December 1st, 2013 | 130 Entries

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130 Entries for “typhoon”

  1. My realization that I was attracted to him hit my like a typhoon. I had never looked at him in those terms. I had admired his singing and writing for decades but never did I ever consider him “attractive” until that night. That magical, crazy wonderful night.

    By just a girl URL on 12.01.2013

  2. A great amount of water ascended on the village, bringing back memories of the last typhoon that cost the lives of over eight hundred persons, and wrecked havoc on our agriculture lands.

    By victor URL on 12.01.2013

  3. The typhoon had left thousands of people dead and even more homeless and stranded. So when the self-proclaimed humanitarian strode across the ruins and wreckage of past lives, he actually had a very hard time coping with it.

    “You know,” his partner remarked as they tried to make themselves comfortable, “I heard this one tried to donate meth to the typhoon victims. You know…because he thought they’d need to chill out.”

    “I think they’re going to need something a little stronger than that,” the humanitarian muttered, wondering how much he could really help now.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.01.2013

  4. In the midst of the tide we got lost beneath the waves calling out for each other and the world around. Wishing for others to be saved before we would help ourselves, but deep down in the dark I found you. I held you close and I told you exactly what you mean to me, just in case that was the last time I had the chance. After all my breaths were getting more difficult and you seemed to disappear just a little with each moment because my eyes began to blur the shapes of other stranded people and lost belongings that are covered in stories but no longer matter as they float around in the salty ocean. Everyone has something to say but no one ever wants to listen. So I will sit here, let the water have me, and never regret a thing, so long as you promise that if you survive this insanity you will hear every word everyone ever says to you again and you will hold on to each of them with every effort you have. . .

    By Madison on 12.01.2013

  5. In my country I have never seen an typhoon. But, actually in Asia, a big typhoon have destroyed many countries and a lot of people died. This is very sad.

    By Guilherme Oliveira on 12.01.2013

  6. A whirlwind. A typhoon of mixed emotions that causes her to want to scream out in anguish, madness, fear, and excitement all at once.

    By Connie j. on 12.01.2013

  7. Once a long time ago,
    There was a tree in a typhoon,
    She lost her leaves, she lost her bark,
    The storm left her almost ruined.
    But her roots and trunk remained,
    A free strong branches kept her sane,
    As the years passed, she re-grew all the old was turning new.

    By mae_and_marz URL on 12.01.2013

  8. She was a typhoon; an endless, terrible wave that wrecked disaster and sickness wherever she went. But somehow, I still loved her. She never loved me, and I didn’t think she ever would. But I loved her and that was all that mattered. I was aware that she was using me; everyone knew that. So why was I so attached to her? Simply because she was beautiful. she was ruthlessly, cruelly, beautiful

    By lubna on 12.01.2013

  9. It was a huge storm. No one could survive. Except, all of them did. The tiny village was cleared out bu the raging storm. Every single person, baby and all, died under the huge waves. The next day, all of them arose as angels. Smiling, they all sang in harmony.

    By Laney URL on 12.01.2013

  10. Everything was a blur. Screaming surrounded her as the chaos erupted. She couldn’t see the sky- it was nothing but a sheet of fast-falling water droplets. There was no where to run. “Derek!” she cried out, searching in vain for her husband, but the water filled her throat and she was left coughing. Would they survive this? Or were they already dead?

    By Seth on 12.01.2013

  11. Perhaps a typhoon will wash away the weight in my heart so caused by your sea-green eyes.

    By Vexlend URL on 12.01.2013

  12. Typhoons are wet horrible storms. Recently the storm in the Phillipines, Haiyan was of major incidence. Many died and many are still being rescued. This isn’t a story of hope and love this is a story of death and survival. Surviving against all odds. That is what Haiyan, the woman with the name of the storm did.

    By Kay Edwards URL on 12.01.2013

  13. The typhoon oppressed the people, no doubt about that. The pressing winds and unending torrential rainfall was the least of their worries. Was their true worry not much larger? The fear that they were in the last few moments before ‘he’ came. He being the monster of mythology; the blood drinker.

    By Kay Edwards URL on 12.01.2013

  14. The sirens blared a warning that shook me to my very core. I could not believe this was happening. I had only heard the sirens on tv and read about them in the news. Never had I experienced it in real life….

    By Bchange.Cchange URL on 12.01.2013

  15. you were a typhoon; but you were my typhoon.looking back on the poems now, like a mirror into my year-younger-self’s soul, i know i felt so confused. Fake. Faking it until I was making it.

    And it worked. We’re over now and i understand now and



    By Kim URL on 12.01.2013

  16. The typhoon came suddenly, as a thief in the night. It ravaged houses and landscapes, indiscriminately, taking bits and pieces from each place it touched without purpose, like a reckless lover.

    By Janelle D on 12.01.2013

  17. Reach. Extend your hand. Pull her up. She gasps, chokes for air.
    You tell her everything is fine but she can’t hear you.
    There’s water in her lungs but none in her eyes.
    It seems the tears she’s shed for her misfortune have multiplied to drown the town around her.
    Her eyes glaze over an her eyelids slowly shut.
    She gave up.
    You understand why.
    “Ing at,” you whisper as she moves on.
    It’s better this way.

    By Kassie on 12.01.2013

  18. Nad rzeką wezbrał niebezpieczny tajfun, W powietrzu unosił sie zapach niebezpieczeństwa, zmieszany ze strachem, Poczułam na skórze lodowatośc tego smutnego poranka.

    By Anna on 12.01.2013

  19. Aww, come on! Typhoon? What a boring word! :( Oh well. I’ll be back tomorrow…

    By Victoria on 12.01.2013

  20. Things that happen to other people: earthquakes, accidental poisoning, revolution, typhoons, sea level rise & other effects of climate change, extinctions, air poisoning, economic failure, aging, death.

    By clayton URL on 12.01.2013

  21. As in a typhoon of water; a typhoon of rage, hatred, rawness, grief.

    I have regular typhoons, seasonal floods.

    Typhoon season begins a few days before my period. I feel it coming for several hours.
    It lets out all at once, when I’m alone and when I know it. In a car with no music. In front of my mirror. Over my dishes.

    By Sara on 12.01.2013

  22. Today’s typhoon devastated an entire nation. Scrambling for safety was impossible. Lives lost, destroyed dreams. Disaster. Naturally.

    By JoJo on 12.01.2013

  23. You stormed into my dull, little frowning world, and blew everything out like a typhoon. And yet, why is it my memories of your smile feel like an early spring’s day instead?

    By Yeon on 12.01.2013

  24. typhoon is haiyan. haiyan is haiyat. Typhoon of emotion is hitting me so hard. why typhoon why? go away typhoon. Typhoon brings clingy and needy feelings. I dont like typhoon. I like sam though. Sam the mermaid. I wanna be with her. Maybe Sam wants to be with me sooner.

    By Sasha on 12.01.2013

  25. The typhoon raged. It ravished the land, ripped it like paper; tore through the fields, screamed through the valley. The typhoon was angry.

    By hidey URL on 12.01.2013

  26. The typhoon was fierce, the rain and water it brought decimating everything in its path and leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. And, as the waters receded, we walked through the remains of what had once been a mighty city, a beacon of hope reduced to rubble.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 12.01.2013

  27. it is impossible for me to write about ‘typhoon’ as it brings up many bad reminders of things lost in the philippines

    By Emily on 12.01.2013

  28. There was only devastation. I cried the cry of a banshee, but it was ineffectual, insignificant. Everything had been destroyed.

    By Sophia URL on 12.01.2013

  29. it is big

    By NS01 URL on 12.01.2013

  30. I heard it coming before I felt it. A sreeching that ripped through the house like a speeding steam train. Then it hit.

    By martin b on 12.01.2013

  31. Storm.
    Filling my mind with tidal waves and sounds.
    Quiet, something I cannot reach.

    I am torn, destroyed, separated, frustrated.
    Lost and alone.

    Find me again in this chaos.

    Let me find my oasis,
    My hiding place,
    My island, my land.
    My heart.

    By sueellen URL on 12.01.2013

  32. The wind grew stronger, and Joan knew the typhoon was getting closer. The glass in the window actually pushed her back as she leaned against it. The plane was due in less than an hour, but she stared at the empty, grey sky; praying, willing it to arrive even one minute sooner. The hospital had generators, so it could ride out the storm, but without the antibiotics, her patients could not.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.01.2013

  33. The feeling overcame my subconscious like a typhoon. I realized I was in love with him. How had I not realized it? It was so obvious. Maybe it was because the feeling was just…unfamiliar. Love. It was an awfully mysterious feeling.

    By Maddie on 12.01.2013

  34. Oh no. She stands next to me, clutching her bonnet in the heavy wind. I see the fear in her eyes as the radio squawks the report.

    By Sarah on 12.01.2013

  35. I was standing there looking out over the oily silver water. It churned and gurgled 200 feet below me. It was a force I could not resist, something inside of it was pulling me in. I was going to jump. It was time, everything in my life had lead me to this moment. There was nothing left for me. I closed my eyes and took one final gulp of the sharp salty air. I inched my toes over the edge and prepared to plunge to my death. And then the typhoon hit.

    By Trista URL on 12.01.2013

  36. The rain poured in his head,pounding the toxic walls of his skull. It rained perpetually, for years.

    By WhoisRGL URL on 12.01.2013

  37. Water hurled at everything, breaking trees, smashing dreams. As homes collapse, and fear grows stronger, somewhere a tiny voice cries out. Will you stop and help?

    By MaybeMe URL on 12.01.2013

  38. typhoon is a tropical storm. One just happened in the Phillipines. Millions displaced I believe. One might consider the existence of such things as proof for the non existence of God. I consider it one of many such proofs. I live in Louisiana now, where we wait every year for a hurricane to destroy everything in a fell swoop, a clobbering of wind and foam and mist.

    By Tony on 12.01.2013

  39. i have already done this one, but i’m pretty sure it is a type of hurricane that travels over the ocean. It causes destruction to many people, and opposite of that, i think it is a super hero. hmm.

    By Grace URL on 12.01.2013

  40. she was crazy, she would walk in the room, and every thing would turn to chaos, every stare turned to her, every small side conversation, to her. calm before the storm cause the minute she spoke, you know something crazy was about to happen. That’s just the way she was, until she met him.

    By Grace URL on 12.01.2013