July 20th, 2011 | 394 Entries

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394 Entries for “violent”

  1. The child cowers under the tall weeds, scotch thistles prickling his socks and scraping his elbows. Ripping the heads of dandy lions he mutters, “they love me, they love me not.”

    By ash on 07.21.2011

  2. How do you make someone who you want them to be? ASK THEM. Tell them what the fuck you’re feeling and get it out of the way before the relationship gets worse. I learned that the hard way.

    By Ellie URL on 07.21.2011

  3. is the one thing that keeps humanity together . without violence the world will be a better place, but there can be no love when there is no hate. hence newtowns third law : for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    By starshine on 07.21.2011

  4. harsh cruel unfortunate impatient unforgivable unimaginable controlling tired misinterpreted frustrating sad mad angry uncomfortable lousy afraid

    By Annelise on 07.21.2011

  5. t

    By tahlia. URL on 07.21.2011

  6. He’d never been violent to her before. She put her hand to her face and felt the warmth of it’s redness. She didn’t know what to do – this was not like him. She thought of phoning the police or her mum.

    By stevelw on 07.21.2011

  7. His dreams have been violent lately. And I’m the girl he talks to about it. The other girls don’t get that privilege.

    By Elise on 07.21.2011

  8. violent equals selfish .
    violent equals weak .
    violent means no control over yourself .

    By George URL on 07.21.2011

  9. People are getting more violent these days. I do not know what is causing the problem, but we see there is little or no regard for life anymore. God help us to regain our sanity.

    By victor walkes URL on 07.21.2011

  10. Everything became a blur to me as I tore the room apart. Violent ripping papers from the loose-leaf binders; the rage I felt was inconsolable. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular- I knew I would find no explanation for what he had done to me, there would be no remorse found in his dresser drawers. Yet, I kept searching the room, as if I’d find a reason for why he left me as he did.

    By brittpinkie URL on 07.21.2011

  11. Everything became a blur to me as I tore the room apart. Violently ripping papers from the loose-leaf binders; the rage I felt was inconsolable. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular- I knew I would find no explanation for what he had done to me, there would be no remorse found in his dresser drawers. Yet, I kept searching the room, as if I’d find a reason for why he left me like he did.

    By brittpinkie URL on 07.21.2011

  12. The violent winds shuttered the windows in the old house as the storm pasted through the town.

    By molly URL on 07.21.2011


    By CHRIS on 07.21.2011

  14. Although my past was violent, I refuse to be anything but kind. Sure, I’ll be intrepid and strong but I will never do to you or to my kids what my father did to me. I love you too much to ever be violent.

    By Aaron on 07.21.2011

  15. The boys heart beat violently in his chest. He didn’t want to do this. Why had he let them convince him? But there was no backing out now. Why am I doing this? He asked himself. This was the most childish act, the most violent act he would ever do.

    By Sarah URL on 07.21.2011

  16. i was stuck inside of a tigers jaw.. i could feel his hot breath on my body. i could feel my stomach tossing and turning. i was moving back and forth vigorously.. he was about to eat me..

    By jessicaannrose on 07.21.2011

  17. Violent is a bad thing made by people. People who don’t know what they’re doing. Violent is not so good because it brings you in danger.

    By christa URL on 07.21.2011

  18. They were in love. It was magnificent, it was engaging – but it was violent. Their passion was vast, but it often overflowed and violence was the outlet for this passion. She cowered behind the door, knowing his hands were coming. “Just breathe. You can escape this.”

    By Natasha Gracey URL on 07.21.2011

  19. Violent gusts of memory lashed out at Joseph in his sleep, whipping him through years long gone by lined with sadness and joy, memories of precious moments.

    By Luke Z URL on 07.21.2011

  20. best avoid that which is violent to the spirit, anything that does not love, support or whisper softly “grow, grow”

    By geraldine URL on 07.21.2011

  21. Middle school. Mother’s relationship was a violent storm and I was tired from the long hours of fighting the night before. It blew me all around, into places no child should have gone. Dark circles built up around my eyes, even at 13, at 15, at 17.

    By Erika on 07.21.2011

  22. Whenever i think of the word violent, i am reminded of who i used to be. She has a violent temper, violent reactions. All negative connotations. I am thankful that that nasty little girl grew up into a woman who just wants to love…

    By Kirsty URL on 07.21.2011

  23. Violent people are all around the world. Many of them, violent, because they just want to be heard. No one will listen; no one will care. So they are violent, secretly praying someone will hear.

    By Lydia on 07.21.2011

  24. Violence is when you hurt people on purpose. To be violent means to put others in pain, simply because they deserve it. Violence kills people, but also saves lives.

    By Effy on 07.21.2011

  25. some people are, but i am not. unless i get really angry. weird huh? it ruins relationships. couples must not have to go through this. tv and movies influence people a lot. makes us think its ok to be violent if its justified. i still don’t think its ok, though it makes for good entertainment sometimes.

    By antoinette on 07.21.2011

  26. crazy mad men fighting, killing, tired. hurts. bleeds. sick. too many dead

    By Dan on 07.21.2011

  27. I like violent movies. My entry today is pretty weak, it’s still early and I’m not really in the mood to write.

    By Winter Lotus URL on 07.21.2011

  28. It was a brutal storm last night. It was so violent that it almost killed all my plants. The wind was howling, there was lightning in the air and then it got worse! Haill started to fall and fall and fall. That is the culprit, the thing that almost destroyed my plants.

    By WSH205 URL on 07.21.2011

  29. oooooh. bad. violency is bad. people become violent when they let their emotions out of control, leading them to do harmful actions. :( let’s make this world a less violent place!

    By livinginmyimperfectworld URL on 07.21.2011

  30. Her vision was a violent disarray of colour. The canvas her wide open sea. She delicately dipped the tip of her paintbrush into the inks once more, letting the rainbow of colours splash across her world. This was her view. Her world never sat still, constant movement sweeping things from one place to the next.

    By ichigoneko URL on 07.21.2011

  31. the violent storm caused much damage to property and lives
    many ran for cover only to find no shelter was strong enough for protection

    By she53lly URL on 07.21.2011

  32. Her beauty is violent – stealing my breath and knocking me off my feet.

    By imchele URL on 07.21.2011

  33. I love the sky when it storms, the rage there is so perfect and natural. The true violence of nature at it’s most powerful. It truly is one of the most amazing things to see.

    By Jenny URL on 07.21.2011

  34. David didn’t entirely mind this small violent streak that John seemed to be going through lately. He peered at his reflection in the mirror, gingerly poking at the rough bite-marks on his neck, the flays across his back and shoulders, and the chafing around his wrists… And smiled a bit. It had been worth it.

    By floppybelly URL on 07.21.2011

  35. We’re like a violent storm together lately. There’s so much going on around us, but in the eye of the storm, it’s calm. The violence within ourselves comes out like this. Is this good? All of this violent passion? Or should we end this storm and move on peacefully?

    By xstal URL on 07.21.2011

  36. She was violent. It wasn’t her fault really. She, like everyone else, was a product of her environment. The only difference was she had flourished there, taken to the hardship like a duck to water, until violence was the only way she interacted. The only way she could.

    By Amai on 07.21.2011

  37. Poisonous thoughts
    Swimming round in my skull
    Violently compromising my self-worth

    I can’t believe in myself
    I have the bruises to show it
    Self-inflicted violence

    Yellow, brown, red, purple, green
    Everywhere you could possibly see
    Where did I get them? Life.

    You tell me I’m beautiful
    But is that bruises and all?
    They poison my mind

    Hitting, scratching, biting
    All in the attempt to feel better
    It never really works

    Crying on the floor
    Never, ever leave me alone
    Not when I’m like that

    Not good enough
    I think
    Get me the fuck out of here, now

    Through others’ eyes
    Beautiful, apparently
    I think I need new eyes

    By Rik URL on 07.21.2011

  38. The old man entered the corridor expecting to hang his coat in the closet. What he was not expecting was the violent leprechaun in it. He smashed his face in with a coat hanger.

    By Casey on 07.21.2011

  39. The sky was violent, echoed by the thrashing waves on the beach. I found it beautiful. It’s like everywhere I looked there was blue chaos and then there was me, still there, still intact. Amongst the writhing anger, I was the only distinguishable piece and it made me feel whole.

    By prolli on 07.21.2011

  40. There was no one as violent as he. His dark eyes, his slick black hair and the sword upon his back said it all. One look at him and you would jump from your seat in fear. I wish I am never again faced with the misfortune of seeing him again.

    By fuschiahues URL on 07.21.2011