June 18th, 2013 | 208 Entries

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208 Entries for “tumble”

  1. this makes me think of a staircase. for some reason, it evokes a sense of fun as well as the ripple of jumpers, perhaps baggy chequered shirts. for some reason, writing that sentence has (re)confirmed to myself that i am not autistic. it also makes me think of washing machines, or perhaps more appropriately, their drying function. that’s of i’ve got i think. forrest gump.

    By tom pitt-rashid on 06.18.2013

  2. Her thoughts were lost as she watched her clothes tumble round and round in the dryer. Where have all the years gone? Where has all the moments when she thought he would always be there, where did those times go as well…

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.18.2013

  3. I took a tumble down the stairs. It didn’t hurt, but scared. What if I were all alone? Worse, what if I weren’t? What if my kids were watching? My biggest fear.

    By Jennifer on 06.18.2013

  4. It’s different than falling. It’s different than rolling. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
    I guess it just depends on what you’re moving towards. Whatever it may be, I hope you can keep track of where the ground is.

    By base_CAZ URL on 06.18.2013

  5. “One bad tumble of the dice then, is why life is bad for you now,” Bannik said. Ray shook his head. “Can’t be. I’m not a betting man, I’ve never picked up a pair of dice outside of board games when I was…” Ray trailed off, searched Bannik’s iridescent eyes. “Wait a minute, Bannik, you’re not saying that I rolled a dooming sequence of numbers playing an innocent game of Yahtzee as a kid are you?” Bannik howled with laughter. “Innocent?” he screeched, “There is no such thing!”

    By Miss Alister URL on 06.18.2013

  6. I was falling, rolling down the hill in my head, stumbling, tumbling through the most horrifing memory of all time, I couldn’t stop thinking or throw

    By Karen on 06.18.2013

  7. tumble on the floor tumble fro an airplane tumble on the grass tumble with a stone on the road

    By Renata on 06.18.2013

  8. fumble, like I haven’t done this before,
    he watches,
    my hands,
    small fumbling hands,
    can’t get the key in the lock
    I wish he wouldn’t stare

    By mouse URL on 06.18.2013

  9. thoughts tumble around like clothes drying,
    over each other,
    tossing, laughing
    and words tumble out like that sock you don’t own

    By mouse URL on 06.18.2013

  10. As I tumble down the hill It reminds me of being a kidd again. It reminds me that not only back then did I have a family, but I had no care, or worries. I wasn’t scared of failure nor was I scared of being liked. THat was when darkness was the scaryiest thing and now I have grown up and I have more responsibility, worries, fears, and less of a family.

    R.I.P. mom.

    By TeAwna Lennie-GIll on 06.18.2013

  11. She took another step down the rocky path, not knowing it would be her last. She was a very short distance from the end. The end began with a long fall. A short tumble was all she really needed to knock some sense into her senseless head. Too bad, she took her last step and fell to her death.

    By ace URL on 06.18.2013

  12. The board exec took a tumble like an Australian in a 5 story hostel.

    By stumbler URL on 06.18.2013

  13. I took a big ass tumble down the stairs the other day. I broke my toe and leg. It really hurt. I cried for hours and hours. It was a really sad day. I went to the doctor and got a cast for my leg. It made my leg really really itch.

    By alyse on 06.18.2013

  14. The tag said “Tumble Dry” but she never paid much attention to what anyone told her. Had to do things her way. Even if it meant her sweater shrank to her midriff with three-quarter sleeves.

    By nedra URL on 06.18.2013

  15. The tag said “Do Not Tumble Dry” but she never paid much attention to what anyone told her. Had to do things her way. Even if it meant her sweater shrank to her midriff with fresh three-quarter sleeves.

    By nedra URL on 06.18.2013

  16. We never discovered this world. We never discovered this planet. We merely stumbled and tumbled upon it, claiming it as our own and putting ourselves on our thrones.

    By Grace URL on 06.18.2013

  17. Jack and Jill
    Tumbling one after the other
    And you can’t get up
    When you’re too far gone
    You can’t get up
    My shoulders stiffen with poise and the way I look down at people
    And there’s nothing keeping me from being down there
    We’ve all fallen down grassy slopes in our time
    So got grass stains and some hit their heads
    And some giggled and some lost their crown, their heart, and their way

    By Saudade URL on 06.18.2013

  18. Trying to change ourselves, tumbling past masks we love and hate. “I’m caught on the wrong one…”

    By LILYhibiku URL on 06.18.2013

  19. There seems to a fair bit of tumbling in my life.
    I’ve spent far too much time on tumblr lately.
    It still takes a bit less than it should to make me tumble into misery.
    What you wrote in my yearbook made my heart feel like it was tumbling down eight flights of stairs.

    Hooray for tumbling!

    By aura.rayne URL on 06.18.2013

  20. I took a tumble down the stairs the other day because I went running too much in the rain and the bottom of my shoes were wet because the grass coulnt; soak up all the water that was falling from the sky because the grass can only do so much to keep me from falling down. its on me to keep myself upright

    By Criss on 06.18.2013

  21. I took a tumble the other day because I had rain on my shoes that collected from the grass becuase the grass could only take up so much rain. Maybe if I didn’t run so far from where I came from then I would have so much rain on my shoes, maybe then I would be able to keep myself up. It is on me to keep on running without falling down.

    By Criss on 06.18.2013

  22. As Larson tumbled out from behind the bookshelf, he found himself staring right at Graham, who remained frozen from where she was sitting by the mantle. A small leatherbound book was clutched in her right hand, while a dagger with a curved blade and beaded handle was clutched in the other. Larson did not dare ask why she had such a pair of objects, given Graham’s wrathful reputation.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.18.2013

  23. Playing with my little nephew, out on the driveway. He goes running down the yard. Bump! Over he goes! Tumbling down in the soft green grass. I catch my breath… but don’t go running because I know that if he is OK he’ll get up and on he’ll run, without my help.

    By Katie Kellmurray URL on 06.18.2013

  24. His hair was flowing behind him as he ran back up the hill. He turned around and looked down at me. He smiled and hung his head to the right, his hair cascading across his forehead like a waterfall. He tumbled down the hill and grabbed me around the waist and pressed his lips against mine.

    By Willow URL on 06.18.2013

  25. The tumble weed skipped lifelessly across the desert sands, as an lonely armadillo trotted through the heat. As the sun began to set on the hot sands and the echo of the lost Hawk drowned lightly on the midnight clouds.

    By Liam on 06.18.2013

  26. My thoughts tumble,
    over last season’s descended leaves.
    It always seems too cold in autumn,
    Chills my blood.

    By abbigail quinn URL on 06.18.2013

  27. falling. but more…playful. tumble is a little fall. a short fall. an easy-to-recover. tumble is good, i think. it is growth. experience. life.

    By Logan McQuivey on 06.18.2013

  28. Tumbling down this hill wooohoooo spinning sick. I love him. I hate this. I’m gonna be sick. Ahhhhh this is stressing me out. Ahh why is he watching tumbling forever. Must stop. I will stop. Stopping is worse. Oh why oh why must I tumble forever. Why must I tumble at all? What is the purpose? Who am I even tumbling for. I guess I’ll just keep tumbling until I finally get it right. But then again, I don’t want to stop, because stopping is worse. It makes my stomach queasy and my brain start to hurt. But then again, tumbling does that to me anyway. So which will it be? Forever sick? Or intense moment of sickness followed by complete disillusionment? I would prefer the latter but I’m afraid that I don’t have the foundation or the support of people around me to hold me steady as I recover. Wow, trust. Got none of it. For no one. Holy nuggets.

    By Nutella on 06.18.2013

  29. tumble tumble tumble
    that’s how he lived his life
    tumbling through the good times and the bad
    the uprooted grass and the dirt on his shirt are the only reminder of where’s he’s been or what he’s done
    how sad is that?
    to live life without living it

    By T URL on 06.18.2013

  30. I tumble and I fall. And I keep rolling. Just rolling and rolling and rolling like Im rolling down a grassy itchy hill that wont end but I do so in a way that its the perfect roll. My life wont stop and I cant think to keep up with how fast im rolling. How do I do this? I keep rolling. I make decisions and I make fast ones to keep up with the tumbling in life. Its getting to me and stressing me out; it doesnt stop.

    By Beth URL on 06.18.2013

  31. Laughing and smiling, rolling and tumbling down a hill. I miss the days back when we were young. All was happy and cheerful. It’s all gone now, but I always smile remembering your bright, careless smile.

    By Jokesterly URL on 06.18.2013

  32. The green hill tumbled around her, tossing and turning. Suddenly, it was above her, and now it was below, and it was above again.
    She fell down, faster, faster, and faster.
    Then, she stopped, slamming into something large and thick. Her head swam as she pulled herself up off of the ground and faced her hero. A small child, wrapped up in a padded suit, greeted her with a smile. She smiled back, and helped him up into a sitting position.
    She pulled him into a hug.
    “Thank you.”

    By redpinkandwhite URL on 06.18.2013

  33. It was odd how they found themselves in this predicament. Tumbiling down the hill at a fast pace. Perhaps this isn’t what Daniel had meant by a ‘tumble in the fields’ regardless, they were not having fun. Shame, there was so much fun only to be ruined by a tumble down the hill.

    By Heather on 06.18.2013

  34. Dogs tumble when they are first born, similar to how humans do near when they are old enough to die naturally, down some stairs in icy weather. Tumbling is just part of life, it happens, and will happen to everybody and every thing at some point. There’s no escaping it as out planet tumbles though space.

    By Doima on 06.18.2013

  35. He tumbled out of bed, hair everywhere and nowhere in particular. He made his way, somehow, to the shower and as the water cascaded down his face, he smiled. Life was about to get a LOT more serious.

    By Stefanie on 06.18.2013

  36. She felt like she was in a washer, tumbling about to the whims of a twisted, uncaring deity. “You can’t just say that and walk away, you just can’t”, she said, not realising then that he very well could, and that was the whole point of it all.

    By louchelush URL on 06.18.2013

  37. tumble. i think of stupid, girls trying to look at things for hours hoping that what they see can soon be theirs. watching a screen gives them hope. ridiculous. but, i envy them. they can look at the screen and hope that one day, they can have the beautiful pictures they see. i just stare, knowing that it’s posed and not real…. i know the truth. the truth that the happiness in those pictures doesn’t exist, and i will always ben on the other side of the screen contemplating the idea that i can never have what they hope to.

    By frances naude on 06.18.2013

  38. Alice fell down the rabbit hole.
    Harry Potter fell into the Pensive, and like every time his scar hurt.
    Tris fell off the train.
    And I’m sure someone fell somewhere in Inkheart
    Why do all the greatest adventures start with someone taking a step into nothingness, and tumbling into a world they could never imagine? I have been falling down for years and years, tripping over everything imaginable, and still I remain firmly planted in reality. It’s so not fair. All I end up with are bruises and skinned knees.

    By Sentito URL on 06.18.2013

  39. falling falling an d stumbling away, brisk and never ending- unpattered, mysterious. pain, possibly, adventure beneath and below, what unto the earth shall you find one you tumble, far away or near? distance matters not, only whaat you discover in places you never realize exsisted… but why? open your mind and see

    By grace on 06.18.2013

  40. A tumble into the dark. That’s what it felt like. Not knowing, not knowing which decision to make.

    Not being able to decide what would be best for all involved.

    He stood up and walked to the window, looked down through the glass at the street. People walking past, not knowing that the world had just unraveled. Aratur turned because the quirking at the back of his neck would not stop.

    The body lay in the bed, but somehow it was just as dangerous as it had been in life. Perhaps even more so.

    By Maria URL on 06.18.2013