July 20th, 2011 | 394 Entries

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394 Entries for “violent”

  1. Violent is the word that comes to mind when I think of religion. Throughout the centuries, religion has used violence and intimidation to force others into conformity. They scare, coerce, kill, steal, and do countless other violent things in the name of their diety. Though they always claim to be evangelical and peaceful, religion is instead maniacal, ruthless, and malevolent.

    By Dakota on 07.21.2011

  2. There was a time I was seriously moved to be violent. I was fed up with A constantly asking me for money and taking advantage of me….One day he visited and I gave him a knife and asked him to end my life…or else I would end his. Thankfully, he was at many levels just a big talker and didn’t take me up on my offer……The moment passed but the memory of what I can be capable of remains. I can see how people can be moved to commit violent acts…..No self-righteousness about that anymore…….

    By CorinneCR URL on 07.21.2011

  3. Barry was a voilent drunk. He’d killed his old wife after a night out for his friend’s bachelor party. Now he was stuck in prison for life. The end.

    By Justine URL on 07.21.2011

  4. “So he has a violent streak in him, does he?”
    “Aye sir”
    “Well, you know how its done here – we respond to violence with violence. Give the fellow a taste of his own medecine.”
    “I see”
    “Martha! … Be a dear and fetch me the hammer.”

    By clarekins URL on 07.21.2011

  5. Some people think violence comes from other’s actions. Yet it comes from beneath the heart, where it was building up until it it just explodes. Prove me wrong?

    By Jillian on 07.21.2011

  6. Than truth…
    There is
    Nothing more

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.21.2011

  7. Violet, she was sweet and demure, just the anti of her brother Violent. He couldn’t walk into a room without smashing a few shelves.

    By suriti on 07.21.2011

  8. i hate violent people, they piss me off. haha. but voilent people cannot change anything about the world. You can’t use violence all the time.

    By TR on 07.21.2011

  9. i am an extremely violent person so i am obviously awesome like jesus and moses. hmm i want jesus and moses to be black so they are black jesus and black moses. hmm now i feel like dark chocolate :D. soo whose seen harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2?? :D love ally <3

    By Ally on 07.21.2011

  10. Than truth…
    There is
    Nothing more

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.21.2011

  11. wow,, i just had this word so im going to talk about my day and how violent it was >:) today wasnt violent at all, infact i didnt evven listen to any vviolent music D: wow what a bad dayy :D love allyyy <3

    By Ally on 07.21.2011

  12. In this world I love
    Nothing more than the
    of truth

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.21.2011

  13. O when I stop a glance at the flower beneath my feet and I smell the fragrance aloft then my mine is set free in sprite.

    By Leslie Phillips on 07.21.2011

  14. The absolute passion, the violent slashes on my back caused by pure strokes of sin! The music that rang through her vocals as she screamed my name in pure exstacy. She is my instrument, I am her musician…

    By anthony on 07.21.2011

  15. pretty flower lovely sentimental pottasium oops i thought it said violet. baddd i hate it. shouldnt show violence on tv although i do like blockbuster movie with lots of action. i hate crime murder.

    By gina on 07.21.2011

  16. People just keep firing, bang bang bang. as bullets fly around from the cops to the mafias. at least guns ain’t the only violent objects.

    By shane on 07.21.2011

  17. Too much for us this…
    of truth

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.21.2011

  18. The crash threw me in every direction as the car rolled. I guess the signs that said to wear a seatbelt were right. It turns out that physics is not simply a boring high school class, or a thing nerdy, dull, virginal men do for a living, it is also a terrible force that makes you pay for not reading the signs. I ended up going face first into a bridge abutment, after which I went face first into the unknown after.

    By Dan in Ohio URL on 07.21.2011

  19. The storm threw her against the building, hard enough to break bones. She felt like she was being ground into dust, but it was nothing, nothing compared to the storm that had raged for years, the storm inside her.

    By Cristen on 07.21.2011

  20. I am a lover
    Of violence– the
    of truth

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.21.2011

  21. A storm in the forest. The sea after a storm. Violent is all about nature.

    By Luca URL on 07.21.2011

  22. everyone has a hidden side, and everybody must learn how to control it and cope with it.. when you don’t try to understand the reason behind it.. you ‘re being paciently violent. Now you know it

    By Albert URL on 07.21.2011

  23. Our actions often get violent when we are in a pissed off mood. So what is it that can be done in order to not get violent and not get pissed off. HMM.. thats tough!

    By Shruti on 07.21.2011

  24. This type of violent thoughts have caused many a catastrophes. But this time she thought, will be different.

    By oxymoron URL on 07.21.2011

  25. The most violent curse swept toward my face, and I narrowly avoided being pummeled by the bright flash of blinding green light. His anguished voice screamed out in the agony of my escape, and he couldn’t bear to see that I was still alive. What was happening? How could this be? Something was certainly amiss. I was not supposed to have survived this night. The fact that those breaths had not been my last was more torturous than anything he could have imagined. Worse than poison to the heart.

    By Natalie on 07.21.2011

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    By T Leslie on 07.21.2011

  27. “violent is the day that we follow you into the war.” she said it without malice, but couldn’t stop herself from feeling a bit of contempt for the man. the destructive man. he wouldn’t know anything about leadership if he was in charge of a country. and he was already in charge of an army.

    By Rachael on 07.21.2011

  28. war and sarrow

    By Kendall on 07.21.2011

  29. The sky. Blue tartata berry blues. So you t
    What if my usefull shames the lay down…
    Fron Erth aesthetical nest, angel tie me up
    Throw the danceL waist. The broom dies
    Cause you sat on the wind, lower szord

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 07.21.2011

  30. PAINFUL AND ALIVE. IT CAN CONSUME YOU. It hurts. It’s unavoidable.

    By Keanna Casey on 07.21.2011

  31. The violent wind whipped through her hair causing it to fly around her head. She never liked the wind before, but today she welcomed it.

    By ChloeSullivan URL on 07.21.2011

  32. Bloodless. Silent cruelty, the tyranny of the teardrop from your lying eyes. They never find the real criminal.

    By Harvinder URL on 07.21.2011

  33. A violent desire to hurt someone… No, not someone. HIM…. coursed through her as she read the letter over and over again.
    “I miss you, darling… I love you, dearest…”
    “You damn coward!” She screamed. “You filthy,damn coward! You lied! You cheated!”
    There was no stopping her now. She rushed to the entrance, by way of the kitchen, and then threw the door open and went out into the night, carrying hatred in her heart and vengeance in her hand.

    By B.AM URL on 07.21.2011

  34. Hi mr violent man i love to eat them violent no good for health violence can’t curenthey fight food with fuel that burns the violence of angry men to die and detrow smelly thing violent mothers and fathers love violence learn from tv

    By Seamus on 07.21.2011

  35. lkjhgfgklgfg

    By marie URL on 07.21.2011

  36. It was a dark and stormy night. A violent storm had hit our town. Everyone was hiding in their basements, fearing the worst. My family waited in the darkness, not knowing where our father was.

    By WSH205 URL on 07.21.2011

  37. I couldn’t believe how violent they were being. The jarveys didn’t just kill the gnomes, they mutilated them. They were such violent creatures, my family decided to get rid of them and go back to the normal way of getting rid of gnomes – swinging them around in circles and letting them fly over the fence. I love degnoming.

    By Lisa on 07.21.2011

  38. The woman’s hair was a violent shade of yellow and seemed stubbornly determined to defy all laws relating to gravity. I tried not to stare.

    By asphodelplains on 07.21.2011

  39. I feel like this at work. Sullen, angry and violent. I have often thought i would love to tear off my managers arms and beat her to death with them. Easy. Very violent.

    By Paul Allcock on 07.21.2011

  40. violent crashing erupted from the general vicinity of the garage. It was two A. M. and the moon was full…. And I’d forgotten to put the garbage can at the end of the drive. It could all add up to only one thing: Were-Racoons.

    By Ama Marie on 07.21.2011