October 3rd, 2012 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “various”

  1. There are various kinds of love one can experience. There’s friendship. The feeling that no one understands you better than your better half. The one who sticks with you through thick and thin. The one who is always there to comfort you in your time of need.

    By Sarah on 10.03.2012

  2. various. there are various things that i want in life. to be happy. healthy. successful. exceedingly wealthy. happy. rich. happy. something more inspiring to say in this oneword entry. a tiny reindeer suit for my sister’s cat, Oscar Wilde. happy.

    By samantha URL on 10.03.2012

  3. Lost for words. There was too much choice. I sat and observed the others choose. They made it look so effortless. So easy. Why was this such a big deal for me? Eeny Meeny Miny Mo.

    By Louise URL on 10.03.2012

  4. various degrees of life emerge as the vortex crumbles within its self, pushing forward to the existence of now, where will we end up, where will this go, constantly changing and moving forward thats all i know.

    By Luchador Lavender URL on 10.03.2012

  5. Wallet and keys are thrown in at the last minute. They join the mints that have probably been there way too long and Kleenex from long ago. Unused coupons and grocery lists that need to be thrown away. These are among the many various things you’ll find in my purse today.

    By wgirl URL on 10.03.2012

  6. As in many, but all different.

    By Taylor Crowley URL on 10.03.2012

  7. Hello
    Night time

    By beth on 10.03.2012

  8. Different many variety changing varries very adjective changing v

    By Marissa on 10.03.2012

  9. Everything was different. No longer were we close minded, no longer was there was just One option, one life choice, but there were many. You didn’t have to belong to one group or one opinion, you could belong to anything, to anyone. Various thoughts could go through your head at one and various loyalties could be held in your heart, in you mind.

    By Irene URL on 10.03.2012

  10. A various amount of apples fell into the steady stream of water. Not one apple was identical with another; each various colors, shapes, sizes. They bobbed up and down in the clear liquid and moved downstream as the wind slowly pushed the water forward.

    By Amber URL on 10.03.2012

  11. There were various potions along the wall. Some of the labels were messily scrawled out, others neatly printed. They all had different handwriting, only a few were similar.

    By Rose Silver URL on 10.03.2012

  12. so many ways to go about
    which one can u live without
    pick and choose
    you snooze you lose

    By Soulsway URL on 10.03.2012

  13. It’s been a long time since I last saw the man with the hat. Various. That’s what they called him. When I was younger, I used to think his name was Serious.

    He was the scariest man I ever encountered.

    By Noémie URL on 10.03.2012

  14. There were various systems down that night. For some reason, the guys in the back wouldn’t even lift a finger to help out. Poor morons. They don’t even see the benefits of helping another. In times like this, it’s all you got to help a poor bloke out. When there’s no money, no food, and no power, poor morons is all you’ve got.

    By Brock Buchanan URL on 10.03.2012

  15. Multifarious beast, demon of scholarly papers. Vagueness incarnate, where is your list?
    A giant F will mark your soul for all eternity.
    (Behold, the paper is long and the night is young, come away with me and celebrate life.)

    By livingoakheart URL on 10.03.2012

  16. Various diseases rampaged the U.S. when the British colonists arrived. I can not believed she cheated on that test… WOW… those 2 r connected, although no one here probably knows what I am talking about… otherwise that would be freaky.

    By Love Hurts URL on 10.03.2012

  17. Various nefarious precarious precocity;
    Alpha, gamma, omega; a, b, c; one, two, three,
    Pens and pencils, paper, printing presses, staples, glue,
    Scissors, knives, and razor blades, yellow, red and blue;
    Cups for tea, saucers of cream, cookies or biscuits if you choose,
    Plates for cake and whips for cream,
    There is no I (but me) in team,
    What have you got to lose?
    Philosophic sophistry, like always honest lies,
    Early, late, please go, no, wait! Demonic angels in disguise
    With dresses blue and Prada shoes
    – Sunglasses hide the flame-red eyes –
    From valleys, forest, hilltops, places
    Ever never consistent peruse,
    Dictate and legislate and claim
    And promise, break, and keep, and aim,
    And miss, retry, draw back, let fly,
    Above, below, right, left,

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 10.03.2012

  18. various people vary on various emotions and emotions vary on the various lives of various people.

    By Tylee on 10.03.2012

  19. various….diversity is common and just part of the world. Sometimes having various stuff makes your world better and at other times makes your world suck.

    By mary123 on 10.03.2012

  20. There are various types of love. Somehow we need at least one of them to stay alive.

    By Abigail Rae on 10.03.2012

  21. A person enters into the building. The doors shut and the music plays; so much covers. She wipes the dust off the covers and removes them. She sees the antiques of the world. They lay in their original state of perfection; her eyes glitter and inspiration comes.

    By Armando on 10.03.2012

  22. there are so many things in the world. everything is so different and made up of different materials. it’s amazing, really, that there are so many things and yet we always want more. why are we never satisfied with all that we already have? when will it be enough? i wish i could just be happy with what i have now.

    By Jackie on 10.03.2012

  23. There are a lot of things in college that you don’t think you know. You don’t think you know people. You don’t think you know the material. You don’t even think you know yourself half of the time. But that’s the great thing about it. You don’t have to know all of these things. It’s kind of just the quest to find them that makes it great.

    By Laura on 10.03.2012

  24. Various people in various restaurants. Three stars, four stars, five stars. Diner food, hamburgers laced with toxic mayonnaise. Ready to kill after a good meal? Well, unfortunately, the arsenic has a lousy aftertaste. Best to apply the hedonistic aspect to a last dinner, right?

    You think I’m too kind a killer. Well, I’ve enjoyed my triple grilled cheeses before. My milkshakes and my curly fries. And I certainly wouldn’t want to die with the taste of death in my mouth.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.03.2012

  25. Various names were called out before she recognized her own. Time to stop zoning out. Time to pick up the pace. Time to make various choices that she should have made a long time ago. It was now or never or so she thought. Various times she’d been here before. The shades were always gray but some light peeped through. It’s always better on the other side.

    By WordsnWorlds URL on 10.03.2012

  26. various substances,
    i’e tried them.
    Nothing, and I mean nothing-
    has helped, or worked
    or fucking anything.
    To rid of the thought of you in my brain.
    eating at my cell walls
    Just get the fuck out of my mind
    Go the fuck away.
    Nothing has worked.
    So instead, I’ll try a different method.
    You have 10 seconds to figure it out,
    10 seconds is all it takes.
    10 seconds is all I need.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 10.03.2012

  27. there are various reasons why i fell in love with you
    and how i re fall in love with you evertime you smile
    or when you hold my hand
    or even when your just with me
    you have various smiles each one tells a diffrent story
    and i can read each one- and i love that- and i love them and i love you and the way you keep me-
    i cherish all every hardship and every joy becuase each made use look deeper into eachother

    By kissingkatie URL on 10.03.2012

  28. He wanted various lovers. She might have gone for that too except that she knew it really wasn’t various lovers she wanted — at least not in reality. She wanted one lover who was various in bed but stable, friendly, opinionated yet warm and kind. She wondered if he wanted the same thing too — a lover who was various rather than the various lovers. Was it possible?

    By WordsnWorlds URL on 10.03.2012

  29. I stopped talking to you and although there are various reasons for that, I wish we could just go back. Go back to when it was easy. Well, easier. Nothing between us was ever easy.

    By Liz URL on 10.03.2012

  30. oh there’s so many places and people and things. colors. thinly veiled within the homogeny known as existence. stuck in the chasms we cover with deluded charms and beyond the spectrum known as the inner sanctum. there is truth within our vision instead of what we see with our eyes.

    By lindsey on 10.03.2012

  31. It was at various times that he would lose and she would win. If you wanted to call it that — losing and winning. Conversely, at various times she would lose and he would win. If you wanted to call it that — losing and winning.

    What really was happening? They were both making good points at various times. They just didn’t take note of that fact at the various times that they thought someone was winning and someone was losing.

    By WordsnWorlds URL on 10.03.2012

  32. Lots of different thing sitting in my junk drawer. Ideas floating around in my head. The topics in the presidential debate. The fact that when we go to the grocery store…we have 70 fruits and vegetables to choose .

    By Clare URL on 10.03.2012

  33. To live with choices. One having opportunity to go forth and make decisions. One of the benefits of being human is to be able to choose. Whether its your food you eat or your path in life, one must use their noggin and make a selection.

    By DeAnne on 10.03.2012

  34. Think think think. Complain complain complain. Various thoughts go through our head in a day and sometimes it is hard to stop these thoughts. One day, don’t you just want to be thought free? Don’t you want to feel an emptiness even if it is just for a second? No worries, just all happiness frolicking about in your mind. That’s all one really needs.

    By Theresa on 10.03.2012

  35. too many things with no connection. variety and options. nobody needs this. just pick something and stick with it.

    By kaitlin on 10.03.2012

  36. Various books were scattered about the room. Clothing was left on the floor. A half empty cup of tea sat on the night stand. And there she sat, half naked on her bed and all I could think of was the impossibility, the pure luck that brought me into this situation. I half smiled at her and she leaned back gesturing at me to go to her. And go to her I did.

    By Bridget URL on 10.03.2012

  37. Too many things and no time to sort it all out. Just pick one thing and go with it. More choices is not always better. Theres nothing like knowing what you want

    By Magic URL on 10.03.2012

  38. there are many things that come to mind when i think about the sky. i always think about the various different colors that it can become. it can turn from the most beautiful mix of pink and yellow hues are the sun is born, and then turn into the darkest shades of cobalt and black. but i think my favorite is when the sky turns grey. when everything is in between. when it can go either way.

    By Celine Beattie URL on 10.03.2012

  39. One of the various memories I have all pertain to music. Hearing a song from the past takes me back to a time and place.

    By Tom on 10.03.2012

  40. There are various sounds that echo from the street: the yowl of a cat, the rushing of cars by in the dark of the night, the beeping of the pedestrian crossing on the corner, the chatter as some teenagers pass by. It’s dark out there – and the street lights haven’t been working since Easter – but the night is still alive with sound.

    By Dailenna URL on 10.03.2012