March 30th, 2011 | 725 Entries

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725 Entries for “trusted”

  1. I hope and strive to be someone who can be trusted. I have a very hard time when I think the best in others and then find out they cannot be trusted. My students, for one. I like to think they are nice, sweet, innocent young life forms and then find out that they’re just liars. All of them.

    By Christine on 03.30.2011

  2. you made me think i was no good you made me think i was wrong and i hate you for that but i love you for showing me that i can be wrong and still be okay. i will never see you again. i want to see you but i dont want you to be you. i want to find love. i dont want to just be trying to replace you. i want you to be okay.

    By Emily on 03.30.2011

  3. Trust is something one gain. Are you born with the trust from people and gradually show if you truly deserve it? Or fo you have to show you deserve it from day one? Do you know hoe much it hurts to have only just once been trusted. You don’t know until you’ve lost it.

    By Samantha Velazquez on 03.30.2011

  4. I trusted myself to move me into the next direction.
    But I am still here.
    I am screwed and so sad.
    I hate the way it turned out.

    By jenna on 03.30.2011

  5. “I trusted you! I believed in you!”
    His face was hidden, but I hoped he was feeling some remorse.
    “How could you do this?”
    No answer. Then he slowly looked up to meet my eyes.
    “I had no choice.”

    By Philip on 03.30.2011

  6. i cant believe that i trust him and now i dont i dont know why i am not trusted and why he doesnt want to be around me anymore. I thought he loved me which means he trusted me and i dunno i guess not anymore. why do i keep saying anymore? because I guess trust and love dont go together.

    By Ana on 03.30.2011

  7. I trust a lot of people. I don’t think badly of people just based on thir appearence. But I don’t automaticly trust everyone. I don’t trust people untill I get to know them.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 03.30.2011

  8. I trusted you more than you know. I only wish that doubt didn’t come between us. Doubt spread like a wildfire and manifested its way into our hearts. I wish there was a way to come back to you and you back to me. I’m my time of solitude I have thought about how I doubted you and the reasons why and how to over over come those doubts and turn them into trust.

    By Cam URL on 03.30.2011

  9. Tis a funny word that. We all think we can trust someone. And to some degree we can. But there is always at least a percent chance you can’t. Something can always make them betray you. We just have to sit and hope that that chance is tiny enough to escape the attention of Murphy’s law long enough.

    By Stefan URL on 03.30.2011

  10. I was once trusted by everyone who would look at me, they would tell me their stories, their pains and their fears.
    But after sometime I grew old, and instead of talking to me, people would run.

    By Marian on 03.30.2011

  11. She found him partaking in what she had heard of in a disgusting novel. Coitus interruptus. Why? “Why the fuck am I thinking about the correct term for this horrid, sickening sight?” she asked. When her purse dorpped, his face bore a twisted combination of relief and condemnation as it jerked back towards her. The dog in front of him bothered not to turn its head around in its sweaty stupor.

    By Chase on 03.30.2011

  12. there wasn’t much to say after the fire. microwave dinner burnt. changing table burnt.TV melted into a deformed plastic. never would 14 year old Gretchen be trusted to babysit again.

    By Evan on 03.30.2011

  13. Trusted.

    I trusted you. I trusted you with my life. I trusted you with my secret and you said you understood. I trusted you because you told me to. You said you would not let me down. You said now was my time, and someday it would be yours. You said “I’m here.” You said you loved me. You said you’d never give up on me. And then I never saw you again.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 03.30.2011

  14. I trusted myself. Unfortunately I learned that wasn’t the smartest thing to do. My first instinct was to flee, to untrust myself and go to someone who I could trust.

    By Des on 03.30.2011

  15. With an ethereal flourish forward into his self there was an air of disdain dissipating from the moment as he found a fondness for the woman in front of him, no mere girl, a young lady, edging him forwards into the end of his youth and the beginning of his manhood.

    By Jason URL on 03.30.2011

  16. The most trusted things in life are the comfort things – the things you go to again and again – like Agatha Christie novels – you always know the detective is going to solved the crime and you are going to leave the pages completely satisfied – satisfaction = trust. The two go hand in hand – the more something satisfies you the more you trust it. Characters in books that can be trusted are the characters you know are going to do the right thing – Jack Reacher Hercule Poirot or in television shows – Sam and Dean Winchester…

    By Anita on 03.30.2011

  17. I trusted him. I told him everything. And what did he do? He turned around and got a new girlfriend? Why? He saId he liked me, and got another girlfriend? It’s just another typical guy thing, play the girl, move on. It’s always the same story.

    By Bethany URL on 03.30.2011

  18. Your heart is crushed. You can’t believe she would do such a thing. An act of betrayal so heinous you didn’t believe that she were capable. With her childish innocence, her angelic features, you wouldn’t have believed it if you hadn’t seen it first hand. Seen the damage for yourself. Seen her inflict it with a bat of her long lashes and a malicious grin.

    By Amy URL on 03.30.2011

  19. “I trusted you with the key!!” Mary screamed at Greg. She was wrought with rage towards her cheating soon-to-be-ex husband. Greg tried to defend himself from the torrent of items being thrown in his direction, but he could not avoid the 2′ tall vase given to Mary and Greg by Greg’s mother.

    By Casanova Frankenstein on 03.30.2011

  20. I trusted him
    he disappeared
    I trusted him he broke that trust
    I trusted him and it fell apart
    That trust will never be the same
    I’m the only one to blame
    trust is hard to claim

    By angela dougherty URL on 03.30.2011

  21. We trust God with all our hearts. Its like faith. We believe without seeing. Trust can be broken but it can also be gained back. it takes a lifetime to gain and a second to kill.

    By Crystal Kitchen on 03.30.2011

  22. i used to know you.
    those days i would
    lay in your arms,
    you holding my heart.

    i trusted you.

    By Chloe on 03.30.2011

  23. I trusted the friends I went with to the hotel. I didn’t think they’d let anything happen to me. Sure, there was gonna be drinking. I was okay with that; I liked drinking. I was a teenager. But I wasn’t a whore. I don’t care what everyone says. I did not willingly have sex with him. It may have seemed like it, but it was the roofie.

    By Becca on 03.30.2011

  24. I trusted him. I trusted her. They let me down. They trusted me. I let them down. Who can you trust? But then again… I trusted him. I trusted her. They didn’t let me down. They trusted me. I didn’t let them down. Trust. It’s a crap shoot.

    By Boogla on 03.30.2011

  25. People that you can trust are nice, good, and fabulous friends. These are people that you can trust. Family is also a group that you can trust, sometimes. It’s hard to find people that you trust at first, but once you experience life a little bit more, you’ll learn people that you can trust with anything.

    By Kimberly on 03.30.2011

  26. i thought that i trusted him before he cheated on me…then he went and did something like that…I can’t believe he did. Relationships are about trust, and love. I always thought you couldn’t have one without the other..I was wrong. I lived for about a month loving him just the same without full trusting him. Needless to say, things got better. I trust him now more than I ever thought I would be able to. But as for Ashlynn.. It took me a lot longer to trust her. Only recently did I actually fully forgive her. I feel bad that all the trust I had in him disappeared when he was with her. I don’t know how its possible for me to have trusted him so much at one moment, and just a second later it was gone, because there she was standing three feet away from him. It didn’t feel like three feet. It felt like she was in the back of a car with him again…their hands wandering all over eachother.

    By morgan on 03.30.2011

  27. I’ve never trusted myself. I still don’t. Not to take care of the things I must do, to look after plants, a fish, to make sure everything’s on schedule and in order, to take care of myself. Especially not the last one. Existential angst, the philosophy textbook called it – “the feeling of standing on the platform of a railway station, the train approaching, and the fleeting acknowledgment that you could jump down, onto the tracks.” You could jump down into the path of all those tons of steaming steel, end it all right there. Yet there is no reason why you would want to; it’s just the recognition of the fact. And I would never want to take that leap, but yet I know the possibility is there, and I don’t trust myself to ignore it as I should.

    By shannon on 03.30.2011

  28. I’ve thrusted my trust into a thrush. It flits with such certainty, from branch to branch as though they were clouds. It’s confidence is unfounded, but oddly comforting. It knows, and something that knows is always trustworthy. It’s an undeniable fact.

    By Mary on 03.30.2011

  29. trusted myself to not do something that i didnt know the outcome before i started, but here i am again…blindly taking turns and trying something in which, i do not know the outcome. i trusted myself not to make these blind decisions and i suppose in a sense, i have failed. what more could i possibly write? i hope this thing doesnt explode.

    By aaron on 03.30.2011

  30. How could she trust a man she couldn’t see? He inspired awe, fear, grace, wit, and strength from her limbs at every moment, pressing the skin of her self-perception away from what she knew, and it filled her soul with contentment. He trusted her; that would have to be enough.

    By Mintolate Tea URL on 03.30.2011

  31. It was a dark night and the wind was howling fierce. In a time like this, he is the only one I’d have wanted at my side. Of course, at a time like this, as usual, he was never hear. I was on my own for this one. The dragon had me right where it wanted.

    By fake URL on 03.30.2011

  32. She trusted him to keep her safe, even as the winds ripping through the trees said not to. What could they know about the hearts of men.

    By Jill on 03.30.2011

  33. i felt like i was but i think i was on the other side of the street and everything fell apart. trusted badly and hardly. We were side by side but on different one. Experienced it and enjoyed it. No regrets.

    By Alfa Charlie on 03.30.2011

  34. i trust a lot of people. I’m almost too trustworthy. Everytime something happens that makes me think, “maybe i shouldn’t give out my trust to people so easily,” something else happens that makes me think I should. I think almost everyone is good deep inside.

    By Sona Ter-Yegishyan on 03.30.2011

  35. Teeming with
    Real emotion
    Used and cast aside
    Simply left alone
    Trust never did anything
    Except get me

    By Amy URL on 03.30.2011

  36. i trusted him
    he never trusted me

    By Nicole on 03.30.2011

  37. I want to trust you so badly. Everything about you, from your gentle manner of speaking to your amazingly calm eyes to your unintimidating presence screams “trust me! I’m the ONE!” But I can’t. I’ve been hurt too many times by almost anyone I’ve ever trusted. Another time, another place. Maybe. But not today.

    By coffeegirl286 URL on 03.30.2011

  38. Trusted it like trust! Trust in everyone until they give you a reason not to. Everyone had good intentions, know that and believe that until they do something that makes you lose trust for them and make you think differently

    By Corinne on 03.30.2011

  39. I trusted that my friends would be there for me when i was in the hospital. Trust is a very important thing. I trusted that my dad would pick me up from school. my mom trusted

    By Sarah on 03.30.2011

  40. Trust hard to earn
    Trust easy to lose
    If thy are trusted
    Keep that dear
    For it may be lost
    With a single miss step

    By Nix URL on 03.30.2011