May 19th, 2014 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “unknown”

  1. Whatever is unknown shall remain unknown.That is the reason it is called unknown.If you knew about it,it will no longer remain the unknown.That is why you should never find out about it.

    By Aditi on 05.20.2014

  2. He disliked not knowing. Not knowing what terrible things could happen to him, not knowing what surprises would await him… it scared him to no end. And that was why he tried his best, to understand everything, to understand why certain events occurred at certain times. He researched it for his whole life, trying to uncover his own private mystery of his reality, but he discovered nothing. And it was only at the end of his long, long journey, when he was in old age, and could not walk without the help of his walking stick, that he realized, it was serendipity, unpredictability, coincidence… that made life as beautiful as it was.

    By Lin URL on 05.20.2014

  3. There wasn’t a point in their conversations that cuddled him in comfort. Yet, she was amenable. And a moment passed that gave him that thought that maybe it was that strange kindness, so unknown to him, that made her dangerous.

    By Peskiper URL on 05.20.2014

  4. What’s this?

    By berenique URL on 05.20.2014

  5. Ok, Ok, I get it. You’re going to take it and throw it in the swamp. That’s what you’re trying to say?
    Yeah, maybe it is. Maybe that is what I’m trying to say. But that’s not what I’m saying.

    By Jim Ranger on 05.20.2014

  6. Ok, funny guy. What are you saying?
    I’m saying something like what you just said but not it, exactly.
    Why don’t you just wise up already?
    How about you wise up?

    By Pool Bar Jim URL on 05.20.2014

  7. This country was an unknown place to her. Every breath she inhaled was like an infant taking its first steps; unsure, wavering, and unsteady. Pausing momentarily, she took in her surroundings with new eyes and an open mind. This is it, she thinks to herself. A chance to start over.

    By MissW URL on 05.20.2014

  8. many things are unknown and some we know but are not sure how they work and what they do. Unknown

    By Brock URL on 05.20.2014

  9. unknown is not knowing about what is going to happen next

    By katie on 05.20.2014

  10. The unknown amount of money is not known and the kids will not know how much their famous teacher has left them until she dies, which the date of death is unknown at this point. The unknown teacher actually will leave her most favorite class at least

    By Joy on 05.20.2014

  11. The unknown man ate a cow. Unknown people will attack you. Stranger danger is unknown. Unknown is something not knowable. Yeah its unknown what to say right now

    By Andy URL on 05.20.2014

  12. The beast in the forest is unknown. This word is unknown. Unknown means nobody knows. the word is unknown to anyone. YAY.

    By Nathan on 05.20.2014

  13. Unknown means you don’t know what the thing is. Life is unknown you don’t know whats going to happen next its terrifyingly beautiful.

    By Selena on 05.20.2014

  14. there are a lot of things unkown that people have to explore. when you walk into a unknown place you can explore everything through i know

    By kierra on 05.20.2014

  15. It means that you do not know it or what it means. My friend had an unknown dog breed.

    By mason on 05.20.2014

  16. Hi my name is Randy I live in Texas my family is really rich. I bet you think I’m unknown but I’m a nice guy.

    By Randy URL on 05.20.2014

  17. not knowing about something not for sure not being for sure.

    By katlyn on 05.20.2014

  18. the world is unknown but you just can’t know what is happening. so ya!

    By Winterierword94 AKA Brock URL on 05.20.2014

  19. She leaned against the rail, enjoying the salt spray and the rush of wind against her cheeks. Ahead were unknown waters, but she was eager for adventure and blind to danger.

    By mrsmig URL on 05.20.2014

  20. who dat? never saw that guy before. did you see if he came in with anyone. no. what’s he ordering? whiskey. what kind? jeez, who am i, the NSA?

    By Lee URL on 05.20.2014

  21. The unknown is a place of fear, but fear of the unknown is a place of disgust. To not know something is merely human, but to fear something that may indeed be beautiful is selfish, so I do suppose that it also can be considered to be a form of human nature. We need not fear the unknown. We should embrace the chances to increase our knowledge, and drive out the fear that resides deep inside of ourselves.

    By Lulu Roro URL on 05.20.2014

  22. Down the hill, around the bend, they say you’ll find a old house, with a worn rickety fence. Beyond that fence, some say there’s a old man inside. A hermit who sits by the door with his shotgun to scare off the kids. But no one’s ever seen him.

    By Soft URL on 05.20.2014

  23. Eyes wander
    Ahead of feet

    The great pure mystery
    We conquer and learn

    The virgins of our world
    We take pride in tainting
    Places, not people
    But the pain
    Feels just the same

    By Sarah URL on 05.20.2014

  24. I have a lot of unknown numbers. I have many people that are unknown on facebook.

    By Tiffany Gaebel on 05.20.2014

  25. something undiscovered people don’t know information about certain topics

    By Kailey on 05.20.2014

  26. Unknown is something that you don’t know. Its unavailable. Something you wouldn’t know. Doesn’t have a definition to it. It’s not common.

    By Alyssa Schueller on 05.20.2014

  27. I looking for downloading site….

    By sun lee on 05.20.2014

  28. Unknown is something that nobody knows

    By Hannah on 05.20.2014

  29. I don’t know

    By Ty Halopka on 05.20.2014

  30. It is not noticable. No one knows what it is. Confusing. Unable to identify. Nothing. Non existent.

    By Brynn on 05.20.2014

  31. That man in unknown to me. He just appeared out of nowhere. He was about to take that child over there so I called the cops. He was wearing some unknown clothes and was driving an unknown car; he was just so weird. I wonder if the cops ever showed up.

    By Hailey on 05.20.2014

  32. something that isn’t known about. If something isn’t known, it could be exciting or it could make you mad.

    By Taylor Myszka on 05.20.2014

  33. No idea because its unknown. *insert dramatic music

    By Ben Weller on 05.20.2014

  34. You don’t know something. There could be something you want to know but you can’t. I didn’t know anybody that I was playing against.

    By Jake Stange on 05.20.2014

  35. There is a lot that is unknown. I don’t think that we will ever know everything. There will always be unknown things in the world. We will always discover new things that were unknown before.

    By Emily on 05.20.2014

  36. No idea, because it’s… Unknown. *insert dramatic music.

    By Ben Weller on 05.20.2014

  37. You don’t know something. I didn’t know anyone that I was racing against. Then I hit somebody unknown on the track.

    By Treyton on 05.20.2014

  38. The unknown is a mysterious place; not much is known, obviously, about this place. You can’t really think about this word because no one knows about it. It is simply something we can not comprehend.

    By Elizabeth on 05.20.2014

  39. The unknown is something that people haven’t discovered. It’s a part where people have no sense of what it is. The unknown is so undiscovered that no one can understand or comprehend what it means. It’s a hard concept to truly believe in, that there is still things that people don’t know about yet. Being unknown is not having many things that others know about.

    By Marissa on 05.20.2014

  40. It is something no one has ever heard about or has ever seen. It can be something that has never been discovered or something doesn’t even exist.

    By Mikala on 05.20.2014