March 30th, 2011 | 725 Entries

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725 Entries for “trusted”

  1. I never should have.

    By Nain on 03.30.2011

  2. “That’s… my hand.”

    “You’re in shock. You have to sit down– let me wrap that for you.”

    “That’s my hand. On the ground.”

    “I bet we have to cauterize the wound. Okay, I can do that. Sit down.”

    “I trusted you.”

    “That has nothing to do with your hand. SIT DOWN, Anthony.”

    He sat down. “I trusted you.”

    By Sae URL on 03.30.2011

  3. Wishing that you cared as much for me as I do for you — or that it mattered as much to you as it does to me. Feeling like you don’t know what to do when I suggest something; just go with it and trust me.

    By Dictionary Fiction URL on 03.30.2011

  4. I put it all out
    I trusted you.
    And then I come to find
    that everything has been a lie.

    What is the truth?
    Do you even know?
    Or do you just pretend like all the other teachers?

    By Destin URL on 03.30.2011

  5. Handshake and a smile
    Hidden pedophile
    Stalks from hidden vantage
    The children of the village

    By EndlessMusing URL on 03.30.2011

  6. i trusted you with everything i had. you fucked me so bad. you lied you cheated you took advangtage. hhow could you do that to me. you said yuo loved me. i trusted everything that came out of your mouth., now look at you your in love with someone else. a fucking guy. i dont give a shit how over you i am i am still so inlove with you, i want you to come back. i want to kiss those lips. but no. i fucking trusted you.

    By Nikki on 03.30.2011

  7. I trusted you. But you’ve done it before. That’s just my fault now. Trust is something with no definition. You just either have trust in someone or you don’t. Trust is over used, but not appreciated enough. Trust and be trusted.

    By Niko Hahn on 03.30.2011

  8. i trusted many people in my life. but i guess my problem is i dont trust myself enough., i lcak confidence in myself. which made i always doubt people around me. theres a girl that i love so much, shes like my own sister, and she wanted me to open up to her if ever im facing any problems but i just cant do that

    By shiela on 03.30.2011

  9. When I took my first walk with my guide I wasn’t sure how it would go… as we took more and more walks, I begun to realise that I trusted him a lot. he kept me from bumping into many things and it was a great experience

    By Eilidh Hanrahan on 03.30.2011

  10. “That old lady just give me the finger,” Frank thought to himself.

    And to think he trusted himself enough not to give her his two.

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.30.2011

  11. in your arms and believing it was a truth. i blankly agreed to be your lackey.
    a side kick for sex pots
    I opened my mind and handed you my ideas.
    i was a fool and you loved my foolishness.

    you remained trusted.

    By sexy and trusted on 03.30.2011

  12. I found myself crawling though his skin, worry and fret and fear falling with the rushing wind. His breathing is beautiful; the song he portrayed in the morning, his eyes fervent and real, was golden. I touched the smooth, hollow creases of his bones; I smelled the cigarettes near his pores. He was handsome while he was sleeping; he was perfection in nothing. And I trusted him; I trusted all of him.

    By Pam on 03.30.2011

  13. a trusted friend is very hard to find these days
    most friends are out for themselves only and will use you until they have run you dry
    only the true blue friend has you interests in mind
    put your trust in them when you find them

    By she53lly URL on 03.30.2011

  14. i trusted him and he lied… cheated i will never trust again.

    By nix6 URL on 03.30.2011

  15. some people are trusted. But some people are not.

    By alejandro URL on 03.30.2011

  16. he trusted the man to puul him up from hanging over the edge of the cliff.he trusted the man with his life

    By kaylob URL on 03.30.2011

  17. i trusted you max trusted fang he is not to be trusted they can be trusted you were trusted

    By resident evil fan 1 URL on 03.30.2011

  18. When you are trusted by someone they can tell you anything like dark secrets.

    By .trista. URL on 03.30.2011

  19. And so I sang loudly, clearly. The audience was still, filled with perpetual, beautiful silence: And I sang. I owned the night. In a moment, everything—everything—was mine. I grabbed the microphone, inching closer towards the blackness of the eyes, the widened mouths: everything. I trusted my mirror: it open all of my mind.

    By Pam URL on 03.30.2011

  20. trust lie no one trusted me i am a trustful guy but no one trustes me ewver

    By eman URL on 03.30.2011

  21. not lying or saying things you shouldn’t

    By jamie:) URL on 03.30.2011

  22. I trusted you. And you took it. You took it all from me. Every single last piece of it is ruined…you think I care though? You think I won’t find another one? Well, if that is indeed the case, you are very wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of ham sandwiches out there for me, and it’s going to be even better than the one you ate and stole from me.

    By Ariel on 03.30.2011

  23. “I trusted you!” Angie shouted. The gun quivered in her hand as she pointed it at her ex-boyfriend. “I gave you everything! And you used me!” I trusted her not fail she had to get this right. ” loved you! But it’s to late, I can’t go on anymore.” A tear slid down her face. “CUT!” the director called.

    By mysticaldeath URL on 03.30.2011

  24. Family is a thing that you trust alot. people i dont trust find it hard to be friends with me. trust is a massive thing without trust there is no love. trust is important. a dog is loyal and trustworthy, they have to trust you to look after them. best friends. chris. minority. not much.

    By Katarina on 03.30.2011

  25. Idk to be trusted is to just basically believe in someone so that they wont tell anyone if you told them a secret.

    By twiztid URL on 03.30.2011

  26. people you love and will always want around should have this quality.. something you gain or lose.. takes time and its important to build relationships around it.. something that is the basis of love and friendship..

    By g on 03.30.2011

  27. If you have nobody to be trusted, you know what loneliness exactly is.

    By Lana on 03.30.2011

  28. it makes me sad to see the dogs int the sherusted, but no longer do. To see small children, once innocent, but can no longer trust. What is it about this world that makes it so hard to trust?

    By Kayla Kaml on 03.30.2011

  29. I trusted him beyond anything.
    But do you know what it’s like to call his phone, every Saturday, and when I hear the voice on the other end to realize it’s not his?
    Her name is Emily.
    I trust her too.
    Trust her with him, now that I know what’s really going on.
    I guess I’ve trusted him too long, trusted him to hold on to a memory with the same strangle hold I had on it. Trusted him to remember what the summer was, and what we had. But that’s gone now, and I just trust her to make him feel the way I think I might have, once, for a little time; to make him happy, with hope.

    By Lancir URL on 03.30.2011

  30. There isn’t a person that could be trusted in this room. Everyone is staring at me. Wondering if I did it. I didn’t do it. I didn’t turn this clock sideways. It was Dave. Dave and his wicked ways. His crooked half-smile that convinces people that they’re wrong. How am I supposed to keep up with that?

    By J. Meister on 03.30.2011

  31. having faith is something. something happened… there is no faith anymore. loosing trust. being broken hearted. no trust left. not for that person, not for anyone. trust is a very strong thing that can be ruined entirely by a single person.

    By Chelsey on 03.30.2011

  32. you have to trust, there’s nothing better. i love feeling trusted. it’s the best feeling in the world. trust is so important, you have to trust to be loved. you have to trust to love. make sure you trust, and you will be trusted. you are a trustworthy person. everything will be okay if you trust and be trusted. everyone needds trust. having trust, is like breathing. it’s needed to survive.

    By Melissa Manning on 03.30.2011

  33. I trusted the truss not to rust. I treated what rust I sussed and decided it was fixed. Perhaps I’ll go bust, return to dust. The future is hushed: pillows and billows of luck.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 03.30.2011

  34. its a valued thing, to be trusted. wars and treaties and loves all based on this balance. no one knew this better than she did. and she used that power to the best of her abilities. Trust. a foreign concept in her up bringing – she spent a lot of time watching people believe lie after lie all the while figuring out just how much she had to give before they would trust that lie…

    By sami on 03.30.2011

  35. no relationship can exist truly and completely without feelings of total trust.

    By candles URL on 03.30.2011

  36. I have always trusted other people, even if something seems not exactly right. I choose to trust them anyway. Sometimes i make mistakes, sometimes i know what im doing. Trust is not something you always need to earn. it is something you can loose.

    By Dana Reynolds on 03.30.2011

  37. I don’t know if I’m trusted, and there aren’t many I have trusted. Alex was the first new person in a long time that I trusted my heart to. I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again.

    By Rick on 03.30.2011

  38. He knew she could never be trusted. Maybe it was the shifty eyes. Maybe it was the slight curl in the left corner of her lips when she smiled. Maybe it was the way she folded her hands, like a steeple. But there was no way he could ever trust her.

    By Snarky URL on 03.30.2011


    By KIM on 03.30.2011

  40. I trusted you.
    and you just blew it.
    as usual.
    trusted. past tense.
    saddest word in existence.
    trust existed but now, no longer does.
    what are you going to do?
    trust once lost will never be regained.
    that cursed ‘ed.’
    the end.

    By Ramona Popescu URL on 03.30.2011