June 18th, 2013 | 208 Entries

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208 Entries for “tumble”

  1. Tumble weed. Tumble bumble. Tumble tumble. Bumble bumble.
    There was a time once when I was walking down the street and a pretty woman walked up to me and asked me if she could cut my hair. She was from bumble and bumble.

    By Jennifer URL on 06.18.2013

  2. Tumbling is a more graceful version of falling. Like wouldn’t you rather tumble in love than fall in love? It’s better sounding; more innocent somehow. like tumbling is childish yet

    By McKenzie Liebergen on 06.18.2013

  3. Tumble down. Tumble up. Any way you go, tumbling is fun. Just don’t do it too much. If you tumble down a hill, it will make you dizzy. Dizzy is bad, but it’s worth it if you have fun while you tumble. Though it will make you puke if you’re too dizzy!

    By wordgrl22 URL on 06.18.2013

  4. We tumbled.
    We ran.
    We Played.
    It was like never before, Life was so…Amazing.
    I miss her.
    We are adults now and Emily has moved to North Dakota…We are so far away.

    By Alexis on 06.18.2013

  5. tumble reminds me of tumblr which is where i spend a lot of my time these days I love exploring the world and thoughts and ideas through it its like youre tumbling through the internet which is i suppose the inspiration for the name bu

    By Kate on 06.18.2013

  6. We fell down the hill, screeching in glee as our bodies rolled on the soft grass. I saw him tumble past me. Our eyes met, and I grinned. He was the love of my life, and I knew it.

    By Skye URL on 06.18.2013

  7. It’s a downward stumble filled with broken dreams and misguided thoughts. A fight between “we made it” and “they were right”. A fight that doesn’t always have a happy ending. But those names they called you, the names that hurt you more than sticks and stones could, they were all wrong. Because you made it despite the tumbles and troubles, the doubts and depression. The matters of the playground, the cruel smirks, the constant taunting, all may have made you stumble, but you are here now. And that’s what matters.

    By Michelle URL on 06.18.2013

  8. I was shaking, my heart was tumbling and I just felt like crying. His intentions were all above mine, I didnt know how to react, I didnt know what to feel, but what I knew was that he was a bad thing and I was dying for him and Ill be stuck there forever.

    By Evii on 06.18.2013

  9. I was never too good at gymnastics–in my mind I was
    but when I saw those mats, I froze. That’s why I’m so glad my
    children were more adept at the physical world than I was.
    Kids don’t have the fears that grownups hold onto.

    By Robin on 06.18.2013

  10. Tumble. Why do I spend so much time on Tumblr? Is it an addiction to the beautiful faces of people who will never be real? To the fanmixes and recipes for desserts? Or is it something more real? Something to do with the way it makes me think of you…

    By darseyrsm URL on 06.18.2013

  11. Tumble… TUMBLR!

    By Jason URL on 06.18.2013

  12. She tumbled to the ground, letting out a cry of pain. She had fallen onto her side, wiht her hand trapped underneath
    “It’s… broken!”
    She tried to move, but the pain was too great.

    By Celeste Czarnecki URL on 06.18.2013

  13. She was always tumbling. Down, in circles, it didn’t matter. It was endless, anyway. There was no time to think why, how – she barely had enough time to stay alive. Someday it would all make sense. But for now she just had to cope with an eternity of tumbling.

    By Bellatrix on 06.18.2013

  14. “Jack and Jill went up the hill.
    Jack burned out on booze and pills.
    Mary had a little lamb
    but Mary just don’t give a damn no more.”
    Merry Go Round Kacey Musgraves

    By anonymous on 06.18.2013

  15. Falling down the stairs is what comes to mind when I see the word ‘tumble’. It might also represent something completely different to a different person. To my mother, who does lots of housework, it might even remind her of a bubble caused by laundry detergent on cotton clothes. Strange!!!!!!!

    By lanze on 06.18.2013

  16. Grantaire blinked drowsily up at Enjolras from beneath his tumble of dark curls. “Listen. I haven’t had a drink in 48 hours. I feel like freezerburned half-eaten /roadkill,/ okay? So sit your pretty ass down and shut up or I’m not gonna be responsible for what happens next.”

    By Julia A. URL on 06.18.2013

  17. Tumbling down the hill, head over heels, it seemed like I was falling forever before I finally stopped. I tried to push myself to my feet and, when that failed, my knees, but every bone, every muscle, every fiber of my being protested the action. After a moment I just gave up, letting the soothingly familiar scent of rain-soaked grass fill my nostrils.

    Parts of my body were sticky and wet but not from the recent rain fall or the mud I was all but covered in. Slowly raising my hand to my eyes I took in the expected sight of red with disinterest, unable to help but wonder how much of it was now on my skin instead of under it. .

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 06.18.2013

  18. We tumble down the hill, giggling and shrieking like little kids, not a care in the world, only the sweet scent of grass and the warm summer wind around us. It’s not until we finally reach the bottom and collapse far too close to each other, laughing, even though we’re out of breath, that we finally realize just what’s happening.

    By Claire URL on 06.18.2013

  19. Tumble is fun if you are a child, tunble is not fun if you are an 80 year old women. Tumble is a fun word Jack and Jill we

    By Cynthia Sweeney on 06.18.2013

  20. hold on, i mumbled
    like a nun so humble
    as i clumsily fumbled
    within the crude bundle
    of hard wood rundles,
    alas he did stumble
    over them and rumbled
    down the stairs.

    By berenique URL on 06.18.2013

  21. The tumbling,tumbling tumble weeds.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.18.2013

  22. i used to tumble in my basement with my brother and sister. we had a bright red mat that we would have to work together to fold down flat because it was so much bigger than the three of us. we were kinda shrimpy. we wold choreograph tumbling routines to the soundtracks of musicals like pippin and godspell and perform them to the enthusiastic audience known as “mom and dad.”

    By Gnome URL on 06.18.2013

  23. I was looking at the wonderful trees when by brother stopped suddenly in front of me.I hit the bicycle’s brakes,but it was too late.

    By A False Terl URL on 06.18.2013

  24. falling down the rabbit hole Alice tumbled, blogging as she went. Re-blogging images of cats and pizza. ever tumbling.

    By Freya Shipley on 06.18.2013

  25. At the end of the day, when the laundry was done and the kids were asleep, and the house was passably clean (but not enough that her parents would approve), and breakfast and lunch for the next day were clean and the cats were fed and the dog was quiet, she didn’t just go to bed. She literally tumbled on it.

    And that was the best moment of her day.

    By CH☆M URL on 06.18.2013

  26. I tumbled head first off of the swing set. This is my most devastating childhood memory. A handprint was stamped into my back from the kid who pushed me. Tommy Tutone. The enemy I endured torture from for years.

    By Samantha on 06.18.2013

  27. the two clutched at each other, not-quite stumbling to bed. it’s not like they’d had a lot to drink, of course, they’d been performing, but it had been enough to make everything funny. the alcohol mixed with the after-concert high to create and intoxicating picture of youth.

    By kathy on 06.18.2013

  28. Part of the blogging world is to tumble, or ‘tumblr’ to be more accurate. The idea of tumbling is to stumble on ideas that appeal to those hidden parts of your personality, the ones waiting to be expressed but never find the words or pictures. So how does something ideologically free become something so marginalized? How does the idea of something falling into place, happening by accident, become something preconceived? We are victims to others, we don’t tumble.

    By Molly on 06.18.2013

  29. r’s mouth gaped as he set down his duffel. “this is the gym?” enjolras shook out his hair, grinning, “did you think i meant the one down the street, bahorel’s? no. this is the gym.” grantaire turned his head, taking in the scene. “i didn’t see you as the… gymnastics type” he gestured to the room around them, half filled with young girls in sparkling leotards. Enjolras rolled his eyes– “please, it’s not gymnastics. it’s tumbling,” before beginning a routine. and maybe he threw a couple extra flips in, if only for the look on grantaire’s face.

    By kathy on 06.18.2013

  30. tubling. I was tumbling down, down, for as long as it took me to realize: i was dead. This was is. There was no more me, no more dawn, this was my sunset. And so i closed my eyes as I tumbled.

    By Clarke815 on 06.18.2013

  31. Jack n Jill came tumbling down . Fall from glory that’s it

    By Tumbler on 06.18.2013

  32. tumble…..like falling accidentally….or just not on the curved part of your face. down on the ground though….maybe in the act right before…..the impact . The moments of life passing before you.

    By Mr.584903 URL on 06.18.2013

  33. To tumble is to miss your footing or balance. It also describes a game that can be
    physically fun for both children and adults. The movement of tumbling can be fun or cause an injury. for example, if you tumble down the stairs you could hurt yourself but
    if you tumble in acrobatics you can become quite the athletic enthusiast.

    I sometimes tumble when walking but I do not fall down. However, it can be quite
    scary for just a moment until you realize you have caught yourself. I think I would
    rather tumble than stumble. I hope that more folks have experienced a laugh rather
    than a cry when then have tumbled.

    By Adrienne Miranda URL on 06.18.2013

  34. Let’s fly together, to a place where there are flowers and weeds that are friends and lovers. Amongst the tumbleweeds, we can be who we truly are, harshness and open sores and violent eyes amalgamated into something not quite beautiful, and too beautiful all at once. We are not a happy medium. Love never is. And amongst the tumbleweeds, we are home.

    By Rosalia Vanderbilt URL on 06.18.2013

  35. Rolling around and flopping on the ground in a semi orderly way. Falling thru the air uncontrollably.

    By kaytee on 06.18.2013

  36. Rolling around and flopping on the ground in a semi orderly way. Falling thru the air uncontrollably. I wonder if the world will stop for me?…

    By kaytee on 06.18.2013

  37. I fell quickly but heavily and nothing stopped me, no one stopped me. Behind me was empty land and before me all I could see was smoke, steam, smog and open sky, grey sky. I let myself fall, then, my eyes closed and my heart screaming at me to stop, Lily, what are you doing, Lily. It was fine, then. I made myself understand.

    By Lily on 06.18.2013

  38. How can this be that we are both tumbling in the grass on top of each other, over and over each other, the daisies in your hair falling into my face and one going in my mouth? When moments before we were having a picnic and deciding when we should tell the kids that we’ve split up?

    By Sister Joyous on 06.18.2013

  39. Another drink in another hidden flask was no longer alrigh in his book. Suspicions were had and so instead, Jack placed his whisky straight in a tumbler that tumbled in his backpack. A young drunk is sad to see.

    By Annalisa on 06.18.2013

  40. of course when i say tumble im referring to tumblr, therefore making tumble a verb. tumbling alongside with gossip girl and a cup of green tea is literally the most peaceful thing i can even dream of. theres never a time when i do not want to tumble.

    By Julia Forbes URL on 06.18.2013