March 30th, 2011 | 725 Entries

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725 Entries for “trusted”

  1. he was a trusted friend, loyal and loving. He lounged around the unkempt livingroom with no distain for my housekeeping skills. His name is Foster and he has beautiful blue eyes and messy hair.

    By v on 03.30.2011

  2. I have never trusted anybody. I only trust myself…and even then, I’m often betrayed. Trust. Oh, trust! Where do you dwell?

    By Daniel on 03.30.2011

  3. i never trust anybody. only my mom.
    you are never trusted.. really.

    By monica on 03.30.2011

  4. Trust is a present-tense word. I trust you. Right now.
    At this exact moment, you have my trust.
    But this word is trusted.


    I no longer trust you.

    You’ve done something that made me realize I can’t put my faith in you.
    You betrayed me.
    I trusted you.

    By Anders URL on 03.30.2011

  5. My mind is not to be trusted. I dream and think it is reality. I experience reality, and then think I must be dreaming. Or forget.

    And if my mind can’t be trusted, then Houston we have a problem.

    By Rebecca Bosslet on 03.30.2011

  6. I trusted you and I shouldn’t have. Now she knows everything without really knowing anything. She’ll never forgive me, and I bet she won’t forget that you were the one who dealt the death blow on our relationship.

    By bunny walker URL on 03.30.2011

  7. They cannot be trusted. They with their plastic noses, and falsely colored hair. They with their knives of lies that stab the backs of thousands. They with their high heels, and skirts that barely pass as clothing. They with their words that sting like the fire of hell. They with their fancy cars, and million dollar homes. They with their fibs and falsehoods, meant only to tear you asunder… They cannot be trusted.

    By Jacklynn URL on 03.30.2011

  8. i trusted you. you lied. you hurt me. and not only me but others, so thank you for ruining my trust for 99% of people. they are gonna love when i tell them why i cant trust them

    By Jordan on 03.30.2011

  9. i trusted my more than a friend guy, to do so much. I obviously expected too much. I trusted him to hold my hand, and kiss me on the forehead when times got hard. i trusted him to love me unconditionally like he promised but he didn’t. In fact sometimes the people that you need most in life are the ones that tear you apart

    By Jackie on 03.30.2011

  10. “I trusted you” she screamed as she walked out the door.
    He sat down on the couch in silence.
    “I ruined everything” he thought.

    By julia on 03.30.2011

  11. my best friend, a loving, selfless, awesome man that i would do anything for.
    he will always be there.
    no matter what.
    i may not always agree with him, but i always listen.
    he has the best advice.
    my dear cousin.
    700 miles have always separated us, but that has only made our relationship grow.
    thank you for everything you do for me.
    you have made me the person i am today.
    i love you.

    By Brittany on 03.30.2011

  12. My most trusted friend was an old, worn, leather diary in which I could pour out all of my secrets and wishes. I would never speak of this old friend to anyone- keeping it private and all about me was the center of my world.

    By Nachos on 03.30.2011

  13. The money, oh, the money in it all. We’re just a bunch of dancing playing cards, singing to ourselves of chance and fate. We think it’s all in our head. Lord, oh, the Lord of it all.

    By Bailey URL on 03.30.2011

  14. Trusted and beloved, but you know, they never have the right idea about what trust truly is. The ones I love… I don’t trust that they will never make a mistake or do me wrong. What I do trust them to do is do their best, and to learn from their mistakes. Trusted always to be human beings, and nothing more.

    By Kendra on 03.30.2011

  15. i trusted her. i thought, “they’re just friends. she would never betray me like that.”

    i learned my lesson.

    i chose to move. i chose to be apart. now i’m left with the feelings of twisting, churning in my stomach.

    By Kyle URL on 03.30.2011

  16. she didn’t feel very trusted anymore, or maybe it was just that she didn’t know if she deserved his trust anymore. Life just isn’t fair, she thought. he wasn’t fair.

    By Sarah on 03.30.2011

  17. The real debt of humans
    We give and give
    Though only to be robbed
    Left scrambling for more

    By John URL on 03.30.2011

  18. He sat there in disbelief. He had trusted them with his life and now here he was. Tattered and torn,laying on the floor of a cold cellar. But he knew that revenge would be his one day. Nobody crossed his path and lived. Not even the girl he loved.

    By Joseph Marcel on 03.30.2011

  19. She trusted him. She shouldn’t have. He stole her heart, her money, her life. He took everything she held dear. And yet she loved him. She loved his brooding eyes, his tortured soul. He loved her innocence. She was terrified of him, and yet she relied on him. She was his saving grace.

    By Kelly on 03.30.2011

  20. I trusted everything the sky; the light, the dark, the clouds. I trusted the sky to surround me and fill me with joy. A blanket of protection, the sky stayed and became part of my every dream.

    By Ingrid on 03.30.2011

  21. She was a trusted friend and confident – and then one day she went bat shit, round the bend, all fired up crazy. It was stunning to watch, actually. Not that I’d want to see something like that again – but still, entertaining.
    She stalked me for some time but after a few weeks she quit calling. But once, I trusted her.

    By Shauna URL on 03.30.2011

  22. TRUSTED: for what difference does it make how many dimensions there are?do we count how many pebbles there are on a beach? how many drops of water there are in the ocean_

    By The Fake Dann URL on 03.30.2011

  23. Trust? What even is trust? Seems these days it’s harder and harder to establish it with people. You meet somebody, begin to gain confidence in them and then BAM, betrayal imminently destroys your friendship. I’ve encountered this so many times and it seems like the more people I trust the less I am capable of keeping friends.

    By Brandon on 03.30.2011

  24. For so many years I trusted her because I had no one else to trust. I needed a friend who would stay by my side no matter what. But time after time she betrays my trust and breaks my heart. Why do I keep running into this trap? I want my friend back, the infallible one who could do no wrong, not this flaky monster child.

    By Sebby URL on 03.30.2011

  25. dog

    By volkan on 03.30.2011

  26. i shouldn’t be. i can trust myself. i’ve lied snd cheated. i’ve stole and beated. i’m not the girl you thought i was. i live for a new feeling and leave others by the wayside.

    By court777 on 03.30.2011

  27. whaat? …

    By Jan on 03.30.2011

  28. the only one i trusted for so long and in so many ways
    and now you just want to throw that away
    like it meant nothing to you
    like I meant nothing to you
    but you’re still the only one i trust
    the only one i love so much
    and yet i’m starting to see
    that maybe you don’t trust me
    and maybe that’s where we’ve gone wrong
    but i can’t help but think that after so long
    you’d learn
    but then who cares about me i’m just
    some girl.

    By littleblackbear URL on 03.30.2011

  29. “He is not to be trusted,” was the warning I received earlier in the day. I did not know whom this was concerning at first, though a few hours later he appeared. There was something mysterious about him, something I could not identify. His eyes seemed to fathom deeper thoughts that I was comfortable sharing, but at the same time, I was utterly enchanted

    By michaela barry URL on 03.30.2011

  30. Trust is a tricky thing. There are trusted friends, trusted passwords, trusted places and experiences. To be trusted by others who know you and respect you is an even greater gift. To be able to trust is an opening of the heart and soul. Ohh to long for and to receive the trusted love of another. It is a treasure to be longed for and once given zealously guarded.

    By kitdickson URL on 03.30.2011

  31. being trusted is…something i wanna be

    By johanna on 03.30.2011

  32. I trusted in you, but you play with me, you aren’t real. Maybe I want you to be real, but when you smile at me like that way you did, every thought just flow away. Good bye.

    By Maria on 03.30.2011

  33. Being trusted is an aspect that I look for in someone. If I don’t feel that they can be trusted, I don’t want to waste my time on them. I feel I am a trustworthy person, and look for the same in a significant other or friend.

    By Colleen on 03.30.2011

  34. “My trusted friend,” the old man said, “here is the package. All you need to do is take a cab from the airport to 77th street and Lexington. There you will find a payphone. Pick up the payphone and dial 1276, and someone will appear in a red overcoat. Give him the package, and you will get your reward.”

    By maritov URL on 03.30.2011

  35. i knew why i trusted him, but i didn’t know how he would betray me. Good thing, cause it ended up all for the better. Anyhow, I’m fine, now

    By blin on 03.30.2011

  36. Another time, I trusted you.

    I hate you.

    Fuckit, I love you.


    Why am I saying this.

    It isn’t true.

    I hate you.


    You can go and fucking die for all I care!

    Go. And. Fucking. Well. DIE.

    But you trusted me; you let me fall back on to you, and believed that I wouldn’t let you be hurt, and you WERE.

    So do I hate myself or do I hate you?

    Me or you?

    Dark or light?

    I suppose it’s a decision we all have to make, if we’re to survive.

    By Mousy677 on 03.30.2011

  37. I trusted her. I trusted her with my secrets, my fears and every one of my dreams. From my first crush to my first day of junior high, she was always there. She had always been there. And she always would be.

    And then she betrayed me. She took advantage of me, treated our trust like it was nothing. Move over, Taylor– a person doesn’t have to be a high school guy to break your heart.

    By Anonymous on 03.30.2011

  38. I never feel trusted in this house
    I never feel trusted to live my life
    And let it take me where it may.
    I never feel trusted enough to stay around
    But never trusted to leave on my own.
    Trusted is like a foreign land to me.

    By Ansley on 03.30.2011

  39. I trusted you and now my heart is bruised and raw, I trusted so many times and sometimes this has happened. I hope I never lose my stupid blind faith in love and goodness in everyone I meet. Would have been good if I’d trusted myself more, but, well, I can fix that now.

    By geraldine URL on 03.30.2011

  40. comfort in the form of efficiency
    the tides are constant
    ocean metaphors are cliche
    trust is luck between two people.

    By Rebecca URL on 03.30.2011