful day.

    By Eden Wilson on 07.21.2011

  38. the sky outside isn’t the same kind of violet that shone outside the night you left me. i wish that it was. maybe you should say you’re sorry. maybe is a long way away

    By sarahofsparta on 07.21.2011

  39. my favorite color royalty life passion.
    vibrant lively african violets
    in the purple family
    female’s name
    long life

    By Belinda on 07.21.2011

  40. Violet is a colour and a flower. It is a word that evokes within me the memory of sugared violets, the extraordinarily sweet and pungent treats given to me in perhaps my most middle class moments. As a colour, it is warm but subdued and has faintly unpleasant connotations.

    By Jasper Gold on 07.21.2011