October 3rd, 2012 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “various”

  1. There were many various ways he could have sold his predicament. He could have talked it out with his girlfriend, and maybe they could have gotten over their argument. He could have bought her a gift as a peace offering, and asked her to come back. But the noose seemed so much more appealing.

    By Nico on 10.04.2012

  2. Various opportunities to start anew were everywhere. Yet, for some reason, he didn’t feel like it. Perhaps he felt as if he didn’t need to. Maybe he was scared of failing again. Whatever it was, he wasn’t going to try again. He didn’t want to go through love again.

    By Joaquin S. on 10.04.2012

  3. The world’s a place of various things: people, places, objects, etc. I mean, one day it’s sunny, but not today. Today, is cloudy, with a thick rain that pours down the side of my car.

    By Tyler URL on 10.04.2012

  4. There were various problems with the world. The first one was Lillith. She was the most varied of the various problems I had encountered in my whole life. Why wouldn’t she go away, I constantly asked myself? Why did she antagonise me so?

    By Bella on 10.04.2012

  5. various things happens in ones life. everything can be looked at from various points of views. i feel that i am having various experiences at the same times. various is a funny world when you say it over and over again. even just in your head. i wish various things would happen soon. various things from various different departments of life. all good of course.

    By agnes URL on 10.04.2012

  6. Various forms of “I love you.” Show them to me, all of them. I only want them from you.

    By Ravenira on 10.04.2012

  7. Seemly endless variables floated past my eys, lazily whispering sweet nothings to me during math class. I was, as always, attempting to solve the problem and make all numbers and answers happy.

    By X on 10.04.2012

  8. “There were various ways to do this. We hurt him enough to make him retreat, we capture him and force him to submit, or we can surrender.” said the gang leader.

    “It’s simple gentlemen. We kill the Bartman.” said Sideshow Bob.

    By Will on 10.04.2012

  9. As I am blessed with yet another new day in which to live my life I pray that it is imbibed with various memorable moments to embrace rather than discard, which has been the norm for what seems like eons now.

    By Chezrobin URL on 10.04.2012

  10. Various people do various things with their lives. Its a matter of choice of what they want to do, but what all of them need to know is that no matter what decisions they take, they need to make sure that the various stakeholders

    By Arqam Azhar on 10.04.2012

  11. various colors and varioiu objetcs make various shapes and various things,

    vary is the quality of life.

    and some of the objects in life have various qualities.

    By ryan on 10.04.2012

  12. Various forms of “I love you”. Show them to me, all of them. I only want them from you.

    By Ravenira URL on 10.04.2012

  13. everything. something. nothing. anything you want, anything you don’t want. random. or maybe not random.

    By nobody special on 10.04.2012

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    By gago URL on 10.04.2012

  15. For various reasons we keep ourselves locked up inside; don the enigmatic black veil. Who can really know us?

    By EmilyH URL on 10.04.2012

  16. various

    By James Idayi URL on 10.04.2012

  17. Kristy smiled at the various children doing their best in the pool. Tiny arms splashed in the water, attempting to do the butterfly stroke. A little boy appeared to go down to the 12 foot depths every time he took a stroke, and a petite girl looked a bit like a diagonal line instead of floating on the water. “But,” Kristy thought, “they are doing their best. Besides, I started out like that too!” And she glanced up at the record on the wall: “Kristy Travis” beside a jaw dropping record. She sighed happily. “Everything has a beginning.”

    By Emma on 10.04.2012

  18. I have had a few times in my life that I wanted to travel to various places. So far, I have made those dreams come true. I still have a few places I want to see.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.04.2012

  19. There were various things in my mind. Things that i could not unthink. Things I couldn’t escape. I tried ignoring them but when i do, It seems that their voices become louder, become stranger and when I do acknowledge them, the guilt I feel is just too much, I’m not supposed to be affected. This wasn’t supposed to happen

    By ban-a-bomb URL on 10.04.2012

  20. various people live in various places. antartica, africa, united states, europe. ever thought how or why your ended up here, off all places in this world? what ties you to this piece of land. and why?

    By gal on 10.04.2012

  21. They say don’t fix what isn’t broken. Hold the various leaking holes with your thumb. Try to keep the boat afloat. Don’t stop running for a rock in your shoe.

    Precarious tastes, uncertain game. The future is wobbly sometimes.

    By genahtastic URL on 10.04.2012

  22. Various varioso variety. Prevaricate. She is a liar. I never know which of various answers she will choose when I ask her a question. But this much is clear: often the answers do not agree with each other.

    By ariel4thou on 10.04.2012

  23. There were all the girls wearing the pink walking down the beach. Strange. Must be a bachelorette party with all the accoutrements. There was candy too. A boardwalk and all the neon-lit hotels with names like “The Flamingo.” It was summer for one more week and we were children.

    By Bryan URL on 10.04.2012

  24. differnet. variety of thoughts. open minded. a lot of choices . multi options . a new world better future with outstanding ideas

    By Kavindi on 10.04.2012

  25. various. there are various things that i could write about this word but it makes me think about cats and how they’re many shapes and sizes i love cats. just saying , thatre so soft

    By ali URL on 10.04.2012

  26. More than once, I went to the supermarket not knowing what I was supossed to buy, hoping it would just pop in front of my eyes, revealing itself surrounded in a great light. That only seemed to happen in the lamps hall. I’m starting a collection now.

    By Pía Novoa on 10.04.2012

  27. “And then, you know, there are various other causes that could be behind this, but we don’t know for sure.”

    We all just stared at the doctor, as if he were talking Greek. Which, earlier in the conversation, he had been. But that was beside the point.

    “Ahem… well, yes. I do believe it is my lunch break,” he said, as he sidled toward the door. “If you have any questions, please feel free to call my lawyer…”

    By Fiddo URL on 10.04.2012

  28. Various thinks that I find annoying; no toilet paper in bathrooms, boyfriends stuck on video games, jabberer people, and getting shorted. Those various instances really trip my trigger in a maddening way. Nobody like a smelly bathroom. When you’ve finally reached the point of no return with your bladder, it’s time to plug your nose and go in. Mid stream you start to anticipate the end and look for the tissue. What on earth did those people you live with do with a whole roll of t.p. in one day!

    By L.W. URL on 10.04.2012

  29. Various things were spread on the table and I was supposed to clean it up. I turned to find that the whole room was messed up with various things lying everywhere. I was shocked to see that,I remembered cleaning the room a fortnight before. I started cleaning the room and to my horror I found a hand coming out of the bed. I removed the things to find a dead body lying on my bed to find the body covered with blood.

    By Sarah Khan URL on 10.04.2012

  30. There are various ways to look at this situation. I could have been completely disheveled for the rest of my life, digging in dumpsters and such looking for sustenance to refrain from taking the life of humans; however, where would the fun in that be? I hopped the two feet to the ground and established not only eye contact, but a ferocious character.

    By Kathleen T.F. Messler URL on 10.04.2012

  31. The restruant offered various services, my personal favorite however was the room service.

    By Maddy on 10.04.2012

  32. We lived in various years, eating various of food going to various of places and meeting various of people. Fortunately, out of these differences i have encountered, i found and met you :)

    By :3 on 10.04.2012

  33. There are various ways to write about the word various. They vary from talking about variety to talking about lack of variety. It is a very interesting word with various ways to use it.

    By CodyHalligan URL on 10.04.2012

  34. To make the most delicious food (pancakes) you need various ingredients.
    LOVE :)

    By carrielyn34 URL on 10.04.2012

  35. What a variety of flavors at Netties. Variously various flavors.

    By speckledred URL on 10.04.2012

  36. Many different types. various can be used in almost any type of sentence to describe it. My Leg has many various problems with it such as the crack and the fact that it shrank. Various…

    By Duncan on 10.04.2012

  37. Their is various different choices for colleges in Iowa. Like Iowa state or Iowa central.

    By katie m URL on 10.04.2012

  38. Vinne
    Uber great
    Smiley face

    By K... on 10.04.2012

  39. To make the most delicious food (bacon) you need various ingredients.
    Bacon :)

    By Adam :):) URL on 10.04.2012

  40. Different languages, appearences, homes, foods, governments, clothings. There are so many different ways people are portrayed and thought of, but its not the way people percieve you its the way you percieve yourself that matters.

    By bigvin on 10.04.2012